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Chapter 2

"Potter… Did you just throw up on my new boots?" a very icy voice asked almost softly. I shivered but did not answer for I was trying to fight off the dizziness. "ANSWER ME POTTER!?"He all of the sudden yelled, scaring me.

"Yes Master," I whispered wondering why he had to ask. I mean he saw me puke of his boots…

"Oh Potter, what am I going to do with you?" he asked himself. I looked down, he was going to hurt me, and I just know it. "Potter look up," he commanded and I obeyed not wanting to get it worst then I already have it. His eyes were cold, and held so much anger and hate in them, that it made my very soul hurt. I wanted to cry and whimper. My mate hated me… He would never love a filthy creature like myself.

"POTTER!" a sudden yell got my attention. "You have disobeyed me for the last time! Follow me," he growled and I started to shake with fear. What was he going to do to me? As we made more turns, I felt more terrified then I had ever been. When we finally stopped, I felt like throwing up again. I watched as Voldemort did something to the door, and it slide open. He grabbed my arm, to keep me from running I guess, and pulled me inside. As soon as we were in the room, the door slammed shut, locking us.

"Now boy, take off your shirt and brace yourself against the wall," he commanded. I looked at him, and then looked around the room. Whips, knifes, paddles covered the walls. I swallowed hard and with shaky hands began to take off my shirt. I then made my way to the wall with noting on it and braced myself on it, just like Uncle had thought me before, when he was punishing me for doing something "freaky". I waited and waited but no pain came. My body unwillingly started to relax and suddenly a loud snap was heard though out the room. A second later, I felt the pain of it. I did not cry out, I learned early on that crying and begging would never help. For a second I imagined my uncle doing this to me, but Voldemort's magic cracked around me, letting me know who was behind me. With each hit, the pain increased, but it didn't hurt as badly as my soul. It felt like someone was setting me on fire, but I was alive and couldn't die from it.

"Please…" I finally begged. I didn't think for a second he would stop, but to my surprise he did. I started to slide down, but arms came around me.

"Shhh, it is over now Harry," a gentle voice said. The sting on my back somehow lessened and my eyes started for feel like 100lbs. I didn't know what was going through my mind, I mean my mate had whipped me and he is the darkest lord of all, and I closed my eyes and let darkness take me. Yep it was for sure, I had finally lost it.

~page break~

Oh what have I done… I promised myself that when I found my mate, they would be my world. I would finally get a chance of love and true power, not dark magic that replaces love. Albas was defiantly right about one thing, love is the greatest power. I bet he never thought that the one he trained to kill me would give me this power… Well maybe. I do not think that Harry would ever love me, not after I said those mean things to my little sub and hurt him. I really didn't mean it, I was just mad… Why did he have to be mine? Why did my greatest enemy have to be the one that I had to learn to love, who had to learn to love me in return. That is why I am/was so mad. He would never love me, but I am already starting to love him. I mean he's beautiful, kind, sexy as hell, and those eyes… How they looked at me in that dream. So much hope and love. How I wish that were true… He hates me, always have always been.

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