He Didn't Want to be Late

{EDIT} Here's a list of all the one-shots in this story:

1. He Didn't Want to be Late- "That was a mistake," Danny hissed, his voice echoing like before, only a bit stronger. "You haven't learnt your lesson." Dash and Danny.

2. We'll be Inseparable- Phantom was sitting on the bottom of the pool, eyes closed and white hair drifting around his face like mist. Danny and Sam.

3. Flying and Falling- The girl smiled along with him, mourning the life that he had missed out on. Danny and Sam.

4. He Refused to Let Her Go- "Hush, Sammy…" Phantom soothed, twirling a strand of hair around one of his fingers. "Don't worry. You're safe now. I'll keep you safe." Danny and Sam.

5. Relief- As he stumbled over to them, it was hard for him to miss the relief that showed in their eyes. Danny.

6. Invisible- That's what they told him. He was invisible. Only ghosts, only his enemies, were able to see him. Danny, Sam, Tucker, Maddie and Jack.

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Danny glowered at everyone ahead of him. Why wouldn't they move? The hallway became a swarming, swollen wave of slow-moving students. For a moment, he thought of just ducking into the closest classroom to go ghost. That would solve his problem- he could walk through the human barrier that was currently on the way to earning him a second detention. He really didn't want to be late- not today.

It wasn't my fault, Danny scowled, absently rubbing his aching shoulder. On the way to school, Valerie had spotted him. The large bruise was rapidly fading, but each student that pushed past him caused the area to flare, delaying the healing process. Danny bit back a cry of pain as a particularly large someone punched his shoulder. Already knowing who he would see, the ghost boy waited for his eyes to fade back to his natural blue colour before turning to glare at Dash.

The bully smirked, noticing Danny's discomfort, and clamped his hand down harder onto the aching shoulder, tightening like a vice. The ghost boy hissed quietly in anger, and shrugged off the agonising hold. Pushing determinedly through the crowd, Danny half-hoped that Dash would follow him. He had something special planned for the bully- what it was, Danny couldn't say, but a feeling of excitement uncurled within him, spreading through him like mist, a part of him. The energy felt good, but the edges were dark and rotten, diseased.

There, Danny thought, spotting the bathroom ahead. The crowd was slightly less dense, but still took some effort to get through. He felt numb with anticipation as he hurried through the door. Acting on instinct, his brain no longer switched on properly, Danny braced his hands on the edge of the sink, staring into his eyes. There was a challenge there, a teasing expression hidden in their depths. If Danny had been thinking clearly, that would have scared him, but, as he was, a small taunting smile crept across his face.

The door swung open so fast that it almost hit the wall. Dash, looking intimidating, entered the bathroom. It was abandoned except for the two boys, glaring at each other from their different positions.

"Think you could get away from me, did ya?" Dash jeered in his nasal voice. He let out a short laugh, eager to inflict some pain. "I hadn't finished, yet, Fenton."

Danny stopped glaring, though the dare in his eyes didn't fade. "I think we're finished, Dash."

The ghost boy felt a thrill rush through him as he predicted what would happen next. This should have happened a long time ago.


Dash snarled and charged across the room, his shoes squeaking on the dirty tiles as he launched himself at Danny. The bully threw his victim against the wall, one hand wrapped in the material of his shirt. The boy's head hit the unresisting tiles with a sharp crack, but that maddening smile didn't waver- it was as if Danny hadn't even felt the blow, and that just served to infuriate Dash even further. There was something about the way Danny was acting that made the bully nervous- and he didn't like feeling nervous.

Pulling his free arm back, ready to do some damage, Dash waited for a reaction from Fenton. Still, none came. If anything, the smile grew. With a dark laugh, the jock shot his hand towards Danny's face. He yelped in pain when his fist connected with the tiles instead. But he hadn't missed; Dash's aim was spot-on. Somehow, impossibly, his hand had gonethrough Fenton's head, hitting the wall behind it.

The scene was terrifying- at least, to Dash it was. Danny grinned, with the jock's hand still lodged inside his head. It looked like an extra limb, growing from the middle of his forehead, right in the centre.

Dash screamed in terror and tried to yank his arm back, but he couldn't. It was stuck, and not even Dash Baxter's strength matched that of the monster before him.

This isn't Fenton, his mind told him in an eerily calm manner. Danny's eyes pierced him, as if the larger boy was being evaluated against some unknown requirement. They weren't the eyes that Dash was used to seeing; these were bright, challenging, taunting, and shone with a strange light- either the light of happiness or insanity. He didn't seem to notice the position of Dash's arm, or he just didn't care.

Danny's grinned even wider, exposing two rows of blindingly white teeth. They were blunt, normal, but terrifying in an entirely different way. Then, the ghost boy spoke. His voice was dull, and slightly bored, as if he were addressing a child. That's exactly what Dash felt like as he struggled to get away.

"Don't even bother, Dash." Danny ordered. His voice had a strange, echoing quality. It sounded close, but far, as if the sound was coming from several different locations at once.

Dash whimpered- he didn't like where this was going. There was something extremely… wrong… about Fenton. His first thought to ask if Danny was okay, but when he opened his mouth, something else escaped. The one word that he never thought he would have to say to his favourite victim.

"P-please! Please… d-don't-"

Danny laughed, and Dash cringed at the echoes. "Don't what? Don't beat you up? Don't leave you here like this? Don't throw you into a locker?" He leaned in close, forcing Dash's arm to bend painfully as he stumbled back. Then he hissed. "Don't underestimate me."

