Danny: Don't forget the disclaimer.

Me: Do I have to?

Danny: Yes or I will force you to. (Lights up ecto blast in hand)
Me: Hides behind corner, ok ok, don't shoot I will do it. I do not own Danny Phantom or The Teen Titans. Blah blah blah.

Danny: Good girl.

Me: Um can you put out the blast now Danny?
Danny: (Smile evilly) Nope and I'm not Danny I'm Dan.

Me: It the end of the word, run anyways.


"Danny, can you and Jazz come into the lounge for a moment we have something to tell you."
There Mum Maddie Fenton said.

"What do you have to tell us?" Asked Danny as he and Jazz, sat down from there, Mum and Dad Jack Fenton.

"Well we moving to Jump city, we got a job offer, so we will be shutting down the ghost portable and moving it there, you two will also move, and we've told your friends Tucker and Sam they wanted to come with us so there parents agreed they were allowed to go, Sam's Parents only agreed because the city is protected by a group of hero's that call them self the teen titans.

"No way, you mean we get to live in the same city as the teen titans?" Jazz yelled.

"And my two best friends get to come with me?" "This so cool."

Danny yelled "When do we leave?"
"Tomorrow, so you should get packing." There mum said.

"Cool, do Sam and Tuck and know when we leave?" Danny asked

"Yes, they are meeting us tomorrow at 10am sharp outside the RV, the school already knows."
"Sweet know being picked on by Dash or the A-lister team." Danny yelled as he raced upstairs to get ready.

"And I get to see real life superheroes in action." Jazz yelled as she went to pack.


"I can't believe you guys get to come with me, this is so cool." Danny said as he and his friends sat in the back of the RV looking out window trying to see Jump city.

"I know I still can't believe my parents agreed to this, but no more A-lister's or Paulina or Dash." Sam said happy that she still got to be with her boyfriend.

"Well there a relive." Tucker agreed.

"Behold we are now in Jump city." Danny's Dad yelled, making everyone jump.

"Yes." They all shouted.

A couple of hours afterward they final reached their house and saw that it was a four storied house with six bedrooms and five bathrooms, there was the master room upstairs the fourth level that Maddie and Jack shared with their own bathroom. Sam and Jazz had their own bedrooms own the third level but shared a conjoined bathroom, but was big enough for them to use at the same time.

Danny and Tucker also had their own rooms on the second floor and shared a conjoined bathroom but they also had an extra guest room with a spare bathroom on their floor.

Downstairs had the kitchen, lounge, T.V room and a bathroom while the basement had the ghost portal and all the inventions and workings that their parents use, this time they had put the switch on the outside of the portal instead of inside because they knew about Danny being half ghost the last time he told him and how it had happened.

After they got settled in they talked about the new school they were going to and what it was like, the new school was called the Titans capital, and they couldn't wait to go.


Danny and his friends were walking down the hall way towards their English class, until they saw a blue mist came out of Danny's mouth.

"Ghost time?" Sam asked as she and Tucker got there new cloaks out and after checking to make sure they were along Danny transformed into his alto ego.

"You bet." He said after Tucker and Sam hid their identities. And turn them intangible to fly out of the school and towards the park.

The meeting:

"Titans Go!" Robin shouted as they attacked a... Flying machine?
"Ok I'm confused who the heck is dude?" Best Boy said as he morphed in a T-Rex.

"I am Technus master of technology, wizardry..."
"And long winded introduction." Danny yelled.

"You know I have no clue how many times I have herd that speech, I thought once I moved into Jump city I would be able to stop hearing." He said casually to his team mates, Best friend Tucker Foley and Girlfriend Sam Manson.

The Titans looked at him confused.

"Uh, who are you guys, were did you came from, and how the heck did you get here when we didn't see you?"
Robin asked suspicious. Seeing a white head guy, with a black and white Hazmat suite, on with a black belt, and combat boots on. And two other people hidden.

"Tell you guys later, but to make a long story short, my parents and family moved here a couple of days ago and my friends came with me, oh and let us handle this your attacks won't work, except for maybe Ravens."

'Ok now I am made, first of how would he know our attacks won't work and second of who the does he think he trying to play hero?'

Robin thought angry.

"Ghost Child what are you doing here? I thought I could claim this as my own territory?"

"News Flash, we live here now." The Goth girl and the Techno Geek said together, holding up a gun?

"Ok?" Robin said...

