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One more thing: as much as some people still do not like Ariana, she's simply too important to the story and to me to get rid of, and I hope that you understand her and her significance a lot better after this chapter.

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Chapter 50

A New Wand, A New and Old Friend

It was late.

Ariana already knew that, but that simply couldn't be helped. She had been forced to stay up for much of the night in order to work on her potion.

Yes, the one that would give her big boobs.

It was certainly difficult, not to mention tiresome, but it would all be worth it.

Susan would love them of course, she could try to hide it all she wanted, but she was seriously turned on by the idea.

Of course, there would also be a lot of other attention as well from plenty of guys and possibly some girls, but there was someone in particular that she hoped to finally start getting some attention from.


She knew he wasn't superficial enough to only like a girl for her bust size, but considering the looks he gave his 3 very busty fiancees he definitely liked big boobs.

Once she was finally satisfied with the progress of the potion and knew it would be okay until morning, she allowed herself to go back to the bed that she and Susan shared.

Susan was of course already asleep, looking as gorgeous as ever as she breathed slowly in and out on her side of the bed.

However tempted she might have been simply to stare at her for just a bit longer, she was simply too tired and merely got under the covers, careful not to wake her.

As soon as her head hit the pillow, she fell instantly asleep.

She dreamed of being in front of a quaint little home.

It wasn't extravagant or anything. It had a white picket fence and a red door, and several beds of various pretty flowers in front of it.

Still it felt very calming for some reason and it also felt very familiar to her somehow.

Just as she was starting to wonder if she should go inside, she heard a voice.

Heard wasn't exactly right, more it seemed to emanate within her. It sounded melodious and beautiful to her.

"Hello Ariana, I've missed you." The voice said.

"Who are you?" Ariana asked.

"Turn to your left." The voice suggested.

She turned and as she did, she saw Fawkes the phoenix there, currently perched on a tree branch.

"Fawkes?" She asked.

"Yes." He said, yet without opening his mouth, "It is truly good to see you again."

She could feel deep within her that Fawkes was truly happy to see her.

This was clearly a dream but still felt so real.

"Are you really here?" Ariana asked Fawkes.

"Yes and no." Fawkes admitted, "My body is actually somewhere else, but I was able to invade your dreams and create this image of your former home."

"Let me know where you are and I'll come get you." Ariana suggested.

"No." Fawkes insisted, "I don't even know where I even am and even being able to visit you in such a way is quite taxing. Yet at least for the first time in a very long time a portion of my mind is my own. It appears Dumbledore has finally left me alone for long enough to do so, although I fear whatever thing he is doing in the meantime might cause great harm."

"I'm so sorry Fawkes, I'm sorry I couldn't save you." Ariana apologized sincerely.

She had deeply regretted having to leave him that day when she had finally broke into his mind.

"It is okay, it is not your fault." Fawkes replied, sounding however pleased that she was concerned for him, "I'm glad I at least had the opportunity to talk to my bonded at long last."

That only gave her more guilt.

How should she explain this to him since she was clearly not the Ariana he had known.

"The thing is Fawkes, I'm not your Ariana, I'm just one of Dumbledore's clones." Ariana argued.

Fawkes appeared to be amused rather than upset.

"Is that what you think?" Fawkes said, "I can assure you that you are not. Dumbledore has made me do unspeakably horrible things but creating you was not one of them. He may have made your body, but one thing he cannot do is create a soul. That had to come from somewhere and in your case it came from the original Ariana. As far as your souls are concerned you and the original Ariana are one and the same."

Her mind was reeling with this information.

"How is that even possible, me coming back from the dead?" She questioned breathlessly.

"It's more reincarnation really." Her doppelganger explained, "For all intents and purposes you're living a totally new life, devoid of any memories of your previous life. However your personality, even your magic, and much of what makes you you remained. Take your magic for example, it still remembers the magical outbursts you used to have."

She once again tried to process this information.

Fawkes probably couldn't have reached her this way unless they were indeed still bonded, but it was still a shock.

It somehow felt true even if it didn't really make total sense.

Then the thought crossed her mind, what if she went insane like the original Ariana had?

Fawkes seemed to sense what her concern was.

