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Tab's POV

"Tabitha help me!" Vex snapped making me snap my gaze over to him, "We have to get him out of here!"

I looked over at Liao, knowing it was going to be hard to keep the walkers off while I was helping Vex move Jeb, "Go on, I'll cover ya," Liao said, shooting me a small smile, "Much like yer uncle, member?"

I nodded quickly before rushing over to Vex and a now very much passed out Jeb. His arm was HIDEOUS and looked hella painful to me, the bone and nerves were clearly severed, major arteries had been clipped and needed to be clogged immediately and the excess skin and muscle needed to be cut off, "It's a clean cut," Someone said rushing up by me. I looked over to see someone I didn't recognize but he seemed to be with Mia so that was ok with me, "I'm a doctor. You go look for a way out of this hell, I'll help Vex." I looked over at Vex who slowly nodded.

"Zim!" I screamed making him snap his head over instantly, "I need you to help cover me and the rest of the group if you can! I'm going to get us out of this!"

"Good luck, Zim will do what he can but he is running out of bullets unnaturally fast!" Zim shouted back, worry lacing his voice, "Please find a way out, even if it's just to get a few out. I don't want Cari to die like this."

I nodded and shot off spotting some Vortarians shoving innocent Irkens back into their deaths. One that was shoved back was a child no older than 100 years old and now…now I was pissed, "If you can't find a way out, make your own way," I muttered to myself quickly drawing my gun and shooting the largest Vortarian in the chest. He didn't die, not yet I was too far to puncture a Vortarians tough skin from here but as soon as I got a little closer….

I shot again, three times all in the exact same place and the guy didn't even budge, sure he took a step back and put a hand over the wound but he didn't seem to be in too much pain, in fact it looked to me like there wasn't even any blood, "Oh I swear to Irk if you're wearing a bullet proof vest!" I snarled to myself as he shot back at me. The first two bullets I narrowly missed, the second struck a small pendant on my right hand bracelet and THAT right there was way too close for comfort, "Oh so that's how you wanna play huh pal?" I spat the word, reloading my gun and rolling behind a knocked over table. Three bullets were already gone when I had to shoot a couple walkers off my flank but now NOW it was on, "I'm not afraid to fight dirty asshole."

I looked around and grabbed a leaking wine bottle, smiling evilly when I also spotted a lighter. Perfect, "Hey stupid ass! Ever have a hot cocktail!?" I shouted throwing the now burning wine bottle into the air, instantly distracting him. As he went to shoot off the offending wine bottle, I sprinted forward and took two shots, one missed, one hit and that hit just happened to pierce through whatever armor he was wearing. My last bullet went into another walker that took a close swipe at me and then it was time to reload again. Zim was right we needed a way out, but I need this Vortarian to GET out, so looks like I'm just going to have to put my training into action, "Well, they don't call me a stupid guard for nothing," I sighed taking in a deep breath before sprinting forwards again, trying to avoid bullets and walkers all at the same time.

When I finally got close enough I ripped off my heel and threw it at him, hitting him in the face and knocking him off balance, "And people say heels are useless," I grumbled to myself while lunging forwards, knocking his weapon out of his hand and kneeing him hard in the stomach. He yowled in pain, bending over slightly as his breath was knocked out of him giving me the perfect opportunity to flip throw him over my shoulder, slam him hard into the ground and grab his horn, pulling him up so he couldn't see the ground. At the same time I was using my last heel to pin one of his wrists down while he flailed and used the other hand to try and get his weapon back. "Why…Can't…You…Just….DIE ALREADY!" I snarled slamming his face into the ground as hard as I could, knocking him out as soon as I hit a pressure point in his temple. "Well I could care less if you're dead or unconscious so come on ugly," I hissed pulling him by his horns and using him as a shield from any other oncoming bullets or Walker swipes…Well if he wasn't dead before he sure as hell is now.

I hauled his ass over to a barred window, taking a couple shots at the undead before lifting his face up and grabbing his rather sharp horn that would make a PERFECT crow bar. It started working as I bent the bars as far and fast as I could until I heard a sickening snap and his horn cracked off, blood and ugliness oozing out with it, "Well you're just useless all around aren't you?" Now I was using the other horn, being careful to NOT break this one as I pried the bars as far open as I could get them. It'd fit all of us if we could get out fast enough. Last thing to do was break the window.

"BEHIND YOU!" I heard Zim scream so I whirled around, wide eyed and frightened to see a very much alive Irken trying to hit me with a chair.

"What the hell I'm not!" I shouted before realizing just who this jack ass of an Irken was, "Ok you've fucked up my life plenty of times now. Don't need to ruin the moment any more Jax!" I snarled, my antenna shooting up straight aggressively as smirked at me.

