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Chapter One: Prologue

Hinata Hyuuga rushed through the Leaf Village trying to reach the gates before dawn. Today was her first A-Rank mission and she did not want to start off on a bad foot by being late. The only reason she was slightly behind was because she forgot she had to stop at the local supply shop. With the Invasion of Pain still being a relatively recent event, she still had not reacquired a lot of her previous possessions.

Even though she felt late, she was actually pretty early as she was the only one there. Within the next twenty minutes, the rest of her team for the mission trickled in.

Shikamaru looked over his mission scroll to ensure everyone was present before her began to speak, "Well, I suppose everyone knows why we are here, right?" he watched as Hinata, Ino, and Kiba nodded their heads, "The mission is basically a search and rescue. The Daimyo's grandson is being held for ransom and he wants him back. How troublesome."

The group headed out with no particular formation. It would take half a day to reach the town the kidnappers were reported as occupying. The trip was rather uneventful and it didn't take long to sniff out their target once they reached the pathetic excuse for a town.

"Yea, he's definitely here," Kiba proclaimed, having memorized the target's scent from a sample they were given.

Shikamaru nodded his head before turning to Hinata, "Can you tell us exactly which floor and room he is being held captive?" The foursome was currently perched on a rooftop near the abandoned looking building.

"Hai…he is on the fourth floor…it is actually one big room and he's in a chair in the center," Hinata concentrated on the area, byakugan activated, "There are several guards. Definitely shinobi. They are everywhere!"

Ino looked at her male best friend, "I can get past them all. My mind-transfer jutsu can easily-"

"No." Shikamaru cut her off, "Your duty here is as a medic. We can not risk putting you in any unnecessary danger," the male closed his eyes briefly and considered all of their current options, "We have no option that doesn't involve confrontation. Listen carefully…"

Shikamaru proceeded to tell them the plan: He will use explosives to blow out a wall on the left of the building while Kiba and Hinata will enter from the right and grab the victim during the confusion. An immediate retreat will follow.

The plan was performed flawlessly with minimal combat involved. Kiba had the Daimyo's grandson on his back as the group escaped the area. However, they were being pursued.

"Five at two o'clock, three at ten o'clock, and one quickly approaching at seven o'clock!" Hinata frantically informed her team as they were slowly becoming surrounded.

The shinobi fought off their combatants with only an average amount of difficulty. The battle was dwindling down as one of the thugs suddenly ran right into Hinata's line of attack. She slammed a gentle fist directly into his chest but was surprised as the man suddenly threw his arms around her and screamed.

"YOU'RE COMING WITH ME!" the man did a hand sign and suddenly…


Shikamaru, Kiba, and Ino watched in horror as the thug blew himself up while holding their indigo-haired teammate. The explosion wasn't overbearingly large and Ino ran to the girl as soon as the smoke cleared.

"Hinata!" Ino put her hand over her mouth at the scene in front of her. The blast was mostly concentrated on her upper body, causing the girl's chest to be split open. Her breasts were distorted and her left arm was half blown off. Her skin was scorched badly and Ino immediately went to work on her healing.

Kiba and Shikamaru could only watch as Ino's green chakra poured into the girl. However, it was too late.

"No! No! I won't lose you!" Ino continued to work over her as tears flowed from her eye sockets, "I'm a better medic-nin now! You can't die the way Asuma-sensei did! I promise I'll save you!"

Hinata's world slowly faded away as her heartbeat came to a standstill. Ino was still healing her lifeless body as Shikamaru kneeled next to her trying in vain to get her to stand.

"No…I can't leave her like this, Shika," Ino held back sobs as she continued to work, "I don't care if it doesn't matter…I won't leave her like this." Shikamaru turned his attention to Kiba, who was currently in shock.

"Hinata…" the word escaped his lips unconsciously. This just couldn't be true. Him, Shikamaru, and the now conscious young man they had just rescued all watched as Ino restored Hinata's body almost to a state that looked as if she hadn't just died in an explosion. The blonde wanted her friend's body to be as beautiful as ever, no matter how much chakra it cost her.

Hinata felt as if she were floating. She opened her eyes and sure enough, she was currently floating in an endless void. There were specks and blobs of color here and there, almost like a galaxy pattern. The girl had a very vague recollection of a mission and a battle, but nothing truly concrete. She tilted her body to a position she believed to be upright before a bodiless voice began to address her.

This is not your time child.

'Who's there?' Hinata could hear her voice resounding through the area despite the fact she had not moved her lips.

The fate's design has been interrupted. You should not be here.

'Who are you? Am I…dead?'

