The oldest vampires are the strongest, the most powerful. They become so by each human they turn, by each life they take. Once a vampire has been turned they are forever linked to their turner till they die. Four of the original ten Vampire Kings and Queens have been killed off. Many of the vampire lords hold power in the northen parts of North American where they are less noticed. In the state of Washington is a war in the midst between the Vampire Lords. One of the strongest is known as Edward Cullen.


I've never known true pain till the moment I felt his mouth on my palm. I've never known true desire till I looked into the golden eyes of the man I tried escaping for five months. In my past I was nobody. I was Isabella Swan, daughter of Chief Swan and his wife Renee.

I never knew of the secret world of the Vampire Lords. And I never knew the secrets of the Cullen family. Especially not of their oldest son, Edward. Nor did I know of the Volturi, three of the remaining Vampire Kings, were out to kill the vampires who didn't rein with them. I didn't know many things.

That all changed the day I met the real Edward Cullen, when I was linked to him. Where I looked at him with equal disgust and awe. It was like you saw God and the Devil mixed into one. That's how I viewed Edward Cullen. But then again, many looked at him that way. He was a vampire lord. The blood son of a Vampire King. Making him all the more powerful.

And a powerful leader only leads to a powerful army of followers.

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