Chapter 15 Part 2: Escape From Dreamland

The next second Rainbow Dash was back in her room. "Oh you have got be kidding me! This ends now. We're too close to stop."

Rainbow Dash jumped out of bed, quickly dumped a bunch of food for Angel and Tank and bolted to Twilight's. The old habit of bursting through the window came out in in the rapid of emotions. The first floor shelves were dismantled and books falling to the ground. The crashing sound got the attention of the alicorn pony real quick from the basement. Twilight zeroed in on the cyan pegasus and didn't let up.

"Rainbow Dash! What the hay is this all about? I just got done re-alphabetizing the entire catalog. This is so..."

The alicorn was cut off as Rainbow Dash put her hoof over her mouth. "No time for talking. Put me to sleep now."

The discourtesy was not welcomed by the alicorn. "You think you can come into my home, cause a mess and then demand I put you to sleep with a spell that we have already discussed that I wouldn't do for you anymore."

Rainbow Dash grabbed the shoulders of the pony and shook her violently. "No time for your logic. I need to get back. I can bring Fluttershy back. I have to be asleep as long as possible though."

The last sentence caught the alicorn off her soap box and brought her anger down a level to understand what the crazed pegasus was talking about. "What? Rainbow Dash, I'm sure I don't need to tell you this, but Fluttershy is gone."

"No. She is alive. She's been in the dream world this entire time. You've seen her. You can vouch for me."

"Yea I've seen her, but that doesn't mean she's alive. From what my books tell me, dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. They aren't real. As great and perfect Fluttershy is when I see her means nothing. It's a figment. It's as plausible as a Pinkie Sense."

"Wrong and I don't want to hear it. Precious time is wasted the longer I'm in this world." Rainbow Dash snarled. Eyes bugging out, frightening Twilight.

"Rainbow Dash. You're really putting me in a predicament. If you continue to be this forceful I will have to fight back. I've never been one to fight a friend, but you're leaving me no choice."

Rainbow Dash wasn't about to deal with hesitation. Twilight was first choice because of her proximity. "Fine. I'm off to Canterlot to get Luna or Celestia to help. Way to hoard your egghead knowledge." Rainbow Dash was readying herself for another blast off into the distance. As she lifted off, she immediately felt a strain on her tail and crashed between some of the books pattered on the floor. She looked up and saw a course Twilight her horn surrounded by purple.

"I am not to be trampled on like that and you are not mentally fit to see the Princesses. You sound like a mare that belongs in a mental institute. I need you to calm down."

Rainbow Dash was only being driven further into madness. With her hooves, she was pulling as hard as she could, seeing if she could free herself from the magical grip. Twilight had the base hairs within her domain. With the denial of defeat, the cyan pegasus tried harder making her manic state look worse to the capable Twilight. "Please. I need to help Fluttershy. You're just wasting my time. If you don't believe me, ask Luna."

"I'm not bothering the Princess with you delirious requests. Stop thrashing. I need you to relax."

As if a button was pushed, Rainbow Dash snapped her into a wooden plank. "Relaxed. Either let me go or help me."

"I am. I'm sending for a doctor."

"How about getting Luna? That would solve everything."

"You know what, I will. I want to send you to a doctor, but I don't know if it's my place to force you." Twilight, being at expert at magic as she is, wrote a note and tired to Owlowiscious's leg. "To Princess Luna." she whispered to the owl and sent the stout bird on his mission. Twilight slowly approached the trapped pegasus with a stern look. "She should be here within the hour. I'd appreciate it if you helped me clean up the mess you made till then."

Rainbow Dash may have been having a manic episode, but she was sane enough to realize the destruction she caused by blowing through like that. Ashamed by the immaturity, she nodded in agreement and helped. She took her friend's word to heart and relaxed as she was reading of titles while Twilight was appropriately placing them back on the shelves.

With half the mess cleaned up, there was a knock on the door. Twilight opened it to welcome the Princess of the Night. The little alicorn bowed to her superior. Rainbow Dash would if she wasn't pinned to the ground. "Thank you so much for your quick reply. I was only going to keep Rainbow Dash here until she helped with this mess."

"Please release her Twilight. Rainbow Dash is telling the truth."