Your life holds value. Your time on earth is not finished. There is still much you are destined to do.


We cannot give her life back to her.

We can give her a temporary life force.

She will need to sustain it by unnatural means.

With enough energy, her life force will become strong enough to exist independently.

Very well.

'I amvery confused.'

Hinata Hyuuga, we will breathe life back into you. However, it is up to you to sustain this life until you are fully alive once again.

'What do you mean?' Hinata once again felt the sensation of fading away, 'Please tell me! I do not understand,' Light suddenly engulfed her surroundings.

"I can take her body back," Kiba took a few steps away from his fellow two shinobi. The three had gathered a few feet away from their fallen comrade's corpse, "You two need to finish this mission," He nodded towards the Daimyo's son.

Shikamaru had a cigarette in his mouth as gave the Inuzuka permission to deviate from the mission. He had long ago learned to control his emotions as a shinobi but still allowed his teammates a fair while to mourn. Ino was next to him still sniffling.

Things were quiet for a while until a loud noise suddenly sounded from the body on the ground.

It was a gasp! Hinata had gasped for air!

Kiba was over her body in an instant, head pressed against he chest, "She's alive! Oh Kami, she's fucking alive!"

Shikamaru's eyes bulged to unnatural limits and Ino suddenly dropped to her knees and crawled to her fellow kunoichi.

"H-Hinata?" Ino's voice was very hesitant and unsure.

"Ino-ch-chan…." Hinata's eyes fluttered open, "What happened?"

Ino let out a squeal as her eyes spilled fresh tears, this time tears of joy, "You were dead! And now you're back! You were dead, Hinata!"

"D-Dead?" the girl didn't remember a thing.

The Daimyo's grandson shuffled his feet, feeling out of place as the four shinobi shared a moment. He was extremely relieved when some of his grandfather's men showed up.

"The Leaf Village is always reliable! Our Lord became anxious and sent us to assess the situation. We will take the young Lord from here," one of the men spoke before handing a large sum of money to Shikamaru.

"We are happy to be of service," Shikamaru assured the man, but not without mumbling 'how troublesome' under his breath.

The group began the trek back to Konoha with Hinata riding on top of Akamaru. She still felt a bit weak from her literal out of body experience.

Word spread fast about Hinata's "return to life." Ino was hailed as a hero, her refusal to give up healing her comrade deemed inspirational. Tsunade herself visited Hinata in the hospital to oversee her physical, looking for clues on how her heart could have restarted after so long.

Hinata was grateful to be alive but couldn't shake the feeling someone was watching her, or rather, something. She was required to spend the night in the hospital for observation. When she was finally alone after all of the attention she was receiving, Hinata was shocked to hear another voice in the room.

"Yoooo, Hinata!"

Hinata's eyes snapped opened.

"My, my, have you grown!"

Hinata's face began to falter.

"Tell me, how does it feel to be alive? I think I've forgotten!" an obnoxious laugh followed after this.

Hinata propped herself up on her shoulders and stared straight ahead. The Toad Sage Jiraiya was standing at the foot of her hospital bed. She blinked with a bit more force than necessary to clear her vision. One of the Legendary Sannin was still standing at the end of her hospital bed. Hinata brought her hands up to her face to rub her eyes. Naruto-kun's dead sensei was still standing at the end of her hospital bed!

Jiraiya walked around to the left side of her bed, "Okay, kid. I gave you enough time to get over the shock."

"Y-You can't be r-real," Hinata stared at him dumbly.

"Well, I'm not physically real, but trust that my spiritual form is still very much real."


"Now you're catching on! You see, I'm a spirit." Jiraiya crossed his arms as he gave her one of his lecherous smirks.

"You're a…a…ghost!?" Hinata's last word came out so high that in was nearly incoherent.

Jiraiya frowned at her, "That word is so degrading. I don't go around moaning and haunting people."

"…Sorry," Leave it to Hinata to somehow insult a dead person and then apologize for it, "J-Jiraiya-sama, why are you…here?"

"Here as in this world or here as in in front of you?"

"Both, I guess"

Jiraiya took a seat on her bed, not interrupting the mattress physically in any way, and began his explanation, "Well, you see, I can't exactly move on because my job is incomplete. As long as the shinobi world is in danger and the Child of Prophesy hasn't fulfilled his role, I can not peacefully rest."

Hinata nodded her head as he continued, "I do not interfere in this world in any way, only dropping in to observe every once in a while. However, once I learned you had passed on and come back, I decided to appear before you. You have been allowed to see me specifically.

"It is destiny that you will in someway greatly help the Child of Prophesy in his time of need. Bringing him back from considering a path of darkness. Therefore, I am here to assist you from dying again."

