Ch 9 Party

It was amazing the work that could be done in a matter of days. Entering the viewing platform Akihito could see dramatic changes to the room. The elegant iron pillars were now decorated with illuminated crystals that intertwine through the woven iron like water, making the iron metal shine. Hanging from the ceiling were shear golden drapes glittering in lines, leading visitors to the ballroom. Every step they take they are walking on scattered rose petals that are strewn across the floor. White roses line the safety bars in the viewing area, and one place seems to have a great deal more flowers them the rest of the room.

As he slowly strolls with Asami down the hall, Akihito stares at the abundance wondering about the significance when he realizes that this is the place he and Asami shared that heated kiss. He can feel heat flush his face as he remembers that moment of intense need. He glances up at Asami, and sees the possessive heat radiation from the older man's eyes.

Asami leans down to whisper in Akihito's ear, "To commemorate our moment, for we will have more." As he speaks shivers run down Aki's spine, his face flushing even more. As Asami straightens he laughs, and Aki glares back at Asami in response.

This little banter is not unnoticed by the guest surrounding them. Even though this is supposed to be a selective party, there are a large number of people throughout the hall, some looking out the windows, but most watching the most powerful man in Japan stride through. Aki could hear some of the whispers speculating his identity, though most dismiss him as a secretary or assistant of some sort, as both Suoh and Kirishima are also walking side by side with them. Akihito tries to ignore the whispers and stares, so he focuses on the view outside. Though he didn't notice before, every window is treated with night vision film to allow excellent viewing regardless of how dark it was outside, allowing guests a clear view of the city below. The lights shine throughout the city, like diamonds or stars in the night, glittering like the crystal decorations of the hall.

As they approach the double doors Suoh and Kirishima suddenly leave their side, keeping themselves four steps behind. Aki tries to look back at them to ask why, but Asami gets his attention by shaking him slightly. "Face forward, kitten, we're going on stage now."

"Wha?" was all he can get out before Asami takes him by the arm and pulls him thorough the open doors.

Asami escorts Takaba through the doors, relishing in the expression of surprise on his face. He attempts to get Takaba to hold his arm but as soon as they walk through the doors, Takaba blushes and jerks his arms to his sides. As if that is going to stop the gossips from seeing him walk in, hand in hand with Akihito. Or at least that is what it will look like to all the nosy chatterboxes in this room, eager for some fresh scandal or affair to wet their forked tongues.

As they enter the ballroom a hush comes over the crowd. The dramatic beauty beside Asami fills who see him with awe. Although Akihito doesn't know it, and certainly doesn't act it, he is beautiful. The suit Asami chose for him is a soft off-white to cream color textured subtly with one long water dragon trailing throughout the jacket, looking as if a dragon was wrapping himself around the young man protectively. The v-neck cut of the suit was almost too revealing compared to other traditional suits. Open from the shoulders to finally closing at an angle just above the belly with a golden vest that matched the style of the jacket. The most prominent point of the outfit is the long v-neck cut of the cream shirt, showing enough of the pearl toned skin to be sexy yet not enough to be improper. The lines of each article of clothing are set to button at an angle giving an exotic wrap-around-the-body look. Taking off each article of clothing will be an adventure in itself; one Asami can hardly wait for.

Looking away from the temptation of the young man beside him he looks around the room to all who owe allegiance to him. He notes the surprise on many of the faces who respectfully nods their head to him. Coming to his party with Takaba was a fine idea. He can already see some wheels turning in the minds of his more intelligent members. While others are waiting for Takaba and Asami to separate so they can pounce on the beauty, all for different reasons. He smirks at those staring at Takaba, enjoying the jealousy flashing through their eyes; some jealous of the young man and others jealous of him for having the young man besides him.

"Asami-sama," Kirishima moves forward, "all is ready for you." The secretary motions to the stage where the musicians and already quieted and waited for a signal to continue.

Asami makes his way to the stage, leading Takaba with him as those between him and his destination back away with a slight bow.

"Jeeze," Takaba snorts and he follows the movements of the bowing guest, "If I didn't know any better I would think that this is the feudal era with all this air of submitting."

"They are showing me that they mean no challenge to me and accept my rule and judgment," Asami replies quietly. Reaching the stairs he guides Takaba up with him, refusing to let his kitten go quite yet.

"Huh? Rule and judgment? What does that mean?" Takaba whispers quietly, while unknowingly moving closer to Asami as every eye in the room focuses on them with intensity.

Asami ignores the question, instead he turns to face the room, meeting the eyes of every important guest in the room.

"Welcome," his voice echoes in the now silent room, loud enough that all throughout the room could hear him, "and congratulations to all who made it here, may you flourish and continue to succeed as a member of the Asami clan. All accommodations have been made for you and may you enjoy this night." With that Asami began descending the stairs with his kitten, knowing that it soon will be time to begin working and he will have to leave Takaba by himself to distract the masses.