The jock fell back as his hand was released. Danny Fenton, the weak loser that was so easy to push around, was regarding him warily, seemingly back to normal. His shirt was crumpled, but that was the only difference in his appearance since Dash first confronted him. The boy's expression was back to usual- innocent and curious, as if he couldn't quite understand what was going on.

Dash scrambled to his feet, unable to tear his eyes away from the small boy standing in front of him. It was disconcerting how fast Danny's demeanour had changed; it was as if there were two beings co-existing in the one body.

Maybe he's possessed, the jock reasoned, but that was no excuse for him showing weakness- especially in the presence of Fenturd. Angry and embarrassed, Dash stalked to the door. He turned and looked back at the seemingly powerless boy, who still hadn't moved. Even though there was no one to witness it, Dash couldn't help but add something as he pulled on the door handle.

"Freak," he muttered quietly.


Danny's eyes flared a toxic green and widened in rage and disbelief. Did he really just hear that? Obviously, the bully hadn't learnt his lesson properly. Dash had gone too far this time, and he wouldn't get another chance. The ghost boy was at the door before Dash had time to open it further than a couple of inches, and it smashed shut with the sound of splintering wood as he threw his whole body against it.

Dash opened his mouth to scream, watching the floating apparition before him. Danny's eyes were a bright, glowing green- the shade that indicated his anger in human form. But they had never glowed this bright before, not even when he saw Dash and Sam kiss.

Danny lifted his bully up by the neck so that his feet dangled above the floor, relishing the surge of power. Not even the thought of Vlad-

It feels good to use your powers on your enemies, doesn't it Daniel?

-could deter him. Sydney Poindexter would be proud.

Dash tried to call for help, but only a small squeak could escape his obstructed throat. Danny leant in again, letting his eyes shine brighter and brighter until the bully had to close his eyes against their light.

"That was a mistake," Danny hissed, his voice echoing like before, only a bit stronger. "You haven't learnt your lesson."

With that, Dash was dropped on the ground, gasping for air. "No," he panted. "I can… I can st-stop."

The ghost boy laughed humourlessly. "Too late."

Danny felt a rush of adrenalin as he bent down, then slowly and purposefully reached a hand out toward Dash. His whole body was glowing, getting brighter by the second, and Danny could tell that the jock was both mesmerised and terrified by the aura. His gaze never once strayed from the ghost boy's hand.

Danny paused with his fingertips just barely grazing Dash's black shirt, then he plunged his arm in, all the way to the elbow.


Dash screamed, though it was more from reflex than from pain. He could feel Fenton's hand inside him, probing and feeling, but it caused him no harm. Finally able, the jock dragged his eyes up to his tormentor's face, seriously reconsidering his decision to bully this particular nerd. Then, Fenton said something that almost literally stopped Dash's heart.

"If I'm the good guy," He cocked his head to the side, a questioning gesture. The light in Fenton's eyes was definitely insanity. There was nothing reasonable about it. "Then what are you? You can't finally be the victim, can you?"

Two blazing white rings appeared around Fenton's waist, travelling upwards until it reached the top and the transformation was complete. The scream died in Dash's throat. Here he was, finally meeting the Danny Phantom, and his idol was the geek he used to bully. Emphasis on 'used to'. He doubted that he would ever get another chance to.

Phantom's hand was still in Dash's stomach, though it had stopped moving.

The insane ghost chuckled dementedly. "Do you know what I'm going to do now?"

Dash shook his head; he had no idea of what else to do.

Phantom seemed to like that answer. Dash couldn't tell if that was a good or a bad thing. He hoped it was good.

"I'm going to slowly drop my intangibility," a slight widening of the eyes indicated Dash's understanding. "And…"

He didn't have to elaborate.

"No," Dash protested. "P-please don't! I'll never bully you again- I s-swear! No. No." his voice rose to a shriek as his stomach began to burn. "NO!"

Danny smiled coldly and his hand twisted.


Mr Lancer pounded on the door. Despite it's broken structure, it wouldn't budge. Screams and yells emanated from within, silencing the students that were in hearing range. No one knew what was happening, but it didn't sound good.

Suddenly, the screams rose in intensity, before cutting off. The whole school paused and went mute, listening for another sound, but nothing else came.

Slowly, the door creaked open. The bathroom was red, blood running through the cracks in the tiles, pooling on the floor in shallow puddles. Dash Baxter was crumpled against the far wall, a gaping hole in his middle. There were two clean areas on the tiles, white footprints that contrasted horrifically in the bright crimson. As Mr Lancer and the students watched, the prints smeared, as if there was something still there.

Wet, slapping sounds reverberated around the bathroom as more footprints marred the blood. They weren't white, just shallow red indents, surrounded by frost. Slowly, they approached the alarmed observers, stopping just feet away from the closest member. There was a delighted, childlike laugh- then nothing. Everything went eerily silent once more.


Danny tried not to laugh at the expressions on his classmates' faces. Some, he knew, were once friends with the deceased bully, but others would have felt the same relief as he had, a weight being lifted from their shoulders. There was no more Dash Baxter, and, after this, there probably never would be another.

If there is, Danny vowed, walking slowly and dramatically towards the door. I can take care of them.

A grin that Dan would have been proud of split Danny's face as he came to a stop. Finally, he couldn't hold in the overjoyed laugh that bubbled inside of him. A small part of him told him to stop, this isn't right, you just killed a human. The warning was ignored. Dash had it coming, and it just felt so right to put the bully in his place.

But did you really need to kill him?

Danny shrugged it off and flew, intangible and invisible, to his next class.

He didn't want to be late, after all.


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