Author's Note: I now present the 15th episode in the tale of Doctor Whooves! Enjoy!

Doctor Whooves: Episode 15

The Christmas Ponies

Prologue: The Hotel

Outside the Beckwithshaw Hotel, Outskirts of Harrogate, England, Earth, Winter, 2010 A.D.

Derpy opened the TARDIS doors and was greeted with a brisk winter wind.

"It's cold!" she exclaimed as she took a few steps back.

"One second!" said the Doctor as he disappeared into the depths of the TARDIS. He returned about a moment later with a load of winter clothing held in his hooves. "There ya go!" The Doctor put on a long, brown overcoat over his brown suit, Twilight put on some boots, a scarf, and some earmuffs, and Derpy put on some boots, a scarf, and a thick, blue jacket.

"See? I told you it was a good idea to pack some pony winter's clothing into your wardrobe," said Twilight with a smirk.

"Yes, all right. Thank you, Twilight." The Doctor rolled his eyes as he made his way over to the doors. Derpy couldn't help but giggle in response.

Twilight gave off a gasp of surprise as the cold wind began blowing against her. A wide snow-covered countryside spread out before them. A cluster of trees surrounded the TARDIS, hopefully hiding it from view.

"So, Doctor, are you sure that this is your universe?" Twilight asked.

"Yes, I am sure. I checked the monitors in the TARDIS and they said that we are in the England of my universe in 2010," the Doctor replied. He looked around and chuckled. "You know, it's funny. I haven't realized how many times I've visited this one country on this planet. At lot seems to happen in England, for some reason."

"Ooh! Look at that!" said Derpy as she pointed over a line of hedges. A tall, Victorian-styled building was situated a few yards away. It appeared to be six floors tall with certain towers that resembled that of an expensive 19th century estate. There was a large circular driveway in front of the building that connected to a road that stretched off into the white countryside. Derpy could make out a frozen swimming pool in the distance while the Doctor could recognize a tennis court and a parking lot.

"I wonder if they have cricket," the Doctor said to himself.

"What?" Twilight asked.

"Oh nothing. Just giving in to past hobbies."

"What is that place?" Derpy asked.

"The Beckwithshaw Hotel."

"Have you been here before?"

"No. That's what the sign says." The Doctor pointed over to a sign over the front doors that read: The Beckwithshaw Hotel.

"Oh." The three ponies suddenly ducked behind the hedge as a car rolled up to the front of the hotel. A group of hotel staff began walking out of the hotel and towards the car. The Doctor, Twilight, and Derpy backed away from the hedge and towards the TARDIS.

"Who's in for a country stroll?" asked Twilight suddenly. "Besides, you still owe me a walk, Doctor." The Doctor blushed a bit as Derpy looked at him and Twilight awkwardly.

"Uh...sure," the Doctor replied.

"Are you sure that the TARDIS is safe?" Derpy asked. The Doctor pulled out his Sonic Screwdriver and aimed it at the TARDIS. Twilight and Derpy watched as the blue box faded from view.

"I think that should keep it safe while we do a bit of exploring." Derpy smiled as she began walking off.

"Let's just be careful and make sure that nopony, or no one, spots us," said Twilight.

"Don't worry. I still have our two remaining perception filters if any of us needs to make a quick getaway," the Doctor added with a smirk as he followed after his two companions.

Meanwhile, a young black man stepped out of the car that had pulled up in front of the Beckwithshaw Hotel.

"Mr. Temple?" asked one of the staff members.

"That would be me, yes," replied the man.

"Welcome to Beckwithshaw Hotel! May we take your luggage?"

"That would be nice. Thank you." Mr. Temple walked over to the other side of the car as the staff members came forward and began unloading some of the luggage. The passenger door of the car opened and out emerged a woman with fair skin and red hair. "Need some help, dear?"

"Oi! I think I can get out of a car on my own, dear," replied Mrs. Temple. The couple proceeded to laugh before Mr. Temple gave his wife a soft kiss on the cheek. Mrs. Temple then reached into the back seat and grabbed a computer bag.

"Need some help with that?"

"Shaun, I'm fine."

"Okay." Shaun Temple raised his arms and smiled in defeat. He knew this was a battle that he had no hope of winning. The couple began walking towards the hotel when they were greeted by a short, plump man in his early sixties.

"Ah! I've been expecting you two," he said happily.

"We can see that," replied Mrs. Temple. The man stepped forward and shook both Shaun and Mrs. Temple's hands.

"Mr. Temple and Mrs. Temple-Noble. I am so pleased to have you two visiting us for the holidays."

"Just go with either Mrs. Temple or Mrs. Noble. I prefer not to use the whole Temple-Noble combination."

"Alright then. I am Mr. Franks. Please allow me to show you to your rooms."

"Thank you. Come along, Donna," said Shaun. Donna Noble smiled as she followed her husband and Mr. Franks into the hotel.

Author's Note 2: I just want to answer a question here that I've been getting a lot for this story so far. The reason the Doctor, Twilight, and Derpy are still ponies in the Doctor's universe is because...well...they're naturally ponies. Let me explain. In this storyline, one retains their form and species no matter what dimension they're in. The Doctor has regenerated into a pony so he will continue to be a pony no matter what dimension he's in. Twilight and Derpy remain ponies because they were born as ponies and thus will remain as ponies no matter what dimension they're in.

I'm sure that some people are getting this mixed up with the dimensional workings of "The Doctor Whooves Chronicles". In that series one's form and species will change depending on what universe they travel to. In that series, the Doctor didn't regenerate upon entering Equestria. He's still the 10th Doctor but he's been turned into a pony due to entering the Equestrian universe. If he were to return to his dimension then he would return to looking like a human. If a pony from Equestria were to travel to the Doctor's dimension, in that series, then they would turn into a human. But that's only the case in "The Doctor Whooves Chronicles" and not this Doctor Whooves series. Sorry if this caused any confusion.