Fouquet was still for a moment, looking down at the man who called out to her and trying to decide if he really did just say that. Under normal circumstances she already would have just started to ignore the soldier or stepped on him but… he was just standing there looking back up at her, seemingly completely at ease despite the fact that he was standing next to several tons of animate earth. Eventually, her curiosity won out and she called out "I'm sorry, could you repeat that?" The magic enchantment on her hood and cloak altered her voice to make her sound like a man.

"I said that I'm going to have to ask you to stop." The man repeated. "I know not why you wish to do harm to this academy, but if you stop now, I promise that no harm will come to you."

Fouquet blinked. "And what, pray tell, will happen if I don't?"

"Then I am afraid that I will be able to make no such promise."

The woman looked at the soldier for a moment longer before she burst out laughing at the absurdity of it all. The fact that he was just so serious about it was what really sold it for her. "Well, good luck with that!" she called out after she got her laughter under control, and promptly ordered her golem to smash in the side of the tower.

The massive fist collided with the stone work with a colossal crash, but Fouquet was surprised to see that the tower wall held. She felt a brief moment of panic before she drew the fist back, but it abated when she saw that the strike had still done significant damage. The wall had caved a good ways in and a large pattern of spider cracks ran up the wall. It would probably only take one more good hit to finish the job. Still, the vault is weaker than usual and it still held up against a fully powered strike from my golem? It was wise of me to do this now. I might not have managed it at all if I had waited.

Fouquet flicked out her wand again, intent on giving the order to finish the job. However, the moment before she could there was a tingling on the back of her neck, instinct causing her to spin around, and she was most surprised and alarmed to see the soldier pulling himself up over the edge to the golem's opposite shoulder and sprint right at her! Fast! Was the only thought that went through her mind as he cleared the distance much faster than he should have been able to. Fortunately for her, while she generally avoided combat, Fouquet's younger years had been rougher for her than most, and as such she was no stranger to it. Reflexes took over and in an instant a wall of rock formed between her and the soldier, just seconds before he was on her.

This would have given her more comfort if the wall didn't simply crumble when he reached it.

Fouquet only had a second to take this in, and that second almost cost her dearly as she was barely able to jump back before the man's fist connected with her torso. Normally the woman was able to keep herself calm no matter what the circumstances, but everything had happened so fast and unexpectedly that all she wanted was to get away from the man in front of her. As such, when the man leapt at her again, Fouquet promptly willed the golem beneath her feet to let her sink down into it, putting her firmly out of the grasp of the soldier. She took her moment's pause in the hollow space in the golem's torso to breathe out a sigh of relief…

…which quickly turned into a sharp gasp when he punched the rock of the golem's hide above her and she felt it weaken.

How in the hell is this possible?! She thought to herself. For starters, the man was definitely moving faster than he should have been able to, considering how he managed to scale the 100 ft golem in a matter of a dozen or so seconds. And for another thing he was strong enough to punch right through stone!

Except… that wasn't it. A frown settled onto her face, as a second blow connected and she felt the rock become weaker still. It wasn't that he was strong; the force required to simply smash through the wall she had made earlier would have caused chucks of it to go flying, but instead it merely crumbled. This wouldn't have made sense except for the fact that the wall had been made from the same rock as the golem it was pulled up from, which was not a solid piece of stone so much as a large amount of rock and dirt held together with magic. It had to be somewhat granular in order to move. It wasn't that the man was that strong, it was that his blows were somehow voiding the magic that held the earth together. Her only consolation was that he seemed to have a harder time doing so to her golem.

Fouquet commanded the golem to swat the soldier off itself, but from within her current confines, she couldn't see what was going on. She felt the massive construct shake as it stuck itself a few time where she thought he was, but each time she paused to check, there would be a another strike and the spider web of crack above her would grow. More likely than not, the soldier would get in, but she no longer felt panic. She had gotten time to recompose herself and assess the situation. Now, she knew what to do.

The final strike came, and like the wall before the rock above her lost cohesion and opened, revealing the soldier in a crouch looking down at her. There was a single moment of silence where the two did not move, staying completely still as the looked at each other. Then the man opened his mouth. "If-"

That was the moment Fouquet had waited for, and in that instant she threw her free arm over her face and gave a twitch of her wand hand, transmuting the stone around the edge of the hole into magnesium. Another swift flick and a little fire magic later, she heard the soldier scream out in surprise and pain as the metal ignited. She could feel the heat of the burning metal, but her cloak had enchantments to protect her from such things. She opened her eyes as soon as she dared and opened up the hole above her even wider, leaving the briefly stunned man nothing to stand on, and so he dropped down in front of her.

