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Thalia Grace, Percy Jackson, and Annabeth Chase all lounged in the living room of the Big House. All three demigods were bored out of their minds, finding the heat exhausting. A small frown came over the daughter of Zeus's face, as if realizing something.

She sat up suddenly, and quickly turned to her friends. "We," she exclaimed, in a defiant tone, "are going to play poker".

Annabeth shrugged. "Sure, sounds better than this".

Percy however, scowled, deep lines etched into his forehead. "Poker's stupid. I'm not playing".

Thalia turned and shot him a look. "Poker happens to be my favorite game".

Both demigods leaned forward, and tension filled the room. Percy said fiercely, "So just because the great Thalia Grace likes it, we have to play-"

"Percy," Annabeth cut him off. "A word? Now". She demanded, getting up, and nodding her head towards the door. Silently, the sea gods child followed her out, glaring at the floor. As soon as they were out of earshot, Annabeth pounced on him.

"Cut Thalia some slack, Percy! She been through a hell of alot more than you, give her a break!" Annabeth snapped, slamming her hands down on the table beside her. She turned to face her friend, and gave him the scariest glare he had ever received.

Percy's green eyes flickered, and an alien expression crossed his face, but it came and went so fast, Annabeth didn't have time decipher it.

"Only in the demigod world!" Percy's voice had no emotion, and neither did his face. It was like a blank canvas.

"And in the mortal world!" The daughter of Athena said fiercely. "Her mother was an alcoholic! That's why she ran away in the first place , she was nothing to her mother. Thalia was ignored, unwanted."

Percy balled up his hands into fists, and a fearful glare crossed his features. "She's lucky! I wish Gabe gave me the privilege of pretending I didn't exist!"

Annabeth didn't have time for a comeback, that would have been, of course, crafty and witty. Because Percy stormed away towards the door, slamming it behind him. She saw him walk swiftly over to Grover who was playing volleyball.

He said a few words to the satyr, who then looked at her reproachfully, before leading Percy away. How could Grover take his side? Annabeth knew for a fact, that she was right. She huffed, and marched back to living room, over to Thalia, in disgust.

Later, when everyone was settling down for the night, Annabeth went up to Grover to confront him about taking Percy's side earlier.

"Why would you take Percy's side? You know I'm right about it". Annabeth, rather bluntly, went straight to the point.

Grover didn't look at all surprised by her outburst. He looked at her sadly. "He was right, Annabeth. I know Percy, and I know Thalia. Percy has had it worse in the mortal world, trust me".

"Yeah? How?" Annabeth crossed her over her chest and pressed her lips together angrily. "He had a loving mother who stood by him his entire life. He hasn't been through anything harder than the regular half-blood challenges".

In the limited amount of light, Grover's features looked broken and worried. Worried, Annabeth assumed, for Percy, though she didn't know why. "There are some things he hasn't told you".

That was the last comment Grover confided in her, before he trudged away. The daughter of Athena was left pondering what she had heard. What hadn't Percy told her? Being who she was, Annabeth Chase was going to find out, and prove him wrong. Thalia must have been through more.

Percy sat down next to Grover, and let his toes skim the surface of the lake. His usually bright eyes had considerably dimmed, and for once, he didn't have a comment bursting from his lips. Grover put his reed pipes down, and glanced over at his best friend.

"You okay, Perce?" Grover didn't expect an answer right away, and he certainly didn't receive one. After a moment though, the son of the sea god looked dejectedly at the satyr, revealing a broken, and lost shine that was rarely seen in his vibrant eyes.

"Thalia wanted to play Poker". He whispered. Grover had to strain to make it out. He scooted closer to his friend, who was obviously seeking comfort.

"Are you having nightmares again?"

Percy nodded. "I feel like such a coward. It's the same thing, every single night, and it's killing me. It's been two years, and I've faced hundreds of monsters, but he still terrifies me." As the demigod spoke softly, his throat closed up, and his chest started to burn.

"What Gabe did to you was horrible, Percy. You shouldn't feel ashamed, or anything like that. It took guts, to live like that for so many years, and to keep your mother safe from him". Grover tried desperately to plant this thought in Percy's mind, but the pair of sea green eyes only darkened.

"Actually, I never told you this, but he hit my mom too. I didn't find out until she turned him to stone".

This hit Grover like a ton of bricks. How could Gabe have lived with himself? "You should tell someone, Percy".

"It's been two years. There's no point, Gabe's dead, and it would only make my mom even more worried about me. And who would I tell besides you?"


