Death and Ashikabi (part 1)

Ichigo was annoyed. That wasn't too different from his usual state of mind; the only difference this time was why he was annoyed. The biggest reason was the person sitting across from him on the train wearing a bucket hat, old style geta sandals, and a kimono lazily tossed across his shoulders. Urahara Kisuke looked like a hobo on the best of days, on a train with his face almost completely hidden by his stupid fan and hat, it didn't help that picture.

"So, why are we on a train to Shin Tokyo again?"

Urahara closed his fan with an audible snap, revealing his smirk to Ichigo's question. He seemed to ponder his answer for a moment before replying, "Mostly because of the strange readings of reiatsu that some of my monitors have been picking up lately. You're mostly just muscle Kurosaki-san, in case there is something there that poses a threat to the Human Realm."

Ichigo's eyebrow twitched in barely concealed annoyance as he responded to the crazy blonde man, "If that's the case then there really is no reason for me to be here, aren't you a Captain class ex-shinigami? You should be able to handle any danger that pops up by yourself right?"

Urahara's smirk merely widened as the fan was once again snapped open hiding his face, "Why Kurosaki-san I don't know what you're talking about, I'm merely a humble shopkeeper!"

Ichigo stared at the blond ex-captain in disbelief for a moment, before rolling his eyes and admitting defeat in his mind, slouching back in his seat with a grumble of, "I can't believe you're still trying to use that line."

Ichigo decided he might as well get comfortable, it had been an annoying ride so far and it wasn't looking up. He had been minding his own business on the way home from school when the blonde man across from him had accosted him in the middle of the sidewalk where he was walking. Naturally not wanting to be seen in public with such an embarrassing person, right up there with old goat chin, he had hauled Urahara into a side ally and demanded what he was doing there.

The blonde shopkeeper had then gone on to explain that he had been monitoring for any inconsistent reiatsu readings in the Realm of the living, mostly because he did not want to have another Aizen pop out of the woodworks and threaten all of existence again. What he had found was mildly disturbing; apparently there were many high level reiatsu signatures in the area of Shin Tokyo. None of them were above vice-captain level, but there were too many in that area, especially since Soul Society claimed that there was no one from them in the area. Naturally Urahara feared that arrancar were invading Shin Tokyo for some nefarious deed.

This was all interesting to Ichigo, but he didn't understand the need to involve him in a dispute between the Gotei and what was left of Aizen's arrancar army. That was until Urahara confessed that he didn't think the reiatsu actually was arrancar, meaning that they were something else entirely. With that explanation he to say that Yoruichi had already gone ahead and had confirmed that there were odd events going on in the city, along with a heavy militia type presence inside the city itself.

Urahara wanted Ichigo's presence just in case something had happened in Shin Tokyo and it wasn't related to shinigami. When he was confronted with this reasoning, Ichigo could do nothing but agree to Urahara's request.

The train was beginning to slow and he heard that the stop they were waiting for was next. Ichigo sighed as he slung his bag over his shoulder. The least Urahara could've done was let him go home and change out of his school uniform, but apparently time was of the essence. The two got off and walked into the Shin Tokyo area. Most of the pedestrians were giving a wide berth to the two, not that it was a surprise with one looking like a hobo and the other a delinquent. Scowling Ichigo hefted his bag to a more comfortable position before asking, "So, where's Yoruichi?"

He shouldn't have tempted fate because at that moment a voice whispered sensually in his ear, "I'm right here, I-chi-go."

"Gaaah!" Ichigo jumped forward, his entire face on fire from a very serious blush, to escape a woman who was barely containing her laughter by holding a hand over her mouth and arm over her stomach. Yoruichi was dressed in her normal attire of black pants and orange shirt, her golden eyes dancing in mirth at Ichigo's expense. Urahara also seemed to enjoy the spectacle, but returned to a more serious mode as he gazed at Yoruichi, silently asking for a report.

"It's strange Kisuke," Yoruichi began with a small sigh. "It's as though there is a giant cover up going on, and I swear I've seen a couple strange people walking around this city. The odd thing is they seem to be more along the lines of quincy rather than shinigami or arrancar. More than once I've seen people using elemental powers, and even though I saw a woman walking around with a sword. It makes no sense! Then just last night an entire forest sprang up in the botanical gardens of the city! I don't know what's going on here Kisuke, but I don't like it."

Urahara seemed to be deep in thought about the situation, while Ichigo had finally recovered enough sense to not be overly embarrassed any more, although there was still a light blush on his cheeks. Finally it seemed as though Urahara came to a decision. "Right then, we'll go to this mysterious forest and find out what is in there. After we complete that it's anyone's guess as to our next move."

Ichigo's trademark scowl deepened as he observed the veritable forest that had sprung up in the botanical gardens that Yoruichi had been talking about. Thick foliage protruded from the gate, and there were bodies strewn about as well as vehicles that looked as though they had been cut in half. He saw Urahara glance at him out of the corner of his eye and turned his attention to the shopkeeper.

"Well Kurosaki-san I think it would be prudent for you to ditch your body, whatever did this may be a bit too much for a human, even one as strong as you."

