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Kuroko no Basuke

"Kuroko no Karaoke!"

Chapter 1: Let the characters come forth!

It was a normal day in the gym for Seirin's basketball club. Too normal for Riko Aida, the coach of said club, to stand. For the past couple of weeks, they did nothing but practice and wait for anything big to come up, but unfortunately, the story isn't going the way they planned. Or at least until Reimei-Jennoir-sama came and gave them their script for a new story.

It was already past 4 when she stood up and blew the whistle for them to stop. They gathered to the bench and started relaxing while listening to her words.

"I've decided," She began, eyeing conspicuously at the red-head of the team with a slight smile, "We're going to have bonding time in Kagami's apartment!"

Said boy nearly spat out his water at the team captain sitting beside him, "W-Why mine?!"

"Because it's big and we can totally persuade you into it." Riko stated back, eyes gleaming with evil intentions despite her flowery smile.

His other teammates shuddered and were silently praying for him to agree as if their life depended on it. Well, of course he knew that if he refused the training menu next time won't leave him enough strength to be able to walk back to his apartment.

"Fine," He muttered.

So in the end, Kagami led the team to his apartment. Even though they already had the chance to come here after their match with Touo Academy, they still stopped a couple of feet from it to admire such structure being owned by one of their dumbest (really?) member.

"Don't just stand there! Get over he-" Kagami's irritated yell was cut short by somebody else's shout from behind them.



Everybody already knew who that would be. When they turned back, they saw Kise waving at them (or probably just Kuroko) with Kasamatsu, Aomine, Momoi, Midorima and his teammate Takao behind him.

"Hello Kise-kun." Kuroko greeted albeit grudgingly at him, "Hello Aomine-kun, Momoi-san, Midorima-kun…ah, and Captain-san and teammate-san,"

Kagami raised a brow at the teal haired boy, probably wondering who he was referring the last names to.

"Ah, I'm Kasamatsu Yukio, that blond brat's coach. I didn't get to introduce myself to you in our last game right?" The captain of Kaijou said, stretching his hand to greet the other boy.

"Kuroko Tetsuya," Kuroko took the handshake before his hand was snatched by a certain happy boy.

"You remember me right? I nearly got your misdirection figured out!"


After a couple of moments studying each other with intense gazes, Kise finally managed to catch Kuroko's attention.

"Ne, Kurokocchi! What are you guys doing here?"

"We're going to have bonding time in Kagami-kun's place, as what the Coach implies.." He replied.

Kise blinked for a while, "Kagamicchi's place..?" He murmured before turning back as the other people who had came with the blond looked up at the infrastructure before them, "You..mean that's…Kagamicchi's place..?"

"Nice crib," Aomine said with a smirk, "Did you already bring a girl over?"

"N-no way! I've got more important things to do than that!" Kagami screamed back at him.

"…you've got nothing more important to do..not even studying, Kagami-kun," Kuroko side-commented, earning a yell from the red-haired teen.

"Which reminds me, my lucky item for tomorrow," Midorima stated as everyone looked at him with weird eyes. He ignored it and pressed the rim of his glasses, "The lucky item for tomorrow is a rich-looking place."

"That's absurd! Like hell you could carry around a rich-looking place as a lucky item!"

"I just need to stay in one, stupid." He glared at Kagami which made him finally groan and shut up.

Before they knew what was already happening, Kuroko was glomped by Momoi, "Tetsu-kun! I miss bonding time with everyone! Especially with you!" She squealed, hugging the boy's arm.

"I kindoff miss them too," Kuroko said absentmindedly.

"Then let's have one!" Kise suggested, sparkles flying around him.

Riko finally snapped, flames spurting from around her as she stepped in and grabbed Kuroko and Kagami by their collar, "Oi! Did you forget that we're the ones having the bonding time here?!"

"O-oh yeah.." The blond boy put on a sad face for a split-second until another idea popped into his mind, "Then we'll go with you!"

"Are you serious?!" Kagami blurted out.

"Aside from damaging your legs by copying Aomine, I think you also damaged your brain, Kise," Midorima said.

"Th-that's cruel!"