Twilight's magical gripped seemed to loosen at the fact that Rainbow Dash was telling the truth rather than the Princess' orders. The pegasus quickly got up and on her guard as Luna was letting Twilight onto the knowledge. Twilight's jaw dropped as everything was being declassified to her. The mission, Fluttershy's living status in the dream world and the possibility of bringing her back. "So that's where we are Twilight. Cadance and I took this all into consideration when we were keeping it from you girls, but I know what it's like to see a pony clinging onto a fake reality. That world becomes real to them and living here is the dream. If Rainbow Dash could fall asleep, she no doubt would have become a zombie slave to the world. We were scared that would happen to the rest of you girls. As smart as you are Twilight, you are not impervious to such feelings of true pleasure."

Twilight seemed unsatisfied with the answer, but would follow her Princess brethren into the dark. "I understand Princess, but what do we do with you Rainbow Dash. I really don't want to be putting you to sleep and wasting your life. I mean you're skipping class right now. I'm sure you didn't notify the offices of your absence."

"Pfft. Fluttershy has priority over school. Now you heard the Princess. Put me to sleep." Rainbow Dash victoriously demanded.

"I didn't say anything of the sort. Rainbow Dash. Head back to the academy. I'll write you a note so you aren't docked for any more days."

Rainbow Dash was floored by that answer. She couldn't believe the Princess wouldn't be on her side. "Are you serious? We're so close to getting Fluttershy out."

"We're close, but I need Fluttershy to be able to hone her powers more effectively. If you two were about to pull off what's intended it's be such a ridiculous amount of luck. A miracle even. She needs time and so do you. Think about how to channel your energies. So long as Fluttershy can catalyst them, she can get out of the world. Till then, keep to a normal schedule. Live a normal life. Twilight can tell you magic loses stability if one's spirit is aggravated."

Rainbow Dash certainly wasn't expecting that answer, but the Princes wasn't telling her she was crazy and to stay away from Fluttershy like Twilight was. "You probably have a point. I'll...I'll take my leave. Really sorry for coming in and starting trouble Twi." Rainbow Dash took the note from the Princess and hid it underneath her wing. As she was trotting out the door she noticed a potions textbook to the entrance. She looked back to overhear how Twilight would have to be the one to put Rainbow Dash asleep every night. With both distracted, she picked up the text with her mouth and swiftly left the library with none the wiser.

Days and weeks passed with the same pattern. Academy, training and Twilight being the personal sleeping nanny to Rainbow Dash. The alicorn seemed to never warm up to the idea, but it seemed Luna had given her plenty reasons to trust in the procedure. Rainbow Dash would smugly keep that victory to herself, but occasionally rub it in Twilight's face with a small grin or jest before slumber. The dream world with Fluttershy had it's own mixed reactions though. As much as she wanted to faff about and enjoy the time she was missing when she was gone, the two also needed to concentrate dearly at the task at hoof. Fluttershy would normally be meditating and testing out what she may have learned that day from Luna. Rainbow Dash, with a smaller than average attention span, would then purposefully break the concentration of her lover. Small buckets of water would do the trick, or maybe the occasional tickle from a flower. Rainbow Dash loved the annoyed face of Fluttershy. The very pronounced and dead pan of her scowl. Rainbow Dash was always quick to fix the situation. It used to be with kisses and extended the play further, but in a world where the fluttering feeling only existed in her heart, made it difficult to carry further. She never knew how important Fluttershy's gentle touch would have on their relationship, but it was nice to go back to the basics.

With the monotony of the weird schedule, Rainbow Dash was breaking away to hatch an idea of her own. The book she borrowed from Twilight's was not the first choice, but had the knowledge she needed. She figured if she were to stay asleep longer, the faster she and Fluttershy could figure out a way out of there. Doing her own extensive research, she was able to find the ingredients all over Equestria. Some grown naturally, and others had to be procured by ill gotten gains. Rainbow Dash was always sure to leave a few bits more than what the item was worth, but in her opinion, if it's on display, it's for sale.

Rainbow Dash was winding down in her own personal way. Talking with Tank and Angel was calming and the anxiety of not falling asleep was no longer an issue. The alicorn was punctual. Nine sharp except tonight. Twilight opened the door and Rainbow Dash froze. "I'm here. Come on. Bed with you. I have a lot of..."

The alicorn saw a sight that she had thought to be gone. On the dining table was what looked like a science experiment that fell apart. "Rainbow Dash...I knew it. I knew you stole this book."

