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Chapter 1: The Fourth Hokage's Legacy

Naruto was well aware he was disliked by a majority of the Konoha population, hated even. However, even though they hated him, he was never harmed. He received no more than an icy glare, insults behind his back, and shunning. His safety was ensured by the ANBU guards the Sandaime ordered to protect him, but it still hurt emotionally. The old man would have prevented his people from hurting the boy's heart if he could, but to enforce a law like that was impossible. Not to mention until now, those who held a grudge against the Kyuubi never tried anything against its container in fear the demon itself would run amok.

The people of Konoha weren't crazy, but even the Hokage couldn't keep an eye on every shinobi. And even if he could, there was always that one individual that would spell trouble over Konoha's jinchuuriki. Danzo was a prime example. Nevertheless, Sarutobi Hiruzen counted his blessings. He didn't yet need his ANBU to get rid of those stupid enough to harm Naruto.

However, that night changed everything.

Hiragi Youma was a survivor of the third Shinobi war; one of the first fuuinjutsu users in Iwa. He retired from his profession shortly after the war ended, because he wasn't just a regular seal master who worked in the village, researching and producing seals for a living was not for him. He was a front line seal master who worked as backup on the battlefield. His forte was fast execution of a seal rather than the complexity of it, allowing him to support his comrades. However, no one was fast enough to deal with Konoha's Yellow Flash.

He was thoroughly humiliated when Namikaze Minato slaughtered the Iwa force before he could even pick a brush. The only reason he survived the encounter was because he was hiding under his comrade's corpse, suppressing his chakra. He would never forget the eyes that appeared to glow a brilliant shade of Delphinium when they gazed in his direction. His breath had hitched, and he'd wondered if the sense of inevitable death was a shared feeling among his comrades in face of the swift and deadly Yellow Flash.

But Youma did not hold a grudge against Namikaze Minato like the rest of his village; he found it to be pointless since people on both sides were dying. Instead, he chose to admire him as a seal master. The man was a genius, and Youma was envious. He was talented in sealing having spent his whole life mastering it, but he would never come close to Namikaze's level.

The saying, 'Talent hits a target no one else can hit, while genius hits a target that no one else can see', couldn't be truer.

Namikaze Minato set his own unreachable target, creating seals no one previously thought to be possible. Youma retired knowing it was time to give up chasing Namikaze. The gap between them was too large to be closed and chasing the dream was pointless. However, in his fifth year of retirement, news spread like wild fire that Namikaze Minato died when the Kyuubi attacked Konoha. Rumors started floating – most were nonsense – but one caught his interest. Namikaze Minato had given up his life using a seal against Kyuubi, and there was a possibility Konoha created another jinchuuriki. It was obvious to say Youma was curious. A high level seal master wouldn't die sealing a bijuu so long as it was performed right. Namikaze dying from a mistake was a farfetched idea considering many masters before him had succeeded. That meant only one thing. Namikaze Minato had used a special kind of seal that 'required' such a sacrifice.

Konoha was probably the only village that would never flaunt their jinchuuriki. In fact, all that anyone knew was that Konoha possessed the Kyuubi, and that there were two jinchuuriki before the most recent one. The first fact was common knowledge. The second fact could be known if one calculated a person's life span.

His curiosity about the last seal Namikaze Minato ever created grew, and he decided to pay Konoha a visit.

He had to find Konoha's third jinchuuriki…

…the Yondaime Hokage's legacy.

It was no easy feat sneaking into Konoha, especially with the barrier created by the Uzumaki clan protecting the village. He would've had to devote a lot time and research into exploiting a weak spot, but fortunately, he found someone willing to trade information. In exchange for a safe route, all he had to do was hand over his life's work to Konoha's most dangerous missing-nin, Orochimaru. It was almost an unfair exchange, but seeing the last work of Namikaze himself was worth it.

