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Lizette Ray: No, they couldn't of have both stayed. Yes, Melanie didn't want the body with out Wanda, because it didn't feel like her body anymore. The body was mostly all Wanda not all that much Melanie. But while she didn't want the body without Wanda, she also didn't want to be trapped inside Wanda's mind for the rest of her life. She loved Wanda, Jared, Jamieā€¦ everyone, but she didn't want to be trapped inside the body and just be thoughts. She wanted to walk, run, breathe, see, think, hear, etc. all on her own, but she couldn't have that, not with the body she would have if Wanda moved to another, because the body wasn't her anymore, and she would continue to feel trapped. And she didn't want that. She was already supposed to be dead; she was starting to fade away already. So when they both went under, she stopped fighting to stay aware and let go.

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