Together we carried the body of Jack Frost back up to the surface. The night still engulfed everything with only the Moon and stars to light our path. Till we came to the clearing where Sophie had found me. There we all stopped and laid the lifeless figure of Jack down into the snow. There were no words at this point just quiet sobbing for those around me We just stood there and let the coldness whip around us. It was I that spoke first.

"I know there are no words that I can say to express how sorry I am. This was my fault. If I had just stayed in the sky where I belonged. Pitch would never have been able to use me and Jack…Jack would be alive."

As Nicolas was about to respond the wind around us picked up so fiercely and from on it's breeze appeared the figure of Mother Nature. She moved closer and edged her way so she was standing next to me. She placed her hands on my shoulders once again and turned me to face her.

"Oh Ara my sweet, sweet girl none of this is your fault. You only ever did what came natural to you darling. You looked down on the Earth and you longed to be apart of it. And you did what is only natural for you, you fell to Earth to be with those you loved."

I looked up in the face of Mother Nature

"But Pitch, I couldn't stop him."

"Ara, Pitch is who he is and he will always use those who are pure of heart to fight his battles. But in the end you fought him off and you dissipated him to mere specks of his former self."

"But Jack…he's dead because of me."

"No, Jack died to protect you because darling he loved you. For him that was the only natural thing he could do."

I was about to protest when the snow beneath us began to glow. And we all looked up as the moon seemed to be getting bigger and brighter. And as those beams fell down to the ground there came a man walking down one of them till he was firmly planted in the snow. He was small of stature and he carried a staff in one hand with a crescent on top of it. It was at this moment the Guardians standing there realized who this man was and one after another they all kneed to the ground. From above them came a soft yet somehow booming voice.

"Oh none of that get up, get up."

They all began to rise but were still a bit put on edge be the fact that The Man in the Moon was standing in front of them.

"Well this is such a sad scene here isn't."

As he said this he made his way over to stand next to Mother Nature.

"Well I suppose something has to be done about this doesn't it darling?"

At this Mother Nature removed her hands from my shoulders and stood to face her husband. And saying nothing smiled down at him. Then they both turned and made their way to stand on opposite sides of the lifeless Jack Frost. The wind started to pick up and the moon began to glow again. And to this day no one is sure exactly how they did it but as the wind whipped around Jack it lifted his body off the ground and the light of the moon engulfed him. Then it was over and that same wind brought him slowly back down to the ground.

We all waited in the silence for something, anything to happen. And then Jack Frost's eyes popped open he jumped up from his position on the ground.

"So what did I miss?"

Everyone seemed to cheer at once and embrace Jack. But all I could do was stand back as my parent's made their way to stand behind me. Jack must have seen them move and then he saw me standing there glowing brightly with amazement in my eyes.

The rest of them parted in front of him and Jack started walking over to me. I wanted to run to hide, to blaze back into the sky and forget this ever happened. But I just stood there frozen to the spot. He stopped inches from me and I started to speak, but he put his finger up.

But instead of saying anything he grabbed me around the waist and kissed me so deeply I thought my legs would buckle. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back just as deeply and there we stood together. When we finally broke off Jack bent his head down and whispered in my ear

"I meant what I said Ara I have always been waiting for you too."

And with that I kissed him again and hoped it would never stop.