"No! I think it's more that since he copied Dai-chan, he must've also copied Dai-chan's brain!" Momoi chimed in.

"You…!" Aomine's brow twitched after hearing her words but decided to let it slide, but Kise was still whining.

Not anymore standing the way the younger brats were acting and how much noise they are making to disturb the neighborhood, Seirin's captain, Junpei Hyuuga, also snapped.

"DON'T TALK WHEN YOUR MOUTH IS FULL." He murmured, and everyone looked at him with half-curiousity and half-fear, but his team mates already knew his mood at the moment.

"But we're not eating anyt-" Aomine was cut short when the captain's dangerous gaze landed on him, and also since Kuroko elbowed him on the side.


"Ahhh…Kiyoshi, say something would ya?" Koganei whispered followed by Mitobe nodding in approval.

"I think it's like…The more the merrier, right?" Kiyoshi said with a smile.

So in the end, Kagami's apartment became flooded with Seirin's members and the group that Kise managed to drag in, thanks to Kiyoshi's words.

"What a nice place to stay in, Kagamicchi!"

"Keep your voice down, Kise!"

"Ouch! Why'd you have to kick me, Kasamatsu-senpai!"

"Ahh…what a lucky bastard.."

"You're just jealous, Ahomine,"

"Shut up, Bakagami,"

"Tetsu-kun! I wanna live here with you!"

"I'd prefer living alone, Momoi-san,"

"This really is a lucky item,"

"Don't tell me you plan on staying here for a whole day, Shin-chan?!"


After that conversation, an eerie silence followed them. Only the ticking sound of the clock could be heard, that is until Riko stood up.

"I'll cook up something for us to eat."

"Ah! I'll come with you!" Momoi offered as she stood up as well.

"NOOOOOOOO!" Seirin screamed.

"NOOOOOOOO!" The rest of the Generation of Miracles screamed.

"What? What's going on?" Kasamatsu raised a brow before questioning Kaijou's team captain beside him, "Why's everyone acting that way?"

"I remember Shin-chan telling me that their coach before, which is Momoi-san by the way, is bad in cooking,"

Koganei overheard their conversation and couldn't help but whisper back to them, "Our coach is also bad in cooking! With them cooking together, we'll die!"

Kasamatsu and Takao shivered.

"Q-Quick! Somebody think of something before we're screwed!"

"W-wait, coach!" Kagami blurted out, stopping the two girls from entering the kitchen, "W-we're supposed to be bonding right?"

"Y-yeah!" Hyuuga joined in, "You're not supposed to leave us while we uhh…won't know you guys!"

"Oh, okay.." Riko murmured.

"But I don't see anyone getting to know each other! You're not even doing anything!" Momoi pouted, crossing her arms.

"A-ah..that, we…well, we already thought of a game!" Aomine said with a forced smile, "Right, Kise?"

"Huh? O-oh! Yeah, we did!" Kise followed after him.

"Let's hear it then,"

Everyone's gazes turned to Kise. The girls were staring at him expectantly while the rest of the guys were glaring at him with hopes that he has a good idea in mind or he'll be dead twice.

"Uhhmm…let's see…ahh…"

"What is it?"



"It's…you see…"



Everyone facepalmed in disappointment and were expecting laughter from anybody in the group but everyone stayed silent. The suddenly, Momoi squealed.

"Great idea!"

Riko also smiled, "Ah, I like that. I wanna know who knows how to sing in the team!"

The two girls went back to their seat and started discussing how they'll be taking turns. Everyone was relieved that they won't be cooking for them, but also dismayed that they had made Kise decide the game for them. And it HAD to be Karaoke, which Kise was good at, and the others aren't.

"Okay!" The two girls chimed, facing the group with sparkly and flowery background, which they are now very afraid of.

"Draw lots!"

Author's note:

Okay, I didn't expect the supposedly a prologue to be this long, but hey, since I'm on a typing spree, I might as well continue!

I hope that piqued your interest!

I'll be continuing it soon, but don't expect it to be everyday, cuz you know, I'm still a high school student with the exams coming up in less than 3 weeks! Omigawd. Wish me luck!

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