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Chapter 6 Part 1:

"If children have the ability to ignore all odds and percentages, then maybe we can all learn from them. When you think about it, what other choice is there but to hope? We have two options, medically and emotionally: give up, or fight like hell."

- Lance Armstrong

A girl giggled, clambering onto the chair she had spent the past five minutes moving to the counter. After succeeding in getting on the chair she climbed up onto the countertop and using a turned over fruit bowl, grabbed hold of the microwave and pulled herself up onto it and easily stepped up onto the top of the fridge. The little blonde was about to attempt and climb up on top of the cabinets when a startled yelp made her turn her head and look down. "Hi hi Mum!" she said, her voice squeaky and adorable. The person was blurry and dark, with no way to distinguish any recognizable features about them.

"Oh bloody hell! How-how did you-?!" The person called out for someone fearfully.


Someone else walked into the kitchen, laughing in what sounded like amusement. The first person hit the second person in the arm and the girl giggled. "Now how did you come up with this idea baby girl?" said the second person as they reached up and clasped two hands around her little waist.


Pulling the girl down, she was instantly scolded and desperately hugged by the first person to the continuing amusement of the second, although the shaking hand on her back gave away that they had been as scared for her as the first. "Sowwy Mum, Dada."

The first person seemed torn between being mad or annoyed but settled on an exasperated affectionate hug. "I-it's alright love, just don't do that again."

"Chikusho, Johnson-san!"

She squirmed deeper into the person's hold, taking a deep breath of the familiar scent of tea and cologne the latter of which always made her nose wrinkle. She felt safe and happy. There was nowhere else she would rather be.

Suddenly the whole kitchen and the figures crashed like glass and the girl screamed as she fell into darkness. Faces appeared around her; Creepy Scar's Face, Catwoman, and the Johnson's all with blood running down their faces. "No! Mum! Dada! No!" She'd never felt more scared and alone than that moment.

Ash's body jolted awake at the same moment her head collided with the back of the horse trailer with a loud thud! "What the-?!"

Kaito stood in front of her, holding onto the bars that separated them from the horses so that unlike her, his cranium wouldn't be screaming in pain for colliding with the hard metal as the truck came to a sudden stop. "Finally! I thought I would have to let Buster-kun kick you for you to awaken!" he said, sighing as he extended a hand to her.

Rubbing the back of her head with one hand Ash reached up with the other to be helped up. "Yeah some wakeup call alright…" she muttered, face splitting into a giant yawn at the end of the sentence. "…so where are we?"

"A gas station I believe. I think we are right near Washington D.C."

"Great!" Stretching her arms up, Ash finally bent down to pick up the notebook she had been writing in earlier to place it in her bag when she felt something nuzzle her hair. "Hey! My hair's not hay Stormy!" She gently rubbed the gray horse's muzzle before kissing it.

"Come now you two! Ash, do you remember the spell Cæppe?" said Tink, poofing in a sparkle of yellow dust by her shoulder.

"Oh yes I remember! That's perfect Tink!" Pulling out of her bag a piece of construction paper and chalk, Ash began to sketch a circle shape. Kaito watched her work over her shoulder as a simple square in the center was scribbled over and a slight flow encased it. Ash muttered some words under her breath and the glow spread over the two children.

As if on que the door opened behind them and a tall woman entered, wearing a dusty leather jacket and cowboy boots. Kaito and Ash froze, staring at her. The woman blinked and squinted, almost as if trying to see something really small before shrugging to herself and walking in.

Ash grabbed Kaito's arm pulling him to the side of the trailer while slowly putting her backpack on and keeping hold of the piece of paper.

Holding a finger to her lips, Ash and Kaito exited the trailer with a wave goodbye to Buster and Stormy. Dashing across the parking lot and to the sidewalk, the two children and fairy were suddenly in the midst of heavy traffic; both pedestrian and vehicles.

Crossing the street (Carefully!), they walked down the sidewalk and found themselves walking besides a large cemetery. "How cheerful." Whispered Kaito, looking through the fence at the grave stones.

"It's Arlington Cemetery."

"Are you sure?"