Wasting no time, Fouquet thrust a pillar of stone out of the 'floor' at him. The man regained his senses just in time to catch the pillar square in the chest, lifting him off his feet and through the relatively thin wall of rock that led out to the front of the golem. Through the hole he had made, Fouquet saw him slam into the outstretched arm of the golem before dropping out of sight.

Fouquet let out a breath at this before filling the cavity she was in, letting herself rise to the top and be standing on the golems shoulder like she was a minute before. The pillar hadn't connected with as much force as it should have, most likely due to whatever was causing him to make her magic fail before. Lucky, she was able to make it work for her and easily push him through the stone wall and out into a 90 ft or so drop. She walked to the edge of the golem to look at the body and why in the hell was it getting up?!

The woman felt no small amount of shock at the sight of the man pulling himself to his feet at the base of the golem, seemingly no worse for the wear despite the fact that he had just fallen from a ridiculous height. And the way he was glaring up at her showed that he had managed to regain his sight must faster than he should have as well. What the hell is he? She thought to herself. No man should have been able to survive that. No man should be able to move that quickly or disrupt magic. She briefly wondered if he was a mage, but discarded it. She never saw him use a wand for one thing, and for another, well, he just didn't seem to behave like any noble she had every met.

One thing was clear though: he was a threat, and one that Fouquet couldn't afford to underestimate or ignore. He had already wasted enough of her time. Any longer and she would lose the element of surprise, and then the Academy staff would arrive and she would had a great deal more trouble getting what she came for. She needed to get rid of him and fast. With a mental command, she ordered her golem to crush the man before her.

The golem lifted up one of its massive feet and brought it back down over the soldier, intent on flattening him with its entire weight. However, the man once again showed that he was quicker than he had any right to be and jumped to the side before the foot smashed back into the ground. The force from stop caused him to tumble through the air somewhat, but he quickly righted himself to land in a crouch. He then, rather than doing what any sane person would do, ran straight towards the 100 ft behemoth.

Fouquet brought the golem's fist down at him, a cloud of earth and dirt erupting from the spot where it impacted. She lost sight of him for a moment, but he then shot out of the cloud, running up the arm of the construct in an attempt to once again get at her person. She was prepared for this though, and with a quick chant a number of stone spears emerged from the golem's upper arm and shot down at the advancing man. With nothing to block them with and little room to maneuver, he was forced to slow his advance to dodge the projectiles, which he mostly managed to do. One or two connected, and while they pushed him back some, they did not skewer him like they should have and merely broke apart upon contact with his breast plate. By the time they had passed, he found the arm to be rapidly rising and jumped off, as the force would have undoubtedly thrown him clear of the Academy walls.

This continued for a while longer, with Fouquet continually trying to crush the man with her golem's stomps and punches, and him trying to climb it. Neither seemed to be gaining any appreciable ground though, as she had enough magic to keep him from scaling her mount, and he was fast enough to avoid its blows. In short order the courtyard they were in looked like it had sustained significant artillery fire it was so torn up. Fouquet ground her teeth in frustration. This wasn't working. Though she was a Square-class mage, the most powerful class of mage there was, he Willpower was still finite. An hour ago she would have laughed at the idea of some commoner physically outlasting her Willpower, but with this man she wasn't willing to put it out of the realm of possibility. What was worse, she was running out of time-

A roar from above was her only warning, and Fouquet cursed as she ducked behind the lump that was the golem's head, just before a wave of fire swept through where she was just standing. She glanced around the stone and spotted a dragon flying towards her, carrying what looked to be two students on its back, a tall red head and a short blue haired girl. Now it seemed that she had run out of time. If the students had noticed then she only had a handful of seconds before the adults came. If she wanted to get what she came for, she would have to change her strategy and fast. She could just try to refocus her efforts on the vault, but she couldn't afford to take her focus off of the soldier. She needed some way to distract or hamper him...

The way she was looking for revealed itself when a streak of pink hair entered the courtyard, yelling something at the soldier. It was that noble girl who was always causing property damage with her incompetent magic. The way the man was reacting to her seemed to indicate some connection or another. Fouquet grinned to herself. The man wouldn't be able to stop her if he was to busy protecting the girl.

And if he failed, it was not like anything of value would be lost.