"Enough, Cyborg fire you cannon, Starfire use your Star bolts. Raven you know what to do."
Robin Yelled as he activated his Boomerang.

As Starfire and Cyborg fired their weapons the ghost went intangible and the attacks went straight through him.

"What but how is this possible?" Starfire exclaimed as Robin attacks at no effect either.

"Like I said, your attack won't work against ghosts." The new guy said.

While he fired an ecto blast and his girlfriend fired her bazooka at the ghost was caused the ghost to be knocked unconscious, they saw the techno geek, point a thermos? Towards the now knocked out ghost and shoot a blue ray from thermos as it sucked the ghost and he twisted the cap back on.

"Worked completed, nice team work Sam and Danny."
"You two Tuck." They said at the same time then blushed as they looked at each other smiling.

"CoughlovebirdsCough." Tucker said as he took a picture then shouted something that sounded like, "Blushing moment 678."

"Tucker." They both yelled and started chasing after him, as he laughed and hid the camera.

But then Robin noticed that the white head kid was floating and looked at his team mates to see if they noticed to, apparently they had because they all looked shocked. Well except Raven but she doesn't show any emotions anyway.

As Sam and Danny managed to tackle Tucker to the ground, Robin steep forward, to speck with them.

"Excuse me, but we are going to have to bring you in for questioning, as whom you people are and why you are here."
Robin said.

The Trio looked at each other, but it was kinda hard to tell what the tech geek and Goth girl looked like because they both had a cloak on covering their faces much like Ravens, through the cloaks you can still tell what type of person they are. The Goth girl had a long dark midnight black purple cloak on and the Techno geek holding his PDA had a Dark Brown cloak on to hide their identities.

So they though the white head kid should have another identity as well, or they would've seen a white head kid floating around before, probably because of his powers. Robin thought.

The white head kids looked back at Robin and seemed to be thinking, then got a piece of paper out and scribbled something on it.

"Sorry, cant right now, we've gotta get back to class before we get told off, but here our phone number contact as and set date unleash we meet before then."
Danny said, as he chucked Robin the piece of paper picked up Tucker that was one side, and Sam on the other side, floating up into the air, then diaspering.

"Dude did you just see that." BB shouted.

"We all saw it." Raven stated in her monotone voice.

"Well that was different." Robin said as he looked at his piece of paper with the phone number on it showing the name Danny Fenton.

"I vote we go back to the T-Tower and get down to the bottom of this." Cyborg said.

"I agree we should find out who our friend or not friend Danny is." Star said confused.

"Well let's go." Robin shouted and jumped on to his T-bike.

"So funny, did you see their faces when they were being beating by ghost?" Danny exclaimed as he and his friends were sitting in their English class now back to normal.

Danny Fenton no longer Danny Phantom, was wearing blue cut of pants, a dark red top that hid his scars from pervious battles, don't want any questions now do we? His sleeves went up to his arms and he was wearing a dark blue jacket over top his shirt and black fingerless gloves his material was light so he didn't get hot in it all, he also had on black sneakers. While his girlfriend Sam Manson wore a dark purple top, with netting around it, and a dark midnight black purple skirt that went up to her knees and her usual combat boots with her tied up and dark purple make up on.

There friend Tucker was wearing a short light red sleeve top, black shorts, his normal red cap was replaced with a red hat instead, and he wore his normal black and sneakers and still had his trust loving PDA with him.

"I know right, do you think they will call you?" Sam asked

"Probably, what do you think Tuck?" Danny asked.

"I would say yes, that Robin guy deems anyone suspicious." Tucker said.

"Daniele Fenton, Sam Manson and Tucker Foley pay attention when I'm talking there English teacher/ home room teacher Ms Way shouted to them.

They rolled their eyes and turned toward their teacher but when they did the bell rang, there teacher sighed and let them go.

"Please pay attention tomorrow." She said as the trio lift they nodded and race of towards home after going to their lockers.

Me: Comes out of hiding.

Danny is that you?
Danny: Still laughing evilly

Me: Hides, well I hope you enjoyed it, we'll as soon as Danny comes back I will update.

Sam: And R&R Or else you will have my combat boot to talk to.

Me: Saaammmm, don't threaten the readers, try and get your boyfriend back to normal.

Sam: Fine

Tucker: Well R&R, until next time folks. (Waves PDA)
Me: (Bang heads) See u guys soon. Tucker put the PDA down.