"Now Twilight. I was just...uhh expanding my mind with some healthy knowledge." Rainbow Dash wildly lied.

"Don't try that on me. I know you like fiction and wouldn't read these 'egghead' books unless it were benefiting you." Twilight yelled as she brought the book to her attention. "A sleeping potion...Rainbow Dash this is absolutely unacceptable. This would put you to sleep for at least a week and if you botched it, it probably would have put you in a coma."

Rainbow Dash wasn't about to take that sort of temper in her own home and fired back. "I want to get Fluttershy back! Sorry if I'm taking a few shortcuts. It feels like I'm the only one that cares!"

"Don't be so irrational. Of course I care." Twilight said with the fire in her eyes. "I'm over here every night, aren't I? Rainbow Dash. There isn't a shortcut to new magic. It a long arduous process sometimes. We're lucky to have Luna helping Fluttershy. Sometimes we have nothing to guide us and it's all based on what could happen next. Sometimes we don't know what happens next. You have to be patient."

Rainbow Dash plunked down. Twilight's lectures usually did leave her with a slouch of guilt. She definitely couldn't explain away her actions other than conniving selfishness. She slumped to her plot and looked down at the tiled floor. "I want this to be over. I see her every night and that's been great, but it's pointless if I can't share my life with her. All I can really do is explain what happened to me. I might as well be writing her notes back and forth. It'd be the same level of familiarity. When I touch her I feel nothing. It's like there is this invisible barrier that prevents me from truly being with my special somepony. I see the ending Twilight. Just agitated is all."

Twilight sunk down with her friend. "I know how you feel. So many times researching have I come close to the answer only to burn myself out and it taking longer to complete. From what Luna tells me, Fluttershy has come a long way. Don't want to say it, but I think you're concentrating on the wrong part of this problem."

Rainbow Dash looked up to see the caring purple eyes of her friend. "Remember this is a team effort. Staying in the dream world doesn't really do anything. Have you been trying to wake yourself up while you're there?"

"Well, no...I can't feel it so I don't really know what to do."

"Then that's a good place to start." Twilight exclaimed. "You're the bridge to all of this so you really need to figure out how to do it manually."

"That's what the potion was for."

"You know that isn't entirely true Rainbow Dash. You want to spend time with Fluttershy and that's fine, but you can't be doing all these drastic measures. You need a centered frame of mind when using magic."

"I suppose I should listen to you. Magic is your thing, but it all sounds foreign. Never had to deal with magic."

"Luna's been giving her attention to Fluttershy, so I'm going to give some advice for you tonight. Get into bed, please."

Rainbow Dash snuck under the covers as requested and listened for Twilight's response. "Patience is key. Keep your mind clear and open. From what Luna said, her going from world to world is like opening a door, you slip through the cracks. You and Fluttershy need to open the door or at least crack it open and squeeze in. How you do that is really for you to find out."

"I know I'm not the smartest pony in the world, but you mean a metaphorical door, right? Not supposed to look for a real one." Rainbow Dash innocently questioned.

"Correct. I'm taking my book back and deal with the ingredients. I'm sure I have some uses for them. Night Rainbow Dash." The alicorn sweetly said and Rainbow Dash was back into the dream world. She exited her home and found Fluttershy in her usual spot below the cloud. The cyan pegasus floated down and lay next to her lover.

"So, you get any better?"

"I think I can get as good as I can with these with my limited capabilities, but Luna says if I put my best hoof forward I should be able to pass through. Look see."

Fluttershy pointed to the lily in front of her. It's beautiful pink pedals delicate like her partner. With a simple wave of her hoof, The lily swirled and changed color. Pedals in bloom and turned blue. Now before the two was a small blue rose. Rainbow Dash picked it to ensure it's not a trick of her eyes, but Fluttershy had mastered the magic within. "I feel a little bad. Seems I'm the only one that's holding us back. If only I could understand what Twilight meant."

"What do you mean, Dashie?"

"I don't want to tell you this, but I did try and make a potion that would put me to sleep longer, but she found out and scolded me as she does. She wants me to be patient, to concentrate. Never had to do it with magic though."

"She isn't wrong as Luna gave me the same advice. It's what I do in my spare time here."

"Yea, but you've produced results. Me...still just wake up when my time is ready."

