ok look let me explain calmly.*sigh*i was born in us and only lived there 5 months.i came here to mexico but my first years my parents spoke english to me all the i turned six we broke the and another thing being bilingual makes it diffuccult for me to learn correct spelling and grammar(besides im too lazy to learn it)so i do speak english im only bad at writing both that ? ok now to continiue the story!



i cant belive it!she is the girl who dissapeared about a year ago! i had to tell the rest of the team. so i ran to were the rest of the titans were.

"guys... remember the girl who dissapeared..."i said nervously.

"yes..."said others looked at me they were puzzled i could feel it.

"well we have her..."i emotions changed fast they were all shoked.

"so she is..."said starfire.i all ran to the phantoms and thair friends had left.
whenwe saw her there,she looked like the bravest person in the she couldent fool me even if she was a great actress .i knew she was scared to death.


they came in. im almost sure they will start asking me questions or worse start taking DNA samples from me !help!wait a moment i remember something of my was how to know each persons isnt human...she isnt an alien like starfire or an experiment like cyborg and beast boy. she is HALF DEAMON!oh my god!im stuck whith someone who kind of has my same power(well half of it actually).so there i was a teenage girl whith a bunch of (mostly human) teenage heros.

"what is your real name?"asked robin.i sighed i knew this was coming sooner or later.

"easter lily emerald Daee"i answered.i waited for him to do he did something unexpected .he smiled at me.

"well lily welcome to the team you are a teen titan"he said.i was surprized they all came and hugged me.i smiled i liked having friends.

"what are you?"asked cyborg.i was feeling nervous now.

"welll..."how can i tell them whith out freaking them out!?

"you can trust us friend lily"said starfire. i was could i tell them something i have been hiding since i was born?

"we will accept you no matter what you are"said beast boy.i looked at raven and she nodded .i think she knew my besides i think they already knew hers and she was still part of the team.

"im half angel and half deamon. i when i touch sobodies flesh i can get his or her abbility imeadiatly,its kind of what happens to tamaranians whith lip contact"i were amazed.

"i have this human form for me to be protected from cientists"i waited till they were more relaxed and holded the pendant on my choker.

"angel of darkness deamon of light"i whispered imeadiatly i transformed into my final form.
they were amazed thair jaw that we trained for days.i learned about each of thair stories and felt sorry for turned into great friends .raven showed me how to controll my emotions and be prepared for boy showed me how to shape showed me showed me how to hack into the computers and build machines from showed me how to focus my energy.i was happy and wanted nothing more than ...


im happy she has new friends. i dont want her to fall for annyone. i know it is selfish but im in love whith her. even if she cant see me be there for her