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Leopard the Warrior of Africa

Vitaly ran towards the riverbank after managing to escape the attention of Slava after Alik, after much convincing him to do it, pretended to have been stung by a bee. It seemed that over the 4 months that Vitaly's fluff was had worn off, except for his shoulders and back. His ears now were fully black, as well as his height seeming to change as well. In fact, anyone who didn't know how old the Russian tiger cub was would have guessed he had to be at least 10 to 11 months old.

Jumping into the water, Vitaly began to swim to the other side of the river where some of the musk deer were resting along with some other herbivores. However, they all ran off at the sight of him quickly as he sat on a rock once he got to that side. Sighing in relief at his victory, Vitaly laid on his back. "Finally, alone and in zhe peace and quiet."


Vitaly perked his ear and rolled over onto his stomach as he looked around. Next thing he knew, his head was pinned to the rock, and something, or someone, was one him. He tried to get a scent off of whoever it was, only to get just barely the scent of three. He tried to turn his head, only to have his head pressed against the rock harder.

"Otstan' ot menya! (Get off of me!),"he yelled out, trying to push whoever was on top of him off. He heard a gasp and felt the weight on him get off. Shaking his head as he got up, Vitaly turned around, growling at whoever had pounced on him only to find himself looking confused at three females.

One was a tigress, her fur slightly a slightly darker than his, her dark violet, heavily-lidded eyes with long eyelashes. She had to be at least 6 months older than him, making her just a year old. Though if it wasn't for the long eyelashes and the slightly bigger chest, Vitaly would have thought she was a male. Another was a Baikal seal who looked about his age, with beautiful, clear, bright blue eyes and a brownish grey fur coat with darker brown spots. The last and third one was a feline Vitaly did not recognized. Her red eyes were also heavy-lidded and had long eyelashes like the tigress, but they were bright red, and much more challenging. Her fur was also was pure white like snow, though the tail tuff on the end and the ear markings she had were cream-color. On her forehead was some sort of fur tuff that was almost barely noticeable.

Vitaly stood up, looking at each of them a little wary. Not many unrelated tigers ever came to the valley, though every now and then his family would see a Baikal seal group pass through. The six-months-old cub perked his ears as he sat down, his claws still out.

The Baikal seal stepped a bit closer before tilting her head. There was a bit of an uneasy silence between all of them for quite some time before the tigress spoke up.

"Vell, youngszer rouge? You going to fight us or let us make first and last strike?" Her voice was rather rough and self-confident, challenging him to both options. Vitaly raised an eyebrow at this. He knew he was considered big for his age, but he never thought he could be so that easily confused for an older age to strangers.

"Easy, Yeva. This tigro, he probably is still new to being on his own," the white feline said to the tigress, her voice also challenging, yet somehow smoothing. Vitaly looked more and more confused at this.

"I am no rouge. This valley, it is terrizory of my papa and mama," he said, earning confused looks from all three females.

"Vait, you… you still live with your parenzs?" the seal said, her voice rather curious and, in Vitaly's opinion, adorable. "How old are you?"

"6 months, going on zhe 7th month."

The tigress, Yeva, looked over at the seal with a shocked face while the white feline looked at him in confusion. "You… you look razher…"

"Big zo be 6 months? Da. I get zhat a lot."

Yeva walked up to him, seeming to be judging him as her dark red eyes narrowed. Vitaly stood up straight, only to realize that she was at the most a centimeter taller than him. It seemed that Yeva had noticed this as well since her dark brown ears twitched when she didn't need to move her head at all for her dark bloody ruby red eyes to meet his bright green jade ones. "You may be zhe tall one for your age, but I zhink ve can take you in a fight," she said, the word "ruthless" coming to Vitaly's mind in a matter of mina-seconds.

"Zhere are three of us and only one of him, Yeva. He vould never have a chance," the white feline said, stepping forward, her brighter eyes of ruby glaring at Yeva. Yeva growled at the feline, though walked over to her and the seal. The seal took a few more steps forward, a smile on her face.

"I am Gonima, of the Baikal Lake. Zhe tigress, as you might know by now, is Yeva. Zhe lioness is Rita," she said, her blue eyes sparkling. Vitaly's ears perked up again and finally let his claws retract back into his paw.


Rita smiled and spoke before Gonima opened her mouth. "Da. Zhat is my kind. Of course, ve lions and lionesses, ve are not usually vhite furred." She smiled as Vitaly seemed to walk steadily forward a bit before stopping himself.

"Vitaly," he said, sitting back down. "My sisters and one of my brozhers like to call me zhe mama rebenka," he finished, smiling sheepishly. Yeva look unamused at this and huffed.

"So you are zhe mama's boy."

Vitaly growled a bit at the tigress's comment, even though on many levels, it was true.


Vitaly perked his ears and looked over his shoulder to see the rest of his family swimming towards where he and the three females were. Afon was the first to step onto the river bank, his expression of clear disappointment and anger towards the youngest of the family making even Yeva and Rita back away. "Vitaly, vhat had your mozher, Slava, and myself have told you of running off on your own vith no permission? Did you not zhink of vhat vould have happened to you!?" he growled before looking at the three females. "And you zhree, I only give you zhis chance to run. Get. Out! Especially you, Lion girl!" Gonima was the first to run off, clearly frighten of the grown male elder. Vitaly felt strange as he watched her do so, as if something had just swooped and taken some of the best feelings of his life. Rita stared hard at Afon before following her seal friend, but at more of a trot than a run like Gonima. Yeva was about to follow them until Feia spoke up.

