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All I could think about was Jade West, the girl who acted like a complete gank to me from day one no matter what I did to try and please her. I kept trying because I knew deep down that we had a connection. She would be my mate and I wanted her to find that inner happiness that would help her open up. She found it eventually of course. I could feel it. She was no longer hard and unyielding the longer I spent with her. She was kind and gentle, capable of words brimming with love that it melted me and tore me apart at the same time to hear them. I saw that she wanted something better when it came to her parents who she had always been distant with. I might not know what caused the rift but I knew she wanted to close it now. I saw the way she looked at us and my parents did too. She wanted the kind of close knit family we had.

It was half the reason why they encouraged her to join in on our family bonding time. Once she settled into that she showed signs of acceptance that I knew she would try and achieve in her own household. If I knew Jade as well as I did, and I did, then she was trying to bring her parents to an understanding right now. I knew she would succeed too because she always did. She never quit. It just wasn't something she did or accepted. I sighed and folded my hands behind my head, staring up at the same ceiling Jade stared at when she was right here beside me. I missed her already. I let out a small whine and rolled over to bury my nose in my pillow. Her scent was still noticeably present. My Jade. I breathed in deeply and then let it out in another sigh, allowing my body to relax so that I could get some sleep.

I really hoped Jade could salvage her relationship with her parents. It would make her happy, even if she denied needing them. I turned my thoughts over to sleep and imagined I was holding my vampire in my arms as I breathed in her scent. In no time, I was lost to dreams of running through the woods in wolf form with Jade by my side. That dream didn't seem to last long, or it seemed like it didn't, because I jumped awake way too soon at the sound of the alarm I had set up the night before. I groggily searched for my phone and stopped the alarm before setting it aside and stretching. It was time for school. I got ready as quickly as possible and grabbed something fast to eat before pacing in the living room, waiting for Trina. I was about to run the distance to school when Trina finally made her way downstairs.

"Hold your huskies there kiddo. She isn't going anywhere," my father said on his way out the door, his smile suggesting he knew why I was so impatient. My mother smiled and fixed a strand of my hair as she followed him out. I whined and glared at Trina to move faster regardless. Not even his joking could get me to loosen up. I had come up with that very same line back when I was little and commented that huskies looked a lot like wolves. Since they were sometimes used to pull sleds and such much like horses, I changed the term 'hold your horses' to 'hold your huskies' in reference to our kind. No one but us would make that connection. My father adoringly referred to it when he was having a particularly lighthearted day. Now the great threat had passed and everything was relatively normal, for us, I guess he had a reason to be in a brighter mood. I was just anxious to get a move on.

"Come on, Trina!" I pleaded once my parents had left. She rolled her eyes but sat down to eat anyway, affectively ignoring me. I let out an exasperated sigh and fell over on the couch to grudgingly wait it out. She wasn't going to go any faster if she didn't want to. It was a useless attempt to even get her to try. She took an awful long time, or maybe that was just me. Either way, I practically bolted out of the house and yanked on the car door until Trina unlocked it. She had to hit the unlock button more than once when I kept pulling on it at the wrong time. We fell into a small argument on the way to school which resolved itself the moment I laid eyes on Jade waiting for me just across the parking lot. She was leaning against her car with her trademark smirk and those nice pair of aviator shades I liked seeing on her. She had a spot right up front in the shade. I jumped from the car and raced over to embrace her. She met me halfway and caught me, turning the momentum into a spin. I laughed happily and she set me down to kiss me softly before taking my hand in hers. We walked into school together, eager to start the day as normally as possible. In all honesty, we needed the break.

We met up with the rest of the gang inside, discussing how great it was to be back. The mood only fell into despair once when Beck was mentioned. They understood he would no longer be around, and the added truth that he only had a guardian and no parents, which was only known to me and now all of us when I shared the fact, was a sad reminder that he would be easily forgotten by everyone except those that were closest to him. Besides that momentary lapse, the day went by great. I walked Jade to her classes, we hung out at the Asphalt Café with Jade looking no worse for wear, Sikowitz had us act like our polar opposites, and I sat next to Jade in the class we shared. As I stepped out of my last class my father got in touch with me through the pack communication system. He urged me to bring Jade home with me and I made no attempt to question him. I only agreed and told him I would do as he asked. I tracked Jade down and found her talking with a group of vampires and wolves. There was a mix of both purebred and half-breeds of both species, equally balanced one no more prominent than the other. I was mildly surprised but mostly happy to see our two species getting along. I walked up and wrapped my arms around her from behind, kissing her cheek before resting my chin on her shoulder.

