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Narrator's pov.

"O-Ok, don't freak out umm I-I'll run inta town an'…an' get ya some things ta help," Liao spluttered, he didn't know what to do, what to say, what to anything. He was freaked out to the extremes.

"Liao if I had known I wouldn't have-," He cut her off by shaking his head back and forth, grabbing her face in his hands and smiling at her.

"It'll be ok, you belong with us now and we're gonna help ya," She smiled sadly at that before sighing and looking away, "It's ok Tabitha, bad things happen to good people. We'll work through it."

"Yeah…" She said, looking at her reflection in the wall mirror, frowning upon seeing it, "Yeah we will." Her head was spinning with thoughts and none of them came out with the conclusion she wanted them to have. She didn't know what to do, she felt absolutely helpless and scared.

"Tab," Liao said, sensing her confusion and pain. She looked at him again, feeling less confident with every breath, "It's ok either way. I'll understand."

She was silent at that, but he left her without a word, leaving her to curl up in a ball and think, 'how can you even THINK about this. Liao saved your life more times than I can count, you can't possibly think-!'

"Shut up," She hissed to herself, "I don't know what to think right now."

Meanwhile, Liao was grabbing a duffel bag and arming himself with a loaded gun. Running into town was the most dangerous thing they could do, and he always got nervous about leaving alone and especially nervous about leaving Lexy alone. She'd been through enough and losing her big brother was not something he wanted to put her through.

With a deep, shaky breath he exited the house and grabbed his cowboy hat off the front porch. The day had gone from bad to worse and the rain was pouring down making everything cold, slow and wet which was not a good combination when faced with such a tedious task.

Walking slowly through deep puddles, he managed to make it out to the barn with a lantern, seeing as all power had been cut off since the city went to hell nearly four months ago.

He hung the lantern on a barn hook and set his duffel bag and gun down, shaking off the cold and trotting over to get his fastest and quietest horse out of his stall. His name was Midnight and he was exteremly tall and exteremly fast. His breed was a challenge to identify, the tall stature and ears represented a Marwari but the coloring and muscle structure has Morgan written all over it. "Wanna give me one last ride bud?" Liao asked, smiling at his old friend.

He'd had midnight for nearly 100 years now and the boy was getting old, this would definitely be his last ride.

Liao hooked Midnight up and gave him some grain as he slowly saddled the old boy and hooked the bit in. He wanted to ride western but to be safe and quick he was going with English this time. A larger Australian English saddle but it was still English.

He swiftly snatched his gun and bag before pulling Midnight out into the heavy rain and mounting him. He took a deep breath before securing his gear and grabbing hold of the reins. Though it wasn't long before he saw Lexy running out to him, 'sorry babe, but not this time,' he thought, knowing she'd convince him to wait until she could go too or whatever the case may be, "I love you Lexy!" He shouted before giving Midnight a harsh kick and turning him to gallop off through a small trail in the woods. He heard Lexy yell after him, but there was no going back now. He had to help Tabitha and they were running low on food again so either way he knew he had to do this.

The whole ride into town felt agonizingly quick. There was a heavy feeling in the pit of his stomach but the thick trees were thinning out and the opening to town was now showing. Midnight showed obvious signs of concern as they approached the metal catastrophe. He was pacing and rearing a little bit, but otherwise behaving quite nicely.

"Just get me to the store bud," Liao said softly while grabbing his gun, he didn't know what was worse. Seeing the damn things or not, either way he knew if he made one wrong move then he was screwed.

So quietly, he trotted midnight all the way into the large city and dismounted the creature, putting a hand on his neck and rubbing it to calm the boy down. Midnight kind of understood, but him being the stubborn ass he is decided to bite Liao's shoulder instead as if to say, 'this is all your fault.' And to be honest it was. This was Liao's responsibility.

"Well ya don't have ta rub it in," Liao growled at the giant black horse before slowly walking into the store, his gun at eye level and his antenna perked with awareness. Everything seemed to be clear so far but just to be safe he kicked an empty can into a high metallic area, letting it clang everywhere. It was bound to attract a walker in here if there were any. But none came, giving him the opening to move again.

