Tartarus, January 2022
Cassandra flew over top of the partially molten surface of the planet Tartarus, home to Anubis's primary base of operations. Her sensors made out the other one-hundred and fifty-nine other IS units around her along with the two-hundred or so F303s flying over-watch. And above them she could make out faint flashes of light from the orbital confrontation. She had to fight down a fit of nervousness, this was the largest operation she had ever been part of, her previous tours in Pegasus had involved nothing but small operations. Nothing that could even hope to compare to what she was in now.

Then a line came in from her squadron leader, "remember the plan, and expect anything. Now form up squads. We're about to hit final approach." Around her the mob of IS units began to resolve itself into individual four unit squads. She formed up behind Huang taking the number two spot while Dunois and Alcott fell into the third and fourths spots respectively.

Then came the notice they all had been metaphorically holding their breaths for. "This is dread-one we ADGs and KISs inbound." Above her the F303s began to outpace the IS units as they opened their throttles to full in preparation for combat.

"Units, begin dive. Watch your altitude and hear sensors, we're not loosing anyone to stupidity today." She let herself sigh under her breath, there was no need to remind everyone, it had been beaten into their heads already.

Ahead and above her the F303s let loose with their missile barrage, each craft firing the missiles of as fast as they could be deployed from quantum storage. The result was at least a thousand missiles flying towards the incoming death-gliders and Kull. In the path of the ever increasing missiles barrage, the Death-gliders opened fire with their own weapons, small golden streaks flying from their weapons. And their own guided bombs launching from their undersides.

Small explosions flashed out from where the barrage met the gliders weapons as missiles were blown out of the sky. But the destroyed missiles were quickly replaced by more missiles from the F303s as they fired off everything they had while the distance closed. And this time the gliders only had their plasma cannons to defend themselves with.

And then the deadly fur-ball began as the two sides met high over the half molten surface of the planet. Almost immediately she could see smoke trails falling towards the planets surface as craft were knocked out of the sky.

Then her attention was snapped back to her own situation by a call over the inter squadron channel. "We got KISs incoming. Lead squadrons are to engage, rear squadrons are to push onto the objective." A series of clicks confirmed that the order had been received. Her squadron was one of the ones pushing through to the base.

Ahead of her the lead elements of both IS forces began their fight, flashes of light from weapons shots and explosions partially obscured the landscape. Then her squadron leader came over the coms, "drop down and accelerate, we're punching through beneath the fight." The ground began getting closer and going by faster as she dropped her altitude and accelerated. Near her the other members of her squadron kept pace with her, though if she really wanted to she could easily out-fly all of them, though that would leave her trying to take the entire base on her own. And she knew exactly how that would end.

Then they were passing underneath the fight, any semblance of order the two sides had going in was gone as the clash dissolved into a fur-ball. She really couldn't see any order to it as her squadron flew by as fast as they dared clearing the fight within a minute.

Then they were on final approach to the base itself. "Busters you're up," she focused behind her a bit as Chekov came up with two of her sister units. "Clear the way." The three Buster units each found themselves a part of semi solid ground to set up on, deploying stabilization rods as their shoulder mounted heavy cannons unfolded.

The units fired their cannons one set at a time, twins shots blazing yellow and orange as they ripped across the short distance to the base shield. The shield around the base flaring for the first two salvos, but the third set crashed through blowing a large hole in the wall beyond. A good thing too as the ground the Buster's had used gave away, the unstable rock giving out to the shocks sent through it by the firing of the heavy cannons. With a soundless signal the whole group sped through the temporary gap in the shields.

The area near the breach was a mess, the rounds that had penetrated had ripped apart everything they came across. All but the last three units made it through before the shield returned enough to be solid, their own shields prevented any permanent damage, but it did mean that they were stuck outside.

"Breach is secure, squads Alpha-two, Tango four and Delta three are to stay behind and disable the shield permanently. Once it's down stay put so the others can follow in. The remaining squads are to spread out, grab whatever data and scientists if any you can and eliminate anything else. Now move out."

She headed down one of the nearby corridors, the other members of her squad following behind her, now was the time to learn the layout of the base they had entered. The corridors were in the typical Goa'uld fashion of a pair of golden sides forming the walls and roof, complete with engraved characters and obsidian black floor with faint grey-white swirls. Serving no other purpose other than to inflate the ego of the Goa'uld in question. Plain walls in a square are so much cheaper and easier to build.

But it wasn't her choice, what was her choice was her squad formation, "Huang take point, Dunois you have the rear." A pair of clicks severed to indicate that the orders were understood and obeyed. The two of them were the best suited to close quarters combat, as such putting them closest to where the enemy would appear made sense.