"Hey, Vega. What's up?" she greeted lazily, a crooked grin aimed at me.

"Nothin' much. Havin' fun?" I asked her, glancing at the ring of fellow vampires and wolves.

"Yep, I most certainly am. Hey guys, this is my girl, Tori Vega. You know, the one I was talking about," she replied before introducing me. I blushed and released her to wave shyly now that all eyes were on me.

"Yeah, the leader's daughter. We know you. I think we all know you. We didn't really believe you two were Bonded, but I guess it's true. According to Jade, you aren't as high and mighty as we had thought," a purebred vampire spoke up. I recognized him as the one who had given us a setting during our improv skit a while back. The girl who gave him the stink eye for talking at all stood next to him with her arms crossed. She was eyeing me critically.

"Um, thanks? So, she said that?" I replied, looking to Jade questionably. She shrugged and draped an arm over my shoulder.

"It's true. She isn't afraid to party with the nomads, right Vega?" she said confidently, shooting me a smirk that made me bite my lip.

"Yeah, we've spent a night with the nomads," I agreed with a nod, not truly lying but coming pretty darn close. That was all that needed to be said though because the group was clamoring, clearly impressed. Words like 'forbidden' and 'not allowed' popped up, telling me their own parents didn't allow them to do such things. Jade wiggled her brows at me as if to say 'see, it doesn't take much to impress' but I rolled my eyes. She laughed and got everyone's attention easily when she called to them.

"I gotta go. Vega most likely stopped by to drag me off somewhere. I'll see you guys tomorrow," she told them. They gave her varying farewells as she led me away. I contacted Trina to get the car started and that I was on my way.

"My father told me to bring you home," I informed Jade. She visibly brightened at the news before her face fell into a concerned frown.

"Why?" she questioned suspiciously. I shrugged but was unconcerned. If it was serious I would have felt it when my father told me. He didn't seem angry or upset or even worried so I didn't either.

"He just said to bring you home. I'm pretty sure it'll be fine," I assured her. She sighed but nodded.

"Yeah," she agreed. I slipped into Trina's car a few minutes later while Jade got in her car to follow us. Trina remained quiet, oddly enough. It was unlike her, but it didn't set off any alarms so I ignored it. The ride home was quick and uneventful, but the moment we pulled up outside my house Jade's nerves transferred through the Bond. I rolled my eyes and took Jade's hand in mine when we met up again. Honestly, Jade acted like she always had a cold front, but just underneath she was a big softy with an even bigger heart and was just as easily affected as anyone else. Her face and posture exuded calm confidence, but I knew better. We walked into the house to see my father waiting for us in the kitchen. He walked over with a big grin and scooped me into a hug that turned into a spin he often did every day he came home when I was little.

"I've got great news. I've held many meetings and conferences since the whole run in with St. Claire and I'm more than certain I got many to understand the unavoidable truth that there will come a time when vampires and wolves will want to unite and that we should encourage it. There's no danger or threat really if you think about it. Even if the offspring turn out to be stronger, well, it'll only make our species as a whole stronger. Of course, there were many other points and issues that needed resolving, but to cut to the chase, they're accepting vampire and wolf unions! As we speak the word is spreading, and soon, all that bad blood will be a thing of the past!" he announced. I cheered with him and Jade joined us.

"Also, there hasn't been many vampires looking for a place among the Council but I fought to encourage more of them to join. I don't want rumors or gossip to spread that we're leaving anyone out of anything. From now on, I want everything as equal as we can possibly achieve. Yes, it'll be hard, but I'm not the leader for nothing, right?" he shared jovially.

"Right," I agreed certainly. He laughed and ruffled my hair playfully.