"Hai, watashi wa shitte iru." Kaito looked over at her with a proud smile on his face.

"I cannot believe how quickly you are beginning to understand Japanese." Ash shrugged, continuing to walk by with one hand resting on her stomach. "Are you alright Johnson-san?"

"Sorry I just suddenly don't feel good. I guess its cause a ton of dead people are next to us." She shivered, pulling her jean jacket closer to herself as Tink gently rubbed her head.

"We will be to the bridge soon. Would you like me to get the map out?"

"Nah not right now. We just follow this around for a bit and we'll get there. Just don't get hit baka."

"I am not a baka. I am rather proud of my intelligence." Ash burst out laughing at his serious face but kept her gaze away from the graveyard. It made her heart hurt looking at all the graves there.

About ten minutes of walking later and they were crossing a beautiful big bridge across the Potomac River. "Wow…I've always wanted to come here!" gasped Ash, looking out at the sparkling water.

"Hai, it is a beautiful place. America-san brought us here once, when the sakura trees were blooming."

"Really?! I bet that was a pretty sight!" Kaito nodded, smiling at the thought of the memory.

"All the petals fell like snow with a simple touch of the breeze. It reminded me of the sakura trees at my home."

"So cool…hey c'mon, let's check out Old Abe!" shouted Ash, taking off running as soon as they got to the other side.

"W-wait up!" Ash laughed, only stopping when she got to a crosswalk where several teenagers in red and black letter jackets were waiting to cross as well. Kaito caught up, panting heavily as he glared at her slightly. "I thought…gomenasai…we needed to get to New York?" he continued after taking a few breaths.

"Which is hours away by car dude. Let's find a place to stay here tonight then head out first thing in the morning instead of sleeping somewhere along the way. You know a recoup kind of thing." After seeing a confused look on his face she continued. "Think about it, we can sneak onto a truck or something right now and when he stops for the night we'll be God knows where without a place to stay. In cities at least we can find shelter." Kaito sighed but nodded.

"I suppose so." His dark eyes flashed to the teenagers, who were caught up in a conversation between them about instruments and such. Apparently they hadn't heard a word of their conversation.

"Sweet!" The light changed and they crossed with the teenagers to the sidewalk near the Lincoln Memorial. The wind was ice cold and Ash was glad she had her jacket on but poor Kaito only had his vest to help him. "Wow! Look at it! It's huge and wow! The water's so smooth!"

Kaito chuckled at her reaction as she raced ahead to stand at the water's edge. "It is very beautiful. It looks like a mirror has been placed on the ground to reflect everything around it." Ash shivered as another gust of wind blew and made the water ripple the perfect image.

"Yeah but let's get out of this wind!" The kids raced up the steps, Tink fluttering ahead with Kaito while Ash slowed down and came to a stop before entering. She looked up at the large sitting statue of a man with a beard. "Abraham Lincoln…"

"Hurry up Johnson-san!" Ash finally entered, dodging around a couple leaving as she continued to gaze up at the statue of the sixteenth president.

"In this temple as in the hearts of the people for whom he saved the Union, the memory of Abraham Lincoln, is enshrined forever…" she whispered, reading the inscription.

"Ano…I am afraid my American history is not up to standards, what did this President do?" Ash was silent for a moment before turning to Kaito.

"A lot of things. He was President during the war between the states."

"Ah…" The two stood there for a bit longer, watching other people rush around and take pictures, each person caught up in their own miniature world. Ash sighed, shaking her head.

"Let's keep going. How about we check out the Washington Memorial?"

"Where's that?" asked Kaito as the two stepped down the steps in front of the pool.

"Right ahead of us dude." …the spire-like thing?

"It is in memorial of the first president, correct?"

"Hai!" Ash dashed ahead, once more looking at the water as he raised an eyebrow, looking at the distant monument.

"…it looks nothing like him…"

It was another fifteen minutes later and the kids were sitting on the wall outside the visitors center of the Washington Monument, looking at the page in the atlas for Washington D.C. "So maybe we should-" Ash was cut off by her stomach growling.

"When was the last time we ate?" asked Kaito.

