Author's not: If you want to learn more about Meilin and Drago's past, read "Birth of a New Dragon." Also be sure to read DJ Scales JCA/Skylanders crossover.

Ch. 1: Going Back Home

It is finally a three day weekend and the J-teens are gonna spend it in Hong Kong with the Demon Sorcerers, Jackie, Jade, Holly (human form), Tohru, and Uncle. They were in a Section 13 private plane enjoying the flight.

"This is great yo!" Ice said, "Three sister-free days in China without a mission involved."

"And we get to spend them at Shendu's palace," Jade added.

"Yeah, Drago," Colleen said, "We get to see your home."

Drago didn't say anything. He was just looking out in the window with a sad look on his face. Jade and Jackie noticed that Drago has been quiet for the past few days.

"I'm worried about him, Jackie," Jade said, "He's been too quiet lately."

"Yeah. I wonder what it is about this trip that's making him distant," Jackie wondered.

"Probably the same reason Shendu invited us," Tohru said, "Have you noticed he's been pretty quiet too?"

"Yes," Uncle said, "Colleen said Shendu insisted on having Drago's friends and family for a special occasion, but he did not say what this occasion is."

"Guys, where's Drago's uncle Tchang Zu?" Cody asks.

"He's in the luggage compartment by himself," Hsi Wu, "He says the passenger seats are full of vermin."

"Tch. Figures," Jade frowned, "At least I'll get to visit my parents."

What they don't know is that Tchang Zu is there to memorize a scroll with an old spell on it.

The plane finally came in for a landing at the Hong Kong Airport. The Gang shows their passports to the Customs officer. Then they all drive over to Shendu's palace. Soon, they were in the throne room that was once Shendu's.

"Wow! Drago, your old home is awesome!" Colleen said ecstatically.

"Thanks, Colleen," Drago sighed, "I'm gonna get settled in my room."

"Drago, are you okay?" Colleen asks with concern.

"You've been quiet over the past week," Holly said.

"I just have a lot on my mind," Drago said.

He went up stairs with a bag.

A few minutes later, Colleen was getting settled in one of the guest rooms. She sits on the bed contemplating why Drago is so down. She decides to go find him by asking Shendu where his room is. She goes downstairs and sees Shendu at a shrine with candles surrounding it and a small statue of a Chinese woman. Holly comes in cat form as Shendu is giving the statue a white chrysanthemum.

"Shendu?" Colleen softly called.

"Oh, hi Colleen," Shendu said as he turns and sees them.

"Sorry, but I was trying to find Drago's room," Colleen said, "Who's the shrine for?"

"This is or was Meilin, my late wife and Drago's mother," Shendu explained, "And the reason he's out of sorts.

Holly and Colleen just look at each other.