"Fortunately now your mind is now your own." Fawkes explained, "You are free from that and I am glad that I was able to help you with that even if it wasn't in the way I originally intended."

"Oh, Fawkes, you did so much for me," Ariana said gratefully, "you did great."

She was unable to resist going over to him and stroking his head even while he continued to languish on the low hanging tree branch he was resting on.

"I'm only sorry I wasn't able to do more," Fawkes answered, "you had such a hard life that you never deserved considering how good of a person that you were. I'm hopeful that in this one you can finally find the happiness you deserve.

"I am happy." Ariana replied.

Fawkes appeared to be not totally convinced by that.

"You don't seem to be." Fawkes observed.

"Well maybe not completely..." She was forced to confess, "I mean I have these wonderful friends but I still don't feel like I'm totally part of their group. There's this guy you see named Harry and all these other girls that I am friends with are going to marry him, but he just doesn't seem to feel the same way about me. I'm actually with one of his girls now, but I know she's just going to end up marrying Harry

too and I'll lose her. Perhaps I should just move on, but I just don't want to move on."

What she said came out in a flood as she confessed how she felt to Fawkes, somehow believing that he would understand and did not judge her.

Fawkes appeared to think for a moment as if studying her and then said, "I'd say it's hard for anyone to love you if you don't love yourself. Apparently you don't even know who yourself is."

"What is that supposed to mean?" She asked him.

"The problem is you keep trying to be everything you're not." The Phoenix explained, "You aren't simply Dumbledore's ultimate weapon, and Harry will never love you if you keep trying to be just like one of the other girls, you are your own person, the same person I bonded with, in your heart. You are a good and caring person that even Harry should be able to love if you just act like yourself especially now that you have a second chance at life."

"How do you know?" She questioned.

"Since I'm a phoenix," Fawkes replied simply.

"I've only been a burden to him," Ariana supplied.

"Are you sure about that?" Fawkes coyly asked.

"Well I suppose I did help him against Dumbledore," Ariana observed.

"While Dumbledore did indeed supply you with plenty of information, when it comes to the things that really matter it is all entirely useless and will do very little to truly define you," He insisted, "besides you've actually done far more for him and all the girls than they have for you. In fact none of them would have gotten together without you."

"How so?" Ariana questioned curiously.

"I sensed shortly before you were killed that one of my feathers would somehow aid you in finding happiness," Fawkes admitted, "therefore I chose to give it to you. Selflessly even in your weakened state you decided someone else could use it more and so opted to donate it to Ollivander's wand shop where it was eventually made into a wand."

Ariana gasped.

"Harry got that wand," She exclaimed.

"Indeed," Fawkes agreed, now crooning his head, "from what little connection I still have to that feather I sense that he has used it to obtain love many times."

That was so true.

Had not Harry used his wand in which to duel Draco Malfoy and win Pansy as well as keep Susan. What about with Su? Harry would never have gotten Fleur or Gabrielle had he not used his wand at

some points as well. You could even apply that to Tonks."

Her mind was reeling, amazed that she had never made the connection.

Had she never bonded with Fawkes, Harry likely would never have gotten that particular wand.

You could argue that none of that he could have had a different wand, but it would never have given the same results.

Considering how close things had been many times, a weaker wand would likely have ended in death or failure.

Harry had always been destined for that wand, and she had played a role in giving it to him.

For the first time, she felt proud of her original self.

"You see, such a small thing, but without it things would likely be very different," Fawkes commented.

"Does that mean that maybe I have a connection to Harry?" Ariana asked hopefully.

"In a way," Fawkes told her, "there are many reasons for which wand a wizard ends up with, but I'd dare say there is some significance that it end up being that wand that he ended up receiving. However there are others. One would be that after your brother abducted me I lost another feather which would end up being made into what would become Voldemort's wand. That wand instead of doing great good like Harry has done with his has committed great evil. Fortunately Harry has its brother to combat that evil as well as other evils he has and will face."

"He won't be alone," Ariana promised.

Fawkes seemed pleased but appeared to sound pained and tired, "I would like to keep talking further but unfortunately I do not have the strength for it. I'll try to return to talk to you as soon as I can, but it might be awhile."

She was about to insist that she still had more questions when the dream suddenly shifted and she found herself dreaming about chocolate now.