Louise fumed to herself as she wandered the grounds, muttering darkly under her breath. She was starting to believe that maybe she should have thought more carefully about holding on to that maid's pendant when she preformed her summoning. She had kept the heretical item anyway for any shred of luck it could give her; she supposed it was a fitting punishment that she received an equally heretical familiar. Or was it blasphemous? She could never keep those two straight.

The important thing is he's still an insolent dog that should be whipped! She thought to herself as she put the semantics aside. She had briefly considered going to the Vestai Court to plead with Guiche on his behalf, but decided against it. He thought that he could handle the consequences of insulting a mage? Fine, let him deal with it! Normally she would have been more concerned about her familiar's wellbeing, but what he had said had really gotten under her skin. The idea that mages weren't any better than commoners was just… impossible! Of course the essence of Nobility came from magic! If it wasn't, why had the Founder deemed it so all those millennia ago? If it wasn't, how could society possibly function?

If it wasn't, what had she been fighting to obtain all these years?

Louise had hoped that going for a walk would have helped her calm down a little. It worked somewhat. Right up until she heard the first crash.

Louise jumped out of her own thoughts and nearly out of her own skin when she heard the noise. It was so loud that it had echoed off the Academy walls and back to her again. She looked around in confusion for a moment, unable to pinpoint exactly where it came from. Then she noticed something weird about the central tower, like there seemed to be a piece of rock sticking out from it that did not look to be the same color as the rest of the stone. Then it seemed to shift and move behind the tower.

What was that? It's almost like there's something there. But that can't be right, at the height I saw it whatever it is would have to be almost a hundred feet tall! Nevertheless, Louise started to run, curiosity getting the better of her. About a minute later she found herself standing still at the edge of another courtyard, looking up with wide eyes and her mouth dropped open.

It was a golem made of earth, but on a completely different scale from the ones she had seen tending the farms on her family estate. This thing was half the height of the central tower itself! There was a massive spider web of cracks halfway up the tower, and given how Louise knew that was where the Academy vaults were located, there was little mystery of what it was after. However, at the moment it was not trying to get into the vault; rather, it seemed to be trying to punch and kick a small blur of white that was dancing around it. The mage's shock only increased when she realized it was Georgius.

W-w-what is that idiot doing?! She thought to herself. He actually does thinks he can take on a mage! He's just – he can't… However, her train of thought trailed off the more she watched. As her familiar dodged and continued to try to scale the giant construct, it looked like he was actually holding his own. He wasn't doing any damage of course, but he moved with surprising speed, always managing to keep ahead of the rocks that threatened to crush him.

Louise was snapped out of her daze when she heard a roar from above, and glanced up in time to see Kirche and Tabatha swoop down on the golem on the blue haired girl's dragon. Kirche launched some fire at the head of the thing, which splashed of harmlessly but seemed to distract it. Georgius took this as his cue and once again ran towards the colossus, intent on scaling it.

Louise felt a surge of panic at this. Her familiar had been amazing so far, but she didn't want him to keep pushing his luck. "Familiar! Get back here at once!" She yelled. "I order you to stop being so suicidal!" With that vulgar Germanian overhead, her familiar wouldn't have to put his life on the line to distract the huge thing.

Georgius looked at her in surprise, but unfortunately he was not the only one to notice the pink haired mage. The massive golem turned itself to face her, and she froze in fear as she felt its hollow eyes bore into her. It then took a step towards her, and Louise found that her legs had completely locked up in terror. She heard her familiar yelling to her to run, but all of her focus was on the golem bearing down on her.

A voice came up from the depths of her mind, sounding an awful lot like her mother. I did not raise some weakling who freezes in battle. Anyone who cannot follow the Rule of Steel is no child of mine. Louise grit her teeth and shook her head. No! A mage does not give into fear! And a mage will not flee when her familiar stays to fight! She pulled out her wand and began to chant the words for the fireball spell, the syllables flowing out of her rapidly in half-adrenaline, half-panic. It would probably just explode, but given the circumstances, that would probably work too.

However, she realized a problem when the golem drew its fist back to turn her into a stain on the ground: she wasn't going to finish in time.