Once he was able to sneak in, it was a piece of cake. Hiragi Youma might be a top seal master of Iwa, but he never made a name for himself (considering Namikaze Minato and Jiraiya of the Sannin were hogging all the fame). He didn't even bother with a henge; dressing like a civilian was enough to do the trick. Finding info about their jinchuuriki was surprisingly easy, and all it took was sitting in front of a dango shop. When six-year-old blond boy with blue eyes walked passed, civilians and shinobi alike gave him a wide berth while breaking into a hushed whisper. Youma easily overheard one of the customers in the dango shop mutter 'monster' under his breath.


Youma didn't cheer mentally for long, because he soon realized this hated child couldn't be walking around without supervision. ANBU had to be near to keep an eye on the child. It was the standard protocol for all non-adult jinchuuriki, and this child was no exception. If his experience of watching over Han was anything to go by, then this child was shunned by his own village out of fear. How stupid. What if the child snapped and went berserk? Iwa had learned the hard way with Han. If not for Roushi and Onoki subduing the young jinchuuriki, Iwa would have done the equivalent of suicide and embarrassingly wiped themselves off the map. Now, though, Iwa learned to deal with their jinchuuriki by letting them get away from the village, or in other words, voluntary exile.

But forget about his village and their jinchuuriki for now. He had to think of how to get to the child without ANBU noticing. He was a simple tokubetsu jounin, so taking on Konoha's ANBU was definitely suicide. He had to be extremely careful when following the child and his guards, since it was easy to alert them accidentally. He observed them from afar for days and found ANBU didn't follow the child 24/7. Surprisingly, because they couldn't. Once in a while, the child would prank the villagers for attention or to deal out some form of payback. When the boy would flee or hide, the ANBU had a hard time following him even with his bright hair color and vibrant, orange shirt. The boy could be stealthy when he wanted to be it seemed. Of course, ANBU didn't lose him for long, maybe a few minutes or so, but that was plenty enough time for Youma.

On his sixth day in Konoha, he planted a number of seals in the main marketplace and waited for the show to begin. He was not disappointed when the jinchuuriki executed his latest prank: a pink colored smoke spreading throughout the marketplace. It was harmless, but the rose smell was strong enough to make even women flee to escape the sickening sweet smell. Youma himself almost hurled but refrained, because today's prank would serve his cause well. Once again, ANBU lost their charge, and this time it was longer than usual because of the smoke and smell. In the same time, Youma activated his seal which caused the other side of the marketplace to 'explode'. It was harmless in that it was mostly smoke and sound. It was designed to be a distraction with minor damage and no casualties, so they would be more inclined to believe it was the jinchuuriki's prank.

ANBU, of course, thought it was their charge or a possible enemy ninja, but for a moment, Youma feared that the ANBU would linger. He grinned as they rushed away, allowing him to duck into the small alleyway he saw the boy run in earlier. Youma couldn't believe his luck when he saw the jinchuuriki still there, hopping up to reach the rooftop of a building nearby.

The jinchuuriki was obviously curious about the explosion. "Wonder what happened over there? Enemy ninja?" His eyes widened when he felt pain on the back of his head, and then everything went black.

Youma sighed in relief as he hoisted the jinchuuriki on his back. He then applied a genjutsu over the child so he looked like a little, brunette girl with fair skin. He quickly retreated back to the crowded street a bit further away from the market where the civilians were busy fussing over the jinchuuriki's latest prank. Youma stiffened and turned away when he saw a woman with a son glance at him curiously. His eyes briefly caught the red and white fan symbol stitched into their clothes and flinched.



The seal master turned around slowly, faking a kind fatherly smile. "Ah, good afternoon, Uchiha-san," he greeted the Uchiha woman genially. "What a fine day isn't it?"

Uchiha Mikoto raised an eyebrow. It had been a while since anyone greeted an Uchiha so politely like this man did. She had called out to him simply because she sensed something off about him – or was it the child? Now that she thought about it, it was probably her just being paranoid. "Good afternoon to you, too. The breeze is indeed very nice today. Is that why your daughter fell asleep?" she asked with a smile on her lips.

