This is just a little one shot i thought of while watching the latest episode of Arrow. There are somethings in there that you'll prob think will NEVER happen in the show, and thats cool they were just my little play things for a while. Anyway i hope you enjoy.

Why am I so cold? That was all her brain could think for the longest time, for some reason it didn't register that if she opened her eyes her question would be answered.

It took all the strength she had to peel her eye lids open long enough to realise where she was, she was at the Queen factory. She could see Oliver's computers, still running her protocols trying to find Walter, and that's when it clicked, everything fell into place. She had been at work when a press conference was called concerning a break in at a Queen laboratory; an eye witness had placed the Hood guy there. She knew it wasn't Oliver; she was with him at the Queen factory when the story had originally broke. So she went along to the press conference, and did the stupid thing of speaking up for the Hood Guy, saying how he only ever went after people, why would he break into a lab? She remembered the look on Moira's face. It had been enough for her to start making her way home instead of sticking around like she had intended.

She decided to rent a movie, she chose Green Lantern. She remembered thinking how does no one recognise him through that stupid mask, but then she had thought, how does no one realise its Oliver under that hood? That was the first time she had thought of Oliver Queen as a superhero, but it wouldn't be the last.

She had left the store with a bag full of popcorn and her movie heading towards her apartment, it was a Friday night and as she looked up towards her street she noticed a group of drunk guys heading towards her, so she decided to take a short cut, that's when she had heard a whoosh and then pressure in her chest. She looked down to see an arrow dug in between her ribs. And that was the last thing she remembered.

Okay she thought asses your situation, come on Felicity! That's when she felt it, her hand, there was something in it, she attempted to squeeze to see exactly what it was but it was dead like she had been sat on it for a really long time. She realised, it was someone else's hand, that's what it was.

She threw every ounce of energy she had into opening her eyes again, at first all she could see was a blinding white light. Is this it? Am I dead? Her eyesight began to clear and she realised that what she was seeing was a light hanging from the ceiling.

She looked down at her hand, to see Oliver fast asleep with his hand firmly clutched in hers and his head placed on top.

She tried to speak but all that came out was hoarse cracks, her mouth was so dry, she tried again and this time a semblance of sound came out.

"Oliver" She said, he began to stir "Oliver" She said again.

This time he awoke, it took him a minute to realise she was in fact awake, "Felicity?" He said, with a look on his face that she couldn't quiet place.

"What Happened Oliver?"

"I was heading over to yours, to thank you, my mother told me what you did at the press conference, when I found you on the floor not far from your house bleeding with an arrow sticking out of your chest" He said

"What? How?" Felicity asked

"I don't know" Oliver replied "I think someone may be trying to give me a bad name, kill you, a woman who stuck up for the hood and blame your murder on me, wouldn't be long before the public hated me. Luckily he's a shit shot" Oliver smiled.

Felicity smiled up at him, "I'm so cold" She said, Oliver looked around while still holding her hand until he spotted a blanket. He went and fetched the blanket and laid it over her.

"Sleepy" She murmured while already half asleep

"That's okay" Oliver said "I'll be right here when you wake up"

Felicity slept for a further 18 hours, when she finally woke again, she had enough energy to wake fully, she sat up on the table, the blanket dropped to her waist, she was wearing her usual work trousers and her bra, on her stomach was a white gauze bandage, she assumed this was where her injuring lay.

"Oliver?" She shouted

There was no answer, she started to get slightly scared, he said he'd be here she thought, why wouldn't he be here?

She gingerly stepped off the steal table she was laying on Oh so that's why I was so cold she thought. She wrapped the blanket around her, except now she realised that Oliver wasn't here, she was here alone. Why wouldn't he be here, he said he's be here. Her mind went into over drive thinking of scenarios of where he could be, why he wouldn't be here.

That's when she heard the door to the basement open, she stood froze to the spot until she saw Oliver walk in with a duffle bag. She ran at him without thinking and clung to him before he could say anything.

"Oliver, I was so worried" She said

"You were worried?" Oliver laughed, "I'm not the one that took an arrow to the ribs and has slept for the last day!" But still he wrapped his arms around her holding her to him.

Wait she thought he said he'd be here why wasn't he here? He left me on my own her worry then turned to angry, she let go of him and hit him in the stomach with her hand, he bent slightly

"Woah!" He said, she knew she hadn't hurt him; she wasn't really aiming to "what was that for?"

"You said you'd be here! Why weren't you here?" She asked looking hurt.

"I thought that maybe you'd want some fresh clothing for when you woke up, I went to your place to get some for you, I took your keys out of your bag" Her hurt look now turned to shame.