He stopped when he got to the pharmacy, letting his gun down a hair and grabbing as many bottles as he could, stuffing them into his duffel bag and going in for more. It was hard to see in there, but he wasn't relying on his eyes this time, he was relying on his antenna and instincts. Hoping that they would keep him alive for now.

He paused upon hearing a rustling in the back, lifting his gun to eye level and glaring into the inky darkness, "God I'm in a fuckin' horror movie," he muttered to himself as he continued to glare into the darkness and shovel more items into the duffle. He did need to save some room for food so he stopped after getting as much as he could think of, turning around and scurrying off to the food areas, grabbing anything and everything that hadn't spoiled. So pretty much canned and dried foods. Anything else had long rotted by then.

He was almost done when he heard a loud hiss in the next isle. He knew that hiss and dove down to hide under a salad bar in the food section. He could hear his heart pounding in his antenna as he listened to the heavy footsteps the walker was making. He couldn't place where the menace was, making him even more jumpy than usual because the vile creature could come from anywhere.

He jumped a little when he heard the scratching sound of metal on metal, meaning the monsters PAK leg was lightly tracing the metal of the salad bar, RIGHT above his head. Liao's heart pounded harder in his chest as he tried to take deep steady breaths.

Everything felt tense when the PAK leg stopped scratching the metal, and the hissing started up again. Liao could practically feel the walker's hot breath on him as it drew closer. This was also the time he noticed he'd dropped his damn gun when he dove behind the salad bar, and it was just out of reach from his position.

He took a deep breath and tried to stop shaking as he hesitantly reached for his gun, pulling back when he heard a loud hiss. His eyes clenched shut, thinking that he'd just given away his position but when no attack came upon him, he'd figured it was ok to try again. He had yet to stop shaking as he slid his hand along the ground, just inches away from his gun strap.

His claws were just brushing up against the material when a loud screeching noise was heard; it was the intercoms throughout the cities. It not only scared the shit out of Liao, but it also made him jump and shout in fear, causing him to hit his head on the metal of the salad bar and alerting the now screaming walker that he was there.

His heart jumped as he made a lunge for his gun and slid along the floor, trying to get up and run. He'd gotten a hold of his gun at this time, but as he slammed into gear to run he realized what hell he'd walked into.

Before he was quiet and alert enough to NOT realize how MANY of them were lurking in the store. But now that the loud screech of the intercoms had come on, they were all screaming and becoming active in the hunt, "Oh shit!" Liao shouted while making a grab for his bag and running for the exit. He screamed as walkers appeared around every corner, having to shoot about three before making it to the front door.

Sadly his loud shooting was also attracting every one of the walkers in the giant city straight to him, making anyone else on a run into town have to get away from the walkers as well. "MIDNIGHT!" Liao shouted, slamming through the door and going to quickly unhinge his horse.

Over the intercom the tallest were speaking, "Citizens of Irk, we are here to help. Please report to flight bay sector 38 in the western side of town. There is a refugee place there and you will be saved. I repeat there is a refugee place in flight bay sector 38 in the western side of town. We will check for survivors daily and we will help you." The message kept repeating making Liao shout in frustration, those idiots were attracting every walker in town!

Liao was jumping on Midnight as walkers started pouring out of everywhere. Every street, neighborhood and alley way, they were coming. But there was also a very loud noise of someone screaming coming too, "HEY! STOP! HELP ME!" His head snapped up as he looked over to see a young man running towards him. He had a bow n' arrow with him, and he looked very frightened, "HELP ME!"

Liao was debating on just going, knowing he didn't have much room for another passenger, but his debate was highly influenced when he saw a tsunami of walkers SPRINTING after the young man, screaming and flailing angrily. His face fell as his eyes popped out of his skull. That had to have been over 3000 Irkens all running at him at once, "HELP!"