"Before we left this morning I think. So, first order of business: Food. Maybe there are some vendors closer to the Smithsonian's…" Leaping off the wall, she folded the map and shoved it back into her bag.

Kaito nodded, the two heading down the street, finally seeing a hot dog vendor at the corner. Tink wrinkled her nose in disgust. "Those things are disgusting! Do you even realize what are in them?!" muttered Tink, glaring as Ash paid for two dogs and bottles of water.

"Nope and don't wanna know." She took a bite of the dog as Kaito gently tore a piece off of his to eat.

"If you want to know something truly gross, try Shiokara." Ash paused mid-bite, looking at him wide eyed.


"You do not want to know." He tore another bite of the hot dog to eat as the two began walking under the nearby trees. Ash rolled her eyes, giggling as Tink gagged.

"What is the next mission?" Kaito asked after swallowing a bite. The two were walking down what the street sign said to be Jefferson Drive. "And is that a castle?"

"The Smithsonian I think." Ash took a sip of the water. Dodging some people passing by, the two children and fairy passed the huge building he'd commented on and others similar to it. "The map said the Capital is right ahead. Great, politicians…" Kaito raised an eyebrow at her.

"We are not going inside. It is not like they will be talking to you." She shrugged, finishing off her hotdog.

"Still don't like 'em." Kaito slightly paused mid-step, prickles of tension and the feeling of being watched spreading over him but he recovered and quickly began walking again.

"Johnson-san don't look but I believe we are being followed." He said, taking another piece of the hotdog and popping it into his mouth.

"I figured that's what those sunglasses wearing, dower looking tourists back there were. Tink,"

"I think they're some of the Creepy Scar Dude's men. Act normal." Said Tink, earning a snort of short laughter from Ash.

"Yeah sure normal." They stopped at the end of the street, another pool of water ahead of them. "On three I'm gonna head left. Follow me and try to keep up with me. If we get separated, let's meet up at…in front of the White House?" said Ash, putting the water bottles into her backpack.


"One." Kaito finished his dog as well and tossed the wrapper into a nearby garbage can.

"Two." Tink fluttered nervously, eyeing the men keeping trained eyes on the two children.


To the three sunglasses wearing, serious men following the kids; one second the boy and girl were standing there waiting for the light to change and the next were halfway down the left street at full sprint that any track star would be jealous of. "Scheisse! Nach ihnen!"shouted the taller one in the middle as the three men took off after the kids.

Romano was pissed. Which, although was not unusual, was still rather unnerving. He jumped out of his red Ferrari (Actually it was Veniziano's but who cares!), flipping off a driver who cussed at him as he went by. "Vaffanculo!" shouted the irate Italian, glaring at the man's stupid silver car as it disappeared down the road. The world meeting started yesterday, which he normally left that position to his brother so he could take a nap, but it was put on hold suddenly. He'd just gotten the call a several hours ago from his cretino brother and the photo from the scene that finally gave Romano insight to whatever hell had happened.

"Figlio di puttana…" he growled, walking up the steps of the building. That picture of a scar faced man…Mannagia! How could he have not recognized him before?! Well the last photo was really blurry…and he had been eating a tomato and didn't really look…but that's not the God damn point!

His mood took a 180 turn as he caught sight of the woman at the front desk. Turning on his most flirtatious smile, Romano walked up to her. "Hello bella~ I need to get up to the meeting room but I would much rather be down here with you." He practically purred, taking her hand and kissing it. The woman, her name tag reading Elsie, flushed and stuttered.

"O-of course!" she squeaked as Romano winked at her. He let go of her hand, blowing a kiss before heading to the elevator. Pressing the button the door opened and he got on, the moment the door closed his usual scowl settled back onto his face.

"Merda! America and England are going to kill me!" He flinched as he pressed the button for the meeting room floor. Making a note to grab Spain, who was a stupid tomato bastardo but could at least protect him if America tried to kill him, he waited to get to the eighth floor where it had been moved to from the first.

The door opened with a 'Ping!' and Romano stepped out. Several nations were gathered in little gossipy groups around the hall. The Bad Touch Trio were having a conversation right down the hall and he frowned. "Hey Bastardo! Spain! Get your ass over here!" Romano shouted, interrupting whatever the three old friends were talking about. Instantly a smile lit up the Spaniards face as he rushed to greet him.