"I'm sorry" She said, he laughed again and walked over to what had been her bed for the last 18 hours and placed the duffle bag down.

"I'll leave you to get changed" He said.

Once Felicity knew he was gone, she walked over to the bag to see exactly what he had chosen for her, inside was a simple white vest top and grey sweat pants. At the bottom were her Nikey high tops, her favourites.

She quickly got changed, that's when she realised the wound wasn't hurting as much as she had expected, he must have given me something for the pain she thought absent mindedly .

She walked around the factory basement, she had never really looked at it before, not properly, she'd never had the need. She walked over to his Bow and arrow, sliding her fingers down the bow.

She picked it up, Oliver never knew but she had had some training when it came to archery, that's what you get from having an English father who doesn't like public schools she thought.

She picked an arrow up from the rack where Oliver had then neatly lined up, on the wall opposite was a small target. She placed the arrow on the bow and drew it back. She lined up her fingers to the base of her mouth, aiming slightly higher than her intended target, she took a deep breath and released. At the same time she released her fingers from their hold on the bow hitting the target dead centre. She smiled to herself, until she turned around and saw Oliver staring at the target. 7

"Oh Oliver I'm sorry I didn't…"

"No that's okay" He said walking towards her with a bag of Chinese food "Wow where did you learn to shoot like that?"

"The hoods not the only person who can shoot an arrow you know" She replied placing the bow down where it had originally been.

"Could you do that again?" He asked

"Well yeah easily" Felicity said, she didn't realised just how arrogant it sounded until it had left her mouth.

"OK here" He said walking over and picking up a tennis ball "Pick up the bow and an arrow"

She did as she was told and picked up the bow and one arrow, she placed the arrow onto the bow and looked back up at Oliver, and before she had time to react he had thrown the tennis ball while saying "Shoot that"

Felicity's instincts kicked in and before Oliver had even finished speaking the tennis ball was stuck to the wall with an arrow through the middle.

Oliver looked back at her in amazement, as if actually seeing her for the first time; "Wow" was all he could say "Just, wow"

"You realise you're doing that out loud right?" She laughed.

He smiled, the realised he was still holding the Chinese food, "I bought some food, I thought you might be hungry"

"I'm starving" Felicity realised

They both sat down on either side of the table she had previously been lying on, they ate and talked and laughed.

At some point during their meal, Oliver looked up at her, but this time he really looked. It was like he was seeing her for the first time. When he had found her on the ground barely breathing with an arrow sticking out of her, he had had to confront feelings he had never known were there, but now, now they were here to stay.

"My god, you're beautiful" He said before he could stop himself.

Felicity looked shocked and almost spat out her food "What?!" he mistook her look of shock for horror and quickly apologised "Sorry" he said shaking his head looking down to his food "I didn't mean to say that"

"So you didn't mean it?"

"No" he said looking up, that's when he saw her face fall, maybe not horror after all then "No I did mean it, I just didn't mean to say it out loud"

Her face lit up, she blushed and looked to her food, for the rest of the meal they sat in silence, both thinking about each other.

"Well I guess I best go" Felicity said eventually "got to think of a cover story to explain to your mother why I wasn't at work today"

"Yeah I don't think arrow in the ribs will fly with her" Oliver smiled.

Felicity grabbed her bag that now had her blood stained clothing in, before turning back to Oliver "Thank you" She said.

"You're welcome" He replied

"No Oliver" She walked over to where he was still sat by the table "Thank you!" She said trying to throw all of her meaning behind those two little words, he had saved her life; thank you was never going to be enough.

He stared into her eyes at the same time never wanting to stop but also fearing that if he didn't he might get lost in them forever. "Anytime" He said before turning away.

With one hand holding onto the duffle bag, she used the other to turn his face back to her, and before she could over think it or tell herself to stop. She moved her face closer to his, closed the distance and kissed him.

Before Oliver could realise what was happening or respond in anyway, she had released him and walked over to the door and out into the world.

He just sat there for the longest time, thinking. He turned and faced the two arrows currently sticking out of his target wall, then looked back to the door that Felicity had left out of.

Could she take this journey with me? He wondered. Would she? She is my equal in every way possible and then some.

Not that he would admit it but he had already made the decision and he found himself running at the door after Felicity. He ran up the steps and out into the club, she was nowhere to be seen, he ran into the street, still he could not find her. He laughed to himself wow she's speedy he thought, before making his way to her apartment, to ask her a question and maybe a little more kissing if she felt up to it.

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I dropped a little Speedy reference in there :D i couldnt help myself, and i know before you die hard Comic bookers start, that Felicity is not speedy and never was speedy but Mia was and i wanted a sidekick reference in there so i just pinched it.