"RUN FASTER DUMBASS!" Liao shouted back, kicking midnight into an immediate gallop as he raced towards this man. He reached out his hand as they grew closer, and finally snatched the young man's wrist as he passed by, nearly pulling Liao off the back of Midnight as he pulled him up. "GO MIDNIGHT GO!" Liao screamed as they made a tight corner turn away from the tidal wave of walkers nipping at their ankles.

Liao looked forwards but started cussing loudly when he saw there was another wave of walkers coming from the other side too, "Oh fuck, oh shit, oh damn! Where the hell am I supposed ta go!" he shouted, making Midnight rear a little bit.

"THERE! GO THERE!" The young man shouted, pointing to a gated alley way.

Liao obliged to the command without hesitation. The screeching of walkers was filling his antenna as he kicked Midnight into the fastest gallop the horse has ever gone. They sprinted through the alley way, skidding around corners and slipping on icy roads. Walkers were pouring out of the windows and roofs of buildings, making it nearly impossible to maneuver anywhere.

And it wasn't long before he started hearing gun shots all around him, "What the! Their shooting at us!" The young man shouted, loading his cross bow and aiming up high, "It's the fucking Vortarians again!"

"We're so gonna die!" Liao shouted, bounding Midnight through broken fences and run down alley ways. Meanwhile his new little partner was shooting the hell out of the Vortarians, keeping a trained eye on his target as they raced by.

Liao heard another loud shot and then a shout of agony as his partner was knocked clear off the horse, "Wha!?" He snapped, pulling Midnight into a screeching halt and nearly getting thrown by the frantic horse. He looked back to see his problem on the ground, shouting loudly and holding his side in pain. Walkers were pouring out the alley they'd just come out of and we're heading straight for the young man.

"Don't leave me!" He screamed, hot tears boiling out of his eyes as he reached out towards Liao, "Please don't leave me!"

Liao stopped for a moment, hesitating before cussing loudly and grabbing his gun off the rearing Midnight. "I can't fucking believe myself," He snapped while shooting close walkers straight through the PAK and racing over to the young man, grabbing his arm and bending to haul him up over his shoulder.

He heard more bullets and jumped with a frightened screech when one passed right by his antenna and made him half deaf, "Go go go!" He snapped at himself, pushing himself to run like hell back to Midnight whom didn't know what to do.

He threw the kid onto the saddle, belly down before slapping Midnight's back side as hard as he could, screaming, "HOME! Go HOME!" The horse jumped a little before sprinting off, leaving him behind.

He ran as fast as he could with the duffel still attached to his shoulder, shooting at everything in front of him and not looking back. There was so much noise around him but it sounded like everything was under water since his antenna were still ringing.

The gun shots weren't letting up and he had to grab trash can lids and other such things just to deflect some of the bullets he knew were coming. "God please not now! Please I can't leave Lexy!" He begged while dropping the trash lids and running out into the open. He was still at least a mile away from the edge of town and every walker was after him.

He looked around frantically, feeling tears pouring out of his eyes when he saw there was no escape. "No, NO NO NO NO NO!" He shouted, circling around and heading for another clear alley way, "Not now please not now!"

He found that the alley way had been blocked and was having no more luck with the broken fire escape ladders. He looked down at his gun, knowing he only had one shot left and not knowing what to do upon seeing the walkers closing in on him. So with his last shot, he lifted the gun up to the side of his head and silently thought, 'I'm sorry Lexy, I love you.'

Sol's POV.

I woke up out of my reading upon hearing a loud screaming coming from the inner parts of our base. I was up within seconds, sprinting out of the room and perking my antenna to try and hear what was going on. I heard gun fire and screaming and crying.

"Hello!" I shouted frantically, sprinting down the dark halls and kicking open doors to try and see if anyone was there, "Mia!?"

The screaming and crying got worse as I charged up the stairs, grabbing my sword out of my boot and activating it, "Mia!" I called again, worry lacing my voice. Where was she!?

"HELP! Sol help!" I heard someone shout, it didn't sound like Mia though. My heart jumped into my throat as I sprinted around the corner and raced into the dining area. Nearly everyone was there, scared and staring at the body in front of them.

