Author's Note~ Written for the same person as all my other Mystery Lover fictions. Enjoy your trip to the States, Sis :)

She shakes her red hair out of her face as she stands alone out on the balcony. She came out here sometimes; to the place where they'd had their first kiss…it is a comfort to her, a place that holds one of the most wonderful memories she has of Atlantis. She knows he will find her, and that is why she chooses this place to come to.

She looks out over the city spires as the suns begin to set, the city becoming silhouetted against the brilliant orange and purple sunset, thinking that this city is her home now. She leans on the balcony railing watching the sunset, enjoying the beauty of the scene in front of her.

He steps silently out onto the balcony, stands there just watching her. He thinks to himself how beautiful she is, the graceful curves of her body, the shine of her red hair in the light of the setting suns. He takes a step closer to her, and she turns to face him, a smile on her face. This makes her even prettier, he thinks. But there is one thing about her that mesmerizes him every time he looks at her.

"Have I ever told you how beautiful your eyes are?" He wraps his arms around her and gazes into her face. He loves the way the smoky blue color of her eyes stands out against the dark red of her hair, how her eyes are so intense, but he has never seen them cold. How can such blue eyes always look so warm and soft? He's sure he doesn't know, but he keeps looking into her eyes.

"You have, but I still love to hear it," She replies with a grin, and he smiles down at her. That's another thing he's always loved about her; that adorable Kiwi accent of hers. He's pretty sure that he could listen to her talk all day long and never get tired of hearing her voice.

"That's good, because I love to say it to you," He says softly, one hand moving up to stroke her soft, shiny dark red hair gently. He leans in, his lips touching hers gently at first, and then as she responds by pressing her body up against his, the kiss becomes passionate, her hand moves up to run through his dark, messy hair. She loves that hair, how it stands up in every direction. The thought crosses her mind for a split second, before she is totally lost in the kiss.

When they finally finish the kiss, his hands linger on the small of her back, she can still feel the electric tingles of his touch, and one of her hands is lazily ruffling his already messy hair, while the other is resting on the back of his neck. They stand like this, looking into each other's eyes for several moments as the suns set and leave them standing under a sky filled with twinkling stars.

As she turns in his arms to look out at the city spires in the distance once more, a shooting star crosses the sky, and she finds that her wish has already come true. She leans back into his strong, muscular chest, he wraps his arms around her once more, and he feels like the luckiest man in the Pegasus Galaxy as he stands holding his true love close.