Time slowed down for Louise as she saw the mass of rock coming towards her. She felt as if trapped in her own body, forced to watch her oncoming death while she tried impotently to finish her spell. Then, as if unaffected by the slowness that had taken the rest of the world, Georgius appeared in her vision, dashing in between herself and the punch, as if it would do any good. His right arm was low and across his body, as him he was preparing to draw a sword. Except, now that Louise looked, there was a sword. It looked almost unreal, as if an image wreathed in golden light, but it was there. It was a simple thing, with a cross shaped hilt and a slightly round section at the tip, but she could tell it was too well made to be a common sword. As the fist neared the pair, Georgius swept his sword arm out to meet it, and Louise swore she could see a glow coming from underneath the gauntlet of his left hand.

Then time sped back up again. There was a ringing of metal followed by a massive crash. Louise was almost thrown off her feet, but was still blinded by a sudden rush of wind and dirt. For a moment she honestly wasn't sure if she was alive or dead, but that cleared up a moment later along with the dirt cloud. She was greeted with the sight of the golem's fist imbedded in the ground several feet to her right. Her familiar still stood before her, his back to her and his sword at his side. The blade shone for a moment longer before it broke apart into tiny golden motes which faded into the air. Georgius looked at his now empty hand, a look of surprise on his face.

It was nothing compare to the shock which Louise now felt. Her familiar, no, this man in front of her had just deflected several tons of solid rock… with nothing but a sword. The silence in the courtyard was deafening. Finally, Louise said what was on everyone's

mind. "What-"

Or she at least tried to, as she then too late remembered that she had been in the middle of casting a spell, and that switching languages mid chant caused it to go off prematurely. Normally while she would have been dishearten by another failure, it was mitigated by two things:

1. All of her spells to date, whether correctly cast or not, have exploded, so it wasn't much of a difference.

2. As luck would have it, the motions of her wand arm had left her pointing directly at the golem's torso.

Her biggest explosion to date ripped through the golem's chest, causing chunks to go flying in all directions. The arms were still barely attached, but the head a most of the upper chest were simply gone. The golem was still for a moment before it fell over on its side, collapsing into a small hill of rubble as it did so.

Georgius spare a glance back at his master. "… I am rather glad that your attempt to silence me did not turn out like that."

Louise ignored his comment and said "What the hell was that?!"

He glanced down at his hands. "I… am not sure."

"What do you mean you're not sure?!" she shouted. "You just blocked a small freaking mountain for Founder's sake! Why didn't you tell me you could do that?!"

"Because I did not know I could?"

"Graaaaah!" She shouted. "Stupid familiar! You had me all worked up over fighting Giuche when you could do this the whole time! I… I can't believe…" she trailed off, suddenly swaying on her feet slightly as weariness overtook her.

Naturally, her familiar caught her and set her on the ground. "Master, you should calm yourself. You are likely in shock from almost being killed." He said as he gently sat her on the ground. "Take a moment to rest. You have certainly earned it, seeing as how you stopped the intruder."

Louise rubbed her head. He's probably right about being in shock. I mean, I only cast one spell, so why else would I feel so tired… still she felt a small amount of giddiness. I stopped the golem with one spell. Better than anything that Germanian hussy could manage.

She glanced up and breathed deeply in satisfaction, but her smile faded slightly upon seeing the tower. Wait, I thought it was only cracked. When did the hole get there?

Inside the tower vault, a large misshapen rock was lying on the floor, having landed there after blasting through the far wall. It was still for a moment before it started to crumble, and soon Fouquet fell out of the pile of dirt which it had become. She clutched at her ribs and coughed, a small amount of blood passing her lips as she did so.

"This…" she moaned out in pain from her injuries. "is… bullshit!"

First there was the soldier who could move like a Triangle -class wind mage and block a stone fist the size of a house, and now there was the student who could make her golem explode with a single spell?! Granted, the thief probably should have considered this possibility given the girl's previous magical inclination, but still! By all reasonable accounts, there was no way she could have predicted this nonsense! She supposed that it just went to show that a person could make the most perfect plan in the world, but it wouldn't account for anything if he tripped on a rock an broke his neck.

Fouquet pulled herself to her feet, rubbing her eyes to clear the dirt out of them so she could see where she landed. She had only the briefest moment of flying through the air to realize what had happened, and in that moment she had instinctively pulled all of the flying detritus around her into a protective cocoon of sorts. It wasn't exactly a smooth ride though, as her current injuries could attest to. It was a good thing her cloak protected her from blunt trauma as well, or she'd be little more than tenderized meat.

She blinked when she noticed that she was indoors, and blinked again when she saw the many rows of shelves with a great number of various objects on them. Once she realized just where she landed, she managed to bark out a laugh before she was forced to grip her ribs again. This has to be both the luckiest and unluckiest job I've ever pulled, she thought to herself with grim amusement.

