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Chapter 1: Change

Harry Potter paced back and forth in his sitting room. He was nervous. He had just turned 11 and would be going to Hogwarts soon. He was nervous because he had only seen a couple of people in his life, and not more than 3 at a time. When his parents had been killed by Voldemort, Dumbledore decided it wasn't safe to place him at the Dursleys so he built him a large and extensive manor in a mountain rage in the far south of the country putting ever protection charm imaginative on it. He also got hundreds of house elves to take care of the boy. Of course Dumbledore or one of his colleges came of regularly to check up on the boy, and to teach him.

Ever since he was 5 Dumbledore and his colleges came every couple days or so to teach Harry. Dumbledore was positive that Voldemort would be back and wanted Harry ready. Currently Harry has mastered almost everything they can through at him with his wand, He was getting really good at wordless magic, and he would be starting wand less and wordless magic soon. He was almost as good as professor Snape in potions, and his huge garden of every plant imaginable speaks for his herbology skills. The only place he really struggled in was divination but he was getting better at that by the session.

Dumbledore was coming to his manor today to explain what would be happening when he arrived at Hogwarts. With that the fire place roared to life and Dumbledore strolled gracefully out of the Hearth.

"Ah, Hello Harry."

"Hello Professor Dumbledore."

"So I would think you're wondering what will be happening at Hogwarts this year." Harry simply nodded.

"Well when you arrive you will be sorted with everyone else, but when it comes to classes you will take your necessary classes when that teacher has a free period. You will also have classes with me on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You will not be attending any classes with your peers, because we do not want you to accidently harm another student, we don't want stories all over the paper that you are much to advanced for your age, and you would be bored with learning the same things you did years ago. Other than that not much should be different. You don't need anything on the supply list so that's all set. Well no that that is settled how about some lunch."

"Of course, I belief Fuzzy (Fuzzy is the head house elf by the way) was just about to call me, ah her he is."

"Sirs, lunch is being ready in the sunroom."

"Thank you Fuzzy, We'll be there in a minute," Harry said. The pair walked in to the sunroom which had a great view of Harry's Garden.

"So how is everyone at Hogwarts," Harry asked.

"Good, good in fact I invited all of the staff to come over here and have dinner tomorrow." Harry paled when he realized that about 20 people would be coming over.

"Harry I know you're uncomfortable with a large amount of people but since you're going to Hogwarts you do need to get used to it."

"I know, but that doesn't stop me being nervous."

"Well now that that is settled I must take my leave. I can't wait for tomorrow night, we'll be over at 7. Goodbye."

"O, no."

Next night

It was 6:50 and Harry was freaking out, all of his guests would be here soon. The elves had been in the kitchens all day preparing a feast. Harry checked his watch again. It was 6:56 and with that the fire roared to life and Dumbledore strolled out.

"Harry I came a little early to make sure you were doing okay."

"Fine, fine, a little nervous but other than that, fine."

As the last guest flooed away Harry smiled at himself. That had gone a lot better than he had expected. At first he was a little uneasy but then he remembered he knew all of these people. He was nervous though of when he would have to leave his Property. He knew it was a little silly that he had never left his property but there was just no need for him to. Out there was the people he didn't know; He didn't ever know how to get to London, as he had this thought he silently thanked who ever invented apparition. Harry sighed and decided to go to bed, He had a big event coming up.


Harry was sacred. He was truly and utterly scared. It was September 1st. In just a few short hours He would be going to Hogwarts. Normally he would be excited but once again he was going to be thrust into the middle of a huge crowd of people. All of them people he didn't know. None of them with as much training as him right now. Where most people would have a sense of superiority Harry was just nervous.

As Harry was pacing in front of the fire thinking over the problem at hand, Fuzzy came in and said,

"Master Breakfast is being ready in the garden for you." The elves knew Harry loved eating in his garden, and they figured he would need it today.

"Thank you Fuzzy. Has my stuff been packed?"

"Yes master Dippsy is bringing it done it just a few minutes."

