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I'm Bulletproof
Nothing to lose
Fire Away, Far Away
Ricochete, take your-

"Rayna, hurry up! By the time your done, all the hot water will be gone!" Peter's voice broke through my rendition of Titanium by Sia. I sighed dramatically and cranked the knob to off.

"Alright, alright. Don't get your boxers in a twist!"

I heard Peter grumbling to himself as I toweled myself off, being extremely thorough. I tied my white bathrobe around my waist securely, wouldn't want any of the boys to sneak a peek, now would we?

"Finally," Peter said, pushing past me into the bathroom. Peter was the hothead of the orphanage. Let me explain the orphanage.

Miss Laurie's Orphanage for Kids was my home. Probably the closest thing I'd ever get to home, in the dictionary sense of the word. My parents died in a train accident when i was four. My dad's family was gone and my mother's had disowned her. I was left on the streets when Miss Laurie found me, becoming my almost mother. I padded in my slippers to the girls 13-15 dormitory.

"Rayna!" My best friend Cerah ran over to me bearing a slip of paper. "Guess what?" She asked excitedly.


"A couple is coming to interview me! They've always wanted to have kids, but the woman is barren," I looked up, shocked at the news. Cerah is leaving?

"They're adopting you?" I asked with a note of disbelief in my voice.

"No," her voice fell an octave at the word, "they just want to come meet me and stuff. I mean, I know chances are a million in one that I'll get adopted, but-"

"No, thats great, really," I interrupted her quickly. I didn't want to have a reminder of how weird I was that no would adopt me. "Where's Victoria?"

"Oh, I think Miss Laurie is talking to her in her office about boys," she waved her hand dismissively.

I nodded. Victoria was 16, the oldest here, Once your 16, Miss Laurie can't keep you here because the government wants all girls older than 15 for doves or work or something. Miss Laurie had argued that Victoria was working at the ophanage, but everyone knew the lie behind her words. Victoria was Miss Laurie's second niece or something like that, and she had taken care of her when her Victoria's mother died in childbirth. The father was neevr around. Miss Laurie had begged to the courts, asking if she could have her as her own, but they wouldn't hear of it. All orphans were sent to an orphanage where their fate would be decided. All in all, Victoria had her 'job' here and was allowed to stay. Hallelujah.

"Anyway," Cerah's voice broke my train of thought. "I'll leave you to get dressed. And with that, she pranced away.

I sighed. Only two families had ever come to interview me and they had both turned out as disasters. My emotions were like a roller coaster when waiting for them to arrive. I would spiral out of control and they always saw me as some sort of freak. Now, when couples came to view the children, I shrank into the shadows and became nothing. It was safer knowing my options. Or knowing I had none.

I dug in my drawers for undergarments, yoga pants, and a light pink tanktop. I slipped on some flip flops and tied my hair in a ponytail. Despite the 52 degree weather, I felt humid and beads of sweat were dewing on the back of my neck.

"Rayna," I would recognize that voice anywhere. "Miss Laurie wants to see you."

I turned my head and tried to disguise the growing blush on my cheeks. Eric.

"Huh?" I asked stupidly.

He beckoned me to him. I gladly obeyed and tried not to skip to him. "Rayna," he repeated. I loved it when he said my name. "Miss Laurie wants to see you." By that time, I had regained somewhat of my composure. "Oh, ok." I turned and took a step away but he interrupted him and grabbed my wrist. My heart fluttered and blood flew to my cheeks once more. He blushed as well and I had to surpress a giggle. His hand dropped and I frowned.

"Oh, uh, nothing. Sorry." He turned away and I continued my journey to Miss Laurie's office feeling slightly bouncy.

The door creaked when I opened it and I could hear Miss Laurie talking sounding somewhat annoyed. "No! Rayna would never do such a thing!"

I opened the door noisily tripping over, uh, the floor, announcing my presence.

"Oh," Miss Laurie stood, "Rayna. Please, come in and have a seat." I took the seat closest to Miss Laurie and stared at the floor.

"Rayna, these gentlemen are from the court," she said, emphasizing me to be careful. I looked up and finally acknowledged the two men's presence. Visits from the court weren't uncommon, but they were usually to supervise that Miss Laurie was taking care of us. The court had come last week so I was puzzled to find these two men and especially puzzled to find it had something to do with me.

The court was our government. Ours being Apanin, the country we lived in. Blah blah blah, I'll save you the long history lecture. Basically, we had a court and the colonies. The court was its own "special" colony where all the rich people live. We lived in the 5th colony, the poorest of the poor. If you took an hour walk on the streets everyday for five days, you'd find enough to fill an orphanage. More likely, you'd find corpses finished off from the cold or hunger. Our orphanage was like heaven after a day spent out on the streets. We had three square meals, two snacks, a big backyard, beds for each, clothes, and even clean towels!

"Hello Miss Fiden, I am Rodrick Bulleyard." Fancy name. Typical. I shook his hand politely. "Pyrkiä teemme itsellemme hyötyä." When a court member met someone new, it was customary to say our motto. To strive we make ourselves useful. The motto was telling everyone of Apanin to work and make the court's life easier, just fancying it up in Greek.

I repeated the motto out of manner. In return of the member of the court greeting you as such, you said the motto as a gesture of saying, I will obey. He sat down and didn't introduce the man standing next to him. The man was stubby with double chins, and a nervous posture. He held a feather pen and a piece of parchment. I realized he must be a news reporter. What was so important about this meeting that had to be documented?

"These gentlemen have went out of their way to come and ask you a few questions, Rayna," Miss Laurie said stiffly.

"Like an interview?"

"Of sorts."

I sat quietly, waiting for someone to speak. Rodrick cleared his throat and asked for my full name.

I answered, "Rayna Grace Fiden."

He nodded and continued, "How do you spend your freetime?" What an odd interview this is.

"Reading, writing, uhm, gossiping, eating..." My voice trailed off, realizing I'd been smart with a court adminstrator.

He went on like nothing happened. The questions were strange, some even personal, mainly asking about my life. He asked how I was feeling and I stayed silent for so long, he skipped that question.

The last question rendered us all bewildered. "Have you ever stolen?"

"Excuse me?" I asked. "Hasn't everyone?"

He nodded thoughtfully, "I suppose, but I mean something extremely important. Something having to do with the court, maybe."

I stared at him displaying no emotion.

"Just an example," he corrected.

"Well, then, no," I said truthfully. 'No."

Abruptly he stood and said, "I believe we are done here. Thank you for your time." Rodrick, ahem, Mr. Bulleyard shook Miss Laurie's and and walked out the door. And he left Miss Laurie thinking she had a criminal on her hands.

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