Su currently was holed up in the bathroom, brushing her hair like she usually did to help herself calm down whenever she was nervous or stressed.

However it did little to quell the butterflies in her stomach.

As much as she liked to think that she had everything under control, she simply didn't.

She was entirely out of her element here she realized.

The muggle world was very different from anything she was used to.

Her new Muggle roommates Hazel and Amber seemed nice, but they kept talking about things she had no idea about. Music groups, movies, etc.

Pansy tried to talk to them as best she could, but even she had to hold back, fearing saying the wrong thing.

Perhaps sending two purebloods in probably wasn't a good idea.

Not for the first time and likely not the last, she wished Harry were here.

Harry knew the Muggle world having grown up in and would have been a big help in that area but also to comfort her as well.

She would have course felt so stupid confessing such fears, but she knew Harry wouldn't think badly of her.

He'd likely hold her in his arms and make her feel like everything would be okay.

Yet Harry was far away and on his own adventure and had his own problems to worry about.

As soon as she next saw him however she was going to give him a big kiss...and probably a great deal more.

Hazel and Amber both had boyfriends, but the way they talked it sounded like mere puppy love.

What she and the other girls had with Harry was so much stronger and so much more refined, not mention the fact that they were already engaged to him.

Even in the romantic area, the one thing she should have been able to relate to them with, she really couldn't, not able to bring up the fact that they were engaged to the same guy.

Neither she nor Pansy had said anything and Hazel and Amber had likely taken that to mean they weren't with anyone.

Finally she had to stop brushing her hair when Amber started knocking on the door to get in and get ready.

After tying her hair into a tight bun, she headed out and finished getting ready, dressed in the rather ugly school uniforms.

Then again wizards wore not so flattering robes that were hot and heavy so she supposed in that regard it was at least an improvement over that.

Her and Pansy's first class was something called Algebra.

It apparently had something to do with numbers and math.

She did rather well in Arithmancy so she was hoping that this would be about the same stuff.

However as soon as she got her first assignment, she realized she had no idea what she was supposed to do and caused her to wish she could go back to where she had grown up in China and have to carry rocks up and down the mountain.

Pansy and she went to go ask the teacher for help but even that didn't seem to help since they were just totally confused by his explanation and they could tell he was getting exasperated by how little they appeared to already know.

Fortunately Pansy just said they were from a rather horrible public school and the teacher nodded at that as if that was all the evidence he needed to know why they knew so little.

Following that class was English, which sounded like it should have been easy. At first she had thought that the school just figured that she just didn't know English all that well being originally from China, but Pansy was in the same class too.

However the class turned out to be far different from what she had envisioned saying simple phrases in English or something. Instead the teacher lectured on all these grammar rules and then book they were supposed to be reading wasn't in any English she was used to hearing.

It sounded really weird to her like most of it wasn't even English and was totally boring. Besides what kind of dumb name for an author was Shakespeare?

Sure British wizards had a lot of stupid names themselves, but she'd been under the impression that at least Muggles had much easier names.

Apparently not.

The next class History was interesting only because of the battle that they were currently studying and at least was a lot more entertaining to learn about than Professor Binns teaching them about the goblin wars.

Their last class of the day was evidently called P.E although she had no idea just what it stood for and after the dumb classes she had already endured she was sure it would be rather lame as well.

For the class they put on these special clothes with the school name on them.

Basically a brown t shirt and short shorts.

They lined up with a bunch of other students both male and female and the teacher came out.

"All right ladies," The teacher began, "we're going to start by running laps."

The class all groaned.

To her however this was exceptionally good news.

So this was an exercise class?

Now that was something she was okay with.

She loved exercising and getting in a good run was exactly what she needed to get rid of all the access tension she had accumulated.

About time the Muggles actually had something going in their favor.

Hogwarts didn't even have an exercise class which had been quite a shock to her when she had first got there.

Still duel training as well as her own personal training still left her in fantastic shape.

The teacher, or as he apparently was called by "Coach", let them all start on a line and then get running.

She shot off like a deer, easily leaving everyone behind.

Almost immediately she felt free now back in her element, running without anything to stop her.

Yet just as she was completing her first lap, she began to hear someone coming up behind her.