"Things are looking up kiddo. Oh, and I almost forgot. Speaking of equal rights, since the vampires are encouraged to join the Council and the wolves are encouraged to join our medical field, it also goes to reason that vampires are also being encouraged to join patrols," he told us in a way that seemed a little on the sly side, if I wasn't mistaken. What was he getting at?

"Why are you telling us this?" Jade asked, a brow raised. It seemed she caught on too.

"Well, we hadn't considered vampires for our patrol units before because they didn't possess the pack communication system. It meant communication between them and us would be difficult while in wolf form, but not impossible," he went on. His tone tipped me off that he was getting at something, but I still didn't know what.

"Dammit Mr. V, just spit it out!" Jade growled, her patience wearing thin. I frowned at her demanding tone and was ready to apologize when my father laughed and waved it away. He ruffled Jade's hair and she batted his hand away to fix the now messy mane of black and purple. Only I could detect the small quirk of her lips.

"I love your enthusiasm," he joked.

"Yeah, yeah, so what are you getting at?" she questioned. He smiled warmly at us, holding the moment for all it was worth before placing his hands on both of our shoulders.

"Vampires are welcomed to join the patrol if and only if they have a Bond mate already in it," he finally announced. Well, that would solve the problem of communication. I knew Jade felt what I did from my family and in that way a message could be passed on. The Bond didn't work quite like the pack communication as it dealt with emotion more than words but a good Bond would remedy that. The Bonded mates would know what was being said even without words. It all made sense to me but why was he- oh my Maker, did he mean what I thought he did? My eyes widened and my father's grin grew when he saw that I finally understood.

"Father, could she really…" I began breathlessly with pent up excitement. He nodded an affirmative and I squeezed him in a tight hug before rounding on Jade. I grabbed her hands and began jumping up and down in excitement.

"What the fuck is going on?" she deadpanned, unwilling to join the celebration until she had answers.

"What's goin' on is, you and me have some training practices we have to attend as soon as possible," I replied. Jade looked at me in confusion before the pieces finally fit together in her mind.

"Wait, you want me to go on patrol with you?" she asked me in awe, pulling away. I stilled my hopping to nod at her hastily.

"Won't it be great? We can be partners!" I told her with a big grin.

"Oh fuck yeah! Pardon my French Mr. V, but I would love nothing more than to join Tori on patrol," she responded gladly. He smiled and nodded.

"And you will. You just need to go through the standard training and then keep up with the few following tests to keep you well informed," he replied.

"I'll do everything in my power to make you proud," Jade responded with determination. It caught both me and my father by surprise but he quickly bounced back, leaving me to gape at Jade's sudden sense of loyalty I had never seen in a vampire before. Sure, they had their loyalties and justifications, but not as strongly felt as wolves. Jade sounded like a true wolf in that moment. My father saluted her, his pride already evident.

"I know. You've done more than impress me so far," he stated. Jade smiled and I glanced from her to my father, thanking the Magic that chose Jade as my Bond mate. It couldn't have picked a better choice. She fit right in.

"Your first order of duty is setting out tonight with Tori to get a feel of what you must do," my father informed her.

"Tonight? Are you sure?" Jade questioned him, slightly uncertain.

"Are you backing down already?" he taunted, a smile present.

"Hell no," Jade retorted quickly like she was offended, her jaw set.

"Then you'll be joining Tori on patrol later tonight. Your actual training will be held in the barracks of the Council building every night after tonight for three months," he went on.

"Ok. I'll be ready," she confirmed.

"Good. Glad to have you," he responded, holding out a hand. Jade gripped it and my father yanked her in for a hug. She grumbled and he laughed, all formality thrown out the window in seconds.

"That's getting old already," Jade complained.

"But you fell for it," my father commented, releasing her. She scoffed indifferently and crossed her arms.

"Ok then, I'm heading back. I might see you before you head out, but I can't promise anything. I still have a few stacks of paperwork to go through," he said, turning to me.

"Take your time father," I told him. He smiled and gave me a hug before leaving.

"Time to hit the road," Jade said with a sigh. I was a little put out but reminded myself I would see her in a few more hours, and on patrol at that.