"Alright, thank you Fuzzy." The house elf bowed deeply and left the room. Harry then made his way out to the garden and ate.

A few hours later

I t was time to leave. Harry made his was toward the apparition point in his house. His trunk was shrunk in his pocket, (Dumbledore said not to do this as it would draw attention but Harry refused to carry it) and he was ready to go. He then turned and left his house for the first time ever.

When Harry got over the sense of being strangled he was in an alleyway. He ventured out and noticed three things 1: Kings Cross was just to his left 2: There were more people than he had ever seen in his life 3: He was about to throw up. Harry wobbled a little before he made his way toward platform 9 and 10.

As soon as he got there he walked straight in between the two platforms and found himself at Platform 9 ¾. Wanting to get away from these bumbling idiots as soon as possible he got onto the train as fast as he could.

When he found an empty compartment he immediately shut the door locked it and shut the blinds. The rest of the trip went uninterrupted and Harry simply sat there recovering from the shock of so many people. He changed into his robes with a flick of his hand just as the train was coming to a stop.

He walked out of his compartment and pushed past people. A little out of fear a little from an air of superiority, even though he promised himself this wouldn't happen. After Hagrid had lead them across the lake and into the great hall was when Harry finally did relax. He finally saw people he knew. Professor Mgonagal started the sorting. Harry didn't pay attention until his name was called.

"Potter, Harry," Mgonagal said. Harry walked up to the stool without a hint of uncertainty. As soon as the hat was placed on his head it started to talk to him.

"Interesting, interesting, plenty of courage, very smart, loyal, very loyal, yet you have an air of superiority that befits a slythern. Hmmm, where to put you. You have qualities from all of the houses yet you don't seem to fit in any of them." The school was getting annoyed. The hat had been on Harry's head for 5 minutes they were about to do something drastic when the hat opened his brim and said

"I declare Harry Potter, NETRAUL." The hat then jumped off Harry's head and said to the boy, "Follow me I must show you your dormitory." The hat proceeded to jump out of the great hall with a confused looking Harry potter following.

The very unlikely pair continued on and the hat started talking,

"I'm very excited I haven't done one of these neutrals since just after the four founders were around. They don't even have them in Hogwarts a history. I don't think people know they can happen. You will have different rooms, including common room, bed room, bathroom, and kitchen/dining room. This is good because you already have a different schedule so it'll just be easier in general." The two emerged on the fourth floor and in front of a picture of a woman playing a grand piano in a field. "Your room is behind this portrait, the password is vineyard, but don't worry no one can get in even if they have the password, see locks onto your magical signature and will only let that one in. Alright let's get back down there so we can finish sorting and eat. By the way if you have any more questions just call for me in your room and I'll come."

The great hall was stunned. The great Harry potter had just been led out of the room by the sorting hat, who had declared him neutral, even though no one knew what that was, and they had been gone for 30 minutes. An then the two came back in as though nothing happened and Harry sat down at the Gryffindor table as close to the door as possible and after the feast left, without talking to anybody once.


A month after the sorting no one had seen Harry much. He didn't go to any classes that they saw, He didn't wander the halls. In fact the only time anyone saw him was at dinner time. He ate the other meals in his room.

Rumors were flying around about him. Some said he was a squib who Dumbledore only let him in out of pity. Others just said he was dumb and needed extra help. One rumor even said he wasn't all human and needed to be locked up to be taught. The school was starting to get a victim to their bullying. Harry faced verbal attacks all the time as well as tripping jinx and others of the sort. Harry never said anything back and he never pulled out his wand, or did anything to stop the bullying.

In fact Harry seemed to not mind the bullying at all. It was almost harmless, and no one had really hurt him. The fact that none of their bullying was bothering the boy angered them even more. They started to get even more nasty and a few even started hexing him with light hex's, like the jelly leg jinx. Harry Potter hero and savior of the wizarding world and defeater of Tom Riddle (Voldemort) was being bullied, and only had one friend.

