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Eight Years Ago…

The echoes of little feet bounced off the walls of the hallway, followed by quiet twinkling giggles. A tiny girl, no older than two, poked her head around the doorway gazing in to see a messy haired man reading a book. Cheekily smiling, the toddler attempted to tiptoe across the doorway. "And where do you think you are going?" said a distinctly British voice, the man sitting on the loveseat removing his glasses and looking up at the girl; one very thick eyebrow rose amusedly.

The little girl blushed, twiddling her fingers behind her back nervously as she pouted. The man smiled, putting a bookmark in his book and placing it on the side table. "Come here Marilyn." The tiny blond approached slowly, looking from side to side uneasily.

"Well isn't someone acting a little guilty." Marilyn puffed out her cheeks, trying to glare which only made her look adorable. The man patted the area of the seat next to him and she crossed her arms for a moment, looking thoroughly disgruntled before climbing up beside him. "Now, what are you doing out of bed? It's a quarter till eleven poppet." Marilyn raised an eyebrow, like the man had earlier before reaching over to poke him.

"Nos spose be up." She said, giving him the same slightly amused look he had given her earlier. The man rolled his eyes, gently lifting her up to place on his lap.

"Alright, yes you are right. I'm not supposed to be up now either. I was waiting for your father." She cocked her head up at him.

"Where Dada?" He snuggled her close, running piano fingers through her blond locks.

"He got a call from his boss love, he will be home soon." Marilyn looked up at him, eyes asking 'when?' "Soon my darling."

It was grew quiet, the only sounds being their soft breathing and the sound of the crackling fireplace nearby. He then sighed, holding the child close to his chest as he stood up. "Just because your git of a father is taking forever does not mean you need to be up though."

"No Mum! No! Wan Dada!"

"I know you want to say goodnight poppet but you need your rest." A sudden click and the jiggling of a knob sound from down the hall grasped both of their attentions. The man carried Marilyn out to the hallway at the same time the door at the end, where the little girl had likely been aiming, opened. Another man entered, carrying a briefcase as his tired baby blue eyes swept over the man and girl. A bright grin lit up his face as the man holding Marilyn rolled his eyes but gave a small smile.

"Well, not quite what I was expecting. What are you doing up Lynny girl?" he said, eyes flickering from the man to Marilyn as he closed the door behind him. She began to squirm, reaching out for him.

"Dada! Dada! Dada!"

"I-oof! Think she wants you Alfred!" said the man struggling to hold onto the squirming child. Alfred chuckled, putting the briefcase down on the nearby table before walking over and taking Marilyn from him, spinning her around once before hugging her. "She wanted to see you before she went to sleep…"

Said little girl giggled, wrapping her tiny arms around Alfred's neck. "Aww, you and your Momma have been waiting up for me?" he said, kissing the British man's cheek.

"I-I don't see why you keep referring to me as 'Mom'. I am clearly not a woman!"

"I know Artie!"


"Mum!" said Marilyn, laughing again as she reached out for Arthur who, after shooting a cross look at Alfred, took the girl back.

"Stupid git…" he muttered, blushing, before turning and heading towards the stairs. Alfred followed, humming the theme to Blue's Clue's under his breath.

"Trust me Artie, she just wanted to make sure we both were here and safe, that's why she waited up. I know I'm 'not the Mama'."

"You better not dare show her that show! I will not have my daughter turning into Elizaveta carrying a bloody pan around!" Alfred laughed as Arthur shot him another glare over his shoulder at the top of the stairs.

"I won't but just so you know, I just won."

"What does that mean?!" Arthur paused outside a door with the initials M.E.K.J painted on with different vibrant colors and glitter surrounding it. Alfred grinned mischievously as he leaned over, kissing the shorter man full on the mouth. After a startled, blushing moment Arthur gently kissed back, the two only breaking off with a giggle and yawn from Marilyn as she curled into Arthur more.

"It means you recognized the quote darling." Said Alfred, opening the door with a smile and eyes a bit darker. If Arthur could turn anymore red, he was there as he curtly walked in muttering under his breath about 'idiot Americans'. He gently placed the nearly asleep toddler into the cradle, pulling the covers over her shoulders as she snuggled into a small, light green quilted baby blanket. He then picked up a small white unicorn off the floor and put it next to her, making Marilyn smile and run a tiny hand through the coarse mane.