"Now's not the time to be working out our problems Tabitha, now is the time for you to finally get the hell out of my life," He answered taking another swing at me with the chair.

"What, afraid the dead couldn't kill me first?" I snapped, grabbing the chairs leg and swinging it around, making him drop it and me send it crashing through the window, "Thanks sweet heart." I smiled in triumph, lunging forwards and kissing his cheek before sprinting off, leaving him angrily scrubbing his face off with his hand while giving me a disgusted look. He of course took chase after me and I thought about shooting him but something in my heart told me not too, maybe it was the fact that I still loved him even though he took my heart and pushed it through a shredder then fed it to his angry hell hounds that he PROBABLY borrowed from Cari one time or another but hey, can't blame him. I'm not exactly someone you can get along with, let alone keep a good relationship with anyways. I get set off too easily.

I however also couldn't just lead him back to my REAL friends and family, so I had to do something…but what? I looked around, avoiding the undead that were really starting to freak me out if they hadn't already when it hit me. Vex always said your enemy is your greatest friend and your weaknesses are your greatest strengths. I hadn't realized it until now but he was saying, use what your enemy is using against you, against him. So, Jax was going to get a one way trip down to hell from his own problem.

I ran up to a walker, my heart screaming at me to run like hell but I had to get its attention. I yanked its antenna which disgustingly just fell off onto the floor before it turned around and hissed at me, "Come on ugly, just a little closer!" I coaxed as it lunged forwards and tried to attack me. Perfect.

Jax was right behind me now so as the Walker jumped at me, I fell backwards and kicked my legs up, sending ugly here flying straight into Jax, knocking him down with a very pissed off walker on top of him. Sure I pulled a muscle doing it but it was worth it to get back at him.

I was about to start running again when my heart started telling me something different. I hated myself. So…I looked back to see Jax had dropped his gun and was now holding back an angry walker that was clearly trying to stab him with random PAK legs and bite his head off. He was cussing loudly, even stooping as low to sounding panicky when I decided I'm an idiot but I still loved him. 'I hate myself,' I snarled in my head before lifting my gun and shooting the monster through the PAK. Instantly it fell limp onto Jax making him scream and shove the thing off of him, blood now coating his once nice looking tux. He sat up and stared at me in shock but I didn't waste any time saying bye bye before sprinting over to where the others were clearly struggling. Liao was now just slamming walkers in the face with the butt of his gun which had no more ammo, "Anytime now Tabitha! I'd like ta keep my skin taday if ya don't mind!" He shouted, shoving another walker back and making a tighter circle around Jeb and his mutilated arm.

"I got us a way out but we need to move quickly!" I called running over and pulling on his arm.

"We need ta hold these freaks off until they all get out!" Liao snapped back, fear and panic apparent in his bright yellow eyes.

"Ok, I'll get everyone moving."

"Quickly please, I'd be much obliged!" I shouted an Ok before jumping to Vex's side, Sol was now doing what he could to keep the bleeding down while giving Vex doubtful looks.

"Vex we gotta move. I got us a way out but we have to go now before my lovely boyfriend comes back."

"Jeb's still bleedin', I ain't leavin' him here ta die!" Vex snarled, looking me directly in the eyes while grabbing onto Jeb's one good hand now, "I may hate 'im but I'm not gonna leave 'im here ta die like an animal!"

"Then let's move him!" Cari screeched pressing her back up against Zim's as they fought off walkers with the butts of their guns, "I have little to no ammo left and Zim's out. We either go now or we die as is!"

"Then we move," The guy named Sol said quickly, "Vex, get Mia. Oniumare and I will get the others and Jeb out."

"We'll cover you!" I said quickly as everyone quickly formed a tight circle, knowing exactly what their jobs were and what they needed to do to survive.

"What!" Vex snapped, looking at me with fear, "Absolutely not!"

"Dammit Vex there really is NO time for arguing so just GO!" I snarled back, taking off without his consent and pushing my back up to Liao's, "I got your back."

"Same ta you partner," He said smirking slightly, "Hey for the record if we do die, I jus wantcha ta know that I'm glad we met. Ya seem like a sweet girl so if we die, I'll see ya on the other side."

"Why so negative," I said teasingly, "No way in hell am I going down to DEAD people," He laughed as I kicked a swiping walker back. Surprisingly the PAK legs couldn't extend very far with the infected PAK's and half of them were already in the dead Irken so hey, not too much to worry about other than the foaming mouth, sharp bloody teeth, razor like claws and hissing face…yeah not much.

"Than that makes two of us," Liao answered after a moment of knocking back another dead Irken. We were slowly walking behind the group, holding off everything we could while they slowly filed out of the hole I made in the wall, "Hey we gotta live one!"

