Chapter 15 {This is the final chapter of this story. But if I get enough positive feedback I may write a sequal.}

The mayor was in his office playing golf. This was what he did to relieve his stress. The box of gavarok had been destroyed by now, he had no doubt. The ascencion had failed, 100 years of planning down the drain. But if they thought he was done, they were wrong. The mayor was older than any of them realized. This ascencion had been just one of his schemes for ultimate power. However long it took he would get it right one of these days. The mayor had already arranged a conference call with Mr Trick for tomorrow. There was after all a presidential election coming relatively soon. He thought about Buffy, he would miss her. As friends or as enemies they would see each other again. She was immortal now, like him. Perhaps she would train other slayers, fight evil for eterity. This could be fun.

It was a simple question, but Buffy was stumped for an answer. She was good again, but stuck with the memories of what she'd done. Her friends could forgive her, they could not forget. When Angel had returned Buffy loved him, but she remembered how he'd murdered Jenny Calendar, every time she looked at him. Was this her fat forever? Willow asked the question again, Buffy still didn't know. "What happens now?"