"Good night love." Arthur whispered, leaning down to kiss her forehead. Alfred had walked over behind them and reached down, tickling her before also kissing the top of her head.

"Night baby girl." The little girl curled her legs up to her chest before looking up at her parents.

"Gween sweeves." Arthur smiled as Alfred chuckled.

"That's what you get for singing to her while pregnant." He joked, shooting his green eyed husband a smirk which was ignored as Arthur leaned down to brush a few strands of Marilyn's blond hair out of her face.

"Alas my love, you do me wrong; To cast me off discourteously," he started to sing, his voice a soft tenor. "And I have loved you oh so long; Delighting in your company." Marilyn yawned, struggling to stay awake as her 'Mum' sang through the song. Her green eyes kept blinking open and close before finally closing as Arthur sang the last verse.

"Greensleeves was my heart of gold; And who but my lady Greensleeves…"

Present Day…

Name: Ashley (Prefers being called Ash)

Gender: Female

D.O.B: Unknown. Presumed to be sometime during the year 2011. Given birthday of July Thirteenth.

Hair: Dusty Blond

Eyes: Green

Other: Brought to agency by unknown woman (Presumed to be the mother) with no name or explanation. Had only clothes on back, a blanket, a stuffed animal and an odd necklace. With no missing children's report or a D.N.A match in system, was named and put into foster care. Has been in numerous households and family homes (See attached papers) without success. Not necessarily rebellious but finds ways to create problems. Uncertain psychological state, often zones out or talks to air. Keep away from large bodies of water, cannot swim. Not recommended for first time foster parent; considered unadoptable.

A middle aged man closed the file, turning to a woman seated next to him with a smile. "She sounds like an energetic child. We're excited to meet her." He said, turning back to look across the desk at an older gray haired man with a stern set frown.

"She is one of our more…problematic children. She has a nose for trouble." The older man said, his face seeming to never move from the stoic look.

"We've cared for many of your 'problematic' children who were just misjudged by adults." Said the woman, already defending the child she hadn't even met yet.

A little girl, around the age of ten, quietly closed the door to the room before sitting back in the wooden seat stationed next to the door, moving her hat slightly so it wouldn't pull at her ponytail. "Great…hopefully they won't be like the Coopers…" she muttered, leaning back in the seat to blow the bangs off of her forehead but failed to move the stubborn blond locks. She fiddled subconsciously with the pendant of her necklace, a strange pitchfork like mark on one side with a rose and several letters etched on the back. Clasping it tightly in one hand, she sighed.

"I really hate this place…" she whispered, reaching down for the backpack next to her, rooting around in it until she pulled out a regular black and white composition notebook and a neon pink sparkly pen.

Opening it to the first page she titled it: Day 1 and after checking the time on the clock hanging above her wrote 8:23 AM next to it. Skipping the first line she began to write.

Back again at the agency. They seriously need to repaint these walls…and invest in comfier chairs. Man are these things hard! Today I'll be starting my time with a old couple called 'Johnson'. Well not old like Thompsons' old but not exactly just out of college kinda people. Apparently have dealt with 'problem' kids like me before. My prediction this time is three weeks before they send me back.

The sound of chairs scraping the floor made her turn towards the door briefly before continuing to write.

Looks like Carroway just finished the rundown. I wonder what it'll be like this time…God I really hope they aren't like the Coopers...but-

The door opened and the stern man poked his head out, motioning her to come in. She threw the notebook back in her bag and tucked the necklace back under her red t-shirt as she stood up. Zipping up the red, white, and blue backpack she walked into the room, seeing the couple she had just been observing standing and looking at her. The man had warm brown eyes and laugh lines around his mouth as he smiled at her. The woman was also smiling, her brown hair pulled into a messy bun. She couldn't help finishing the sentence of her first entry of her journal in her mind: -oh well, here goes nothing!

"Hiya I'm Ash!" she shouted, putting on the biggest grin she could muster, moving the Yankees baseball cap covering her head to reveal her green eyes, glowing in amusement. "And I'm now your problem!"

And there is the prologue. I promise things will be explained next chapter, I will reveal what is obvious though that Alfred and Arthur are clearly America and England whom had a child Marilyn. Ash is also the main character with another boy, Japan's son, that you get to meet in the next chapter. If you know what TV show America mentioned earlier, cookie to you! Review please, just don't flame!