"That'd be my oh so lovely mate, just punch him if he gets close or let me deal with him."

"Well someone's confident, but he looks like he's on our side personally," Now I was interested. I looked over my shoulder to see that it was Jax, but shooting walkers. Of course that was so he could run and be safe but he was shooting walkers near us, not moving very fast or anything though.

"Don't know don't care, just keep watching my back not my oh so lovely boyfriend," I scoffed grabbing the undead by a severed limb and struggling to throw it away from us.

We fought for another minute or so until my muscles started burning; begging for me to stop and give up but my adrenaline was enough to keep me going until I heard a loud noise and a body slamming into me, "WATCH IT!" Liao shouted, apparently deciding a flying chair was going to kill us so he threw me to the ground and jumped on fucking top of me.

"Get off you idiot, it was a chair! A CHAIR! We have bigger problems!"

"That was no chair Ms. Tabitha that was an infected PAK. Legs outstretched and everythin'." Now I felt stupid and mean.

"Sorry then I guess," I grumbled taking my last couple shots at a few nearing walkers.

"No time for that, we have ta go an' now!" He snapped back, grabbing my hand and hauling me to my feet before pulling me after him. The group had gotten out safely it looked like and some other random Irkens had somehow found their own way out through the air ducts so there were Irkens, dead and alive pouring out of the oh so secured building.

"On yer six, three walkers. Hine site fire at 60 degrees, lower stomach if ya have any shots left!"

"Got it!" I said, turning and shooting the three walkers not disconnecting my back from his, "Watch your three partner you've got two rookies' with PAK legs wagging out of their stomach. Aim down through the throats if you can!"

"Smart but I got no bullets!"

"Trade guns in three…two…ONE!" I snapped, tossing my gun up in the air as he did the same, catching his gun as soon as he caught mine.

"Nice throw," He muttered.

"Nice catch," I scoffed back, clocking an Irken in the face as we made it to the broken window which random Irkens were not struggling to get out of, "Looks like it's going to be a minute."

"That's a whole nother minute I got ta think some things through," Liao shrugged against me, "I'm mostly worried about my lil' sis. She's a pain in the ass but I lover 'er."

"Is she here?"

"Na, I wouldn't let her come. Too many creeps floatin' round. She's back at my place; I'm on the border line of this city leading in to Irkania."


"Nope north," He answered as more Irkens started getting through. By now the dead were sort of feasting on the newly dead people. But there was still too many to hold off for much longer.

"Well, looks like we have a goal destination," I said, feeling a small, broken smile work its way onto my face.

"Yer kiddin', yer gonna bust yer ass jus ta help someone ya don't even know?"

"You can't really know someone until you've talked to them for a while, don't you think?" I copied him from earlier making him laugh and whack my antenna with his.

"And yer group?"

"I don't know yet, I'm hoping they're long gone by now. But I'll call as soon as we get out and tell them to meet us somewhere if they can," I answered now panting and DYING from the heat all the panicked Irkens were giving off. That and I'd just been running like no one's business so it was a little difficult to keep up with some things.

"Well then…hope ya like fried chicken. It's basically all we eat back home."

"And how old did you say you were?"

"280 as of today, happy birthday ta me. And yerself?"

"262," I answered swiftly.

"Well consider this a partnership, Ms. Tabitha," Liao said reaching a hand around for me to shake. I gladly accepted it and laughed.

"A partnership it is. Mr. Liao."

Cari's POV.

"Where are they," I fretted, grabbing onto Zim's hand and pacing back and forth while glancing back towards the building of horrors.

"I don't know, they may not have made it out," Zim answered sadly coming over to try and get a better look with me. We had to go and soon so this was getting down to the point of if we leave them or we don't. And anyone who knows me knows there's no way in hell I'm leaving Tabitha behind.

"Don't you dare say that," I growled at him, making his antenna lower further.

"I'm just preparing us for the worst. Clearly unexpected things happen like Jax being evil for one."

"I can't believe that," I muttered.

"Neither can I, he seemed reasonably happy when I met him. And he didn't give me any signs he was evil or anything but this was just unexpected for all of us I think."

"Yeah well I'm jus sorry I didn't get ta fuckin' clock 'im in the face, maybe break his jaw while I'm at it," Vex growled, still trying to work on Jeb with Sol and keeping his wife close.

"Get in line," Zim growled back squeezing my hand tightly, "She may be your apprentice, but she's my best friend and no man plays my best friend like that. I will kill him if we meet again and the circumstances are right."

"Hey, I'm included in this too," I said, antenna lowering aggressively.

"I think we have bigger problems right now," Sol said while injecting Jeb with a blood coagulator to clog his bleeding out veins, "Areo, get Difetto I need him for a second."

