Chapter 1

Spike was obsessed with this slayer, he couldn't stop thinking about how much he hated her. Drusilla had dumped Spike, claimed he wasn't demon enough for her anymore. It was that truce with Buffy that did it. Spike could've just tortured her until she liked him again, but that would only be a temporary fix to their problem. Buffy had to die for Spike to have Dru again. He'd come back to Sunnydale for that reason, to kill Buffy. Then the Mayor found him, offered Spike a job. Spike figured why noy ally with the big bad, get what he could for himself. The first night back in town Spike still went after Buffy. He couldn't get her out of his mind. One way or another it had to end tonight. Spike and fought for awhile. God, how he'd missed this violence. The fight was long and Brutal, but Spike won. He began draining Buffy's blood. Spike forgot how intoxicating Slayer's blood was. As Buffy's heartbeat became fainter and fainter Spike realized, he didn't want to lose her forever. He didn't want to miss this excitement for the rest of eternity. Spike saw his own cuts and forced the slayer to feed off hi blood. In a few short hours she would rise again. Spike wasn't completely sure but beieved that Buffy Summers was about to become the very first slayer ever turned into a vampire.