"Ok then. I'll see you soon," I said, leaning in to kiss her nose. She wrinkled it with a frown before grabbing me by the shirt and crashing our lips together hungrily. I moaned as her tongue snaked out to slide over mine provocatively before she retreated and broke the kiss.

"That is so unfair," I gasped, out of breath and slightly aroused.

"Tough luck my pup. See you," she said with a shrug as she headed for the door. I watched her leave and then collapsed on the couch with a heavy sigh, trying to keep my instincts and hormones in check.

"Strong libidos suck," I mumbled into the couch cushion. I laid there a little longer before getting up and working on my homework. I would only have a few hours to get it done, find something to eat, and then head out early so I could pick up Jade on the way. I was looking forward to tonight.


I went home and blazed through my homework, wanting it done and out of the way for tonight. I couldn't wait to participate in another ass kicking part of the new world I was welcomed into. I ate with my parents and we exchanged small talk, which was still progress compared to the silent treatment we gave each other before. Afterwards, I dressed in an old shirt and jeans, ready to go as soon as Tori showed up. Just as she had done before, she knocked on my window politely. What she hadn't done before, was enter not long after.

"Hey you," she greeted, plopping down on my bed and spreading out like it was the most luxurious thing in the freakin' world to lay on.

"You're a weirdo pup," I commented, sitting next to her and shaking my head. She laughed and pulled me down to lay next to her.

"That's all you have to say? Not a single 'hey, how you doin'?' or nothing? Not even a question like, why I'm here an hour earlier than I need to be?" she questioned me in a way that should be taken casually but underlined with something else. What was she playing at? For once she had me completely stumped. She wasn't such an open book now.

"What are you babbling about this time, Vega?" I asked her in my infamous clipped manner, getting straight to the point. In a blink of an eye, Tori went from candid and playful to intense and seductive. She held me down under firm hands and her lips attacked mine.

"You unfairly teased me when you left my house, so I was thinking…as you like to say, how about a quick one?" she breathed in my ear as soon as her lips were free from mine. Just the sound of her sultry low voice purring in my ear had me begging for more.

"That sounds more than welcome," I answered her, my own voice turning husky with desire and my hands bringing her back down for another kiss. Her tongue quickly dominated mine as her hands stripped off my clothes a piece at a time. She had me bare before I could get the last article of clothing off of her. I was glad I always had my door locked because I was unwilling to get up right now and break the commanding spell Tori held over me with confidence. I barely had time to work my hands over the most sensitive parts of her body before she had me under her complete control. I was reduced to a mess of moans and whimpers, vaguely wondering why she hadn't done whatever she was doing this time, but in the past. Where was all this fervor when we were in this situation before? I writhed under her as her hands found every one of my weak spots, her teeth nipping at my exposed skin. I was lost in a delirious haze, only able to react and helplessly clutch at my sheets under me.

My hips rolled up to meet hers in an effort to bring more pleasure. She responded in kind, her fingers plunging into me a moment later to start a different rhythm. As she worked, her tongue found interesting spots to tease, making my moans increase in volume. Motherfucking holy shit, she was rough and unrelenting, like she was trying to dominate me in my own bed. Her mouth stopped sucking on a sensitive area of my hip to look up and shoot a predator's smirk at me. That little-that was exactly what she was doing! Memories of taking her on her own bed flashed through my mind and I knew then I had dominated her in her own bed too. She had wanted it though, but now so did I. Was it another unspoken wolf thing or did that even matter at all if it was still enjoyable? I was wrenched from my thoughts by a particularly forceful thrust into me.

"Oh, fu- ah, Victoria!" I moaned as she picked up the pace before fluidly sliding down, her teeth biting into my thigh before her tongue joined her fingers. I felt like I was wound too tight, like I would burst any minute now. If I could sweat, I would be covered in it. Shit, the things she was doing to me, the things she made me feel. A long and drawn out lick had me coming hard, my body trembling from my release. I was breathing heavily while wave after intense wave hit me. Tori kept up a slow and careful caress of her fingers as I came down. She slipped out of me just as slowly and cleaned off her fingers before crawling over me and initiating a kiss full of tongue that had me tasting myself. I latched onto her and forced her on her back roughly, pinning her down using my whole body, a feral snarl falling from my clenched teeth.

