Harry stepped out of the fire place and into his personal quarters at Hogwarts. He quickly changed into some clean clothes and promptly moved down to the great hall for breakfast. As he seated himself he looked at the table around him and noticed that Severus was absent. Harry figured that he was simply working on some potion and decided that that was more important than breakfast. Harry smiled before going back to his food, and watching his students.

The bell rang for the first class of the day to start and Harry smiled slightly as all of the lingering students ran out of the hall and as the last one trickled out Harry got up and moved out of the hall himself. Harry moved down to the dungeons, for no particular reason other than to explore the nearly unused, yet expansive area. One thing did confuse him however, as he passed the potions room, he also passed a large crowed outside of the room. Of course Granger Weasley and the "boy wonder" were all in the crowd. Harry approached the group and asked,

"Why are we all lingering here?" a random student came up and said,

"Professor Snape hasn't shown up, which is odd he's usually never late." Harry pondered this before he said,

"Alright go in and get set up." They did just that and as they did so Harry said, "We will do a review, to see what you all remember. The instructions for the Draught of Living Death are on the board, please prepare to brew and do so accordingly." With that Harry swept out of the room and headed toward Severus's private rooms. Harry reached the portrait of Ferdinand Love the famous potion master from the 14th century, and stated, "Poppies" which was the password Severus had set up. He then entered the sitting room immediately after the portrait. Severus wasn't there, so Harry continued his search through the rooms. He finally came to the bedroom. He knocked before entering slowly.

The sight which greeted him was one of horror. Severus was sprawled out on his bed in obvious pain as he was writhing like horrible. Harry went over and attempted to wake the potions master. He shook the man with increasing force until he was basically throwing him around the bed. Once this didn't work he stopped and hit the man, which did nothing to change the state he was in. He shot out a quick 'enervate' which did nothing other than make a fun bang go off in the room. Slightly pancaking at this point Harry left the room and went to the fire place in the sitting room. He threw some of the green powder into the fireplace and stuck his head in yelling, "Slytherin Manor, main study."

As Harry's vision came into focus he looked around and quickly spotted Tom at the desk looking toward him. "Tom," Harry said in a slightly panicked tone, "Severus missed his first class and when I went to find the reason, I found him writhing in pain on the bed. Now he won't wake up…I need your help…quick!" With that Harry pulled his head out of the fire and went back into the bedroom with Tom at his heels.

When they entered the room Harry was reunited with the sight of the snarky potions master thrashing in pain. What neither of them expected, though, happened at that particular moment. Severus Snape's eyes shot open and quickly focused on the two of them. There was silence for but a moment before Severus lunged at them with wings, fangs, claws, and several other attributes coming out. As he reached the pair he pulled them close and covered them all together in his wings wrapping the group up until they were completely covered.

The three of them lie there in silence and near complete darkness. As Harry's and Tom's eyes adjusted they looked at Severus and saw him to be resting peacefully. They looked at each other and Harry asked quietly,

"What just happened?"

"I wouldn't know, however I do have a few thoughts…I would have to call a house elf to get me a book out of my library, but I can't very well read it right now."

"So in conclusion, we are stuck here, and we can't get any answers until he loosens his grip." There was silence for a moment before Tom responded,

"Yes… or we could kill him and get out that way." This caused a deep rumble to come from Severus as he slept on.

"I don't think that would really be a good idea," Harry responded with a slight laugh. This happiness caused Severus to relax a little. As he did so the two resolved themselves to a long wait. A few hours later Tom looked over at Harry and realized that the boy had fallen asleep, in his boredom. He smiled slightly and thought back to his current situation. If Severus was indeed what he thought he was…he wasn't sure what would happen. To be honest he wouldn't be all that opposed by the idea however it would also depend on Harry's response to the situation. Puzzled Tom continued thinking on this, for another half an hour before the wings around him gave way and he was able to look around. If he was correct getting up would only tighten the wings around him once again and they would get nowhere. He softly called his house elf Pinky and asked her to get his book on magical creatures in the library. She did so and the book was in his hands within the minute.