"Well you do goof around a lot of the time when you're in here. I sort of am to blame because it feels like old times."

"Then be stern with me today. Keep me at your pace. I'm the one slacking and I'm determined to not be the one that holds this process up. Come on before I get distracted. Teach me Flutters." Rainbow Dash politely ordered.

Fluttershy didn't waste anytime. She sat Rainbow Dash down and began the usual exercises. Clearing of one's mind of only the essentials. Focusing her magical energies from her core to her body and releasing them. The cyan pegasus fought it at first, but started to understand the motives and worked her way through the process. Several hours passed before Rainbow Dash's eyes and had a spark of what magic Luna possesses. She got good enough to close her eyes and see herself in the bed on command.

"Wow Rainbow Dash. You have been quick to learn."

"Well, you know. When you're the best, what do you expect?" Rainbow Dash said as she flashed Fluttershy the trademark smile. The yellow pegasus was more accepting of her ego and stroked it with a generous hug. Even though she couldn't feel it, Fluttershy's love was ever present. The barrier of this world at least couldn't stop that.

"Well, we got some idea of how to use our powers...Now what?" Fluttershy posed the obvious question. Rainbow Dash was just as perplexed as she was. If she was going on Twilight's logic, if she was able to slip through the cracks, well then she was able to look through the peep hole now.

"Whenever I had to clutch I needed something to drive me. I have you and our life together to fuel us. So that should be enough. Maybe if we think hard enough we'll make it back."

Fluttershy, with nothing else to offer tried Rainbow Dash's theory. About an hour of intense thinking, the cyan pegasus called it and felt they had to turn up the odds.

"Don't quit now. Maybe if we try it for a little longer."

"I didn't even feel it. I closed my eyes right now and was back in my room." Rainbow Dash pointed out. "Perhaps that isn't enough. Fluttershy, I know you're afraid of heights and I'm not a fan of hitting the ground, but I think we need to turbo this."

"I really don't like where this is going." Fluttershy voiced her worry.

"Think about it. I preformed the Sonic Rainboom when I saw Rarity and The Wonderbolts crashing to Earth. You pulled through when we had to get that water up to Cloudsdale. I'm not being rash, but I think we may need some adrenaline for this."

"You really think this will work?"

"Not even a little bit, but we might as well give it a shot. We don't have any good ideas so we might as well do some of the bad ones in the meantime."

Fluttershy would always be propelled by the enthusiasm of Rainbow Dash and would be grateful every time for it. The pegasus used her powers and bundled up a cloud for two. Rainbow Dash didn't waste any time and took it the the ceiling of where clouds can still be formed. Fluttershy hid behind her legs and definitely didn't look around as she was being propelled up. Rainbow Dash propped her up and gripped her partner tight.

"You can opened your eyes, but look directly at me."

Fluttershy did as said and met the magenta orbs of Rainbow Dash. "Focus. When we're falling, push it out of your mind as soon as possible. Concentrate on your magic and maybe this will work."

The yellow pegasus was too paralyzed to speak so nodded her agreement to the plan. Rainbow Dash counted down and with a terrified scream Fluttershy wrapped in her legs tight. After a few seconds, she was able the quell the screams, but the challenge had begun. Being in these high pressure situations felt natural, but always proved intimidating. That last thing she ever wanted to do was crash. It would sting on too many levels. Rainbow Dash was able to push those feelings aside and it seems Fluttershy was too. She felt the pony heat up in her grasp as they were barreling towards the ground. Rainbow Dash had it in her sights. She closed her eyes and opened them to see her in her bedroom while still knowing she was free falling.

And then they stopped. Rainbow Dash woke up and looked around her room. A flash of anger entered her and went back to sleep. In a few minutes she was able to force herself through to the dream world. She came back to see outside her home a small brown crater with Fluttershy dusting herself off. The pink-maned pegasus was surprised to see Rainbow Dash back so quick.

"Looks like all the meditation before worked. Glad to see you're back."

Rainbow Dash helped dust her partner off with a few light pats. "Are you really? The whole point was to get you back. Not splat on the ground."

"I'm sorry."

"I don't think you're at fault on this one. I felt your body intensify with heat. I could felt your magic enter me, but I don't think mine was entering you. Come on a few more tries."

Fluttershy didn't want to, but she had to admit she felt something flow through her as she was free falling. A few more painless tries couldn't hurt. Three more failed attempts later only produced the more craters in the ground and a disgruntled pair.

