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I'm inside my chambers trying to heal myself but failing miserably. I'm too weak to do this. I don't remember anything from before. All I remember are the insults of my masters and the tortures the Guys in White do to me.
So here I am, in a dark corner of my chambers, as I anxiously listen to the delightful sound of their time has come to if I'm weak I have some power left I turned intangible and went through my door and ran to the computer. I made a bank account and put all the money and properties of Vlad masters to my name. I chose that moment to sound the alarm.
I ran as fast as I could. My masters (Slade and Vlad) were behind me. I was scared. I was too weak to run faster than light. I could only run like a human. The pain was a lot but it didn't matter. I only wanted to escape. They almost caught me but I opened the exit door and threw myself out.
I was going to die but it didn't matter at least I was going to be free. I closed my eyes as I felt the air around my body, the liberty was a great. The pressure stopped, maybe I had died but I was free at last. I searched my pocked and took my glasses out and put them on I slowly opened my eyes I found myself on the on one side 14 year old white haired boy the other side a white hared 12 year old werent totaly human i could sense it.
"Am I dead?"I asked them
"No you aren't, I caught you in time "said the boy
"What's your name?" The girl asked.
"I don't remember my name but I'm sure you can help me hide." I replied, sitting up.
"And why would we help you?"Asked the boy, raising an eyebrow.
"I've been tortured, dissected, used as an experimental animal by the guys in white, Vlad Masters, and Slade. Skulker came to buy me once. He wanted my pelt. But Ember stopped him. She defended me and after he left, we talked for a while. She nicknamed me lucky" I said.
"OK, we'll help you. I'm Danny and this is my daughter(yes in this fanfiction dani is adopted by danny) Danni which is spelled with an 'I'." He was kind about it, but it didn't matter. I had someone who I could rely on now. I looked at myself, the cuts were fresh and my skin looked burnt. I had many wounds. Danni observed my cuts also.
"We need to take you home." Danny told me.
"I'll get Sam and Tucker." said Danni as she picked me up bridal style. I acted like I didn't care but I had to hug his neck for support.
"Hey, what can I call you?" Danny asked as we floated in the air.
"Call me yue."
"Well yue, you can trust me. I can help you "He smiled.
"Thank you" I whispered as I fell asleep in his arms.
In my dream, I saw a boy about 18 years old that looked like Danny in "Phantom form" but he had a hoodie on.
"You where chosen as a guardian." I looked as another memory moved in. I saw myself singing,
Angel of darkness
Angel of darkness
The world is in my hand
But I will fight until the end
Angel of darkness
Angel of darkness
They'll follow my command
But I will fight and I will stand
While I sang, my clothes turned white-black and my hair grew short. A pair of angel wings appeared, one was black and the other was white. In a flash, I awoke. I found myself panting. I looked around and realized I was in a room. I was covered with band aids.
Danny, Danni, a Goth girl, and a black kid entered the room.
"yue, I want you to meet Sam Manson and Tucker Foley. Sam, Tucker this is Luna granger. That is her temporal name since she has amnesia" Danni said as I smiled to both of the new kids. I was kind of awkward and I knew it would soon worse when they start asking me questions.

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