And all things considered, she wanted to quit while she was ahead. Of course she still had to get the thing she was looking for first. Normally she would have raided the vaults for anything valuable she could carry, but this time she was under the employ of someone else. She wasn't supposed to know exactly who she was working for, but well, you do not spend years dealing with the seedy underside of society without picking up a few tricks for finding out who was pulling the strings. And they were a group she did not want to cross for a number of reasons.

Instead, Fouquet merely pocketed a few of the smaller items while she looked for the thing she had been tasked to retrieve. It didn't take long, as there was a case that was put prominently on it's own self, and was clearly labeled as containing the object she was looking for: The Staff of Destruction. Seeing as how it was locked up here, it must have been a truly powerful weapon indeed, though Fouquet wondered why she had never heard of it before this job if that was the case. Maybe because the name is misleading, she thought as she eyed the dimensions of the box. It can only be a few feet long at most. That's hardly a staff. She picked up the case with a small grunt. Heavier than you'd think too.

She briefly thought about opening it to take a look, but decided against it. Considering her current run of luck, it was probably booby-trapped with a number of subtle enhancements. She's crack into it later when she had time to check everything over. Right now her concern was simply getting the hell out of the Academy. Normally Fouquet would have ridden out atop her golem, but that had been blown to bits, and making another one would be both tiring and leaving it open to be destroyed by that pink haired brat. She turned and looked at the vault door was a frown, unsure of just how strong it currently was. She probably could have brute forced it open like she did the wall, but that would require another giant golem, which she couldn't make in the vault for obvious reasons. That left her only reasonable exit as the hole which she had just come through. It wouldn't be too much of a problem to get down, but a quick glance from around the edge of the hole showed that there were a number people gathering in the courtyard below.

Fouquet needed a distraction, which meant that she was going back to her preferred approach on jobs. She glanced at the pile of earth that had become of her golem, judging the distance. At this range it would be a strain on her, but she thought she would be able to pull it off. Pointing her wand and focusing deeply, she started to chant.

Georgius stood by his master's side, glancing around the courtyard for any sign of the mage who had created the massive golem. He was most likely at the bottom of that massive pile of dirt and rocks, but he did not feel like letting his guard down while his master was in her current weakened state. Which he thought was understandable given the surprising amount of force she had brought to bear on the construct and her age, but seeing as how he had only been in this world for a day, he didn't have much of a comparison to draw too. Whoever he had just been fighting had the movements and focus of someone who knew combat, and given the rather impressive size of the golem he reasoned that he had been a fairly powerful mage. For Louise to destroy it in one blow must have taken a lot out of her.

Not for the first time since things had settled down, Georgius glanced down at his hands. His master was not the only one to do something surprising during that battle. When she had been in danger, there had been a number of strange things that had happened with himself. He was not unused to gaining strength when other's needed him most but this was even greater than usual. He thought he had caught a glimpse of the runes on his hand glowing through his gauntlet, so he suspected his contract with his master might have had more enchantments involved than just the geas.

That was not his biggest concern though, as that could have been a perfectly normal part of being a familiar in this world. No, what concerned him was that for but a moment, he had held his old sword again. Ascalon, the magical blade that had been gifted to him by his 'mother'. Did he somehow summon it here for a time, or was it but a seeming? Either way, he had no idea how it happened, or how to make it happen again if needed. It was frustrating just how much of his current condition was a mystery to him, once again finding himself wishing he had paid more attention to the woman who took him in when she tried to teach him how magic worked.

Whatever the case, he would have to do such investigations later. At the moment he had to deal with attention of a dark skinned, redheaded student along with her much shorter blue haired companion. "I say, I should have known there was something special about you as soon as I saw you." The redhead said, eyeing Georgius in a way that made him mildly uncomfortable.

"Strong." The blue haired one said, her own gaze making him uncomfortable for an entirely different reason.

"See? Even Tabitha thinks so. She's actually looking at you while speaking."

Georgius shifted uncomfortably under the scrutiny. "Thank you, though I was only doing what I must. And you are?"

"Oh, how careless of me," The redhead said before she put her hand on her rather ample chest. "I am Kirche Augusta von Zerbst, pleased to make your very dashing acquaintance."

"Tabitha." The other one said before she stated "You scare Sylphid."