"We tried. I don't know. Throw in the towel for today. Try again tomorrow?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"I don't want to give up necessarily, but let's think through this. What's the real difference to this world?"

"Well you can manipulate things. I can switch between worlds..."

"I mean the part that this is an eternal plane. That's what separates it from reality. You don't truly live here, merely exist. I may look fine, but it's ironically deadening here. I have all my needs met. I'm never alone. I see the ponies I want to and have a good time. No hunger, thirst or sleep, but I miss the part that makes me alive."

"Yea. Touch."

"No I've thought about it and it isn't that simple. Without touch you're are no more real than a dream. I wish. I wish more than anything. But I can't imagine you with all your complexity, all you perfection, all your imperfection. Look at you. You are just a shade of my Rainbow Dash. This is the best this world can do and it still is not enough." Fluttershy explained.

"I don't live here so I'll take your word for it. So then...what do we do Shy?" Quizzically asked.

"I know you don't like these philosophical questions, but what is the meaning to life?"

Rainbow Dash did indeed hate these sorts of questions. She found them to be a waste of time. Fluttershy was onto something though and it was imperative she follow through. "Well, to be with you."

"No serious. I love you Rainbow Dash, but what if we didn't have the other. What would make life worth living?"

Rainbow Dash pondered the question. There are so many answers that are worthy, but none of them seemed to resonate with her. She tried to imagine a world without Fluttershy, but she didn't get out of her mourning period to figure that answer out. She took a logical guess as to what would happen. "Well, I know being a Wonderbolt was going to happen. I'm a final exam away from it. As a Wonderbolt I would put everything I had into work. Bury myself in it to maybe become the best their receive love that I wouldn't be getting from you. I would make my mark. Inspire. That's what makes life worth it. To give future generations a figure to base their lives on to be better than they might sell themselves short."

There was a small silence. Rainbow Dash thought the future was dirtied leaving Fluttershy out, but she spoke truthfully. Fluttershy noticed and responded in kind. "For me, it's to help as many ponies as I can. It's what I've been doing here in my own way. Taking ponies and having a dream of a lifetime. I hate nightmares and I'm sure no pony else is fond of them either. It's the least I can do."

"I get where you're coming from. It's not just us, as much as we like it to be at times. We're part of a community. My contributions has been effected by you. You cheering at the sidelines, letting me rest at your place, being possibly the best public relations pony ever. Can't count home many times I've said something inappropriate that you've smoothed over."

"If it wasn't for your love and support I probably wouldn't have been able to open those new charities for animals. Definitely you taking your time to advertise them for me was good enough. Standing by my side when certain animals couldn't be saved. Your love helped my message go farther than Ponyville. It's more than I could have asked for."

After hearing the revelations, Rainbow Dash figured it out. It clicked to her. The way back home. She got up and puffed a bunch clouds for another attempt. She reached out and pulled Fluttershy back into it. "Really. So soon."

"Trust me. I get it now. If this doesn't work I give up today." Rainbow Dash explained. The sureness in the magenta eyes gave the yellow pegasus a small glimmer of hope in her eyes. They reset to the top and proceeded to free fall once again. Rainbow Dash zeroed in on what she just learned.

"It's obvious. I get it now. The difference between the worlds is also the key to crossing them. To be alive is to love, to experience and to share that love. I love this mare to my very core. Getting to be with her in a single day is an experience in itself. She showed me how the dark abyss could be turned into a colorful garden. She rocked the solid walls that guarded my heart and we became better ponies because of it. Love like this should be open for others to witness. Maybe it can help them too."

Rainbow Dash felt the heat in her heart kick in, spreading to her extremetires. As it hit her hooves, she felt the warmth of Fluttershy's magic reach her too. The two was gaining speed from the magic and held each other tight. Rainbow Dash could feel it as they were picking up speed. The vibrations around them were creating compressions faster than the compressions themselves can move away from. The sound barrier broken and a fantastic sonic rainboom was created. Rainbow Dash dare not look at her creation, but there was a small hint of pink traveling with her rainbow colors.