The man nodded stiffly. "Yes, she also exhausted herself playing in the playground today…" He added, mentally cursing himself for engaging in a conversation with an Uchiha. It was truly fortunate he hadn't used a henge at all on himself. If he had, she would be even more suspicious.

"I see..." she said softly. "Then I will be on my way..." She muttered as she turned to walk away, but Sasuke stopped her with a frown.


Mikoto tugged on Sasuke's hand, gently dragging him with her. "Not now, Sasuke. If there's anything you want to buy it'll have to wait," she said as the father-daughter pair walked away from them.

"But, Kaa-san!" Sasuke whined. "That man lied."

"Sasuke," the Uchiha matriarch warned. "Don't accuse someone you just met, especially a civilian at that." They were in a bad enough position in the village as it was, and it would be bad if rumors of Sasuke accusing civilians as liars spread. "Besides... why would he lie to me?" she asked logically.

Sasuke frowned, then muttered, "yes, Kaa-san." Obediently, he followed his mother back to the Uchiha compound. Sasuke recalled the only playground in Konoha was not currently usable. When he and Itachi had walked around the park yesterday, there was a 'Repair in Progress' sign near the playground. Itachi was shaking his head when he said someone named Gai accidentally ran into it or something along that line. So that man lied to his mother about his daughter exhausting herself playing, but Kaa-san was right. The man had no reason to lie… or did he? Kaa-san wouldn't listen, so he'd have to tell his brother later.

Naruto blinked his eyes open and looked at his surroundings. He was in a large room with lots of boxes and bottles—a sake warehouse? He crinkled his nose at the scent. He hated the smell of sake as it reminded him of the drunks that said unpleasant things to him. Naruto startled when he set his eyes on a stranger smiling at him with a genuine smile. "Uhm..." The man had long, brown hair and green eyes, and his build was similar to the ANBU he had seen before with a dog mask.

"Hello, kid, are you alright?" Youma asked. Now that he had a close look at the child, Youma could see the similarity between him and Namikaze. Iwa would freak if they knew the Yondaime Hokage had managed to procreate and turn the boy into a jinchuuriki.

"Who are you? I am Uzumaki Naruto!" The Hokage had told him that it was common courtesy to give his own name before asking for someone else's.

Uzumaki? He raised an eyebrow at the name. Youma pointed at his chest and said, "Me? My name is Hiragi, so just call me Hiragi-san." His family name was pretty common so telling the child was harmless.

"Hiragi-san," Naruto tested the name. "I think I will call you Oji-chan instead."

Youma sighed. He deserved it since he was the same age as the Yondaime. "Fine."

Naruto eyed Youma curiously. "Uhm, why am I here?" he asked.

He grinned at that and said, "Oh, you were knocked out by a bad person. I saved you and brought you here." If his observation was correct, this child had never been attacked before and incredibly lonely. If someone saved him, they could easily earn his trust. "You're safe here, Naruto-kun." And for added bonus, he ruffled the child's soft, spiky hair. This was the moment of truth. If a shunned Jinchuuriki was touched, they would either lash out or welcome the affection as a sign of trust.

As expected the child looked at him admiringly. "Thank you, Oji-chan!"

Youma smirked inwardly. That had been easier than he'd thought it would be. "You're welcome, Naruto-kun." Then he added after a beat, "But it seems the enemy ninja did something to you," he lied smoothly.


"I can fix it for you though," Youma assured the child. "Don't worry and just leave everything to me." Naruto paled at the thought of an enemy ninja having done something horrible to him. "Now..." Youma rummaged through his back pack and pulled out a storage scroll. He unsealed a wooden board the size of an adult with a seal array carved into it.

Naruto watched the unsealing in awe. "That's so cool, Hiragi-ojichan! What is that? Ninjutsu?"

