Obviously, my unit is not the avatar from the game. Her personality is much different.

The most important thing Morgan remembered about his mother, Vesper, was that she had a big personality. Morgan had heard a lot about Vesper: she had a temper and penchant for drinking that people only forgave because she was a brilliant tactician. Her tactics were legendary for being ballsy and risky, but somehow luck always worked out in her favor.

He wanted to be just like her, but this situation he was in now was… quite the pickle. He glanced around, Risen a thick ocean around him. He was one young man with only a few dark mage spells he had learned in order to be like his mother.

I can do it! I can! He got into what he thought would be a battle stance. His mom had seen worse, no impossible, odds and managed to get out alive. Now was his turn!

He would succeed! He would—

Pain wrenched his shoulder. His arm shook uncontrollably as blood poured down his sleeve. He glanced up, knowing he would see the ugly face of his attacker. Hell, maybe he'd be dead before he looked up. Either way—

"Are you stupid! One of you against an army of Risen?" A woman glared at him, her thick lips pursed.

"Mom!" Morgan's face lit up.

The woman turned to a red-haired man beside her. "Did he just call me mom?"

The red-haired man laughed.

"It's not funny, Gaius!" She stared at the boy. "What's wrong with you?!"

"Well… you're my mom." He smiled at her cheerfully. "Vesper! You're my mom, Vesper!"

"Shit…." She kicked the ground.

Gaius never ceased to be amused by Morgan. Vesper was pretty sure Morgan was just a disappointment sent to make her miserable. She barely recognized the boy as her future son. She was in complete denial. This made the war meeting rather frustrating for everyone involved.

Vesper explained her strategy for the next battle, explaining who should pair with whom (and oddly most of these pairing proceeded to marry later). Morgan piped in every so often, trying to keep up with Vesper's brilliant, if risky, strategy.

"You are so good at this, mom." Morgan stared at her wide-eyed. "You're like a hero except you're angry all the time and you drink a lot."

"I'm too young and beautiful to be your mother!"

Morgan was unfazed. "Guess what, mom?"

Vesper tapped her fingers on the table where the whole group sat gathered. She sighed. "You aren't prepared for how little I give a fuck."

Gaius sat back, examining the look of fear on the boy's face. He felt bad that Morgan was the victim of Vesper's acid temper, but it was sort of funny. He pulled a lollipop out his cloak and proceeded to smack on it as he watched the free show.

Chrom tried to come in as the mediator, something Gaius knew would only escalate the situation. "Vesper, that's really uncalled for, especially towards your son," Chrom said.

"Who's my son? I never had or will have a son," she said. "And who's your daddy supposed to be, kid? Who knocks me up in the future so I can cut their balls off now?"

"Ahm, well…. " The boy pointed at Gaius.

The lollipop dropped from the thief's mouth. Total silence followed. There was no doubt… the boy did look an awful lot like him, which only made Gaius writhe in his seat more. "Hold on! You can't just be pointing your fingers and making accusations like that at just anyone." He picked the lollipop up and dusted it off. No way was he wasting good sugar.

"Can we please not turn this meeting into a family counseling session?" Frederick said.

"Yeah… let's just end this meeting, okay?" Gaius stood up. "I have candy to eat… somewhere else. Important candy."

Before anyone could stop him Gaius left the room, stopping only when he came to the Shepherd's barracks. He flopped on his bunk, hands behind his head. The lollipop didn't taste so sweet.

"Hey…." Vesper's voice rang from beside him. "So… awkward, right?"

"A little, Bubbles. I didn't know I had an illegitimate future child running around. I mean, maybe a few present illegitimate—"

She huffed in a way that told him to shut up. "We had sex once, remember?"

"Bubbles, that isn't something a man forgets."

"The point is that then this little brat comes around. He's awkward and clumsy and irritating… and he claims he's mine. So what I'm trying to say is that your genes are what ruined him."

He laughed. "I guess our secret's out now, huh? Everyone knows that Bubbles got it on with Gaius."

"I was drunk!"

"You're always drunk!" He laughed heartily. "You expect me to know the difference, sugar?"

"Oh please. Don't you see what I'm trying to get at?" She glanced aside, eyes narrowed. "Either we get down again or I'm pregnant now. I must be pregnant now, because I would never get down with you again."

"You're a spoonful of sugar." He rolled his eyes. "You're not pregnant now."

"No," she admitted. "Of course, I have no idea how'd you know that!"

"Read it on your face. And, besides, if you were pregnant you'd be trying to extort me for it or something."

"You are awful."

"So are you."

She hissed. "So it means that sometime later we must have sex again."

"Seems so." He wasn't concerned. The future was in the future. He'd just lie here and enjoy the present for what it was. "Wanna start now?"

"I can things of a million things I'd rather do!" She turned away, cloak trailing on her tall heels. "And, besides, now that I've been warned that I'll get knocked up if we do it again I think I'll choose chastity."

"Won't work."

"Why not!?"

"You're not a chaste sort of girl. You like sugar as much as I do."

"Oh, shove that lollipop where the sun never shines and twist."

He started giggling at the image this conjured.

"Hmph!" And she was gone.