My heart stopped upon seeing Vex drop his gun and fall to his knees, a broken look crossing his expression. The person on the ground was Axel…and she was dead, Vex shot her. "What happened!" I snapped, rushing forwards and shielding Angel away from seeing her dead mother.

"S-She turned! She was going to kill us!" Mia gasped, slapping her hand around in search for me. I wrapped my arm around her and hid her face in my shoulder, looking over at Vex in horror. He was on the ground, shaking while hiding his face under his hat.

I watched as he took in a deep shaky breath, vibrating his whole chest before he started loudly bawling, cupping Axel's face in his hands, "Axel! Axel I'm sorry, please! Please don't go! Axel!" Vex shouted, lifting Axel's face into his chest and curling up around her, his crying only getting louder and louder as reality dawned on him.

"Mia leave, now. Take Angel and go straight to Zim, now!" I snapped, pushing her along as my own voice wavered in agony. I didn't know Axel, but from the grief Vex was giving off, I felt like she was my sister who'd just been killed right in front of me.

"AXEL!" Vex cried, shaking her a little bit, "Axel don't do this to me! I'm sorry! I love you! Please don't leave me!"

I didn't know what to do. Even as brilliant doctor, I had NO idea what to do. He just kept calling out to her, begging her to come back or wake up or to not leave him. "V-Vex," I tried to say, though my voice cut out as soon as it came out.

"Get away!" He snarled at me, "Don't you fucking touch her!"

I backed away at this, letting him pull her into his lap and wrap his arms around her, hiding his face in her neck while loudly grieving. His whole body was shaking as he rocked her body back and forth, begging her to come back and be ok again.

It wasn't long before Oniumare and Zim came running out, hearing the commotion and being worried about it. Zim saw his older sister and tried to lunge towards her, but Oniumare stopped him, and pulled him away, leaving him to shout in grief and frustration as he tried desperately to reach his last sibling left alive.

"Axel," Vex whimpered out through clenched teeth, "You can't do this to me, we still have to raise our little girl, Ax-," He couldn't go on after that upon thinking of Angel. This just made it worse as he continued to cry and rock her back and forth, choking down inhuman sobs and continuing to beg for her to wake up.

I stood there, frozen to the spot as I realized what Vex just put himself through. The love of his life was going to kill Mia and he chose to kill her instead with the gun she'd given him on their anniversary and with their daughter in his arms. I can't even begin to imagine how much pain he's feeling right now.

I heard another loud scream as Riley raced down the stairs, "That gun shot just attracted every fucking walker within a block of us! Their trying to get in through the windows! What are we supposed to do!?" She shouted, halting upon seeing Vex with his dead wife.

Vex stopped for a second, trying to take in deep breaths as he grasped the reality of it all before grabbing his gun and a nearby baseball bat. Oniumare tried to approach him but he pointed his gun at her and snapped, "Stay the fuck back!" She seemed shocked as she stopped and put her hands up, giving Vex the elbow room to get up and shove Riley aside, angrily walking up the stairs.

"Go after him!" I snapped, racing forwards with my sword.

"Sol no!" Oni shouted, "He needs to be alone right now!"

"We can't just let him handle a breach like this alone!" I snarled back, running up the stairs anyways. I drew my sword out and was getting ready to strike down a walker when I saw Vex slam the baseball bat against the side of the monsters face, breaking its neck and causing it to let out a blood curdling screech, falling to the floor helplessly giving Vex the opportunity to beat it's PAK in, killing it.

"Mia, take Angel and get into Jeb's hospital room! Don't leave his side!" I shouted down the stairs while cutting a walker in half with a mere flick of my wrist. If these monsters were gonna act like a bitch, they were gonna die like a bitch.

Though to be honest I did stay clear of Vex and his baseball bat. He was a psychopath right now, hitting and killing anything in sight with unruly power behind each swing. Blood was splattering all over the room and dead walkers were falling down left and right as we cut and or smashed them down, "We have to barricade the openings!" Oni snapped from behind me, shoving her way in and using her dark magic to shove some walkers into a wall, leaving them at the mercy of Vex's anger.

