Korra entered the Sato Mansion feeling slightly apprehensive of what she would find. But instead of it feeling expensive and gaudy, as it once had, or empty and sad, as she feared it might, there was a sense of new beginnings about the place. A feeling that the worst was over and the time for healing was almost at a close.

"Korra, you're here!" Asami appeared at the top of the stairs in the entrance. She hurried gracefully down them, and Korra caught her in a warm hug.

Korra smiled as she released her and they stepped apart. Catching a good look at her friend's outfit, she asked in a worried voice, "We aren't having our girl's night somewhere fancy, are we?"

Asami looked confused for a second, then shook her head with a laugh. She sobered slightly as she explained, "I was just trying on some of my mother's cloths. Silly right?"

Shaking her head, Korra said quickly, "No no! It's a beautiful dress." Remembering the pictures she had seen of Asami's mother she added truthfully, "You look a lot like her."

This brought the smile back to Asami's face, and she gave an elegant twirl. Korra gave her a double thumbs up and they laughed together happily.

"Let me go change, and then we can head out," Asami said, turning to head back up the stairs.

"Take your time," Korra called after her. "I know I great noodle shop that stays open past midnight!"

"I'm taking you shopping first!" Asami called over her shoulder, laughing as Korra made a noise of exaggerated pain.

In the end though, the night turned out even more fun than either expected.