Ok, I know what a lot of people are thinking. Didn't I say a sequel, not a prequel, for A Surprise in Russia?

Well... yes, but I ran out of ideas of how to continue the sequel, A Search in India, and until I figure out a new idea, I'm going with this.

And yes, I already know that other people are doing what life in the circus was like for Gia, Stefano, and Vitaly for Vitaly's fire accident. HOWEVER, I'm taking it a bit further. While I have not read all of these similar stories, I've pretty much noticed that most of the ones I did read never introduced who Gia's parents are, what happened to them, or where she actually came from. I've also noticed that Stefano's parents/where he came from are never mentioned, and those are what I want to go into. Also everyone remembers that I had Vitaly born in the wilds of Russia, right? So, I'm also going to tell how he was accepted into the circus.

So, to make a long story short (too late), I'm telling this from before Vitaly was even part of the circus.

From most likely the biggest fan of Vitaly and the first person to post a fan fiction story based on Vitaly/OC (other stories before A Surprise in Russia that did have Vitaly/OC were more based on Alex/Gia or focused on Alex and his relationship with his family) and one of the shippers of the sub-version of Vitaly/OC, Vitaly/Sister of Alex,

Leopard the Warrior of Africa

P.S. I only own the OCs.

Listen close children, and you will hear,

The tale of what comes to one when thy fate is near.

Because no matter where we go,

Them little things seems to follow us,

No matter what we do.

I'll tell you the tale from which I've heard

by the campfires hearth,

The tale of the youngest son the tiger

who the old wise hunters claim is immortal.

The youngest son of Afon,

that little Siberian tiger with green eyes of life.

I will tell you what happened

when the start of Vitaly's fate was near.

It was in the middle of the Russian afternoon when the Siberian crane Agnessa was seen by the other animals, looking for someone. She didn't bother to ask the other animals, that was common sense really. Why? She was considered the messenger for the tiger family whose territory was over the valley and the mountains that surrounded it, therefore, whenever she appeared, everyone else tended to stay away from her, or they just ignored her, hoping that one of the adult tigers themselves weren't nearby on a hunt.

Meanwhile, not so far from the valley's main river, the father tiger of the family, Afon, looked like he was teaching one of his two sons, Alik, the tiger cub that looked like a mini-version of him, while Slava, who was the other son, and his two daughters, Anya, and Alisa, laid down on a rock nearby, how to hunt, using a squirrel as a target.

"Now, vhat I vant you two zo do, is to stay low to zhe ground," he whispered. Alik crouched down, his red eyes focused on the frog. "Zhat is it. Not a sound. Zhere, good. One more step… and…."

"Afon, sir!"

Alik jumped up out of surprise by his father's messenger, scaring the squirrel away. He soon looked miffed, seeing that the hunting lesson was now ruined while Slava, Alisa and Anya were laughing on the rock. Afon sighed and growled at the crane, his green eyes narrowing at her. "Agnessa! I have told you before, zhat if you vere to ever inzerrupt zhe hunzing lessons zhat I vould…!" he started, only to be interrupted by the female bird.

"But zhis is important, Afon! It is Feia! She just gave birth!" Afon seemed to pause for a moment, all the anger on his face washing away before running off.

"Kids, come on!"

Slava and Alik bumped into each other as Anya and Alisa ran after their father side by side. In almost no time (despite that it seemed only Agnessa and the tiger family could get up to the cave due to the fact they could be the only ones who know the trail to it and Agnessa could fly), Afon found himself at the cave's entrance, walking in to see his and Feia's newborns. Now, before this story is continued since the entire family is here, descriptions must be made. (Afon's and Feia's descriptions are in A surprise in Russia for those who have not read it).

Slava, whose name means glory, was the eldest child of his parents. He was in his pre-ten, going on about 1year and 4 months old at the least. He's the only one of all his siblings to be born outside the valley territory they lived in now, and due to the less amount of food from where he was born, he looked very scrawny compared to his tough looking father. The fur on his head was rather ruffled, along with the on the edges of his ears. His fur was a rather deep orange like Afon's, and had the same shade of pink for the color of his nose. The only physical trait that Slava seemed to have inherited from his mother Feia was her red eyes. He also was the only survivor of his litter. Alik, who was born in the same litter as his and Slava's sisters, looked just like a mini-version of his father, from eyes to fur to paws, to tail. His name meant defender, mostly due to the fact that Afon had rather higher hopes for him than he had for Slava. Anya, with her name meaning favor/grace, looked just like the female version of Alik, except for the fact she had no stripes on her cheeks. As her name suggests, she tended to do things gracefully, and seemed willingly to please her father. Alisa was the only one of all of her brothers and sister to look the most like their mother. In fact, as much as Alik looked like Afon, Alisa looked just as much like Feia. Her name means noble sort, indicating the fact of the rarity of such a light pelt happening on a tiger, yet darker enough to not be considered a white tiger.

Now, let's continue with the story, shall we?

The triplets (Alik, Alisa, and Anya) all went to their mother and looked down at the new member of the family. Slava stood a little bit away, just close enough to see his new brothers/sisters while Afon lay down beside Feia, who was grooming the small bundle in her arms.

The small bundle of fur moved, blinking his little bright green eyes upward towards his new family as his mother's rough tongue licked his forehead. His fur wasn't as deep of an orange as his father's, his nose was black like Feia's, and, again like Feia, he had no markings on his ears, and no white markings on his tail. A little mix of the two parents.

Slava gave a small smile to his little brother, rather glad that he wasn't the only one in the family anymore that had some physical traits of their mother while still have traits of their father. Alik stared at the baby tiger in a confused manner while Anya and Alisa were cooing over it. Afon gave a small smile, only to have it fade as he looked at Feia.

She was clearly tired, as most females are after they've given birth. However, it seemed that there was a more protectiveness from her as she groomed the youngest member of the family. There had only been one other time she had acted like this towards any of their cubs. Afon sighed at the memory of it before looking at Feia again. He was also rather concern with the size of the cub, even at his newborn stage.

"He's so cute, Mama!"

"He'll grow up zo be strong like Papa is and how Alik vill, right!?"

"He's rather nice for zhe newborn."

"He is ziny."

Alik, Anya, and Alisa looked at Slava with confusion while Afon and Feia looked at him with knowledge expressions. The eldest son shrugged and looked at the baby with a faded smile. "No point of lying. Zhe baby, he is ziny. Zinier zhan you three vere vhen you vere born. Zhe baby is a runt," he said, giving his new little brother a pitiful look. Feia sighed and went on grooming the cub more.

"And he is like you, Slava. He is zhe survivor of zhe litter," she said quietly, nuzzling her newest cub. Afon stood up and looked at his new son. Feia glanced at him for a moment before setting her eyes at the cub. "Vill you name him?" Afon's ears perked up.


"Vill you name him?"

"Of course I vill name him, but vhat is zhis use? He vill die like other runts. His name vill be Vitaly, just because it is zhe start of summer and summer is full of life."

Alik, Anya, and Alisa looked at the new baby, Vitaly, will rather sadden expression. It was the irony that saddened them, not that they thought that he would die because he was a runt, not because he would be the last baby their mother would have, but the irony. The irony that this baby, who would most likely die, who would be the last of their family until they grew up and found mates of their own, was to have a name Vitaly.

And what does Vitaly means, little listeners?

It is Russian for vital; of life.

And while we know that he will live and be the main star of a circus in Europe,

Shouldn't we know his past to know how he got there?

From this moment, the youngest son's fate was set...

but had not yet begun.

Listen on, children.

To hear the rest of this tale you should hear.

Listen on, little listeners, listen on.

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