"ROMANO!~" shouted Spain, hugging the poor Italian he blushed and attempted to rip off the stupid Spaniard.

"Get off of me you fucking idiot!"

"I'm glad to see you to mi tomate~!" Romano growled and Spain finally pulled away, still keeping a firm hold on his shoulder as his green eyes sparkled. "I was hoping you would come!"

"I don't have time for you stupid tomato bastard. Where's Japan, America or whoever's leading this dumbass search?" Spain finally noticed the manila folder Romano was holding and raised an eyebrow as the rest of the trio walked up.

"I'll come with you then Romanito!" France and Prussia grinned, although the latter's one was a bit more maniacal than cheerful.

"What do you have there little Romano?" asked France, trying to get the folder.

"Hey! Get away fucktard!"

"Kesekesekese~ Looks like a shitstorm's hit Bitchville." Laughed Prussi, going around the Italian in an attempt to get the folder.

"Go to hell Potato Bastard Number 2!"

"What the Holy Hell is going on out here?!" shouted Germany, banging the door open that led to a nearby room as he glared at the occupants of the hallway.

"Is the search party in there Potato Bastard?" asked Romano, glaring at the buff German. Slowly the blond nodded, one eyebrow raised. "Fuck. Move it Spain." He grabbed the Spaniard's wrist and pulled him past the startled German and into the room.

"Romano! You arrived!" happily chimed Italy, eyes popping open as he smiled widely at his brother.

"South Italy? What are you doing here?" asked England, getting up from his seat.

"Ah, Romano-san." Said Japan as he looked at the Italian with exhausted eyes.

"Yeah, yeah that's my fucking name I know!" he hissed, going to the table and putting the thick folder down.

"What's that?" questioned Germany, heading over to where the darker haired Italian stood. Romano sighed, opening the folder.

"It's who you're fucking looking for, Heinrich Wolfe."

"Who?" asked China, before gasping as he saw the picture.

"Scar Face." Hissed America, glaring at the photo. "Where did you find this?"

Romano gulped. "I got the picture you took earlier from the security camera. It was better than last time and I recognized him. I dug around a little and brought everything I could find."

"Recognized him?!" yelled England, turning and glaring at Romano who ducked behind Spain as much as he could without looking to fearful of the British man.

"He's ex mafia. Used to be a body guard for a Don in Sicily. Actually got that fucking scar in a mafia war several years ago. I never saw him after he got the scar so I didn't recognize him at first!"

Japan and America were looking through the folder, skimming each paper as quickly as they could. "Yeah but who the hell does he work for now?" asked America, eyes narrowing at the paper in hand.

"Some private company based out of this city, New York. The only thing I could find was the acronym, RFEL."

"Call Estonia here would ya Germany? He can probably find out more about it than we can." Asked Japan, turning to look at the German who was already on his cell phone.

"I am already dialing him."

"Have you gone through all of this Romano?" asked China, looking over Japan's shoulder at the papers.

"Si, I went through it all before I left and on the plane ride over. His background's all blacked out. Wolfe's probably not even his real name." he said, gold eyes flickering to Spain.

"If we find him…" started Spain, his face actually serious for once.

"We find Kai." Finished Italy, looking out the large window with a quiet look on his face. Two birds, a raven and a pigeon flew by suddenly, casting two shadows across the room as they flew away from the city with an odd sense of urgency.

Ash flew down the alleys and crowded roads, making it hard for Kaito to follow her but harder still for their pursuers. Even though she had claimed never to have visited D.C. before, she sure knew all the little pathways and alleys you could cut through that were most certainly not on that map.

Breathing heavily they rounded a corner and the two finally came to a stop right across the street from a large red brick building with several doors leading in. There was a crowd settled outside it so Kaito couldn't tell what the place was.

The two were panting and Ash leaned over, clutching her knees. "Did we…lose them?" Ash asked through gasping breaths. Kaito looked over his shoulder, the men were not there or barreling down the street after them.