Eventually she knew she should have hit the ground or be in her room. When she opened her eyes he was on a thin layer of white. It looked like clouds, but didn't feel like clouds. Around she was surrounded by the cosmos. Stars dotting her in a sphere as she was standing the precipice of existence. She looked in all directions for a pink mane and nothing was seen. A few calls for her partner were met with the same results. Rainbow Dash felt a twinge of anxiety as she might have made a tiny mistake.

"Uh-oh. Well this sure isn't a place that I've ever seen. More importantly, Where could have Fluttershy gone? It could be possible I messed up, but I have to figure out a way out of here before I can even focus on Fluttershy."

"I'm over here Rainbow Dash!"

The small holler came from behind and she saw her pegasus with the Princess of the Night. She gave a small bow to Luna as she felt the relief of finding her partner. She ran over and gave her filly a huge embrace. "Scared myself there. See I kind of did it."

"It's one of those days where being lucky is better than being good. As I knew I wasn't falling anymore, I looked around and saw Princess Luna over here."

"I come in here to get away from the Princess for a bit. It's one of the perks of co-ruling an empire. Can take small breaks if I want to. Talk about being lucky though. Being that your here means you barely were able to merge your powers long enough to slip to somewhere. Good thing it's a place my sister and I visit regularly." Luna stated.

Rainbow Dash listened to the monotone in her voice. "For a Princess rooting for us, you don't seem that happy to see us."

Luna knew she had been found out. She scratched the back of her neck as she explicated. "If my theory is correct, then one of you received all of the power."

"And?" Rainbow Dash spoke before she thought. She closed her eyes and all there was was the eternal blackness. "Oh, so Fluttershy can..."

"Yes. She was able to absorb the rest of your power. Demonstrate Fluttershy." the Princess requested. In a blink of an eye, Fluttershy was gone and reappeared second later with a cup of water. She offered it to the Princess, who declined, and placed the dishware on the surface.

Rainbow Dash was absolutely floored by the manifestation of talent. "Whoa girl. Way to completely own magic."

Fluttershy laughed at the enthusiasm in Rainbow Dash's praise. "Stop it Dashie. You'd be able to do it this easy if it were you."

"Don't be short changing this accomplishment. This is awesome. We did it." The pegasi cheered as the Princess stood in a somber mood, unable to join in the merriment. Rainbow Dash looked and knew that there was a reason for it. "What's with the mood, Princess? Shouldn't we be celebrating?"

"It's a bit premature, depending on how you take the following news. You both have showed a true pure relationship. There's cooperation, sacrifice, sharing of the good times and the bad, an understanding of each other's perspective and fidelity. You put in effort where it most counted and that's what brought you here instead of the real world. In a matter of seconds, the magic within Fluttershy will turn her into a Princess."

Rainbow Dash never felt a single word have so much weight on her heart. She couldn't believe what the Princess was saying. Remaining speechless, Luna continued. "I was hoping my hypothesis was wrong, that the power would stay divided between the two of you, but it seemed it chose the one most capable."

"Prin-princess. I don't want to be a Princess. There is too many responsibilities, and I don't like the status and the spotlight and the ruling of some town..." Fluttershy panicked out.

Princess Luna raised to her hoof to finish off Fluttershy's thought. "Or the immortality."

Rainbow Dash heard that word a lot in the past few months. It didn't have the gravity it did until Luna said it with such gravitas. "Im-imortality? Fluttershy meekly questioned.

"It's the price of being who we are. It is both the ultimate blessing and unrelenting burden my sister and I have been wrestling with for millennia. We definitely see a lot of good ponies go through the sands of time." Luna depressingly said.

Fluttershy grabbed towards her partner's chest and was squeezing the life out of her. Rainbow Dash could barely feel it as she ran the scenario in her head. Growing old while Fluttershy stays youthful. Watching her slowly deteriorate to nothing as her mortal self was cast aside, leaving Fluttershy alone forever. Breaking the promise she made when she proposed to her. "There's no way to fix this is there?" Rainbow Dash barely got out.

Luna took a deep sigh, "There is, but it is a very dangerous and an incredibly torturous process for the recipient. Stripping immortality from the source that gave us our powers is even mysterious to us, but if you gave me and Twilight some time, we know doubt could figure something out, but it's not going to be pleasant."

"I'll do it."

Rainbow Dash was surprised at the sudden response. She looked down to see Fluttershy's stare so confidently towards the Princess. "Fluttershy. No. This is great. Like you know it's sad, but there is so much promise you can do."

