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Jump City: DP:

The next day at the school the trio walked in their homeroom class, exception it to be like any other day, until they spotted a few people they never thought they would see again.

"Valerie? Paulina, Star, Dash? What are you guys doing her?" The three trios shouted at the new group.

"We here until we graduate or move back, for the school new exchange program." Valerie said.

"Wait does that mean?" Sam said unsure of what to say next.

"That Mr. Lancer is here as well?" Danny asked.

"That's Daniel." Mr Lancer said as he walked in.

"I will also be your new English teacher as well.

"Nooooo." The three yelled in shocked.

The rest of class looked at them strangely.

"Do you know these guys?" A random girl with pink hair asked.

"Yea, we do, they were our class mates/ enemies and teacher back in our old school, which the rest of our old class is probably her as well." Danny said as he took his seat at the back, but as soon as he did the trios communicator started vibrating and his ghost sense went off.

The three looked at each other, and wondered what they should do, so they did the only thing they could think of play sick.

"Sir, I've got a headache can I go to the nurse's office?" Danny asked.

"I think I'm going be sick." Tucker said.

"I will escort them." Sam yelled, they all rushed out of the class room before the teacher could say anything, he just sighed.

"They still the same." He muttered then introduced himself.

After the trio's escape, they found a place that was deserted and opened up the communicator, once changing into their hero ego forms.

"What took you so long to answer?" Robin demanded.

"Well were in class and our old teacher and class mates turn up out of the blue, why else do you think."
Danny Said.

"OK, fine there are two ghosts here and we can't beat them."
In the background they herd.

"I am the box ghost beware."
"I am the ghost greatest hunter and will crush you, now where tell me where the ghost kid is?" The other ghost said.

The trio looked at each other and burst out laughing. Robin looked offended.

"Ok were on our way, you in the old abounded warehouse, were there lots of boxes right?" Danny asked.

"Yeah, how do you know?" Robin asked.

"The box ghost is easy to know."
Danny said as he teleported himself and his two friends inside the warehouse.

"Ok, were here let's get this party on." Danny yelled as he charged up an ego blast and shot it Skulker.

"While and Sam and Tucker handles the box ghost."


"Come on Skulker, is that all you got?" Danny asked as he doge an ecto blast from one of Skulker gun.

"Stop moving, I am one of the ghost zone greatest hunter, and you shall fall before me." Yelled Skulker after he shot Danny in the back with a blue gun, Danny gritted in pain as he felt the shock take a hit and landed heavily on the floor.

"What the hell was that?" Danny yelled, at Skulker.

"My new toy;" Skulker smirked.

Danny growled, and with the help from his two closet friends Tucker and Sam they managed to blast Skulker and the box ghost back into each other and get them into the Fenton thermos.

"Thanks, guys." Robin said as he and his team walked up.

"You ok, Danny?" Robin asked noticing the pain his friend seemed to be in, as he tried to stand up straight and hide it.

"I'm fine." Danny all but growled out as pain shot through his back, it was intense and he was having a hard time trying to hide it from Robin and Raven who seem to know he was lying.

But just as he was about to try and convince them, because they were given him the looks that said 'you have to try harder than this' He got the next lot of pain, that was overlapping the first lot of pain it was like someone was throwing fire at his back and he almost fell over if Robin had not been there to catch him.

"Hmm, I don't think you are your fine, Raven will you please?" Robin asked.

"Fine;" Raven said monotone.

"Will our friend Danny be alright?" Star asked worried.

"He will he had worst pain then this." Tucker replied.

After about a minute or show Danny felt better.

"Thanks Raven." Raven nodded and went to the back of the group.

"Dude, that was cool." Best boy started, but then all of a sudden the room began to fill up with smoke and everyone started to cough and couldn't see what was happening.

But they all herd an evil laugh then blacked out, for the smoke was knock out gas.

After awhile everyone started to wake up, only to find that they were bonded to big wooden chairs, in some really huge room that reminded them of a chess board because of the black and white theme, and found the restraint holding them down with designed especially for each one of them.

"What the heck is going here?" Sam yelled as she tried to use her magic to get out.

"Ah ah, my little duckies you have been all brought back to school, were no good children go." Someone said.

"Mad Mod." Robin and the rest of the titans yelled.

"Wait you guys know this dude?" Tucker asked.

"Yep;" BB said.

"Ding dong, oh class is starting;" and with that the floor opened up beneath them they all fell through.

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