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My name is Danny Fenton. I am a seventeen year old boy from the town of Amity Park. I live with my parents and go to highschool just like any other teenager. But one thing is different about me. I am half ghost. I am the soul protector of my town and I am proud of it.

My life didn't have a good beginning...

I was constantly bullied in school, my grades were extremely low, I was injured a lot. Moreover, I had no one. Not one friend that I could rely on, my family thought I was crazy as well. Thankfully my beloved sister didn't think I was that crazy.

For the first few years of my life I was normal, until I was caught in an accident with another student. I suffered from severe head injuries, which gave me amnesia for ten years of my life. I lived secluded from everyone for as long as I could remember. I was alone with nobody to turn to. How could I? I was a loser who had no one.

Suffering for years without saying a word lead me to become shy and sensitive. Yes, it hurt when people picked on me and make fun of me, but I wouldn't show it. I would just act as I normally would, staying silent, pretending not to be noticed.

Yet, I am just like any other teenage boy. I developed crushes, for the first few years it was a popular girl named Paulina. She didn't care about me though, and would only go out with me for one of her schemes. After time passed I came to love the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

That one girl was Samantha Manson.

She changed my life; every time I saw her it made me want to live another day. However, I was too shy to even say hello to her. I ended up just watching from afar and wishing for the day the I could talk to her. Thankfully because of an accident with one of my parent machines when I was fourteen, I finally was able to step out of my shadow and into the light.

That was the day I became Danny Phantom.

Danny Phantom changed my life. I was able to do things that normal people couldn't. I was able to talk to Sam because of Phantom. But there was one problem; Phantom and Fenton acted too different. Which was one of the reasons why nobody could link us together.

I love Sam, she brought me a happiness that I thought I would never have, but my love for her also brought me sadness, it brought out the truth. The truth about what happened in my past and why I now acted like I did. And I hated that I didn't know. It hurt my heart...

Yet, Sam wasn't the only person who helped make my life better. Tucker was there to help as well. He gave me a friendship that I needed the most. We could laugh with each other, do stupid things together and even just watch TV together. In my life that all that I really wanted.

When Tucker found out that I was Danny Phantom I was ready to die; no one but my sister knew about secret and it was just a bit of a shock. However, nothing changed between us. If anything it made our friendship bond even stronger; he didn't care whether I was ghost, a halfa or human, he just liked me for me.

That's what made Tucker all I wanted in a friend and I was thankful to him, for everything.

Even after all this Sam and Tucker's parents still didn't get rid of the restraining order on me, it was a bit pointless to have it anyway. It's not like I'm going to stay away from them right after my life gets considerably better. So Sam and Tucker had a word with their parents, it was only after lots of arguing and shouting that their parent gave in and ripped up the restraining order forever!

Now my sister Jazz, she's proud of me. That all she really says now. She's happy now that I'm happy. We also get along better, so there's no more arguing and me falling down the stairs, which I'm happy about. So overall even our bond as brother ans sister has grown, just like it was when we were young.

My past was something that could change anyone, and it did. It changed me, my family, and my friends.

I smile now that my life has changed, I am now happy with it. I have all I ever wanted. I have a girl who I love to the deepest depths of my heart, I have a family who cares for me and I have friends that will stick by my side till the day I die...

As I said before: my life may not have had a good beginning, but it will have a perfect ending.

Being me isn't the easiest thing. Heck, if anyone asked me I would just say it's hard being me. And that's the truth...

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