Akihito is extremely nervous, never before has he been in the intense scrutiny of so many people, and quite a few do not seem friendly. He thinks that Asami is going to begin greeting all the people who obviously want to talk to him, leaving him alone to get out to the limelight, but to his surprise Asami instead swings Aki into his arms as the music begins, leading him into a dance. The dance floor itself surprises Aki because the moment they step out onto it, the floor lights up in waves, giving the illusion of dancing on water.

"Wow, you really have a water theme going tonight." Aki slowly comments as Asami the older man swings him around.

"Water is a symbol of the Asami clan, so it is often used when the clan gathers." Asami's low and deep voice, almost sounding like he is purring, sends shivers through Aki.

"Ah, so this is like a family gathering?"Aki tries to focus on not tripling or stepping on Asami's feet as the music gets quicker and Asami moves them around faster. Aki knows that others are dancing as well, but there is a respectable distance from them that it is easy for all eyes in the room to continue tracking them.

"You could say that." Asami smirks down at him, golden eyes twinkling in the light.

"Why didn't you say that?" Aki had a feeling that this night would be more than he bargained for, and by that smirk he knows he is right.

"Would it have mattered?" The music suddenly stops, allowing a break from the fast pace. Asami leads him off the dance floor as another song, slow and steady with a strain of violins, whisks away the rest of the dancers.

"Yes! I so would not have come to a family gathering." Aki follows beside Asami as he makes his way to the refreshment bar.

"Oh?" Asami smirks at him again, before turning to the bar and ordering.

Aki looks around and finds that he and Asami are still the center of attention. "Does thi-" turning back to Asami Aki sees him holding up a fruity cocktail with an umbrella piercing a kiwi hanging on the edge.

"Here," Asami hands him the drink, "Just for you." He smile fully, shocking everyone who sees from the gasps around him.

'Obviously he remembers the kiwi aphrodisiac.' Aki thinks as he slowly and reluctantly takes the drink from him. "This better not be a repeat." He states, cautiously taking a sniff of the drink, trying to tell if it was a similar kiwi concoction or not.

"Relax, its not kiwi," Asami chuckled.

Aki sips the drink, tasting coconut and pineapples. "Then why the kiwi?"

"To commemorate," he says simply with a smile, turning away from him to face someone who came up to him expectantly.

Glaring at that arrogant jerk, Aki takes another sip. It was good, sweet and fruity. Turning away when he sees more people coming to greet Asami, Aki begins working his way down to the food section, snagging a tidbit from one of the passing waiters. Roast duck with some sort of soy cream-paste on dry baguette bread.

Looking around Akihito sees some familiar faces, many who try to avoid publicity and others who are the latest news. Smiling he prepared the camera in his sleeve, activating it a by pushing one of his jackets buttons. As he walks he snaps photos of the important big wigs he knows will make a good story. Most of the people at the party are watching Asami as they gather in groups that fluctuate in size. Aki laughs and quickly takes a picture as he spots a politician getting cozy in a corner with a well know AV actress.

Following his nose to the buffet table knowing from what Asami said that there had to be a spread somewhere around here. Smelling freshly roasting meat Aki maneuvers around a group of middle age women staring at Asami, whispering to each other. As he past he vaguely notices out of the corner of his eye that one of the women nudges the lady next to her and gestures to him.

Reaching the main buffet table Aki stares at the long spread of food. The table is so long that Aki can't see all the food the table offers. Closest to him are two chefs and two assistants roasting a large pig over a contained fire grill wreathed in crystals at its base. The flames of the grill gently lull back and forth as its heat visibly rolls up and around the meat that is slowly rotating, pausing every now and then for the chefs to cut a slice for guest. The juicy fat from the meat occasionally drips down into the fire, causing small peaks of flame to rise up and lick the meat.

Aki is surprised to find so many familiar tofu dishes, from fried noodles and tofu called Kitsune Noodles, to udon with tofu called Kitsune Udon to fried tofu filled with rice called Inarizushi. He smiles, selecting an Inarizushi and biting down to find a semi-cooked egg mixed in with the rice. Relishing in the mix of flavors Aki looks around for more of the promised food, picking up a small stylized egg omelet as he goes.

As Aki works down the table he sees that it houses all different types of food, ranging from the normal and delicious to the completely grotesque. Not only that but he watches as some people eat those foods with obvious enjoyment. Shuddering Aki watches as a chubby round faced man reaches over to a bowl of live slimy slugs, or so Aki thought until he got a better look and found them to be leaches! Biting down the man sucked out the red juice that begins to seep from the slimy body of the leach.

Remembering all the wonderful food he has tried, Aki quickly looks around for something far more appetizing. Moving from there, Aki spots some mackerel sushi and moves towards it. Before reaching it Aki finds himself surrounded by the ladies he had passed before.