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June 10th, 4:20 A.M, 3013.

Six months ago I lost everything that ever meant something to me. I lost my best friend, I lost my mentor and the only fatherly figure still left alive in my life, I lost the one person I cared about more than myself…and I lost my will to get my head out of the past.

It's my birthday today, I'm turning 262 but I feel like 100 years of my life have been ripped away from me. In just a few weeks it'll mark the second year anniversary I've been gone from Earth. That's right; it's already been two years since…Zim brought us back to Irk.

I miss our wrestling matches, our smartass remark wars…our friendship but that's nothing compared to how much I miss…HIM. Zim is my best friend, true; but he'll never be able to beat how…HE made me feel for nearly a year and a half.

I can't stop thinking about that damn man. I can't get his smile out of my head, how fun filled his eyes always used to be, how much he'd blush when I'd embarrass him, his hugs…they still infect my brain and drive me mad. I can't seem to get over what I've lost…maybe I never will.

However for the moment I am being hailed by my new 'partner.' That's how she likes to be addressed anyways. Ever since Vex disappeared she's been really reliant on me to help her find him. I know her pain and I promised her I'd help…I just…need the time to get over what I've lost before I can do just that.

Anyways, happy birthday to me…worst birthday of my life…I'll write later, for now I need to go see if Oniumare is calling me for something important or just for her own personal comfort…

Sighing, I slammed my pencil down on the table I was currently stationed at. This was the fifth time in the past half an hour that Oniumare has needed me for something. The act was starting to get old; couldn't she see I just wanted to be left alone to wallow in my own grief and self-remorse?

I stood slowly and slammed the book I had previously been writing in, shut. I could still hear Oniumare on my antenna communicator, she was telling me to pick up because she knew I could hear her…typical, "Yeah, Oni I hear you. I'll be down in just a minute just…let me catch my bearing's for a moment."

"Alright, but hurry up, they aren't going to wait to wake up just for you," Oniumare said before hanging up on me. Wake up? Who would be waking up in my household? Hell it was only Oniumare and I in the close proximity, who the hell did she knock out and drag over here now?

Groaning, I grabbed a black tank top and slipped it over my chest before sliding into some black jeans and regulation boots. It was 4:26 in the morning, what did Oniumare think she was doing disturbing me now?

On my way out of my room I hit the lights and looked back one more time with a sigh. I'd changed a lot in the past six months and I can't say it was for the better. However at the moment it didn't matter how I've changed, Oni had me curious as to who was in my house.

"This better be good," I grumbled under my breath as I continued my decent down the stairs and into the very room where my world crumbled around me six months ago. I refused to show emotion about it as I gazed around its proximity, there was still a blood stain where he bled out while lying there, and the teleporter was still coated in Zim's blood from when he arrived and bled everywhere.

I saw Oniumare messing with something in her hands as she almost squealed with glee, I'd never seen such behavior from her before, "There you are!"

"Yes at 4:30 in the morning…now why are you calling me AGAIN?!" I said while pinching the skin in between my eyes. I hated being disturbed at such hours for such simple things. I swear if she was just going to ask me how to remove the power cap from the teleporter again I was going to DESTROY her.

"Tabitha, I know six months ago I tried to kill you and almost succeeded, but since the…accident you've taken me in as a friend and a partner so through a lot of hard work, energy and time I did something for you that I think you'll enjoy." I quirked an eye brow at her, "I had to work extra hard these last few days to make sure the waking up process would happen now but I succeeded and I am so excited about it!"

"Get on with it, Oni. What should I be jumping up and down in glee for?" I sighed and crossed my arms. She was really starting to push all of my temper buttons.

"Well, Tabitha," Oni said with gleaming black eyes as she reached up towards a hanging curtain, "You always wondered why I didn't want you to come down into this room."

"I never wanted to come back down into this room," I interrupted and twitched my antenna impatiently.

"I realize, anyways…happy birthday," She cried and pulled the curtain down. I closed my eyes for a minute and opened them slowly to see what was behind the curtain.

My heart stopped, my eyes snapped wide open and I started trembling as I stared at the thing in front of me. Oniumare studied my reaction carefully as tears started sliding down my cheeks. I lifted a hand up to cover my mouth as my face scrunched up in shock, hurt and happiness.

"Oniumare…how did you…?" I spluttered as I stumbled forwards and stared at the heart monitor. It was giving off soft beeps as the green line spiked up in a normal heart beat ratio.

"I picked up my dark magic for a reason. It took forever to work on him while keeping his heart beat going but I finally did it. Turns out he's the same blood type as me so I was able to give him a fair amount of blood as a kick start. He should start waking up any minute now but he'll be tremendously weak, so just be warned don't tackle him or anything."

I nodded at her as more streams of tears washed down my face. I couldn't believe it, "I-I don't know what to say…Thank you, Oniumare…oh Irk thank you."

"It's the least I could do, now I'll leave you and him to talk once he gets his lazy ass up," Oniumare said with a small smile before walking out of the room leaving me to handle him.