And speaking of the enemy, it didn't take long for them to find their first group of Kull. A small group of them rounded the end of the corridor her squad was going along, before they had a chance to do anything Huang fired her impact cannons and charged forwards, twin battle-axes twirling. The group of Kull was so clustered that Huang couldn't miss, the impacts sent the Kull stumbling backwards as Huang descended upon them. Huang brought her axes together on the first ones head, there was an audible crunch as the Kull's head caved in from the twin blows.

Then the Kull fired back, though as Huang was in the middle of them they weren't doing much more than hitting their fellows. Then the rest of the squad was on them as well, she grabbed the nearest Kull with one of her hands and threw it to the ground before lifting up a leg a stomping down on its head, there was a slight moment of resistance. Beside her Dunois brought up Gray-scale and pushed it into the back of a Kulls neck before firing it off, the Kull slumped down as Dunois ejected the spent head now twisted, bent and bloody. A new head popped into place to replace the spent one.

Alcott stayed back rather than getting into the mess, not that anyone could really blame her, Blue-tears was not a close combat IS, and truth be told she was better of watching their backs right now anyways. Besides it wasn't like the three of them actually needed any help taking out a few Kull in close combat, in less than two minutes all the Kull were down, and were never going to get back up.

Leaving the Kull behind they continued their journey into the base, the sounds of battle echoing around the corridors, it seems they weren't the only ones to run into kull.

It was awhile before they came upon anything else, luck of the draw, but when they did find the next group of Kull they were being lead by what she guessed to be a Goa'uld. Fancy dress and in a Goa'uld base, not many other options. "Alcott, Dunois, Huang take care of the Kull, I'm getting the snake."

Rather than answering Huang and Dunois charged forwards while Alcott sent several beams of blue light into one of the Kull, the Kulls armour held for a second or so before failing. The Kull died as it was pierced through the chest in several places. Huang sent a salvo of impact shots while Dunois launched of a quartet of concussive grenades, between the two of them the whole group was sent staggering. Easy pickings for Alcott to get another kill and herself, Dunois and Huang to get close.

The Kull quickly got their senses back and opened fire into the trio of approaching IS units, but it was to little to late as they were already on top of them. The Goa'uld however turned and ran forcing her to take off in pursuit of him. It was a rather short chase as the 'wheels' on the bottom of her feet allowed her move faster than any land based creature could hope to move.

The problem came from his shield, while her speed allowed her to catch up, it also meant she was going to fast to get through the shield he was using. Instead of grabbing him as she intended, she instead sent him sprawling over the floor as part of the momentum she had built up was transferred to him via the shield. She managed to bring herself to a stop shortly after the collision and turned a round and went over to him before he could get up.

She quickly brought her hand down to grab him before he could get back up or before he even got his senses straightened out. However she was going ever so slightly to fast and smacked straight into the shield again, this was getting annoying. Her attempt did knock him down again.

She tried again, this time going slowly as to not trigger the shield again, and as luck would have it the third time was the charm. She managed to slip a hand through the shield and wrap it around one of his arms, the one with the fancy golden armband that controlled the shield. She clamped her hand shut around his arm, the strength in the IS units hand alone was more than enough to crush the bone and the arm band in one try. The shield flared once than faded, he was now defenceless.

"Target secure. I'm bringing him back."

"We're all clear here."

"Good we'll meet up and head back to the breach to drop him off." Swinging the Goa'uld over her shoulder she took off on her wheels again to where Huang, Dunois and Alcott were standing over a pile off fallen Kull. "Alright lets move."

The journey back to the breaching point was thankfully uneventful, she didn't know how she was going to fight while carrying around the Goa'uld. At the breach they found at least a dozen or so IS units mingling about, and beyond the breach itself was a drop-ship hovering there. One of the IS units near the breach itself nodded to her, "load him up, we'll send him up with this lot." Cassandra floated the short distance to the drop-ship and dropped the captured Goa'uld inside.

Taking a quick look around she noted a few IS units in the drop-ship as well, all of them looking in pretty bad shape. One of them had one side nearly half melted, she was suddenly glad she had been assigned to break into the base.

After ensuring that the Goa'uld was secure, she floated back into the base and rejoined her squad, their orders hadn't changed. So they went back into the base along the route they had taken the first time, though this time they moved faster due to already having covered the ground in question. Just over a minute later they reached where they had found the Goa'uld before.

Once there she took a moment to listen for the sounds of battle before taking off in a different direction, if there was battle, that meant that area had been looked over. And she wanted to be the one who found Anubis, she didn't want anyone else to get to him before she did. They ran into a few more groups of Kull as they pushed further in, but for the most part it looked like Anubis was beginning to run out of troops to send their way.