Georgius looked at her confused for a moment before she tilled her head back slightly, and he looked behind her to see her dragon trying to hide behind a tree. 'Trying' was the operative word, as said creature was much wider than the tree in question. When the beast noticed his gaze, it gave a start and crouched down even lower in an attempt to hide. It was more than a little adorable if the man had to admit. Still, he could make a guess as to why a dragon might be wary of him, but he had no idea that they could sense such a thing. He had dismissed the creature as not a threat the other day because it seemed relatively young and docile, but he would have to be sure that his presence didn't agitate it to the point that it would do something aggressive. When Georgius looked back at Tabitha, she was still looking at him with those piercing blue eyes. She's trying to read me and find out why, he thought with mild curiosity.

Before he could simply tell her though, Kirche interrupted with "Oh, there'll be time for that nonsense later. Right now we should find some way to… unwind from such a tense and exciting battle." Georgius was both impressed and terrified as just how suggestive she could say the word 'unwind'. Louise could be considered to think similarly if one replaced impressed with indignant and terrified with angry. The low growl that came from her throat made the man wish there was some way out of the current conversation.

"What in the Founder's name happen here?!" Professor yelled out in alarm as came running into the courtyard, a gaggle of students not far behind.

"Oh thank the Lord." Georgius muttered before turning to the approaching professor. "The was an assault on the main tower, professor. A mage riding a massive golem was trying to knock it down, though I am not sure why."

"Vault." Georgius turned back to look at Tabitha, who had now started reading a book. She was pointing a staff she held in her other hand up and towards the tower, and he followed the line up to the newly made hole. Ah, so it was thievery that he was after.

Professor Colbert noticed as well, and began to fret. "Oh dear, why did someone have to do this now? There's no telling what might have been taken-"

"Fear not, for the thief was stopped." The solider interrupted. The confused look on Colbert's face prompted him to continue. "I was able to stall the thief for long enough that my master arrived to see the conflict, at which point she destroyed the construct with an explosive blast. The hole is likely the result of some debris resulting from that."

"But you make your part sound so small," Kirche said, seemingly intent on exalting his own heroism for him. "For one without magic to keep the attention of an experienced mage with a massive golem while being barely injured at all, why, that is the stuff of legend! Or at the very least folk heroes." She then moved a little closer, and her tone dropped a little lower. "And heroes deserve to be rewarded, don't they?"

Once again, Georgius was feeling more than a little uncomfortable at the direction the redhead seemed to be taking things, not in the least part because he was more injured than his appearance might have indicated; he simply bore it well. Thankfully, it was his master that came to his rescue this time. "Zerbst! Keep your amorous hands off my familiar! And don't try to just brush me aside! I actually blew up that damn thing, where you couldn't even leave a scratch!"

Kirche rolled her eyes. "Oh fine, credit where credit is due. You did finally manage to find a use for those explosions of yours. After you were saved from almost getting flattened."

Whatever retort Louise might have had was interrupted by a familiar voice. "What? You can't possibly be saying that the Zero accomplished anything of worth." Heads tuned to see Guiche standing amid the students with a look of distain on his face. "And of course the so called soldier happened to miss our duel."

Georgius stared blankly at the self absorbed adolescent. "I was occupied with more pressing matters." He deadpanned.

"Oh really? And I suppose your so called 'assistance' with this thief would be the cause?" The blonde said as he walked over to the massive pile of dirt. "That is utterly laughable. No doubt you and you poor excuse for a master simple hid while all the real work was done by Tabitha and the lovely Von Zerbst." He embellished that last bit with a flourish of his rose wand towards the woman in question.

Kirche was not impressed however. "Firstly, I do not have such a short memory to forget your rather poor performance between you and those two other girls a few minutes ago. Secondly, I can confirm that while unlikely, Louise did in fact destroy the golem. And Thirdly, the man here had most certainly played a part as well, displaying strength and courage beyond most normal men. More than you'll ever show at the very least."

Guiche's face turned red at the insult, but he managed to keep his composure. He closed his eyes and put a hand on his chest in supposed mock hurt. "Ah, why must the most beautiful of roses have thorns? It simply will not do to have such a woman question the bravery of a Gramont!" He opened his eyes and turned towards Georgius with a small smirk on his face. "I believe I can prove my worth over this failed-"

That was as far as he got before Georgius leaped towards the boy in a motion so fast that Guiche did not even realize that it happened until the man was in front of him with his fist cocked back. Guiche screamed in surprise and threw his arms up to cover his face in reflex. As such, he did not notice how Georgius's punch sailed past him and instead collided with the man-sized rock golem that had risen from the pile of dirt, arm raised intending on crushing the blonde's skull. The golem crumbled under the blow, but there were already more starting to rise from the pile. "If you wish to show it, I would start by protecting the rest of the students." Georgius stated.