"I-I believe so." Ash nodded, moving to sit against the wall of the building behind them. Pulling off her backpack, she unzipped it and whispered something under her breath. The two bottles of water flew out of it and into her hand.

Ash tossed the filled one to Kaito, uncapping her already half-drunk one to take several gulps from it. He followed suite and opened his to take a drink of the still cold water. "Magic?" he asked, after his bottle was halfway empty and his breaths had calmed down.

"Yeah…I'll try and teach you it later." Shaking the bottle over her mouth to get the last drops out, Ash let her head rest against the building. "Dude…I feel like I'm gonna pass out."

"Well, we did just run like…what is the saying? Chickens with their heads sliced off?"

"Cut off, you almost got it Ziva."

"What?" Ash giggled.

"Sorry you're Japanese not Israeli." Kaito rolled his eyes. Americans. Ash ignored his amused look, looking ahead at the building and crowd across the street.

"Where are we?" asked Kaito, taking another sip of the water.

"Umm…I'll get the map." She replied, whispering again under her breath and the map flew out of the bag and into her hand. Opening it with a crinkly sound to the D.C. page, Ash scanned over the simply colored page. Kaito leaned over to look as well as he drank his water. "We were just on East Street right?"


"And that's the Hard Rock café so that building across is-" All the blood suddenly drained out if her face and Kaito steadied her as she swayed in place.

"Johnson-san? What's wrong?" She didn't reply, only clutched her head in pain. "Johnson-san?!"

"Let's get out of here Honda." She whispered, nearly falling over as she stood up.

"What? Johnson-san I am not sure you should even be moving right now! Are you ill?"

"Honda please." There was something in her eyes. The green depths were filled with pain, pain that she didn't understand and that was terrifying her. Ash looked like she had seen a ghost.

Grabbing the backpack and throwing what was left of his drink into it, Kaito zipped it up and stood up. "Thank you." She whispered, taking the bag from him and heading down the street while avoiding looking right.

"Daujyoubu." As they passed another building Kaito finally saw the name across the street, "Fords Theatre". He furrowed his eyebrows, wondering why it's name brought such a bad feeling to Ash but deciding not to ask. Who would have thought he would be using his Otousan's advice of 'reading the atmosphere and refrain from speaking' so much?

At the end of the street Ash finally stopped, sighing as she wrapped her arms around herself. "Gomenasai Honda. I…don't know what came over me." She said, shaking her head and making her braids swing back and forth.

"Again, it is alright Johnson-san." Ash smiled softly, more color returning to her face.

"It feels weird, you calling me by my last name. How about just Ash?" An eyebrow raise from Kaito made her giggle. "Fine, at least Ash-san."

"Then you must call me Kaito-san." Kaito outstretched his hand at her.

"Deal." The two shook hands and the burst out into laughter, the giggles slowly fading from the two kids as something hit Ash.

"Jesus-where's Tink?!" Kaito and Ash looked around but there was no sight of the pink haired, yellow clad fairy. "Shit...Tink?!"

Kaito's face paled and he grabbed her wrist, "We need to move Ash-san!" The three black clad men were racing down the street towards them, knocking off a vendors merchandise as they ran.

"But Tink-"

"She will find us!" He pulled her across the street, dodging a car as they suddenly found themselves in the midst of a large crowd of people. "Oh my…" said Kaito as Ash took the lead, leading them deeper into the mass.

"Hold on Kaito-san, let's try to lose them in the group!" The two kids hid behind a large woman in a fancy looking dress. The men were trying to work their way through the crowd but with all the people surrounding them it was hard to see anything.

Ash glanced around, eyes falling onto a scraggly looking man who stared back at her. She looked at him and then at the foreign lackey's before back at the man. He turned at looked at the men, eyes narrowing. The man moved slightly motioning for the two kids to come. "Follow me." Said Ash, clutching at Kaito's wrist tighter as the crowd became thicker.

"Nani? What are you-" The blond haired girl ignored him, pulling Kaito along to the homeless looking man. "Who-"

"Later Kaito-san." She then turned to the man.