"Uhh where is he?" Areo said, worry quickly lacing his voice, "He got out with us right? He was right behind me!"

"Difetto!?" Sol called, looking around slowly. No signs of him.

"No, no, no fucking hell no. We have to go back!" Areo snarled, suddenly getting this pissed off look on his face as his antenna shot straight up in the air.

"We can't risk that Areo I. Am. Sorry," Sol hissed through clenched teeth, "He was my brother too."

"You didn't save him from his car accident, you weren't there for him when he was a shunned smeet, you don't see how fragile he really is. He is MY brother and we HAVE to go back to save him!"

"DON'T YOU THINK I KNOW THAT!" Sol blew up, turning and grabbing his collar roughly, "I cared about him too but right now I have a patient who NEEDS me HERE and NOW."

"Then I'll go myself!" Areo spat back.

"Both of you shut up!" Mia snarled, stepping in even though she wasn't sure where she was, "Difetto was helping me out, he got out before me so clearly he's out and still alive. If you'd all shut up and help Jeb then maybe we could organize a strong but small group to go look for him!"

Everyone went silent and stared at her, never had they ever seen her blow up like that and so ferociously too it was startling, "Girls means business," Sol muttered with tad bit of humor in his eyes. He soon went straight back to work though, chewing his longer antenna slightly in thought, "I don't have any pain killers on me or back at my office. The shipment was coming in late next week. I also don't have all my tools it's just me and luck right now. I don't know what else I can do to help your friend without the proper supplies."

"Anythin', I'll go ta yer office if I have ta. Jus…don't let 'im die," Vex piped up, surprising everyone more so than they already had been.

"What about Difetto!" Areo snapped, "And your friend Tabitha. Are we just going to leave them for dead!?" The room went deathly silent again…which answered his question, "What the hell is wrong with you people!?"

"There is nothing we can do," Oniumare said, helping Sol with Jeb's wound by patching up major arteries with dark magic.

"There is ALWAYS something!" Areo snarled frantically, "If my brother is dead because you people didn't care enough about him to help him then you can consider me dead too!"

"You're not going out after him," Mia said, still slightly frazzled.

"I'll do what I damn well please!" Areo snapped at her.

"Hey watch yer tongue around her ya asshole." Vex spat, glaring Areo down hard, "Look I'm sorry about yer brother. My niece is still out there too ya know. Yer not the only one sufferin'! Jeb lost his daughter, Mia her sister, you yer brother and me my beloved niece so back the FUCK off!"

Areo gave Vex a disgusted look before growling and turning around quickly and storming off into another corner of the bridge we were hiding under. I looked at Zim with a worried expression that he copied. We were both thinking the same thing about Tabitha but we didn't want to say it, "I don't know what to do," I said, voice cracking ever so slightly.

"I-I don't either," Zim answered, looking defeated and hurt, "I should've stayed behind to help her but I-."

"Don't even start that Zim," I said seriously, knowing how depressed he gets and how fast it happens, "You couldn't have done anything different to change this."

He looked away, clearly not believing me but nodded nonetheless, "We need a place to stay, to hide. The walkers will find anywhere we've settled already."

"We're going to have to settle there for a couple more days I'm afraid," Oniumare said while focusing on Jeb's arm, "We have medical supplies there. And if we keep it on a down low we can hide from these things."

"What about the food situation," Zim piped up, "And the rooming situation?"

"We'll have to make runs and work the rest of the kinks out later," she answered making me frown.

"Are we just going to leave Tabitha then?" I asked softly, feeling my throat tighten, "After all it took to see her again?"

Zim looked at me before quickly wrapping his arms around me and shielding my face from the others so I could cry into his shoulder as discretely as possible, "We'll no—I'll—do everything in my power to find her Cari. But for right now we need to think about us and the others. Tabitha's strong willed and she's physically strong as well. She's a smart girl she'll get a way out of this mess." He whispered down to me, kissing the top of my head and hugging me tighter, "I promise you I will do what I can."

"I know…but will that be enough?" I chocked out while biting down on my tongue hard, "I don't want to lose my best friend Zim."

"Neither do I," He whispered back, "But some things are out of our control Car." I tightened my grip on his black over coat, "I love Tabitha just as much as you do so please don't make this hard for me. I promise I'm going to do what I can."

"I never said you weren't going to," I muttered back.

"You were thinking it, I know these things. But Cari," He said grabbing my chin and forcing me to look at him, "You have to understand if I can't get her back that I've done everything I could."

"…I know."

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"Who the hell are you!" "No time for questions, he just saved our ass now lets go!" "...We need to start cloning again." "I can't believe you made me fucking do that! I could've died!" "You're the one who wanted to see her one last time."