Hi guys! I know this is not the epilogue for True Love but I promise I'm working on it. A reviewer of True Love thought I should write a Cancer!Brittany story and planted a seed. Yesterday I watched Now Is Good and this was the result. It's going to be a two-shot, maybe three-shot. Enjoy!

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You're practically running through the store in your sweats. You wouldn't even be here if Brittany hadn't sent you to get diapers for Angel. He's almost 18 months old and you can't wait until you can start potty training because his dirty diapers smell like a decomposing body. You're usually good with keeping a few boxes on hand but your brain had been elsewhere the past few weeks. You had suggested that Quinn come and get them while you watched 6 year old Beth, but Brittany had insisted you come because you were going to go stir crazy soon. Who could blame you for wanting to be around your family all the time at a time like this? You huffed all the way to the door but still stooped to give Angel, who was following you, a kiss on the way out. He placed his hands on either side of your face and planted a big wet one on you, so wet that drool had started sliding down your chin. When he pulled back, he had the biggest, grin on his face so you couldn't really be mad at him. You just wiped your chin and said, "Thanks little Snix," while poking him in the stomach. He giggled then waved at you and said, "Bye mama!" You waved back and said, "See you later, baby boy."

You finally make it to the infants department after getting lost. You swear they change this store around at least twice a month. Before you can grab two boxes of diapers, someone says, "Hey, Santana."

You turn around and find Mike Chang smiling at you. You give him a little smile and say, "Hey, Mike. How are you? I thought you were in L.A."

"I was but I… um." He suddenly seems nervous but he doesn't break eye contact. "I heard about… s-she called me." He finally gets out.

That's when your heart sinks a little. Brittany told him to come. On cue, the tears start welling in your eyes and you look away.

"Oh." You say.

"I'm so sorr-" He begins but you cut him off.

"It's okay. I'm okay, Mike." You say shakily but he's quick to respond.

"Are you? Because it doesn't seem like it." He says with narrowed eyes.

You snap your eyes up at him. "I said I'm fine." You grit out.

But you really aren't. Every time you think about Brittany's "situation" you lose it. Your heart breaks all over again and then the tears come faster than you can stop them. You've been doing good, not really thinking about it. You just enjoy your time with her and Angel because you know you don't have much of it left. Now stupid Mike Chang has you on the brink of tears in stupid fucking Target.

"Okay." He says softly. "I know this is hard for you and I just want you to know that I'm here for you. I'm here for you and Brittany."

You soften the glare and try to give him a little smile but you know you failed. It's not his fault Brittany called him. He is her best friend next to you and Angel's Godfather. You just hate what it means. You didn't want to think about why she was calling all her old friends. You weren't ready to think about that but it seems you may just have to start now. Brittany's ready to say goodbye but you're so far from ready, it's not even funny.

"Thanks Mike," You say softly, "We really appreciate it."

He shrugs his shoulders like it's no big deal. "I love you guys."

You just nod your head at him because all of a sudden there's a lump in your throat and you can't speak. Fucking Mike Chang. He seems to understand though.

"I was going to come by tomorrow, if that's okay?" He asks. "I miss Angel so much."

"Yeah, sure." Your voice finds its way around the lump. "I'll let Britt and Angel know I ran into you."

"Okay. See you tomorrow."

Before he can even finish, you're grabbing two boxes of diapers off the shelf and hightailing it away from him. You don't even know if you got the right size. You just had to get away from Mike. He was reminding you of everything Brittany wanted to do but would never get the chance. Her dreams had crashed around her when you find out she had Acute Myeloid Leukemia. You were 17 in your senior year of high school. You had made plans and were on your way to achieving your dreams. Brittany was going to Julliard to pursue a dream she's had since she was three. And you, you were going to be a singer and make it big so Brittany could dance in your music videos and on your tours. You would spend your early years touring the world and then settle down somewhere and have kids. You were going to spend the rest of your lives together but then cancer came along and bitch smacked you back down to earth.

You could feel your lip quivering and your body was starting to shake with the effort you were putting in to keep from crying in the middle of Target. You were in the longest line in the history of lines with two boxes of diapers under your arms. You're anxious to get home to your family. Every second in this store is a second you could be spending with Brittany. There are only two check-out lanes open and you don't know what kind of dumb ass is running this store but you'd sure like to let Snix loose on them right about now. Before you just say fuck the diapers, there's a hand on your back and then Mike Chang is standing next to you. He doesn't look at you, just wraps his left arm around your waist and pulls you closer. He gives you the strength you need until you're able to check out and be on your way. He grabs the boxes from you and carries them out to your Range Rover. Before you get in the car, he pulls you into a hug that you melt into. He kisses you on your head and you lose it. You start sobbing into his chest while gripping the back of his shirt in your fists.