As the growing mass of golems advanced, many of the students screamed and began running in several different directions to get away. Unfortunately the golems spread out trying to attack as many as possible, and the terrain was tricky do to the previous fight. Georgius moved as fast as he could, moving himself between a nearby female student and another construct swinging its arm at her. He took the blow in the side with a grunt before his fist lashed out, this one fading to dirt like the previous. It had been good to find out that the resistance he had been building to magic during the years of his last life was still with him in this one, as well as the fact that he could use it offensively against these things.

He was not the only one to go on the attack. A thin bolt of flame impacted and destroyed one not far from him, and Georgius looked over to see the professor expertly dispatching one golem after the other with bursts of fire from his staff. Kirche and Tabitha had joined in as well, the former letting loose slightly less controlled fire spells while the later launched several icicles with each swing of her staff. Even his master attempted to help, exploding a golem that got close to her in spite of her weakened state. In truth, the golems were not that impressive. They were crude, misshapen things that were clearly made with quantity in mind rather than quality. If conditions were ideal, the five of them could probably handle the situation without a problem.

The real complication was the students. The chaos that had resulted from all of the teens trying to run away and the golems pursing after them reminded Georgius of some of the battles he had seen during the Roman campaigns. These were not soldier though; they were merely a lot of frightened youths. The professor was shouting and trying to direct them, but they were far too panicked to hear. Georgius continued to move as fast as he could, diving in the crowded areas which the other mages could not fire safely into to protect whom he could. Still, he could not get to every one, and more than a few lay on the ground injured and in pain. Georgius grit his teeth in frustration as one golem slammed into him to slow him down. I need that power I had a few minutes ago! What was it?! How do I get it again?!

Throwing the one on top of him into another one, Georgius spotted Guiche a short distance away trying to defend himself. The boy could apparently make golems of his own, though his were of much better make, looking to be metal suits of armor and armed with weapons. One such armor lay on the ground unmoving, having been overwhelmed by numbers. In it's hand was a spear, and Georgius was in great need of any advantage he could get to protect. He dashed over to it, rolling under a strike and grabbing it as he rose.

As soon as his hand griped the shaft, he felt his body get lighter and stronger, and the glow came from underneath his left gauntlet once more. He paused for a moment in surprise. Georgius did not know why, but it seemed that his pray had been answered. A nearby golem tried to take advantaged of his lapse and lashed out at his head. With speed that surprised even himself, Georgius swept the spear up and bisected the construct diagonally. Wasting no more time on thought, the knight moved even faster than before, ducking an weaving between bodies, his spear lashing out at all who meant harm on the students. The speed and force behind the blows was incredible, and in short order the number of golems had thinned considerably. The efforts of the mages who had chosen to fight managed to keep them from leaving the courtyard after the students who had succeeded in running away. Now the dozen or so that were left had bunched together, and in a final push rushed at Georgius, deeming him the biggest threat.

The group was a short distance away when it made its charge, so Georgius decided to finish it. He pulled his spear arm back before stepping forward with his opposite foot, and with a mighty cry he hurled the spear at the oncoming hoard. The weapon moved so fast that there was a small crack as it moved through the air, and when it struck the lead golem the spear exploded from the sheer force. Its target followed suit, and the concussive blast that resulted ripped out in a wave through the rest of the golems, causing them to be blown apart and crumble to dust.

Georgius was dimly aware that his new strength had left him again, but he had other concerns at the moment. He turned to look at the students who had been injured to see if any were in serious condition. Fortunately while it looked liked no one had been killed, more than a few had broken bones and deep cuts. "Is there anyone here who knows healing magic?" he called out. Rather than getting an answer though, everyone in the courtyard merely started at him with open mouths and wide eyes. "What is it? Is something wrong?"

Kirche merely gave him a sly grin. "Oh, they just saw a hero in action. A rather impressive one if I do say so myself."

He was about to respond when he noticed with alarm that his master was unmoving on the ground. "Louise!" He called out as he ran to her side, fear griping him. How had he neglected to protect his master? What if she-

"Passed out." The soldier blinked and looked at Tabitha. She elaborated. "Cast too much."