"You're pretty cheeky for pulling that, Vega. I won't let you get away with it," I promised, my hands sliding over her smooth skin to fall lower. I could feel her anticipation already. She bit her lip and looked me in the eyes, her brown eyes darkening and the gold flecks appearing.

"Are you going to punish me, West? I'd like to see you try," she replied defiantly. Damn, she was so in control this time around, even when I had her on her back. She was asking for it and I would give it to her. I smirked and slid down to bite viciously into her side, pulling a strangled gasp from her.

"Shhhhoot! Ah, Maker! Jade, that freakin' hurt!" she growled, but her pleasure was unmistakable. Too bad I didn't get her to swear. I would make up for that next time.

"Good pain or bad?" I questioned her, soothing the bite with a few licks before glancing up at her knowingly.

"Good pain. Really good pain," she admitted, a blush coloring her face. I always knew we were alike when it came to that. I chuckled and pressed open mouthed kisses across her stomach then up higher until I was at her neck. My hands ghosted down her body until I stopped at her hips. I slipped my hands under her to grab her ass and yank her against me just as I pressed my hips into her. She groaned, her arms wrapping around me and her head thrown back. I dragged my tongue over her exposed neck and then forced it in her mouth to get back at her for winning before. I had wanted her to take me with force. I had wanted her to take control, but that didn't mean I wouldn't get back at her for it. My hands roamed to set out on teasing her mercilessly and my mouth left hers to follow the same paths my hands took. I didn't venture remotely close to where I knew she desperately wanted me until she was begging, pleading for release.

"Jade...please. I can't take it anymore," she moaned, her body tense under me. Where I was usually rough and she was gentle, the roles had reversed. I found that her careful and slow build-ups were worse than my preferred quick ones. She really knew how to torment me, but now I was using it against her. I stroked over her sweating and sexually frustrated body once more to stop close but not close enough. She snarled and tried lifting her hips but I pulled away. Her nails dug into my back in retaliation, drawing out a gasp from me. She was growing impatient. The wolf was snapping and unsatisfied. I locked eyes with her and leaned in to kiss her but she bit my bottom lip and held on. I bucked into her involuntarily and her hold drew blood. I slipped two fingers into her and she pulled away with a cry that tapered out into a breathy whimper.

I pumped into her fast and hard, gripping her leg with my free hand to hitch it over my hip so I could get closer to her. I scattered kisses and licked over her body before working lower. I knew she was ready to come undone, but not before I had a proper taste of her. My tongue picked up were my fingers left off, and in only a few more quick strokes, she was falling apart; screaming my name and squirming under my hold on her hips to keep her down. I lazily passed over a few more times before releasing her and looking up into her pleasure clouded eyes. Desire had been sharp and demanding but now she was pliant and relaxed. I chuckled and moved to lay next to her on my side so that I could still see all of her. I traced a few patterns over her stomach before turning her head so I could press a lingering kiss to her lips.

"How are you going to teach me all about patrol now?" I inquired innocently. She raised a brow at me and smiled.

"Oh, I'm sure I'll find a way. You haven't won yet," she replied, looking tired but her voice holding strong.

"Determination. That's one of the many things I love about you," I told her, my eyes appraising her while my mind made a long list of every single thing I loved about her. She smiled, catching on to the gist of what ran through my head.

"Among other things, I love that you're a secret softy," she replied with a tired laugh. I joined her and wrapped her in my arms, unable to deny her claim. I didn't mind that as much as I had thought I would.

"Only for you, pup. I love you," I declared, meaning the words just as much as the many other times I had said them.

"And I love you," she responded unerringly. Yeah, we had somewhere to be, but for now, I was perfectly content with staying right here. Before all this started, I didn't think I would be where I was right now. I didn't think there was such a thing as vampires or werewolves. I didn't think a werewolf would choose me as a potential mate or that I would later have to embrace a whole new life. I didn't know anything like this could happen, but I was glad it did, because it brought me Victoria Vega, my Bond mate for life. Out of all those randomly shuffled cards in the deck, I was rightfully paired with the only one that could ever match me. My one of a kind.

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