Here's the prologue my new story… THE AMERICAN RAILWAY SERIES. I got the inspiration from the British Railway Stories by Simierski on YouTube. Hope you enjoy it.

Prologue: The Abandoned Engine

Kentucky 2013

A man was standing in the middle of a field. He looked around, as if he was looking for something. He then heard a bark. "That must be George" thought the man. He walked a short distance before a dog ran up to him. "Hia George, where did you run off to" he asked as he pets the dog's head. George gave a huge bark and ran off in the direction he had just come. "Wait up George" called the man, and he ran off after him.

The man fallowed George across the field. He soon came up to a line of trees. He looked through the trees, and he saw George disappear behind them. "Stop George" he called as he rushed through the forest. After twisting through the trees, he found George sitting on something. "Hey George, what's gotten into you" he asked. Then he looked at what George was sitting on. "Is that, a buffer"? Then, he heard a voice. "Hello" said the voice. The man looked around, but he didn't see anything. "Who said that" he asked. "It was me" said the voice. Then George jumped off the buffer and ran ahead. "Again" complained the man. He fallowed George further into the forest. He then came to a clearing. "Oh my" said the man. He was looking at a rusty engine. It has lots of missing parts, its rods were cracked, and it looked very dirty. It was sitting on rails that ended in front of it and led somewhere else behind it. "What's this doing here" he wondered. "Hello" the voice said again. "Wait a minute" he said, and he walked to the front of the locomotive. And on the front, was a face.

"Hello" the locomotive said again. "Uh, uh, hello" said the man "who are you"? "My name is Sam" said the locomotive happily "what's yours"? The man was silent for a moment. "Uh, my name is Jeff, Jeff Shaw" he said slowly. "Hello Jeff, nice to meet you. As you can guess, I don't get many visitors" the engine said happily. "I see, but I have to know, what kind of engine are you"? Sam gave a bigger smile. "I'm a steam engine. I'm a 4-6-2 Pacific locomotive" replied Sam. "That's amazing, but how did you end up like this" asked Jeff. Sam gave a weak smile. "Progress. With the introduction of diesel locomotives, most of my kind where scrapped". Jeff looked horrified. "I'm so sorry" he replied, putting a hand on Sam's footplate. "It's okay; I know that there are still lots of steam engines out there that are preserved in museums. And some are still operating" he said happily. "I bet life was easier for you back before diesels Hu" said Jeff. "Yes, it was a grand time" said Sam "would you like to hear about it"? Jeff smiled "Of course I would". "Okay" said Sam "let's start from the beginning".

Hope you liked the prologue; the next chapter will be the official start.