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Ranma just stared at the reflection of herself in the puddle as the rain poured down. She completely ignored the rain as it was only a small concern for her at the moment. Inside the puddle was not one image but a total of three with her in the middle.

Come on! Man up and just beat that useless man's ass to the ground! The right figure stated.

I think that just defeats the purpose of us running away. The left stated.

All Ranma did was just sighed as she remembered the chain of events that led to all this. she reminded herself that next time she sees his old man she would make him see hell.

First this and now I have to worry about getting wet at every turn, as if I didn't have enough problems as it is. Ranma thought, which he had forgotten that her new companions can hear it as well.

Love you too asshole!

That wasn't very nice.

All Ranma could do was rub her head and look away from her reflection.


The young raven haired boy stood by inattentively as his father explained his next training exercise.

"Ranma as of now you are 10 years old so you know what that means."

Ranma just nodded to his father which made him smile which in turn made Ranma smile. He always wanted to make his dad proud of him and if being the best of the best was all it takes then he will do anything for it.

Genma just smiled as to how easily his plan would come together. Though there was a few miner bumps down the road all he had to do was use a simple technique and it all went well. He watched as his son became to jitter with excitement of what he would tell him to do. Oh if he only knew.

"Ranma I want you to climb this mountain." Genma said. Ranma looked at his father before staring onto the tall rocky mountain that was perfectly parallel to the sky. The raven haired boy could only stare at the challenge that his father gave him. At first Ranma didn't move as he only turned to his father.

'There's a catch to it isn't there' Ranma thought, he knew that all the things his father told him always had a catch. He scratched the back of his head as he felt a small sensation and was that… anger he was feeling…

"You must find a cave and retrieve the treasure that I have "Hidden" in there. This is to test your skill in your body" Genma stated.

"Ok!" Ranma replied. With a quick turn around and jump he was on his way towards his goal. Ranma had a feeling that something was up as the same feeling he felt earlier returned. Those feeling were right as he suddenly jumped right in order to avoid a rock that would have crushed his right leg.

"What the heck!" He yelled as he turned to look at his pop down below. His pop was near a pile of rocks that somehow managed to be there without him noticing. His father held two decent sized rocks in his hands as he got ready to throw them at him.

"You better get there fast or else Ranma!" Genma yelled.

Ranma wasted no more time as he booked it to the cave.

Ranma was breathing deeply as he rested inside ignoring his father's yells to hurry up. It took him a few seconds to stand up still breathing hard as he made his way inside. He found the cave to be very spacious as the cave was made out of some weird material. Ranma,s head started to pound and that familiar sensation returned again. He didn't know what was going on but the proud face his father would have would make it all the worth.

He continued on ignoring the sudden dizziness that overcame him and other feelings that overwhelmed his body. He felt like sleeping, running, jumping, singing, all of these flowed through him but the worst was when he reached a specific spot which was at the back of the cave. He felt like he wanted to...die.


Ranma was brought back to the present when thunder suddenly boomed into the sky. She suddenly found herself inside her tent that she made in record time due to her fright. She mentally yelled at herself for being such a scaredy-c-c-a-a-a those hairy things in this situation. The red head would have ran out to yell back at the thunder only for mother nature to make the first move. She wrapped herself in blankets as to keep all the noise out.

Ranma never wanted to be in this situation. She never wanted any of this.

"I don't want to remember anymore" she whispered, "I want my mommy" for the first time Ranma man amongst men cried himself to sleep only to be comforted by the soft voices in her head.