Just as he had suspected Severus Snape was none other than a Genitor. The rare creatures were near extinct, and the fact that Tom had known one for as long as he did and not none it was a bit of a shock. He continued reading about the species. From what he understood the Genitor was a creature whose sole purpose in life was that of its mates and its children. They were hardly ever aggressive unless something threatened their family. However if you were the one to get a Genitor angry there was very little chance of you coming out of it alive.

Tom closed his book and looked back up at the man who was keeping him trapped. To be honest Tom just couldn't believe that this man, who had been with him for a long time, could be such a thing. At that moment Harry woke back up. Forgetting for a moment the predicament he was in Harry tried to stretch only to remember where he was, he groaned slightly and said,

"Okay I am sore and I am hungry and the school needs me…when can we move?" He didn't have to wait long because at the word 'hungry' Severus began to wake up. Once he was fully aware he stretched both his arms and wings releasing Tom and Harry. As they fell away from him Severus realized what had happened., and with a cry he tried to get up. However tom and Harry were lying on his wings.

"So…I have a potions class to teach if you will excuse me," Severus said once again trying to get up.

"First of all," Tom said, "it is now 1 in the morning second of all you are not going anywhere until we talk about this." Severus gulped slightly and said,

"And what exactly do what to talk about?"

"Oh I don't know," Tom responded, "How about the fact that you are a Genitor, that Harry and I are your mates, the fact that you have been keeping this from us since Harry's 17 birthday, torturing yourself for reasons that I can't fathom."

Severus sighed slightly and for a moment the room collapsed into silence. Harry was talking all of this information surprisingly well, and then Severus started talking.

"Once I figured out you and Harry were my mates I resolved myself to not approach wither of you. By that time you two both seemed to be interested in each other, not to mention that both of you are some of the most influential people in the world. I figured myself coming in would just make things horrible between you two. Not to mention a Genitors need for children, one of you would have to be impregnated seeing as I had an accident years ago during the first war, making it impossible for me to bear children, I figured with both of you being as powerful and important as you neither could be troubled with children. I thought all of this through and decided it would simply be best to stay away from you."

This was followed be several moments of Silence which was broken by Harry, who despite all of this information being thrown at him was surprisingly calm, who said,

"How would you know?" Confused Severus looked back at Harry and asked,

"What do you mean?"

"I mean," Harry responded, "How do you know that neither of us would want kids?" With that Harry leaned in and kissed Severus with a burning passion. Clothes were quickly shed, and the three were entwined in a burning passion.


That morning Harry strode into the great hall and took his place at the head of the room. He was brimming with happiness (not that people could really tell.) Tom had returned to his manor and Severus had the morning off from teaching so he stayed in his chambers resting. All in all Harry felt very satisfied. As the students started to filter in, breakfast filled their plates and soon the post arrived. Unexpectedly a owl approached Harry and landed in front of him. Harry, confused, pulled off the note and the owl flew off. Harry opened the note and read the very short message there.

A Genitor? Floo call…your private quarters.

Harry had a slight heart attack. Genitors were in fact considered dangerous creatures and were hunted by many people in order to "protect" themselves and others (at least that's what tom had said.) Harry calmly excused himself and went to his quarters. Once he arrived he noticed his fire turned green quickly and a picture floated out of it before it turned back to normal. Harry picked up the picture, and saw the repeating scene of Severus Snape with his claws and wings and all other creature features on display, being repeated hit with all manner of torturous spells. Harry dropped the picture and stood silent for a moment before he jarred himself into action. He picked up the picture and jumped into the fire place shouting out "Slytherin Manor" before disappearing. He found Tom quickly in the library and without word he thrust the picture at Tom, who took it and watched what was being displayed to him. He looked up to Harry and said,

"Oh no."


Oh my god that took forever, I will apologize for the lateness and for the shortness of the chapter, however in my defense school seems to take up a vast majority of my time. I will also be honest that I wrote half of this like right after I updated the last chapter and the other half now so I don't know how good it is so please bear with me.