At this statement, Percy's broken expression became taut, and it hardened almost instantly. "Why would I do that? She'd analyze it as something Kronos could use against the Olympians. Which he's trying to do, by the way. Saying that my dad wasn't there, when I needed him."

Grover frowned. "I thought you said he was there. And Annabeth wouldn't do that, daughter of Athena or not".

Percy sighed, but still moved to stand up, and he started to pace, back and forth across the small dock. "He was as much as he could be. He had the water heal me right? And even if Annabeth didn't connect it to Kronos, she would think I was weak. Besides, it's all about Thalia now, isn't it? I even doubt she'd listen to me anymore!"

Grover, shocked and astonished, tried to reason with the demigod. "She would listen, Perce. Annabeth cares about you, but she just got Thalia back so you can't blame her. And she doesn't know about Gabe-".

Percy cut him off abruptly. "And Annabeth's not going to know. It stopped two years ago. There's no point, I'm not telling her. No one needs to know. It's in the past, forgive and forget, right? I just need to get over it."

Grover tugged his best friend down again, and pulled him in for a manly hug, when he saw the tears threatening to stream down Percy's face. "It's okay now, Perce. He can't get to you anymore".

"She wanted to play poker. Poker, of all games. Talk about a reminder", Percy mumbled, as he roughly wiped away the tears.

Grover didn't know how to respond, so he stayed silent, uttering not even a single syllable.

"Poker", Percy shook his head once more.

The daughter of Athena was walking back from archery, her bow slung over her shoulder, when she overheard a conversation that was obviously not meant to be heard. Usually, when something like this happened, she would just walk away.

But, since it was Percy and Grover, two of her best friends, and she was trying to figure something out, well nobody could really blame her. She was a daughter of Athena after all. And it certainly didn't help when she heard her name.

"- even more worried about me." She heard Percy say, his voice low and choked up. Angry. "And who would I tell besides you?"

For one, me, Annabeth thought. It seemed Grove agreed with her, and he spoke up. "Annabeth".

Percy's muscles tensed, and Annabeth had to dive in a bush, fearing her exposure. When she finally got situated, and could quiet down enough to listen, she had already missed a portion of the conversation.

"And Annabeth's not going to know! It stopped two years ago." Percy was exclaiming, "There's no point, I'm not going to tell her. No one needs to know. It's in the past, forgive and forget, right? I just need to get over it".

She saw the demigod roughly wipe away tears. Percy Jackson never cried. He was too strong for that. Annabeth quickly backed away, her hand over her mouth, as she tried to process what she had just heard.

A week later Annabeth still couldn't figure what happened to Percy. Over and over, did she go over her fight with him, her talk with Grover, and the conversation between the two boys.

She shoved her hands in her pockets as she trudged across the beach, her eyes scanning the waters until her gaze froze on a tan boy lounging on a rock, chatting with a sea nymph. It took Annabeth a moment to realize that the certain boy was her best friend, and her subject of thought.

Her best friend, who's shaggy black hair hung over his eyes, which were bright and a vibrant green. Percy, who was currently shirtless, dripping with water, sitting on a rock, with another girl. She didn't even deny the white hot flare in her stomach as she watched him lean over and kiss the nymph on the cheek.

After doing so, he dove back into the water, and quickly swam back over to the docks. When he hauled himself onto the wooden platforms, and finally noticed her, he grinned and strolled over to her, apparently getting over their earlier fight.

"What was that about?" Annabeth asked, nodding her head towards the sea nymph, while trying to seem as if she didn't care.

"The Aphrodite Cabin asked me to talk to the nymphs. Apparently they were messing up their hair." He shrugged.

She nodded, and took a moment to process his appearance.

In Annabeth's defence, what girl wouldn't scan a shirtless boy, who also happened to have some muscles? Not her, she thought wryly, as her eyes traveled over her best friend. They widened as they landed on a bad scar.

Percy had somehow managed to acquire a jagged scar that, starting about three inches left of his belly-button, wound in a white line that crossed over his hip and disappeared beneath his basketball shorts. She gasped as she dropped to her knees to examine it.

"Oh my gods, Seaweed Brain, how the Hades did that happen?" She blushed at her tone her voice came out in. Percy blushed too as he realized where Annabeth was looking.

"Nothing," He tried to shrug it off. "Happened a while ago, just a monster".