"You are Zhenya's and Ipatiy's daughter, da? Zheir daughter Yeva?" she said, narrowing her eyes at Yeva. Krasota looked over at the mother tigress while Afon looked at his mate in shock. Vitaly looked at his siblings, only to see that all four of them looked confused.

"Vho is Zhenya and Ipatiy?" Slava asked, tilting his head, not at his parents, but at Krasota. Afon huffed at Slava's ignorance, clearly expecting better from the eldest child. Alisa and Anya looked at their mother, expecting an explanation. Alik, however, tried to look as if he understood, only to make his expression look as if he had a bad toothache.

"Zhe top tigers on zhis side of Russia. Zhey are good friends of ours… zheir rather big terrizory is not far from here in fact," Afon said, glancing at Yeva for a moment. Yeva now looked rather proud of herself, giving a smirk of dignity and knowledge.

"Da, I am zheir daughter. Zheir oldest daughter even," she said, sitting down with her head held high. Afon looked impressed, even considerable at her now. Feia narrowed her eyes though, and seemed to be holding back grunting in dislike as she edged near her children. Vitaly noticed the confused look on Slava's face, giving him the clue that their mother usually did not do this.

"Feia, take Anya and Alisa back to zhe den. Sons, stay here vith me. Ve vill be taking Yeva back to her father and mother," Afon stated, giving Feia more of a command look as she led Alisa and Anya away. Alik perked his ears up as Slava and Vitaly looked at each other again. Yeva gave a rather disappointed look.

"I do not need to be zaken back to my papa and mama. I am of age."

"Da. But your timing of coming here to zhis terrizory gives me zhe chance to finally speak to zhem once again. Ve have unfinished business," Afon said, towering over the young tigress.

"And you vant us to meet zhem?" Alik asked, grinning at the thought of meeting important tigers. Slava rolled his eyes as Vitaly frowned. Afon, however, smiled.

"In a vay."


Yeva led them to a secluded spot in her family's territory where Vitaly saw what looked like the beginning of an underground cave. Yeva went in part way of the entrance, calling for her parents before coming out and sitting by the side. Soon, a giant male tiger with Yeva's purple eyes and a female with heavy lidded golden eyes and eyelashes came out, both looking slightly older than Afon. The male, Ipatiy, stopped at the sight of Afon, Slava, Alik, and Vitaly. The tigress Zhenya looked at Yeva as if to ask why the four males where there.

"Afon? Zhis is an unlikely…. surprise," he said, though his tone hinted that the sight of the other father tiger did not please him. Afon smiled and bowed his head.

"Ipatiy, Zhenya, before I remind you of our previous bargain, I vant to introduce my zhree sons. My oldest Slava, my second son, Alik, and my youngest, Vitaly. Da, I know he looks older zhan Alik, but he has alvays been large for his age," Afon said, each of the younger males bowing their heads as they were introduced. Ipatiy seemed to have stopped himself from groan at the beginning, while Zhenya closed her golden eyes tighter at each name. Vitaly twitched his ears at this and looked at his father, not knowing if it was alright to speak. Afon didn't look at him, but rather smiled at Ipatiy's and Zhenya's reaction. Turning his head to Yeva, he realized that she too, had noticed her parents' reactions. "Now, our bargain, if you have forgozen it, I vill remind you again zhat..," Afon started, only to be interrupted by Vitaly.

"Vhat bargain?"

"Quiet, Vitaly." Afon glared at him, as if commanding him to step back.

"I remember zhe bargain, Afon," Ipatiy said, closing his eyes. "Ve vill discuss it in zhe den, however. Zhenya, Yeva... vhy don't you two zake Afon's sons on a tour of zhe terrizory?" Zhenya nodded while Yeva answered "yes, baba," following her mother.

Slava and Alik following the tigresses quickly, though Vitaly tried to stay back to hear more. "Vhat is zhis bargain?"


Vitaly later found himself following beside Zhenya and Slava while Alik stayed by Yeva. Vitaly rolled his eyes as he listened to the two gossip about how some herbivores chose strange habits. After some silence apart of the gossip between Yeva and Alik, Vitaly decided to get to at least know Zhenya more.

"So, vhy are you and Ipatiy not happy to see my baba here? Besides zhat zhis is your terrizory," he asked. Zhenya glanced at him for a moment before opening her mouth and giving a low growl. Vitaly felt his own ears fall back, though felt confused.

"I am sorry. I did not zhink zhat vas zhat private."

He heard another low growl come from her, though he thought he heard more of a sigh. He heard Yeva sigh and speak directly to him. "I am sorry about my mama. She is mute. She cannot talk like us," she explained, seeming to have taken interest in a nearby butterfly. Vitaly felt himself blush and noticed Alik's expression towards him. Why was he looking at him in anger?

When they reached back to the den, Afon and Ipatiy were waiting outside it, Afon looking triumph and Ipatiy looking rather displeased. Zhenya looked at her husband with an expression hinting that she wanted to know something. Ipatiy looked at Zhenya as if he was downbeat and looked at Yeva.

"Yeva….if you vere to choose one of zhe three sons Afon has broughz vith him to be… your companion, who vould he be?" he asked, almost as if the world depended on it. Yeva's expression was unreadable as she looked at each one of the brothers. Vitaly felt confused again. Rita and Gonima seemed to have been good friends, part a group even, with Yeva. Wouldn't they be her companions then?

Yeva looked at her father with a confused expression. "Do I have to answer zhis question?" Ipatiy sighed and looked over at Zhenya, who gave a nod back to him.

"Yeva, come vith me. I vill explain in zhe den." Yeva followed Ipatiy, leaving the rest outside.

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