AN: so I've had this saved in my drafts for a while and idk but I decided that it's finally time to post it.

What You Can't Control

I tried to bury myself deep into the recesses of our mind, hoping that Wanda wouldn't be able to find me. I didn't want her to be able to hear this, I needed to think for myself. Without her being able to hear me, I let it finally sink in just what had happened.

Jared hit us. Jared hit Wanderer. Jared hit me.

Now of course, I'm not particularly fond of Wanderer but she hasn't done anything wrong to deserve to be hit. She's been so kind, she's brought both of us safely to Jamie and Jared...

We just need to let them know that I'm here! He'll understand! Jared will understand now! Wanderer will let them know! But her voice rings through the back of the small corner of my mind, 'We'll both get killed if we tell them now!'

I let out a quiet but frustrated sigh.

What's the matter, Melanie?

Not quiet enough, apparently.

Nothing, Wanderer, I was just thinking about today.

So what do you think about it?

You know what I think about it.

Not really, I can only assume your general thoughts but I don't actually know what your perspective is of the situation.

Fine then, I'm confused and unhappy about the way Jared is acting. I know he isn't like this. This isn't the real him. He would never hit me, whether it was me in this body or-

That's the thing, Melanie, it's me. It isn't you. As long as I'm in this body, he will keep on acting the way he is now.

Well that's why we have to tell him!

No, Melanie. We can't. I already told you, we'd get killed on the spot if we did.

There was a silence between us.

Do you really think Jared will protect us for very long?

... Let's hope so, Wanderer.

In our hole, we both turned our head toward Jared, laying on the mattress. He was still, peaceful. It wasn't something that we had seen much recently. Feeling Wanderer shrink back toward sleep, I returned to my thoughts.

If I can't let him know, what can I do then?

Nothing, you'll just have to sit back and wait.

I glared and immediately put a wall between us.

Nothing personal, Wanderer. I just need some time to myself.

I didn't want to wait but I didn't want to die just yet either. Feeling defeated, I slowly let the wall between Wanderer and me come down. Sleep slowly started taking over with final thoughts lingering in the small corner I occupied:

The loss of me has hardened him, turned him into stone, and the only thing that will bring him back is me.

I am coming, Jared.