Draco Malfoy had been walking down a hallway and found Harry potter still as a board in the middle of a hallway. He took pity on him and reversed the curse, after that the two became best friends. The two went everywhere together. They had almost identical schedules which only increased their intense friendship. Because of his friendship with Harry, Draco was ridiculed and bullied almost as bad.

Now at some time things got worse and people (Meaning the 1st years as they learned more) started using more and more harmful jinxes and hexes. Harry it seemed didn't mind at all about them. He just continued on with his day. So they moved on to Draco. They started jinxing him and for the most part he blocked them and continued on. One day as the pair were entering the great hall someone (one of the older years most likely) through a blasting jinx at the pair. How ever it went of course and hit the ceeling above the two. With a mighty crash a portion of wall collapsed right on top of Draco Malfoy

The students saw Harry's mournful face and laughed (fully thinking that Draco would be fine, I mean magic can do everything right?). Then one student yelled,

"What are you going to do about it squib!?"

Harry simply whispered with an eerie voice that everyone could hear, "How dare you."

All of a sudden the ceiling (remember it's charmed to look like the sky outside) turned a horrible grey color, and if you looked outside you could see the storm clouds gathering. Wind picked up in the great hall. Harry was lifted up in to the air. It started to pour. Not just outside. It was pouring in side too. People were terrified at what this poor 'squib' was doing. Al of sudden lightning struck the middle of the Gryffindor table (the occupants of which acted in a very ungryffindor manor by screaming).

The occupants of the great hall ran for the exit only to find the storm going on, on the entire level of the castle. The Slytherin's ran towards the dungeon only to find it completely flooded, so they ran with everyone else that escaped the great hall upstairs to the second floor, only to find huge rocks blocking their path so they continued up and up each floor having a different horror. When they reached the top floor nothing was there but they looked out a window and saw dragons attacking each tower.

Then just as suddenly as it started it all stopped, the sun came out and the dragons left and Hogwarts started rebuilding itself. Then a figure appeared in the dust, the figure came closer. And then the dust settled and professor Mgonagal said,

"Come with me we need to address the school of what just happened." The students followed there professor down toward the great hall. When they got there they saw all of the house tables were gone and a section of the room was being used as an infirmary. The entire school was there except one. Harry Potter. The students were seated and when Dumbledore realized the whole school was there he stood up and the students all became scary quite.

"What just happened was an unfortunate situation. It seems that you students aggravated a very powerful peer. You should be ashamed. However what happened next was entirely unforgivable. I'm sad to inform you two students were killed. Can we give a moment of silence to Cho Chang and Dean Thomas."

The whole was completely silent for five minutes. Then Dumbledore picked up his head and said,

"Thank you. I would like to inform you that your classmate (Harry Potter for those of you who haven't figured it out) has been expelled." That wasn't actually true, Dumbledore thought. The boy had calmed down with the help of a few teachers, when he had saw what he had down he had run from the school towards the forbidden forest.

"So," Dumbledore continued. "Please see madam pomfery if you need if not rest or get something to eat." With that Dumbledore stepped down.

Harry couldn't belief he had just done that. He knew he had to go home and pack up or something. The only problem was he had no idea how to get there. He could not flew, he didn't have a port key, and he couldn't apparate while in the Hogwarts. Then as if on cue a thestral walked up out of the brush.

As Harry arrived home Fuzzy came out and Harry said,

"Get ready were moving a lot."

The next day Albus Dumbledore Apparated just outside of the wards of Harry Potters Mansion. He walked past them and what he saw nearly gave him a heart attack. The mansion was gone.

Wow I'm actually surprised with what happened there I was planning on just having Harry get mildly angry and getting on with his life. Then I tried that and It SUCKED so I started over and then I did it again and again, this chapter was hard is the point. Anyway I know a lot happened in that chapter even if it isn't very long so If you have any questions put it in your review (because you will review) and ill answer them at the end of the next question. Thank you for reading.

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