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Chapter 1

Robin flipped the page of his latest object of study idly, his eyes playing over the text scribed onto the vellum pages by the hands of sages past.

This particular chapter was a treatise on the advantages and disadvantages of using flying cavalry over their more mundane counterparts. Overall, the text was markedly biased towards the use of flying units, using overly specific examples of enemy formations and incompetence on the side of the opposing force to try and prove their superiority over the more common horse cavalry. He couldn't help but suspect that whoever had written this had never seen what a skilled archer could do to a pegasus, griffon or wyvern. It wasn't a pretty sight. Nevertheless, he continued to read. Refining a flawed strategy into something workable was an enjoyable way to spend his time.

So caught up was he in his studies, he barely noted the sound of someone entering the room until they flopped down in the chair next to his. He glanced over at the intruder.

Chrom, his closest friend in the world, sat with an expression caught somewhere between exhaustion and panic. He didn't say anything, though whether that was because he was waiting for Robin to start the conversation, or was too exhausted to talk was a mystery in it's own right. After a few minutes silence, Robin looked up.

"Gold coin for your thoughts?" He asked after a moment longer. He had a suspicion as to what this was about, but it never hurt to confirm.

"I'm getting married tomorrow." Chrom said, his voice flat and level.

"Yes, Chrom." Robin replied calmly. "You are."

"I'm getting married tomorrow." The prince repeated, placing a slight emphasis on that last word.

Robin couldn't help but grin. It appeared that even Prince Chrom, Ruler of Ylisse and Bearer of the Exalted Blood, was not immune to wedding day jitters.

"Don't think I can't see you smiling." Chrom growled. "Because I can damn well see you smiling."

"Perish the thought." Robin responded airily. "Never would I even dream of finding your situation humorous."

"Gods, I should have left you in that field." Chrom groaned, rubbing his face. He stared blearily at Robin. "I'm getting married tomorrow."

"So you've mentioned."

"I know, but I need to keep repeating it or I'm worried I'll forget."

Robin stared at Chrom. "You're worried that you'll forget your wedding day. The day before."

"Pretty much."

"I don't think you need to be concerned about that. If nothing else, Frederick and I will make sure you're there on time if we have to prop up your sleeping body with a cloak stand." Robin said, an amused note slipping into his tone.

"I know that." Chrom said, "I know that. But it's just… Gods, I don't know. I keep feeling like something is going to go wrong."

"That's because it's the day before your wedding, Chrom." Robin stated, trying to put as much reassurance into his voice as he could. "It's only natural to be nervous. It's a big event."

"The biggest." Chrom agreed. He paused for a moment. "I want it to go perfectly, Robin. For Sumia's sake. She deserves it to be perfect."

A vaguely dreamlike look crossed Chrom's face as he mentioned Sumia and Robin smiled again. Chrom's absolute love for his bride was plain for all to see. And he knew for a fact that that love was reciprocated just as intensely by Sumia. Indeed, for quite a while it had been incredibly awkward to be in the same room as the two, their loving gazes fixed upon each other to the near exclusion of all else. He'd excused himself from their company more than once, if only to escape the cloying sweetness that formed between them. Even Frederick seemed to be taking on duties that kept him as far away from the sickly sweet air that surrounded them at any given time.

They seemed to have caught onto that at some point and toned themselves down, much to the relief of every other inhabitant of the castle.

"And it will go perfectly." Robin responded after shaking the thoughts from his head. "You know that. Frederick, Lissa, even me… Everyone's worked hard to make sure that this goes smoothly, Chrom. You know that."

"Of course I do." Chrom said, his voice firm. "And I trust all of you to take this seriously."

Robin blinked. "Even Lissa?"

"Well, maybe not Lissa." Chrom admitted. "But I trust you and Frederick to not give her any actual control over the event, while convincing her that she has full authority."

Robin nodded sagely. That was, in fact, exactly what they'd done. Lissa had gone around barking orders, which he and Frederick had agreed with vocally as being the best possible choice. Then, he and Frederick had gone into a small room, locked the door and discussed what was actually going to happen. He'd felt a little bad for Lissa at the time, but then she'd tried to persuade him to buy a half ton of frogs and he'd known he'd made the right choice.

"It's just…" Chrom shook his head in exasperation. "I just have this… nervousness that I don't know how to shake. "

Robin frowned. There was little he could say to Chrom that he hadn't already. And in truth, there was little anyone could say. Chrom's nerves being frayed was entirely normal before a major event in his life like this. More than that, Chrom had had little involvement in preparing for the wedding. Frederick had covered the main arrangements of the event, from invitations to food and he himself had taken care of security, assigning guards, planning possible escape routes and generally locking up Ylisstol tighter than a fortress for the duration of the ceremony. For Chrom, so used to having some degree of control over the events surrounding him, it must have been must a disconcerting experience.

"Well then, my dear Prince." A loud and incredibly dandyish voice broke the silence that had followed Chrom's admission. "You are indeed fortunate to have the acquaintance of I, the archest of archers!"

They turned as one. Standing theatrically in the light spilling from the doorframe was Virion. As one, Chrom and Robin gave a weary sigh.

"Ah, to give such a heavy sigh at the mere sight of me! Truly, my grace, charm, elegance and good looks cause others to cast aspersions on my character with every action!"

"Well, I think we're done here." Robin said, his voice taking on a cheery note. "How about we grab a snack before dinner, Chrom?"

"That sounds like an excellent idea, Robin." Chrom agreed, his voice similarly cheerful as they both began to make for the room's exit.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Virion jumped in front of them, his tone taking on a note of desperation. "Please don't ignore me! I assure you that I do know a way to treat the woes currently afflicting the noble prince!"

Robin studied the man. Virion was a strange character by any standards, but he knew well not to equate strangeness with stupidity. Underneath that dandyish façade was a calculating, cunning mind. It was possible that he was speaking truth. It was equally possible that he was lying. Either way, there was decent chance he was planning something that would serve his own ends.

Next to him, Chrom sighed again. "I can already feel that I'm going to regret this, but very well, Virion. What are you suggesting?"

The archer drew himself up to his full height, practically standing on tip toes as he smiled winningly at Chrom. "Well, my dear Prince, are you familiar with the term 'stag night'?"

Later, Robin would swear that if he was to travel back in time, this would be the exact moment that he would punch Virion in the face to shut him up.