Hey. This is my first fanfiction so please no flames.

Percy Jackson POV

Hey, my name is Percy Jackson , Apollo spwed a prophecy about Poseidon,and Chaos. The prophecy said Poseidon would have a child with Chaos. Then Sally Jackson would fall for the child and have the most powerful entity in the universe. That child, was me Percy Jackson. I'm the god of everything. I'm better than Chaos, Need, Change, and all the kids combined. I usually use water,air,earth,fire,time and all the elements of the periodic table.

I'm in love with my best friend, Annabeth. She's blonde,smart,grey-eyed,and all out, beautiful without trying. She lusts for me, but I love her, and we kinda had sex,yeah don't tell Athena, She'd kill me and I'm immortal. Well I have to get going. People who need saving. See Ya.

Thalia's POV

I heard that Percy and Annabeth had sex. I want details.

Third PersonPOV


"Annabeth and Percy are walking in Percy's apartment to his bedroom...drunk. All you can hear is thrusting in and out, and moaning,"Oh,Annabeth you're so tight ,I'm cu-AHHAhhhhhhHHHHHH (Percy) a-ah-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (Annabeth) screaming ,bed creaking, moans and ,"Oh, Percy,Oh, Annabeth you're perfect , Keep going ,suck harder, Harder, HARDER, I'm cum-AHHHHH


Percy thinks about the night wanting more, so he goes see Annabeth , and finds her naked waiting for him. Her shaved pussy, her D-cup Titties bounce as she runs to his than the god of speed, she has his dick in her mouth, bobbing and sucking hard. She has him pushing his dick down her througt, screaming her name as she hums and deep throuts him, and soon after he regained hardness, he was tthrusting into her pussy mercilessly. He flips her, bends her over and continues to thrust (now in her ass)mercilessly. and she likes it all.

9 Months Later

Annabeth is screaming giving birth to demigod twins, two girls,Lexi Sally Jackson and Armoni Athena Jackson. Claimed by Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson ,they are the twins of legend. Mortal children of to gods. They're stronger than Percy x199 (together).