I continued to cry as I ran my hand over his cheek, "Zim…Zim get up," I choked out. His chest was covered in bandages and one of his antennas was given a small metal piece right near the middle of the stalk. His lower half was covered by a light sheet whilst his strong arms gently lay by his side.

He had an IV running into his left arm and a pulse clip on his middle finger to check his pulse. I was so relieved that I could just hug the idiot to death. My best friend was still alive, Cari would be so relieved if she was even still alive, "Come on, Zim. Don't make me continue crying over your body if you don't at least open an eye and smirk at me," I said while watching his expression closely.

After a few more minutes of waiting and holding his limp hand in mine; his face started scrunching up and a small groan escaped his lips. A whole new hoard of tears came as he pried one of his ruby eyes open, "Zim?" I asked softly.

His tired eyes looked over at me and I looked over at the heart rate monitor to see it had spiked slightly, probably when he woke up in an unknown place. I looked back down at him to see he was staring at me like I was an angel.

His hand tightened around mine as he tried talking, "Tab?" I choked out a yes before wrapping my arms tightly around his neck and hugging him like a life line. It was a gentle hug because I knew he was very weak but it was a hug that reminded him just how much I cared.

He leaned his head up against mine as I bawled my eyes out and hugged him, "Where…am I?" He asked slowly as I pulled away from him, "Where's, Cari?"

"I knew you were going to ask that, Zim," I said through shaky breaths, "You're at the old tree house again and you're alive…you're alive and I am not dreaming, you're really here."

He just shot me a small smile before breathing out, "You can't kill me too easily, I'll die when I damn well please."

"Just shut up you big idiot you, I've missed you so much," I sobbed while lunging forwards to hug him again. I pulled away again and showered his cheeks in kisses before kissing him right in between the eyes and holding his face in my hands.

"Oy…That's, Cari's job," He smirked with glazed over eyes. I could tell he was physically exhausted from everything he'd gone through but I didn't care. He was alive and in my mind that's all that mattered at the moment.

"I don't care right now," I said while gently grabbing his hand again. His eyes started gently closing again as I sat there keeping him close, "Get some rest, Zim. I'll be back down in a few hours to check your progress."

Carefully, I pulled my hand out of his grip and backed out of the room while watching the heart monitor fall into another calm steady beat. He was asleep now, that was probably a good thing seeing as it's been six months since he was killed and he was now alive in front of my very eyes. Yeah you could say I was pretty emotional about it.

I walked up stairs to see Oniumare sitting at the table with a cup of coffee in her hand. She looked pretty tired as well, "Oni you should get some shut eye, you look like hell my friend," I said softly while walking over to the table to seat myself next to her.

"Not yet, shut eye can come later after I'm finished with my most recent project, it's a very time telling thing but I need to get it off my chest." She responded and gave me a tired smile, "How'd it go with, Zim?"

"Good he was asking about where his girlfriend was but I had a hard time saying anything but 'you're alive' and 'shut up you idiot.' He's back asleep now," I answered and smiled sadly at the table.

"I'm glad to hear that, he's a nice guy. Every time I went to check his heart beat after giving him a shot of adrenaline he wouldn't struggle even though his body was capable of it and most bodies do react that way. It's like he knew what my intentions were without knowing who I was."

"How long do you think until he's back up on his feet with full strength?"

"With full strength? Hmm I'd say about a week to get up on his feet and maybe two or three until he finally has his full strength back. We'll have to be careful with him and bring his strength back in slowly so we don't have to deal with any muscle damage," Oni answered and shrugged while taking another sip of her coffee.

"Oh good, one more question. Why didn't you tell me you were bringing him back to life?" I asked calmly as she set her now empty coffee cup down onto the table and gave me an even look.

"You were under enough emotional stress and I had no idea if it was really going to work so I didn't want to tell you and get your hopes up in case it didn't work and I couldn't bring him back. You'd been through enough as it is."

I looked away and down at my hands feeling her sympathetic eyes burning into my soul, "I think I'm going to go lay back down. It's still very early and I'm hoping to talk to, Zim again in a few hours," I whispered softly before standing and walking away towards my room.

As I entered my room I shut the door, clenched my teeth and eyes shut and fell onto my knees in the darkness. New tears of guilt and grief were trailing down the side of my face while I leaned backwards with my back against the door and cried into my knees.

Images of memories flashed through my mind as I thought of him again. How horrible I was to him the last time we were anywhere near each other, how he unknowingly told me he loved me the night before I lost him and when he hugged me after finding out I wasn't dead.

My face scrunched up in pain as I flung my fist out to the side and let it collide with the wooden wall. I've spent so long trying to get past this and I can't even seem to get my mind off of one person…one person that I missed very…very much.

I continued to silently sob as I hauled myself over to my bed and slid into it while grabbing a large pillow and cuddling it for comfort, 'I'm sorry, Jax…'

Cari's POV.

I was lying on the ground panting while sweat slid down the sides of my face. My muscles burned and ached but I still refused to give up, "Again." I groaned out and started sitting up.

"Cari I don't think this is the best idea. Yer already pretty worn out, another round an' you'd fall over from exhaustion," The man in front of me said in concern. His serious green eyes scanned my expression carefully as I got back up onto my feet and shook my head.

