Editorial Note:

Recently I discovered what seemed at first glance to be a second dataslate of Cain's memoirs. Imagine my shock when I discovered they were in fact the personal writings of the great evangelist and champion of the Emperor Saint Athaliah the Flame, Savior of Calixis, Bride of the Emperor and Mother of the Faithful, etc. It seems that the Saint, whose birth name was Athaliah Cain, was Ciaphas Cain's sister and only known relative!

At first I could hardly believe what I was reading, especially given that the Holy Saint was active nearly a century before Cain took up his first post with the 12th Vahallan Artillery. Apparently Cain was equally confused when he and his sister were eventually reunited during the famous Astarte raid on the Port of Lost Souls. The dataslate I had found proved to contain, along with much other material, her Holiness's somewhat lengthy explanation of how she ended up in the Calixis sector back in 832.41M when she was ordained and assigned to the Orpheus diocese of the Jericho Sector in 918.41M.

I have elected to footnote the Blessed Saint's accounts with Cain's own annotations as well as my own. I advise my readers to prepare themselves for some shocks. The Blessed Saint resembles her brother far more than one would believe possible.

Amberley Vail, Ordo Xenos