This perplexed her. She thought for sure she was going much faster than anyone else. It was possible she might see or hear someone in front of her as she lapped them but not this early on.

However the sound was unmistakable and she glanced back to see a boy about her age currently running not too far behind her.

He was about average height, Caucasian, short brown hair, and admittedly rather muscular.

At least that's what she got with a glance as she turned back to running.

She decided to ignore him as she continued to run hard and fast, but never fast enough to get rid of him completely.

Finally she finished 3 laps later, almost sadly, having quite enjoyed her run.

He came up behind her soon after, obviously gasping for breath.

"5:30 on the nose," The coach announced.

"Actually I think it's only 3 right now." Su informed him as she looked at her watch.

"Fast and Funny," The coach observed as he surveyed her proudly, "that just set a school record."

"I was just running." Su claimed, although wondering just what the previous record had actually been.

"I never would have believed a girl could run that fast, especially after Jason here just set the record last week." The coach replied as he then pointed at the boy next to her, "I think we just found a new member for the track team."

Eventually the rest of the class arrived for the coach to brag about her to them as well, but when she

saw Pansy, Pansy did not seem happy for some reason, but just wasn't willing to say why in public.

They spent the rest of the time playing a game apparently called basketball where you tried to run around and throw a ball into a hoop, which was sort of like Quidditch only with just one hoop and they weren't flying on brooms.

She wasn't very good but it was still a surprisingly fun game.

When they finally got done with the class however and went and changed and then got back to their dorm room before Hazel or Amber got back, Pansy immediately started talking to her.

"We're not supposed to show off!" Pansy complained to her.

"If this is about the running thing I was just running, not my fault I set some stupid school record," Su argued.

"You still need to be more careful," Pansy cautioned, "we already look out of place enough as it is."

"Like I said I wasn't trying to show off," Su replied, "I was just trying to be able to let off some tension, I'm just so out of place in this school."

"So am I," Pansy replied, seeming to cool down quite a bit, "so I can certainly understand why you'd want to get rid of some tension. I certainly wish I could study some magical healing books right about now. Besides you being fast I suppose isn't too big of a deal."

"Can you believe what Muggles apparently study in their schools?" Su exclaimed exasperatedly.

"Actually I find it rather fascinating although very different," Pansy admitted, "it amazes me how Muggles have managed to make do without magic."

"I'll give you that," Su agreed, "it's just so weird."

"Well we've got to learn it well enough so our target doesn't get suspicious," Pansy said, "I've just been so worried about saying the wrong thing that I've barely said anything."

"Same," Su replied, "just how are we going to even get through this?"

"Well hopefully it will only be for a few days," Pansy answered hopefully.

"I hope so," Su answered, "I'm not sure just how much more of this I can take."


Harry, Fleur, and Gabrielle decided to take a tour of the Veela city.

As he gazed upon the beautiful architecture as well as how it mixed with the well kept plants and flowers he was seriously impressed.

One would be hard pressed to find a more gorgeous or well kept city anywhere.

It seemed like paradise and he could see why a Veela might never want to leave here.

Even all the Veela were beautiful, at least outwardly.

It's not like they really represented much temptation for him however, already having two very beautiful Veela on either side of him that he loved a great deal.

Whenever he looked at a resident of the city however they immediately averted their eyes if they noticed him looking at them.

"I wish they would at least look back at me." He complained.

"They just want to be safe and to be honest I'm grateful, I don't know what I would do if I spent my entire life abstinent and then ran into you." Fleur pointed out, "I'd probably ravage you right here on the spot."

"I'd like to think neither you nor they are that sex starved." Gabrielle commented.

"I was exaggerating of course." Fleur confessed.

"You don't think one of them might try something do you?" Harry asked.

Fleur told him, "I doubt they would do anything while we're next to you."

Gabrielle put an arm on his shoulder and said supportively, "Don't worry Harry, we'll protect you from all those beautiful women."

"My heroines," Harry answered, "I don't know what I'd do without you."

Both girls smiled and continued to lead him through the city.

They finally ended their tour when they got to the Hall of Records, which was basically a library.