Hiragi smirked. Not quite his father's child, huh? "This is fuuinjutsu. It's one of the most complex shinobi arts... see this array here?" He tapped the board on the ground. "You use hand seals to mold chakra for ninjutsu, while in fuuinjutsu we use these to tell chakra what to do."

"Is it hard?" Naruto's eyes were shining with glee.

"Depends on you." He didn't see anything wrong with indulging the child. He needed Naruto's full cooperation anyway. "You have to be good in arithmetic, chakra theory, and calligraphy basically..."

Naruto crinkled his nose. "I don't like any of that. Can that even be used like cool ninjutsu?"

Hiragi snorted, "The Yondaime Hokage was a magnificent seal master."

The next thing Hiragi knew, Naruto had latched his small body onto his arm like a koala. "Teach me." He gave the seal master his puppy eyes. "Please~"

Hiragi faltered. He had discovered another scary way to use Namikaze's azure eyes. "Uhm... I will fix you first then we can talk about this again, okay, kid?"

"Okay!" Naruto agreed as he hopped off of Hiragi, bouncing on his feet.

The seal master sweat-dropped at the sight of the hyper kid and silently thank God that he was no longer an Iwa shinobi. Namikaze surely knew how to pick a wife; the rumor of his lover being the Habanero was true it seemed. The two monsters of Konoha procreated… this kid would be one hell of a shinobi. Then again, it was none of his business. He only wanted the data of Namikaze's last work, and then he was going to get out of Konoha faster than you could say Ninja.

"Now lay down here, Naruto-kun, and take off your shirt."

Naruto obeyed the instruction, but shuddered when his skin touched the cold wood. "Now what, Hiragi-ojichan?" He asked.

Hiragi smiled. "Just relax, you're going to fall asleep and when I finish you will be as good as new!"

"Okay!" Naruto cheered.

Hiragi formed seals for a sleep inducing genjutsu, and Naruto quickly fell asleep. "Finally," he sighed in relief. "Pretending to be a kind uncle is exhausting!" He grumbled under his breath, "Now... let me see the last work of Namikaze Minato." He activated the seal array on the board causing a seal to appear on Naruto's stomach.

He gaped at the sight. "Unbelievable... no wonder he died to make this." The seal was different than any other seal he'd seen before. There was not just one seal, there was three layers of seals. At first glance, it would look like only one seal, but a top notch seal master would know there were two other seals. The first seal was the main seal that tied the jinchuuriki and his bijuu together. The second and third however would be triggered in certain circumstances. Hiragi would bet they were failsafe seals and, considering the main seal and the bijuu it held, it made Hiragi wonder what kind of seal those were.

No one ever made a failsafe seal for a jinchuuriki. Then again, villages that had jinchuuriki didn't have Namikaze Minato. Hiragi couldn't suppress his growing curiosity and envy of the last work of the Yondaime. He badly wanted to unravel the seal, but that would have required him to be on the same level as Namikaze Minato or risk his life.

He cackled at the thought. "If I died here it would be justified. I was supposed to die when he slaughtered my team anyway... It would be an honor to die for my research!" He wondered if this was his sanity wavering again – one of the many reasons for his retirement. Then again, why would he care for the consequences? The worse thing that could happen would be unleashing the Kyuubi in Konoha, and that would only be giving Konoha what it deserved. Naruto would never have been so vulnerable and easily swayed if they hadn't shunned him. It was probably charity to the brat to let him have his own revenge.

With that in mind, Hiragi continued his work, but first sealed everything he cherished inside a special storage scroll. It was more durable than the average storage scroll in that it could withstand explosive tags and other harming elements. Nothing weaker than a bijuu-dama could destroy it he supposed as he began to work.

Kyuubi perked up, growling when he saw the Yondaime walk up to his cage. "What do you want, Yondaime?"

"Someone is trying to tamper with the seal," the blond Hokage muttered. "I don't know why, but it activated the failsafe temporarily."

Kushina then appeared beside him. "It activated mine too..." she growled. "Who's the fool?! If I get my hands on the guy I'll kill him!"