Fluttershy turned to Rainbow Dash, a small fire in her eyes. "No. I know where I belong and it is by your side. If you were to depart before me I would hope my time is soon and to that I hold true. I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone."

Fluttershy turned back to the Princess. "I choose a mortal life."

Princess Luna finally let a smile break through the worried expression. "And too think I was worried about you two. Still going be be squeamish draining you of your immortality..."

The Princess was cut short and a small pale yellow glob spouted from Fluttershy's chest. Rainbow Dash jumped back at the new intruder. It started circling fast speeds around Fluttershy, revolving around her to the point the magic was levitating her with it's energy. The blob enveloped her completely and Rainbow Dash was touched on the shoulder. She woke up in her bed. It was late night, but the shining bright light outside wasn't the sun. Her front door burst open and the bright yellow orb levitated above her bed. It popped like a bubble and Rainbow Dash was met with a thud.

After the initial feel of pain, Rainbow Dash opened her eyes and before her was a slightly injured Fluttershy. Rainbow Dash took in the familiarity. She ran her hoof through the luscious pink mane, across the slender body and smelled the naturally sweet scent of her shampoo. After she drew back she noticed the new edition to her fiance's appearance. A mighty yellow horn was in the middle of her head. Rainbow Dash slowly touched it. Running her hoof down from tip to base and eventually reached her lips. She locks eyes with her lover. It was her. All of her. She breathed deep as she jumped into the kiss. The small tender lips she had missed for so long were hers again. Fluttershy happily moaned from the sensation. Rainbow Dash wrapped her forelegs around the waist, along the butterfly cutie mark. Fluttershy aggressively equaled her partner's boldness and ran her hoof through the rainbow mane she loved so much. Rainbow Dash didn't wait and licked her lips, silently awaiting entrance to Fluttershy's wet cavern. A generous moan was exchanged as Fluttershy invaded Rainbow Dash's mouth.

The kiss broke after some sloppy exchange. Rainbow Dash brushed the pink flip out of the flawless face of her lover. Both were breathing heavy, completely exhausted by the endeavor and bodies sore, but the kiss was the most electrifying thing either of them have felt in months. Rainbow Dash reached up and felt the rapid heart beat of her lover.

There was a knock at the door. Fluttershy dusted herself off and sat upright on the bed, while Rainbow Dash went to answer the door. Almost expected, Princess Luna was on the other side. Rainbow Dash welcomed her into her home and took a seat next to Fluttershy. Luna looked fondly at the couple who sat with their wings encasing each other as they bathed in the warmth of their reunion.

"I don't think I need to ask again, but do you wish to truly give it all up for Rainbow Dash." Luna posed to Fluttershy.

The yellow pony turned to look away from the Princess and instead gazed into the big magenta eyes. Rainbow Dash was welling up with happiness whereas Fluttershy had let a small tear escape. With both peering into the soul of the other, Fluttershy answered.

"I do."

Fluttershy was afraid she would flummox the two words she was rehearing to say since yesterday. They came out clear and for the congregation to hear. It seemed the entirety of Ponyville was inside Canterlot castle. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash's families, the academy's finest, their good friends and more than a hoof full of critters in attendance. Fluttershy was almost choking and letting herself well up as she was at the final step to her marital bond with her special somepony.

Rainbow Dash was stunning in her black suit. Rarity was protesting the idea all the way up till she saw the cyan pony in her attire. Even she had to admit that Rainbow Dash wore it well. The rainbow pegasus was not to try and compete with Fluttershy's beauty so the tuxedo was the most proper decision. Rarity pulled a double duty, rushing back and forth between the pegasi working on their hair and make up. As much as Rainbow Dash tried to protest, Rarity was going to win the battle of who looks like what at the wedding. Fluttershy was flattered with her best mare handling all of this load. Rainbow Dash was finally convinced to bind the length of her mane with a golden band so long as the unicorn were to trim and style the bangs so they wouldn't get in her eyes.

Fluttershy got the full bridal treatment. A full day at the spa before. Both for a relaxing technique with all the pre-wedding jitters and to make her coat glow. Rarity worked tirelessly on the bride. Seeing Fluttershy in her wedding dress, brought the dramatic mare to a teary mess. Fluttershy was about to console her until Rarity told her to back away so she wouldn't stain the gown. Rarity sobered up enough to give Fluttershy a small wave to the usual straight flipped mane. She dotted the back with small blue rose buds.