"Those guys are trouble aren't they?" The man asked, his voice having a distinctive southern drawl to it. The two nodded, albeit Kaito's was more cautious. "You kids sneak inside the church. Wait in the back and I'll show you the back way out.

"Alright." Using the moving mass of people she could now see was coming from the church, Ash ducked behind tall and big people to slip through the doors with a very worried Kaito following suit.

"Ash-san! Who was that?!"

"I dunno." Kaito raised an eyebrow, an expression he had been using more and more often around the American girl.

"Then why are we listening to him?"

"It felt like it was the right thing to do." She let go of his wrist and approached the communion table in the far front of the room.

"Magic feeling?" Ash slowly shook her head.

"No…something told me in my heart that he would help us." Kaito sighed.

"I wonder about you Ash-san." She stuck her tongue out at him and grinned. They heard a creaking from the door, making Ash fly to hide behind the table and Kaito ducking under a pew.

"Sir no one's allowed in the church right now!" came someone's voice from just outside the door.

"We cannot find my daughter and her friend, they were playing over here and might have gone inside." Came a thickly German voice making Ash gulp and then fist her hands. How dare that guy pretend to be her parent!

"Everyone has left already and I just checked. No one's here sir. Please, I'm sure-"

"I just saw a boy and girl run down the street. A blond girl and black haired boy." That was the voice of the hobo looking man.

"Are you sure?" Another thickly German accent but not the same as the other.

"Yes, just down thattaway."

"Thank you." Footsteps and then silence. Ash peeked out from under the table, making eye contact with Kaito before looking at the door. It opened a bit and dirty, torn looking sneakers came in.

"You kids okay?" Ash jumped up from behind the table and Kaito poked his head out from around the pew.

"I'm breathing." Said Ash sarcastically, making Kaito smile a bit.

"Hai, daijyoubu desu." Ash rolled her eyes at him as he got up, brushing himself off.

"I'm Gallium, Jay Gallium. What kinda trouble are you kids in?" The two children shared a look before Kaito sighed and nodded.

"The kidnapped kind sir." She chose to leave out…the Johnson's from him. A confused look was on his face as Gallium looked between the two of them.

"Why haven't you gone to the police?"

"It's been corrupted. Kaito-san's…kinda important." The man sighed.

"Let me guess, even if I tell you to go to the cops you won't."

"Pretty much."

"Hai." Gallium smiled a small smile at them, looking a little amused at the two.

"Alright. Let me show you to the alleyway."

"Thanks. Do you know how to get to the Greyhound station?" asked Ash, stepping off the podium where the table was.

"Greyhound station? Where ya kids heading to?"

"New York City. That's where Kaito-san's folks are." At that moment Kaito's stomach once again growled loudly, making him flush. All that running must have processed the small hotdog quickly.

"Sounds to me like someone needs some food." Gallium's smile grew wider. "I know a place if you want to come with me?"

"What do you think Kaito-san?" asked Ash, looking at the dark haired boy. He shrugged, still looking cautiously at Gallium. "We accept."

"Alright then, follow me."

And part one is done. Introducing Jay Gallium, who is one of my saddest characters. You will find out his story next chapter and just how great of a person he is. Also, Scar Face's name, Heinrich Wolfe! The nations are starting to connect all the pieces of this puzzle. Also, some fun facts!

The spell 'Cæppe' that Ash uses is actually the word in old English for 'hooded cloak' which she uses to concentrate the invisibility spell on. The magic won't be explained in detail for a few more chapters.

Shiokara is a Japanese dish that is made, bluntly, of fish guts. Heavily salted fish guts in a brown gross looking concoction. It's an acquired taste, even in Japan.

The church (St. Patricks Catholic Church), Ford's theatre, Smithsonian Castle, Washington Memorial, and Lincoln Memorial are all in the actual places in real life that I described in the story. When I visited D.C. a few years ago we walked the path across the bridge and all the way to Chinatown that Kaito and Ash have done so far (So yes Chinatown will be a place they are stopping at in the next chapter). I of course do not own the monuments (Although I have numerous pictures of me and my friends there, a cameo of us is the students wearing the red and black letterman jackets in the story (I changed the colors though of my school though).

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