Kyuubi rolled his eyes. "You're dead, Kushina," he pointed out with a deadpanned tone.

The second jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi glared at her ex-prisoner. "Thank you for reminding me," she growled, "but what happened to my son?!" He was her main concern.

Minato paled when he saw Kyuubi's chakra leak from his cage. "Kyuubi! YOU—!"

The bijuu bared his fangs. "Not my doing, Yondaime! In case your memory is as bad as your mate's, your seal is designed so the brat can borrow my chakra!" the fox pointed out. "I did not will even a small fraction of it to leak into his system, so if it kills the brat and me too, you have no one to blame but yourself!"

Minato grit his teeth. "You really..." his eyes widened. "Kushina! Your chakra!"

Kushina looked at herself. "My chakra, it seeped into Naruto's!"

"Mine too... what's happening?! Is the failsafe seal broken?!" He quickly went to check the seal on the Kyuubi's cell. "This one is safe, at least... for now..."

Kushina breathed a sigh of relief. "That's good, I checked the failsafe chakra too and it doesn't seem like it's going to break but... "

"But?" Minato asked, dreading her next words. "But what?"

"Some of our chakra and memories has seeped through because of this... I don't know how it will affect our son." Kushina clasped her fingers together. "Naruto..."

Kyuubi snorted, "It's been boring here save for his occasional prank anyway. As long as it's not life threatening who cares?"


The fox laughed at that, but frowned when he saw the Yondaime and his wife disappear from the sewer. It seemed the seal had stabilized again. He wondered what had happened to them just now, though he didn't truly care. He just didn't want the couple to be able to annoy him all the time.

Hiragi left the warehouse in a daze, terrified of what he'd almost done. He at first thought he could be careless even if he was killed when he examined the seal, but the chakra excess Naruto emitted almost made him insane with the killing intent. Kyuubi's chakra was malicious. It didn't matter how hardened you were as a shinobi, it would make you quiver in fear. It was just so intense and full of hatred, it terrorized your senses until you wanted nothing but for it to stop.

It was a mistake.

A mistake!

He puked the contents of his stomach and then toddled like a newborn calf. He leaned against a tree, his eyes glazed as his whole body trembled. A squad of ANBU landed in front of him, ordering him to come with them without resistance and so on. Heh, the same standard procedure in every village. Too bad for them, he had no intentions of going with them, knowing he would be interrogated. He had made a mistake that left his mind in shambles, and the only salvation was what any seal master would do. While it had to do with the offspring of the genius bastard he'd been jealous of for so long, at least he was certain his life's work wouldn't be lost in vain.

Back in the warehouse, Naruto woke up with a yawn and looked around to find the nice ojii-chan was nowhere to be seen. He was about ready to cry at being left alone once again, but his teary eyes caught sight of an expensive looking scroll right beside him. His eyes widened when he saw the note attached to it.

'Naruto-kun, I have to leave for an important mission and will likely never come back. As promised, here is a scroll to teach you everything I know about fuuinjutsu. Use this scroll to follow in your father's footsteps and become a great seal master. I am sorry I left without telling you.
Good bye.

Naruto smiled. Hiragi-jiichan didn't break his promise!

He rubbed the inner side of his left thigh and applied the necessary amount of pressure. It was a failsafe he had never bothered to remove; a sheet of poison his superior had planted in his leg for suicide. As pain racked his body, Hiragi Youma smiled at the ANBU who gasped at his pained expression.

Namikaze, you better thank me for what I have given to your son. I may have tampered with the seal with my half-assed skill, but what I gave him…

See you again in the next life, genius.

Hopefully the next chapter is longer. I usually fail spectacularly writing Naruto fic. BTW my analysis of how Naruto treated is canon, no one tortured him or anything physical like in some fic. I won't say it's stupid to make it that setting while in canon he is just treated coldly and ignored, who cares what canon say?

THIS IS AN AU anyway...