Fleur and Gabrielle however had to use a special note from their mother in order to access the area that they wanted to look through. Both girls didn't seem pleased to be doing what they were doing, but they knew they had to as they looked for information on the Plague.

In order to make it easier on them he did as much as he could himself.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, there wasn't a ton of information on it, just a bunch of notes on attempts to find a cure, but the notes ended before any was found, but they did find out the author the notes and made a mental note to ask the Queen where they could find her the next time one of them saw her.

Finally they decided to leave.

As soon as they got back to their room, they had sex again.

Perhaps it was just all the Veela magic he had been around or because of all the opportunities they had

available to him to do it, but he found himself loving making love to both girls at least a few times throughout the day.

Just after they got done however, they heard a knock on the door.

He got dressed and answered it to find Giselle there waiting.

"You had sex again." She commented without even having to look up.

It caused him to wonder if all the Veela in the city could tell whenever they had sex.

"Yes I did." He admitted.

"I hope it was good." Giselle replied.

"Oh it certainly was." Fleur agreed with a purr, now coming up behind him.

Giselle was now looking down at the ground but then informed them, "The queen has finished your new wand."

"Great!" Harry answered, "We'll come right now."

All three of them followed Giselle over to the throne room where their mother was waiting. She currently had a wand in her hand that he knew was not hers so he assumed it to be his new one.

The Queen got up to hand it to him personally.

As he held it up it felt good, almost like it recognized him and he felt a rush of power like he had with his first wand.

Queen Apolline appeared to pleased at such a reaction.

"It appears it has already accepted you." She observed.

Yet even as he held it, something still seemed

Like the wand was a good one, but it still didn't feel as good as his old one did whenever he held it.

"Actually I think my old wand is better." He admitted, hoping she wouldn't be too offended.

She seemed shocked.

"I would have thought for sure that it would be far better than your old one, you have the hair of both of my daughters, the wood is from one of our mythical and powerful oak trees and it even has various runes on it that I carved and did myself, it should be the perfect wand for you." The queen insisted.

He thought about it, trying to come up with a reason for it.

"Well I've had my old wand for a long time, maybe I'm just not used to this new one?" Harry


"Possibly..." The queen responded, but she looked doubtful, "Let me see your old wand."

He handed it to her handle first before she then looked it over.

"Yes, this wand actually does seem to have a stronger connection to you." She observed, "it's not particularly remarkable, although a phoenix feather core is rather rare and powerful, but not enough to explain this. Would you happen to have a close connection with a phoenix, in particular the one that this feather came from?"

He blanched a bit at that.

"Well when I got my wand the shopkeeper told me that the phoenix that I got the feather from gave only two feathers, one which was used to make my wand and the others to make Voldemort's." Harry admitted, "The phoenix they came from is actually Dumbledore's, and I'd rather not have any connection to him."

Fortunately she was already shaking her head.

"No, no, from what you've told me of Dumbledore and what I know of Voldemort you would never have made such a connection with your wand if it came from a phoenix who had such an evil owner." She argued, "Then again a phoenix is only supposed to have really good owners to begin with."

"The feather could have been collected before Dumbledore." Fleur suggested.

"Ariana?" Gabrielle asked.


Author's Note: It was always my intention to have the part about Harry's wand eventually be discovered. That was one reason why Ariana is so important despite coming into the story late. I realized however that if Ariana was going to have a phoenix, she would have to be a good person and have her character reflect that. Her character reflects good as I have often seen. She isn't popular, and even the best of people can have difficulty fully embracing her (including Harry.) She appears to be only a copy of someone else yet much of her is still the same even if only in a different manifestation of it.

She is also perceived as too perfect or too emotional or too innocent. Good will also face difficulties and challenges and temptations but ultimately make the right decisions. However it does not mean she is perfect, not only dealing with her own demons, but also a need to be accepted.

She isn't as persuasive or seemingly as powerful as evil (Dumbledore) but that doesn't mean she won't win in the end. It may even take time for people (Harry) to recognize and truly love the good.

So my creation of Ariana I think I accomplished exactly what I hoped to as a reflection of that and it has been very interesting to read the many different viewpoints on her, almost reflecting the many different reactions to something or someone that is good. Not to say those people who don't like Ariana are evil, I just thought it was interesting. What more then can I say? I love the good.

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