"Ano…" Hinata averted her eyes before speaking, "Am I truly that weak that I need a spirit to help me stay alive?"

"No, no! Don't look at it that way. I am here to assist you in gathering the energy you need to strengthen your life force! It is very fragile right now."

"My life force?"

"Yes, yes!" Jiraiya nodded his head enthusiastically, "You need to feed on the life force of others for the time being or else you will die again. I'm not sure how long you will need to do this, but it won't be forever."

Somehow, the word 'feed' did not sit very well with Hinata. Seeing her unease, Jiraiya continued.

"You won't have to kill someone and steal their life or anything like that! Rather, you've been given a new ability to extract a small amount of it from various individuals," Jiraiya began to frown. How on earth can he word this without causing the to girl pass out?

"H-How?" Hinata inquired.

A brief pause.

"Sex." Jiraiya figured explaining it as simple as possible was the best thing to do, "Having sex with a male will allow you to absorb some of their excess life energy."

Hinata was in shock. What did he just say?

Jiraiya let out a sigh, "If you don't fill yourself, you will die."

The Hyuuga was a bit on the fence about what he meant by fill herself, "Is there no other way?"

"Unfortunately, no. I know this is hard to grasp but it is very important. Think of yourself as a….succubus," Jiraiya briefly paused before continuing, "Yea, yea, that's right! A succubus. Sex is the key to your survival right now. The sooner you gather enough energy, the sooner you can stop sleeping around." The Sannin immediately regretted his words.

"S-S-Sleeping around?" Hinata's voice once again got high beyond recognition.

"Well, uh….yea. You can't take from only one person because you could easily drain them and they will die, essentially. So engaging more than person is necessary. However, it is possible to erase your victim's memory so you'll be able to save yourself without gaining a reputation," Jiraiya was happy to see the girl relax a bit, if only a just a bit, "He'll wake up the next day thinking he had a wet dream about you or something. That's all it will feel like, a dream."

"As much as I want to live….I do not believe I can do that," Hinata looked down, "Why would any boy want to sleep with me?"

Jiraiya gave her a big lecherous grin, "THAT, my dear girl, is why I'm here! You'll be getting laid every night with my help!"

Hinata wished he would using phrases such as 'getting laid'.

"I'm going to guide you through all of this!" Jiraiya stood up and put his fist over his heart, "I won't let you die!"

The Hyuuga nodded her head, "T-Thank you."

"Ahhh, don't mention it!" he scratched his nose, "I think I'm going to enjoy this actually."

Hinata didn't even bother herself to feel uncomfortable from his perverted look. This is something she probably needs to get used to and fast.

"Now, on to business," Jiraiya sat down once again and suddenly turned gravely serious, "With your current energy level, you may need to feed within the next three days."

"S-So soon!"

"Yea, well, there was only so much power you could be given to reenter this world with. Is there anyone you can think of who will be easy to bed immediately?"

Hinata looked at her hands as she thought to herself. She couldn't just sleep with anyone. She was a virgin and she wanted her first time to be special with someone she loved.



"Oh, um….there's only one person I t-truly want to give my v-v-virginity to, but that's impossible. I confessed to him recently but he has yet to even acknowledge it," she said somberly.

"How exactly did this confession go?" Jiraiya gave the girl a sad look. He knew too well the pain of rejection, "That is important."

"He was fighting the leader of Akatsuki. He got pinned to the ground so I jumped in and told him how I felt. He hasn't responded…."

Realization hit the Pervy Sage, "Naruto!"

"Y-Yes…" The blush that was already present on her face darkened.

"You should know that I know Naruto like the back of my hand! I can help y-"

"No!" Hinata started waving her hands in front of herself, "I-I just can't! I'm not r-ready. I feel as if sex with a stranger would be easier for me to handle!...I would never with a stranger, however…"

Jiraiya furrowed his eyebrows before suddenly perking up, "Oh! You must want to be more skilled before that! I understand. Let's start small then. A teammate, maybe?"

Hinata looked up at the spirit. She never believed sex as a 'skill' but now that she thought about it, it probably could be considered one, "I suppose I could try for a teammate…" If not Naruto, then one of them could also be considered worthy of her 'special gift'.

"Well, that's it then!" Jiraiya stood up, "Get some rest now, Hinata. We have a big day tomorrow…" His voice trailed off as his body dissipated before her eyes.

Hinata lowered her head to her pillow and rolled onto her side, 'Maybe I'll wake up and this will all be a dream'.

Using that thought as leverage, Hinata forced herself to sleep.

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