"Not a chance old man, I have to take you down at least once before I'm done."

"Who're ya callin' old man!? Kid, I could kick yer ass within seconds if ya were a real opponent. I was a trained guard, I trained yer guard. I know almost every trick in the book. I'm a pretty damn tough fight, 'specially when yer so wound up 'bout beatin' me."

It was very true. He hadn't even broken a sweat yet whereas I was on my back panting every ten seconds. However I hadn't fought in months when he suddenly appeared here with us. He on the other hand, had been fighting since practically the day I was born, "I don't care, come on. Or are you chicken?" I teased and got back into a fighting position as I panted heavily.

"Yer really askin' for it, kid. Yer gonna pass out any second," He said while closing his eyes and waving his hand around dramatically. I took this as an opening.

I lunged forwards and grabbed his arm while he was distracted. He shouted in surprise as I flipped him over myself and threw him across the room. However once he realized what I'd done he just gracefully skidded to a halt on his feet and glared at me, "Did ya really jus try that on me?" He asked with his thick country accent. I smirked as he tilted his hat down threateningly.

"Me? Try that on you?! Pfft preposterous!" His eyes narrowed as he glared at me. I could tell he was studying my movements and trying to get a moment where I was unbalanced.

After a while when he didn't move I decided he'd given up and slightly let my guard down, "Come on, Vex. Don't tell me you're ti- AHH!" I shouted when Vex sprang at me, kicked the back of my leg in thus causing me to fall to the ground as he grabbed my arm and pushed it behind my back while pinning me by my stomach down to the ground.

"You were sayin'?" He growled while sitting on my legs so I was incapable of moving.

"I dislike you," I growled when realizing he'd ONCE AGAIN pinned me. And so easily too it was almost embarrassing.

"No ya don't. Ya dislike the fact that I'm almost a hundred years older than ya an' I can still kick yer ass! Phew I thought I'd lost my touch there fer a while," He mocked as I struggled slightly under him.

"Oh shut up, now can you please let me go?"

"Do ya give up?" He teased and leaned over to study my expression carefully. Oh how I loathed him at the moment.

"Yes," I said back through gritted teeth.

"No ya don't, but I'll get off of ya anyways, even if ya tried somethin' on me I could still beat ya."

"Oh you're just enjoying every second of this aren't you?" I growled as he let go of me and quickly got off of me.

"Naw, jus the parts when I put ya in yer place an' ya keep tryin' to defeat me," He shot back with a smirk. If I could, I'd slap that smirk off his face right now.

"You know, this isn't exactly what I meant when I asked you to help train me how to fight again," I sighed and cracked my sore back. Vex laughed loudly and patted me on the back before walking over to the side lines and pulling his shirt back on.

"Well now ya know better than ta attack me outta the blue, don'tcha?"

I was about to shoot back a witty come back when the mini gyms doors opened up and two deep purple eyed people came in, "Hey Jeb, hey, Rae," I greeted and walked over to pull on my over shirt. I was going to need a shower badly after this; I was sweating through my underwear for Irk's sake!

"Sorry to interrupt you two but I think you need to see this, Cari," Jeb replied back and motioned for me to follow him.

"Can't it wait, I seriously need a shower," Vex snickered in the background making me spin around and glare at him. He gave me an innocent look before looking away and walking by me triumphantly.

"No it can't," This perked my curiosity now. Jeb was usually very laid back and flexible but now he sounded agitated and wound up. Vex shot me a curious look that almost copied mine and I shrugged back at him.

"Ok, I'm right behind you," I said and nodded towards Vex as if to dismiss him.

"I'm gonna go see how the other kids are doin'," Vex mouthed towards me and walked away without another word.

I continued to follow Jeb and Rae as we entered one of his labs. Jeb stopped at a rather large computer screen and motioned for me to sit down, "So what's this about, Jeb? Did you find, Zim?" I asked hopefully. I hadn't seen Zim since Moon's attack. I still had nightmares about Zim's condition at that time.

"Cari you and I both know, Zim probably didn't make it out of that fight alive. He was nearly dead when he shoved, Moon into the teleporter," Jeb said coldly making me flinch. I felt like crying when he said that but I'd wait until I was alone to let any tears shed.

"Then what is this about?"

"Rae," Jeb said and nodded at his daughter. She nodded back and pressed a few keys on the computer screen. A large file appeared and shined brightly in the dimly lit lab.

I scanned over the file seeing various pictures of destroyed PAK's and Irken test subjects. Some of the pictures were so gory and disgusting that I almost threw up just at the mere sight of them, "Oh my Irk, what is this?" I gagged out and put a hand over my mouth so no bile would come up.

"Well princess that's why this is so urgent," Jeb answered through a loud sigh, "Moon was planning more than just leaving to kill his clone. This is something he's been working on for what seems to be ages."

"That doesn't answer my question, Jeb. What exactly IS this?" I interrupted and looked over at him. He looked like he was about to be sick too.

"This is an operation called: PAK Virus Theory…"

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