Georgius knelt down and looked her over, and was relieved to find that she was indeed uninjured. He wished that she had been more mindful of herself while casting, but was proud that his master had been so intent of protecting the rest of the student body.

Motion to his left made him turn, which brought him face to face with a somewhat weary looking Professor Colbert. "Sir Georgius, you have my utmost gratitude for your help in defending my students. I would like to speak to you when possible to be sure that you are rewarded for your efforts."

Georgius shook his head. "Thank you, but I need no reward. Right now we should focus on helping the injured."

Colbert however looked grim. "Yes, but there is a problem. I was not able to stop all of them, and a number of golems slipped away towards the tower. I can't purse because…" he waved around at the injured students lying in the courtyard. "I have sent some of the rest to find more teachers but I don't know how quickly they'll get here."

The professor had left the request unasked, but Georgius heard it all the same. With a nod, he said "You stay here and look after the injured and my master. I will do what I can." With that he turned, but rather than going straight to the tower, he walked over to Guiche, who was looking at him with the same wide eyed amazement as the rest of the students there. "Can you make me another spear?" He asked.

Guiche gave a start at the question, and stuttered "Ah! I-I, uh, y-yes!" He fumbled for his rose and with a swipe a spear rose from the ground before him. It was of better quality than the previous one, and Georgius was pleased to find the runes on his hand light up again as he took hold of it.

Without another word, he ran to the central tower.

A/N: Oh, good lord this took forever. Sorry about this taking so long, but work has been kicking my ass lately and I'm getting ready to move. This chapter was actually going to be a little longer, but I needed to get it done before I got side tracked. Don't worry, there's a lot more Georgius/Fouquet action to come.

On another note, people have been asking for George's stats. I have said that they're on the wiki, but I will admit that they're a little hard to find, so I'll just post them here.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Strength: D Mana: D

Endurance: A+ Luck: A+

Agility: C++ N. Phantasm: C


Magic Resistance (対魔力, Taimaryoku?): A

In the Servant's era of origin - when Magecraft still retained its ancient strength - countless wielders of the arcane arts attempted to bring him low with their spells, but he managed to emerge unscathed. For his skill in this ability, it would not be an exaggeration to title the Servant a "Magus Killer.".

Riding (騎乗, Kijō?): B

Though classed as a Rider, and noted in his heroic legend to defeated a dragon on horseback, the Servant is not exceptionally skilled in mounted maneuverability. He receives a class bonus in this ability as a Servant, but in life, his apparent expertise in riding would be rightfully attributed to the skill of his trusted steed, Bayard.

Battle Continuation (戦闘続行, Sentō Zokkō?): A

Beloved by the World, the unyielding force of life within the Servant permits the continuation of combat even in the event of fatal injury. He is further driven by a conscientiousness of the faith and expectations of those he desires to protect. A divine protection from the Earth rooted in the veneration of Georgius as a Patron of Harvest.

Instinct (直感, Chokkan?): C

Upon engagement, the Servant is capable of optimizing his position by identifying and exploiting favorable developments. However, the skill cannot be activated except for defensive purposes. The Servant typically uses this ability to vaguely divine the intent of an opponent so as to determine whether engagement is an appropriate course of action, or if the opponent is an "enemy that must be fought."

Guardian Knight (守護騎士, Shugo Kishi?): A+

The Servant receives a temporary attribute bonus if acting in the defense of others. A protector of numerous nations and expansive regions in life, the Servant is capable of deriving effectively unlimited defensive capabilities from those who place their faith and expectations in him.

Soul of a Martyr (殉教者の魂, Junkyousha no Tamashii?): B+

Nullification of mental interference through firmness of faith. In life, the Servant endured persecution and torture at the hands those who would see him denounce his faith, but never once did he falter in his ministry of Christ.

Divinity (神性, Shinsei?): C

As the Servant was revered as a saint in the medieval era, the strength of his nature as a divine spirit is equivalent in rank to the deities of minor cults and the forgotten gods of yore. Incidentally, the name "Georgius" was originally related in sense to the tilling of the earth in ancient farming communities - rooted in the reverence of the Middle Eastern God of Harvest, Ba'al.

George is not a Servant in this fic, but that is still the general spread of his stats. Normally, a human is considered to have a value of 1 for any given stat, and a Servant with an E rank in a stat is considered to have a value of 10, with each one up giving another 10. In George's case, I'm using a factor of 1 instead. i.e. He's about twice as strong as a normal person.