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Four years later
Chapter one

His footsteps carried purpose as he made his way down the alleyway. He was brought here on conditions set by others that weighed heavily on 'his' honor. Granted he did meet some interesting people and reconnected with lost ties. That still didn't mean he would ever be clean from his father's actions. Yes Ranma Saotome had indeed become a chained man rather than a man amongst men.

"Is this the right way?" he asked himself. As Ranma made his way lost in thought. He never noticed the many lust filled look from women that he passed by. The pigtailed boy has rather grown into a fine young man this past four years. His hair now had a healthier look to it from the nutrition he was now able to get. His body was more defined than bulky as to not have any useless muscles. He now wore a short red overcoat with black pockets over a blue short sleeved shirt and black jeans. A black scabbard holding a long katana was strapped to his back along with a bag.

Never be said that Ranma Saotome never looked any better considering who raised him for seven years. Nevertheless his dark blue eyes held concern as for what would happen since he left his safe soon once again.

'Wonder if there offers still stand' was his last thought until it started raining.

Tendo home

If you asked anyone who Soun Tendo was they would reply 'A wonderful, honorable man.' If you were to ask one of his daughters you would each receive a different answer.

"At long last he is coming!" the man cried as tears streamed down his face. The man before us is Soun Tendo master of the Tendo dojo. He was reading a piece of paper in his hands crying his heart out. "Now the schools will be joined! Ah I must get them ready!" Soun stood up and walked towards the kitchen as he called out their names. "Kasumi, Nabiki, Akane!" He opened the curtains to find her eldest daughter hard at work cooking.

"Yes father?" His daughter asked. She was a beautiful woman with long light brown hair tied into a ponytail. She wore an apron over a yellow blouse and pink long skirt. After a quick explanation from her father, Soun made his way towards the others.

In another room was a girl with short chocolate brown hair. She wore a loos green t-shirt with white shorts. She was lying on her head listening to her music when her father entered her room. After explain the same thing he made his way over to his final daughter's room. He was meet with nothing as he opened her door.

'Where is that girl?'

Tendo Dojo

Her breathing was focused. She maintained her concentration. With a final sigh she released her hand onto the blocks that she crushed completely. With a final puff of air she wiped the sweat off of her forehead.

"That was refreshing" she stated with satisfaction. She then then had to wipe her eyes as the flash caught her off.

"There you go again Akane. This is exactly why the boys think you're so weird." Nabiki stated as she watched her little sister regain her eyesight.

The now named Akane could only glare at her sister. She was a cute girl with long dark blue hair that was tied up at the end. She was wearing a white GI as to show she was training in the art.

"So what Nabiki, not everything has to be about… Boys!" with a final humph she turned her head away. Nabiki could only smile as she made her way toward the living room.

"Guess this won't interest you then"


Soun looked on with joy as he hung the phone before making his way to the table where his daughters await. He could already see what the future awaits as their dojo was secure. He was so excited that he never realized that he only read part of the letter and who it was sent by. He now sat there with a smile on his face as he just finally explained it to Akane. To say she was upset was an understatement.

"Hey hold on don't we get a say on this!" she yelled in fury, "I mean don't we have the right to choose who we marry?"

"Oh come on Akane you haven't even meet him yet, he might be really cute." Akane answered Nabiki by turning her head, "Right daddy?"

"Hahahahahah…" He looked at the date from the envelope, "Hell be here any minute." He stood up ready to say more only for a loud yell to be heard.

"Hello, any Tendos looking for a Saotome!"

Soun never had a happier look on his face as he ran towards the gate. He was followed by his daughters as they were curious as to who one of them would marry him. As soun opened the gate he was meet with a weird sight.

"Um… I'm Ranma Saotome… sorry about this…"

Ranma Adventures

Month 2

Ranma never felt so tired in his life. He wasted all of his father's food in just two weeks and that's only because of his sudden greed.

I told you to be more thoughtful an plan ahead

Plus there was the fact that he had voices in his head. He blames it all on his stupid father.

As much as I want to say about your father, now is not the time to sulk about your life.

I know, I know but stll… it'll take a while for me to get used to the idea that am insane.



Ranma shooed his 'thoughts' away as he finally saw a town in the distance. Summoning the remaining strength his 12 year old body can bring. He sprinted with all his might towards his destination. Ranma could feel his legs start to give out as his stomach was weak from hunger. Normally he could survive a month without food, but that was only when he was full. When he left his father he was already hungry and now it may cost him his new found freedom.

Just… a… little… more… Before he knew it he was consumed by darkness.


He wanted to run, to hid, and to feel the warmth of her arms… wait… her? This new found confusion served to make Ranma more scared as he tossed and wailed into the black sky that clouded his mind. All of a sudden these new voices tried to trick him into relaxing so that the darkness may swallow him once more. Ranma new better and fought back against them with his remaining strength.

"Ca… own… ust… alm… do…"

This new voice suddenly penetrated his mind. It filled him with the warmth he was looking for as he desperately grabbed for it. It felt familiar, safe, comforting, and loving.


There it is and now wait as I try to work out my life.