Off course they then rounded a corner that opened up into a cavernous room with several dozen Kull in it, and there on a raised area at the far end of the room was Anubis. There was a brief moment as both sides looked at each other while bringing their weapons to bear.

Then the moment was shattered the only way it could be, a section of wall off to her right exploded into the room. A quick check of her tactical display showed the rest of the squadron charged in through the breach.

She picked out Bodewig using her AIC to stop the incoming fire dead in it's tracks, while using her cannon to take out Kull. Mariengnez charged into the fray her twin pole-arms knocking Kull aside left and right, alongside her was another IS, three axes and a hammer removing Kull from their path. The disabled and knocked down kull were then dispatched by Nizru and the others following close behind. Doe stayed back and floated up slightly and used her high powered rifle to begin dispatching more Kull.

"Lets go." Her call spurred her squad into action, Alcott started by firing off a high power shot into the nearest call, while she charged with Dunoi on one side and Huang on the other. The Kull had all turned their attention to and started moving towards where the rest of the squadron was, letting the three of them hit them from behind. The first few fell quickly before the rest even realized that they were being attacked from the side, but by the time they did she had already broken through and charged towards the other side of the room.

Weaving in and out of the loosely packed Kull tacking out one or two on the way she crossed the room in less than a minute to the base of the raised section. Rather than looking for any ramp or stairs she just leapt up over the lip, as soon as she was airborne the air became filled with golden plasma bolts as every Kull that wasn't already fighting shot at her. Her combat knives appeared in her hands as Anubis turned around, she flared her engines to push herself at him as her shield continued to drop under the continued to sap it's strength.

Anubis must have saw her for he looked at her with her mom, Janet Fraiser's face, wisps of black smoke floating around him. "ANUBIS!" She flared her engines again charging straight at him through the air as he raised one of her mothers and golden plasma bolts flew around her.

Hanka, April 2006
Cassandra forced her eyes open, before bringing her hand to rub her eyes, another weird dream, sitting up in her favourite clearing in the forest. She could hear the sounds of animals nearby, but none ventured close, it was why she liked this place. She then noticed where Ra's eye was, she should head back to the village before mama became worried.

Running back as fast as her short legs would carry her she quickly reached the village, though as she got closer she noticed something wrong. There were more people out than there normally would be at this time, had she missed something. She quickly ran into the down passing by a few groups of people, was it time for the harvest already, but her name day hadn't passed yet since the last harvest.

Eventually she came to the market place, where lots of people had gathered, and amongst them she could see the silver armour of the Goddesses Nirrti's Jaffa. She quickly ducked behind one of the stands lest she be seen, in the stories it was always the curious little girl who got snatched up by the Gods servants, then did nasty things to them.

While doing her best to blend in to the stand she picked out a woman with short blonde hair standing near the entrance of the market. She was wearing a brown cloak with black trousers sticking out the bottom, and on her back was a massive axe. But not like the ones her papa used to cut up trees, this one had a pair of curved edges on either side of the shaft, one side bigger than the other.

As Cassandra looked on the woman turned around, they wore a light brown tunic underneath their cloak. And then Cassandra saw the angry red scaring escaping the top of the tunic and working its way up the side of their neck and face to their hair. She was so busy looking at them that she failed to notice herself walking up to them, there was just something about them that attracted her.

The woman looked back at her with brown eyes, so similar to the ones she had seen in her reflection when she had snuck a peak at mirror once. "Meet me in the middle." The woman's mouth moved but she couldn't understand the words that came out.

Then a commotion behind her drew her attention as the Goddess and her guards came out of the crowd straight towards them. Cassandra immediately ducked off to the side as fast as she could not wanting to get caught in whatever was about to happen. After taking cover around the side of a nearby stand she pocked her head out so see what was happening.

She could see Nirrti's mouth moving but couldn't make out what was being said from where she was, the woman didn't respond with words. Instead a scarlet red aura began to form around her loosely covering most of her body and forming two wing like appendages from her upper back. Nirrti and her Jaffa took a step back while levelling their Ma'toks at the woman.

She then turned around and ran back to her own house missing what happened next.

She watched the girl who might be her run off, before turning her eyes back to Nirrti and had to resist the urge to draw ForstStorm cut them into pieces. Only the fact that it would erase her own existence stayed her hand, a pity that bitch was to woven into her own past to kill just yet. She didn't suffer nearly enough when Forge killed her, instead she got off with a quick and painless death.

She looked at Nirrti and her Jaffa, how weak they looked. She didn't even need her weapon, not when she could do everything from telekinetically rip them limb from limb to erase their existences from history. Unfortunately removing them here would mean placing her own existence would be in jeopardy, they were to tied closely to her own past.

Either way she had done what she had come here to do. She gathered the loose temporal energy floating around her and focused. The world shifted to blue as space and time screamed out in agony.