Annabeth wasn't that stupid. She was his best friend, she would know if something like that was caused by a monster. "Percy," she sighed in exaggeration. "It wasn't caused by the fury or minotaur, I nursed you back to health, so I would know if you got a scar from that. And I was with you on both quests. You didn't get it during the school year because Tyson was there. Plus," she paused and stood up, looking him in the eye. "The scar looks old".

Percy glanced away, uncomfortable, as he tugged on a shirt. "Doesn't matter now. I'm fine, aren't I?"

"What about then?" She argued, glaring at him. "It must have hurt!"

"And it did!" He snapped, whipping back around to face. "But I can't change that now! And neither can you, so just drop it, it doesn't matter".

He turned to walk away, but Annabeth deftly caught his wrist, effectively stopping him. "Of course it matters!" She exclaimed, looking him in the eye. "My best friend was injured, and he's saying I shouldn't care!"

"Isn't Thalia you're best friend?" He asked, resentment lacing every word. Annabeth decided to ignore him.

"What aren't you telling me?" She pleaded softly.

Instantly, Percy's face fell, and it was deluged with a thousand emotions. Confusion, regret, pain. He plopped down onto the docks abruptly, dragging the girl down with him.

"My mom was still at work, and I came home from school early. All his friend had just left, and Gabe was more drunk than usual." Percy started, his voice broken and soft. His hands started to shake. "I don't remember what I said, but he just took his beer bottle and he- He took it and-" Percy broke off his sentence and took a breath.

Annabeth chest had tightened, and her muscles tensed. Tears started to brew as her best friend continued. "Typically the water would get rid of the bruises and cuts, and it could pass for a school fight. That's what I told my mom. But it didn't work that time, that's why it's the only scar. I think there was too much alcohol in it". He whispered.

"Gabe," she managed to choke out. "Gabe did this to you?"

Percy nodded, and he inhaled sharply. Annabeth pulled him into her arms, and clutched him to her chest. He wrapped his arms around her waist, and buried his head in her shoulder, his breathing uneven.

"For how long?" She whispered, hesitantly.

"Since I was six". She heard him mumble against her. Annabeth gasped, as tears coursed down her face. Her best friend was freaking abused, and he didn't even mention it to her.

"How old were you when this happened?" She asked, fearing the answer. Her fingers brushed the scar, and both half-bloods shivered at her touch.


She felt his arms tighten around her again, like he was trying to block out all the memories using her as a shield. Together, moving as one, they shifted until Annabeth sat in his lap, her hands silently running through his dark hair. Their position was similar to the one in Siran Bay, the only difference being that instead of Annabeth, Percy's head was buried in her shoulder.

"I am so sorry Percy," The daughter of Athena said. "I never should have said any of the things I did earlier", referring back to their previous disagreement.

"S'okay", Percy mumbled. "You didn't know".

It doesn't matter!" Annabeth said fiercely. "Oh my gods, Percy".

She wanted to say more, but was interrupted by a pair of blue flip-flops, belonging to Thalia Grace. Her arms were crossed over her chest, and a smug grin on her face.

"Well, well, well," She laughed. "What have we got here?"

Annabeth immediately blushed, and opened her mouth to say something, but was cut off when Percy raised his head. His face was like a clean slate, his eyes were sparkling, and his grin the same as always, though she could faintly make out a red tinge to his cheeks.

"Oh my gods, Thalia," He chuckled, shifting so Annabeth was sitting next to him. "You should have seen it. Travis taped a plastic spider to the deck, and Wise Girl freaked. The spider was tiny too, and she just comes and tackles me, sobbing like a five year old. Funniest thing all week".

Annabeth, catching on, slapped his chest. "It was not funny Seaweed Brain! It was horrifying!"

Thalia, not quite believing them, raised an eyebrow, as her two friends stood up. "Where's the spider?"

Percy stared at her blankly. "I threw it into the lake".

Satisfied, though looking a little disappointed, Thalia shrugged, and bumped hips with Percy. "Since you were the party pooper earlier, you wanna go play Poker?"

Annabeth glanced at Percy, and didn't miss the look he shot her. "Naw," she said fast. "I don't feel like Poker right now. Let's swim!"

Percy eyes instantly lit up. "Then let's go!" he said, shrugging off his shirt again, and diving into the water.

Thalia rolled her eyes and muttered something about fish, before leaning over and whispering in Annabeth's ear.

"You just wanted to see him shirtless".

The daughter of Athena swore her cheeks were on fire. "No", she denied.

But she dove into the water anyway.

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