The small white veil was behind her now as she was locked into the magenta eyes of the pony she had vowed to be with till the end. The beaming smile was humbling as she could see the nervousness in Rainbow Dash. Seems both were determined to keep it flawless.

Princess Luna kept her word and officiated the wedding. Princess Celestia and Cadance were in the seating, watching the Princess of the Night coordinate the beautiful ceremony. "The union of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash is pure. The strength of their commitment is clear. The power of their love, undeniable. May we have the rings please?"

On cue, Applejack rose to the occasion. Rarity wanted symmetry and she got Applejack a suit to match Rainbow Dash's. She was sure the stetson would stay off till the ceremony was over however. She worked hard too hard to get Rainbow Dash to cooperate and was not about to let her new girlfriend make the wedding party look bad. The farmer's mane a a pressed curl and was adorned with a small crown of flowers.

Applejack reached into her pockets and out came the rings. One with three diamonds studded into the round band and a solid bigger diamond in the other. A cobalt blue aura surrounded the jewelry and the the studded band securely fastened to Fluttershy and the other on Rainbow Dash. She was already used to wearing an engagement ring, but the official ring was that much more effective on the pony's emotions as a single tear almost escaped. Rarity, who was determined to replicate her crystal figure, was already balling up and quickly swiped off the tear before it could smudge some makeup.

"I now pronounce you mare and mare." Luna pronounced. The audience was already a clamor for the next sentence. "You may now kiss the bride."

Rainbow Dash didn't hesitate. She swooped the yellow pegasus off her forehooves and dipped her to a halfway halt. She felt the pressure of her wife's lips and Fluttershy closed her eyes to compete back. She wrapped her free hooves around the neck of Rainbow Dash. The pure kiss was the seal of the trials to get to the alter. After the standard pause for the chaste kiss. The two took their way down the aisle with their proceeding party of Applejack, Rarity, Twilight and Pinkie Pie. Confetti, woodland choir and the collection was uproarious for the new married couple. The bridal party did the usual riffraff of the photos which were taken in the castle garden. As soon as they were finished, Vinyl Scratch, providing the music for the reception, introduced the new couple to the dance floor.

"Fillies and gentlecolts. Please welcome the newlyweds. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash." the DJ announced.

The pegasi took to the center. The sun setting in the background, putting on the houselights early, giving the reception area a loving glow. The song was slow as Rainbow Dash led Fluttershy with their first dance. With necks entwining, Rainbow Dash was able to whisper into her new wife's ear.

"As awesome as the wedding was, I can't wait till this is over. Each hour is costing us and our parents hundreds of bits, I'm mentally exhausted stressing about it and I want to consummate this marriage as soon as possible dear wife of mine."

Fluttershy loved the enthusiasm and the ring of wife was pleasent. "In good time Dashie. It's in the very near future, I promise. Certainly didn't see this in my future. Me married to you."

"You say that as if it's a bad thing."

"No. It's possibly the best scenario I never saw or tried to achieve. It naturally happened and now that I'm living it, I wouldn't have it any other way."

"You definitely caught me blind sighted when you first confessed. Never thought I would be on this path either. Never thought somepony would give up being immortal for me either. You defiantly have thrown me some curve balls. Thanks for that again."

"You need to stop thanking me. I know if it were you, you would have done the same thing."

"And then I'd be the one asking you to stop thanking me."

There was a small pause to the private conversation. With all eyes on them, the ears of the populace were unable to hear the beautiful words exchanged.

"I love you so much Fluttershy. More than I can put into words..." Rainbow Dash pulled back slightly and nipped a bit of Fluttershy's neck. Rainbow Dash was serious about her no words claim.

Fluttershy uttered a silent reply to her partner's fair gesture. Fluttershy couldn't use words either and pulled back for a quick kiss on the cyan cheek and a swift peck on the lips. Neither of them expected to end up here. In each other legs, married and pronouncing love this strong for anypony. Fluttershy knew love, but it none has come close to the initial spark when they were young. Even if she were to dissect that moment, she felt the burning feeling she still couldn't have seen it leading to her being in such bliss. All of the good and bad was worth it as it led to her happy ending with Rainbow Dash, started by following the flutter in her heart.

The End.

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