On the ride back home, you try to pull yourself together. It's going to be so obvious you were crying. You've been holding it together in front of Brittany. She sees through it though. She's just waiting for you to finally break down but you're determined not to. You have to be strong for her and Angel. Quinn's been hovering around you, waiting for the same thing. Sometimes you feel like slapping her. Maybe you should so she'd stop watching you with that fucking face full of sympathy. You know she's just trying to help and be a good best friend but all you really need is her to leave you alone right now.

You have a lot of shit to think about and a lot of feelings to work through. But right now, you just want to go in the house and play with your son. He keeps your mind off of it most of the time. But, with his big blue eyes and bubbly personality, you can't help but think of Brittany. He looks like you with a head full of dark, thick, curly hair and tanned skin but everything else is all Brittany. You were shocked when Brittany asked you to marry her when you were 18. You almost passed out when she told you she wanted to have your baby a year later. You got married in your parent's backyard with your families and friends as witnesses. It didn't feel weird being married that young, it felt right. Your dad even paid for a honeymoon for whenever Brittany was feeling well enough. You boarded a plane to Hawaii and spent a week in paradise. It was perfect. One night, when you were back home, Brittany told you she wanted to have a baby. She was sucking on you clit and you were so close to your orgasm before she paused and looked up at you with a twinkle in her eye. "Babe, I want to have your baby." She said huskily before diving right back on your clit. You came so hard that you think you blacked out for a second.

You didn't think her having a baby was the smartest thing in the world for her. You agreed to having a baby but you told her that you'd carry it. She shot you down. "When I leave this world Santana, I want to leave you with a peace of me. A little person that you'll love more than me." You couldn't argue with her so you talked to your dad and he said he'd take care of it. There were a lot of hoops to jump through because of Brittany's condition but she was finally inseminated. You didn't know who your dad got the sperm from but he assured Brittany and you that the baby was a part of you also. You were just glad you didn't have to think about it.

9 months later, Angel Snix Lopez-Pierce was born. You argued with her about the middle name but she argued back that she gave that nickname to you, so she could give it to your son if she wanted to. She pulled the pout on you and you were never immune to that. When they laid him on Brittany's chest so she could hold him, you couldn't stop the tears that spilled down your face. It hit you in that moment, that you had a son now and one day Brittany wouldn't be there to help you raise him. You were so happy but so sad. Then Brittany looked at you with her own tears rolling down her face and summoned you over. You looked down at your son and gasped at the blue eyes looking back at you. Then Brittany lifted him up to you and you immediately held your arms out to take him. You held him close and pressed the lightest kiss to his cheek. Brittany had just made it impossible to follow her when she left. You weren't going to kill yourself of anything like that but she knew you would have lost all motivation to live your life, which was just as bad as suicide. Now you had this little guy who was depending on you to take care of him. Maybe that was part of her plan. She was always a genius.

As soon as you walk in the door, little arms are wrapping themselves around your legs. You look down to find your son with tears in his eyes. You're immediately on edge because your son never cries, not even when he's sleepy. You drop the diapers and bend down to pick him up.

"Baby, what's wrong? You ask him.

"Blugh," He says, "mommy, blugh." And he points towards the back of the house.

And then your heart drops. You know what he's trying to say and it's only then that you hear soft curses from the back of your house. You quickly start making your way to the murmurs and stop dead when you see blood leading from the bedroom to the bathroom. You hear Quinn on the phone with 911 and you know that it's bad. Brittany wouldn't have let her call if it wasn't and now you're freaking out.

"Q-quinn." You say while standing outside the door still. You can't bring yourself to go in there yet but you need to know what's happening.

A second later, Quinn steps out of the bathroom. "Santana, thank God. Her nose won't stop bleeding and I think she's a little disoriented."

You nod. "Where's Beth?" You ask.

"Puck came take her to get ice cream."

"Take him." You say as you put Angel in her arms. But he doesn't want to let you go and he's holding on to your shirt with strength you didn't know babies were capable of having.

"Mama! Mama! Mama, no!" He screams out as you pry his fingers from your shirt. It breaks your heart every step you take away from him but you have to take care of his mom now. You hear his screams get softer as Quinn takes him farther away from the bathroom.

You walk into the bathroom and you gasp at the amount of blood pooling on the floor. You cover your mouth as your eyes find Brittany sitting up against the wall with a towel over her nose.

"It's not as bad as it looks." She says as she tries to smile. But with all the dark red blood in and around her mouth, it looks more horrifying than reassuring.

"Are you fucking kidding me, Brittany?" You ask her as you make your way over to her and bend down in front of her. You take the towel that's soaked in her blood and throw it behind you. You grab another one and put it under her nose.

"Where's Angel? He was in the bed with me when it started. He must be so scared." You realize that she's out of it if she didn't hear him just screaming for you.

"Yeah, he is. He's with Quinn, more than likely in the living room." You say as you try to keep your voice from quivering.

Brittany brings her hands up to your cheeks and wipes away your tears. You didn't even know you were crying. "Everything's going to be okay." She whispers.

"How can you say that?" You shake your head, "You're dying, Brittany." You let out a sob. "That won't ever be okay."

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