I nodded to her with a small pant before rushing forwards, covering her as she slammed the windows shut and started boarding them up, cutting off hands, PAK legs and antenna as she did so.

The walkers were slamming themselves up against the windows, screeching angrily and shattering glass, trying to get into the room. "What're we going to do!" I shouted frantically while pushing against some boards, trying to keep them out.

"We're going to have to leave!" Oni cried back.

"Leave!? Where can we go! We still have people out on runs!"

"They'll have to fend for themselves! We have to think about us right here, right now!" Oniumare shouted, "Sol! Go get Reth and tell him to come help me, then get Valenth and the others, we have to go! Pack everything in sight and move everyone out within next five to ten minutes!" I nodded and sprinted off to fulfill my job, shouting for help as Reth and Valenth emerged, frantic looks on their faces.

"Reth!" I gasped, finding it hard to miss the gargantuan green bunny cat thing, "Oni…help! Walkers…have…to…run!"

"Val run, grab everything and run. Don't look back!" Reth said, nudging his friend towards me before sprinting off towards the stairs.

I on the other hand, grabbed Valenth's hand and drug her after me as we sprinted towards the medical area where I'd been keeping Jeb while he healed and grieved over the loss of his daughter. At the moment he was up, holding angel in his one good arm while fearfully looking around and over towards Mia for help.

"We have to evacuate!" I shouted upon entering, grabbing Mia's wrist and pulling her to me "Tie a rope to each other's wrists and follow me right now!" All of them nodded as Valenth hurried to help them, grabbing bags and shoving random items into them. Anything that we needed, "Zim, where's Zim!"

"Oniumare took him back to his room so he could rest," Valenth said quickly, "He's been sick lately and he was very upset when I last saw them!"

"Oh my freaking…ok ok," I said taking in a deep shaky breath before shoving myself out of the room and running down the halls, pounding on doors and screaming for everyone to evacuate.

I burst through Zim's bedroom door, seeing him in his bathroom, throwing up and crying. It was true that he'd been getting sick lately. We we're all worried that what ever happened to Axel was happening to him and we didn't want that at all. "Zim, come on we have to leave!" I screamed, rushing into the bathroom and putting my hand on his shoulder.

He threw up again, making my eyes pool with concern. This was not good, he hadn't eaten since he and Cari separated rooms for god knows why, but he was throwing up solids without having any food in his stomach. This worried me almost more than the fact that I could die any second if I didn't get Mia and get the hell out of here, "Zim," I said, softer this time, "You're not well and I need to help you but I can't here. We have to leave."

"I-I know," He gagged, shaking from shock and pain, "But I can't move."

"You have to," I said, worrying more when I saw that he was starting to throw up blood, "Oh shit yeah we have to go NOW."

Without waiting for his consent, I grabbed him and threw him over my shoulders, just as I had suspected he'd lost about twenty pounds since two weeks ago. Ten pounds a week, very VERY unhealthy. Especially since he was working his PAK super hard from not eating and not giving it nutrients. He was literally starving himself to death.

"Do you have anything you absolutely have to have?" I asked frantically upon grabbing a bag of anything that was in my reach.

His body shook in agony as he tried not to throw up again, but he managed to get out two things and those things were his picture of he and Cari on their fourth anniversary and his combat knife that he'd found a while back.

I managed to find and grab the things just as Mia was running down to get us moving, "Sol what do you need from your room?" She asked quickly.

"Nothing, forget about it. I have my sword and my medic book. Just grab as many medical supplies as you can," I said back, squeezing her hand and rushing up the stairs. "Areo!" I shouted, coughing upon seeing smoke trailing throughout the house. Something must've caught fire, "Areo!" I tried again. He went out on a run this morning but he should've been back by now!

"AREO!" I screamed, begging god that he'd respond. But he didn't and at that point I knew…

…I was probably never going to get to see my brother again…

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