Ichigo sighed as he dug out his badge from his pocket before pressing it against his chest. Feeling the sensation of separating from his body, he looked back to see Yoruichi had caught it to make sure he hadn't hit his head. She smirked at him as she said, "I'm going to deposit this in our safe house, don't want any of the living showing up and thinking you're just a body."

Ichigo nodded his thanks as she disappeared in shunpo. Urahara snapped his fan shut and put it away completely, before drawing his hidden zanpakuto. Ichigo hoisted Zangetsu off of his back and rested him on his shoulder. "Well then Kurosaki-san I supposed there's no time like the present to see what is going on inside this garden."

With that Urahara casually strolled through the gates into the forest with Ichigo following after him. It wasn't long before the two combatants caught the distinct sounds of a battle ahead of them. When they came out to a clearing in the forest they were surprised to see three women fighting, while two men were standing slightly away from the battle on opposite sides of the field. Both Ichigo and Urahara easily tracked the three combatants, and noticed that it seemed to be a two on one situation. Scowling Ichigo was prepared to intervene, but stopped himself when a burst of flames flew toward the two assailants.

The newcomer to the scuffle seemed to be a bishounen with a slender figure dressed in all black with a half mask covering the bottom of his face so that the only thing visible was his distinct silver hair and his eyes. Now that there was no battle going on Ichigo took the time to really examine the five other people who were fighting in the middle of this forest.

He almost blushed when he really got a look at the three former combatants; two of them had similar features. Long dark hair, a similar facial structure, and were dressed in something that he wouldn't be surprised to see at an S&M convention. The other was dressed in what he could only assume was some sort of shrine maiden outfit, although it stopped way too soon to really be considered one. She had long brown hair and large brown eyes, and for some reason was sporting fighting gloves similar to the one Urahara had made him wear when he was regaining his powers after Byakuya cut him down. The other thing he noticed, though he couldn't help it, was the three women's bust size. He could've sworn that at least shrine maiden's was almost as large as Inoue's.

Sliding his gaze to the three males he studied the two that were on opposite sides of the clearing. The guy closer to the twins had a distinctly scruffy feel about him, dressed in a muscle shirt, and sporting messy brown hair, he looked like he might be alright in at the very least a fist fight. The other guy was rather average looking sporting a white shirt and jeans, a face framed with black hair, and a pair of grey eyes staring across at the other guy.

There was a tense moment before Average Guy spoke up. "Seo-san, please let me pass! I need to get to Kusano before someone forcibly wings her!"

Scruffy Guy, who Ichigo assumed was Seo, just shrugged in reply. He cracked his neck before answering Average Guy's plea, "Sorry Minato, I don't know if you're here to forcibly wing her, and I might want her for myself. So I'm sorry, but could you just get killed a little?"

Minato seemed startled by this question before the one Dominatrix Duo decided to speak up, "Shut the hell up Seo! We just need to beat this chick in front of us and we'll be able to go after little 108."

"Musubi won't be beaten so easily! Cause I'm a fist type Sekirei!"

So saying, Shrine Girl, who Ichigo guessed was called Musubi, slammed her fists together in anticipation for the upcoming fight. However, before the fight could start again it seemed that Bishounen had had enough. "All of you shut up! I can't waste my time here when I need to go protect 108! Hikari, Hibiki! Prepare yourselves if you don't get out of my way!"

The other one of the Dominatrix Duo spoke up at his provocation, "Aw, come on Homura! We really don't feel like fighting you at the moment!"

Flame was gathering around Homura, but it was snuffed out as Urahara and Ichigo made their presence known to the parties involved, by way of Urahara acting like an idiot. "Yoohoo! I must say you people say some interesting things in the middle of a forest that grew overnight! Tell me, what exactly are Sekirei?"

Everyone in the clearing tensed at the two shinigami walking casually into the clearing as if this was nothing but a stroll in the park. What was freaking everyone out was the naked blades that they were carrying, especially the one with the orange hair and the black hakama that had a massive cleaver hefted on his shoulder as if it was nothing.

Seo glanced at the two and let out a low whistle at the size of Ichigo's blade. "Damn man, are you compensating for something with that blade?"

Ichigo blinked for a second before registering what the man had just said, at first he was angry, but then he came to a realization. "Wait a minute, you can see me?"

Seo's eyebrow rose a bit at that comment and he was about to answer, but was cut off by Homura who had his eyes locked on Urahara. It didn't matter that the man looked like an eccentric hobo, he was dangerous, and especially when Homura realized the questions he had just asked. "What do you mean what are Sekirei?"

Urahara's infamous grin suddenly fled from his face and everyone in the clearing, minus Ichigo of course, felt an indescribable weight under the blonde man's scrutiny. "I mean exactly what I said, all six of you have a fairly decent amount of reiatsu for humans so it's no wonder you can see Ichigo here."

Urahara gestured vaguely in Ichigo's direction and the others all were tensed at Urahara's words, except for Musubi, who was shaking. At first Ichigo thought it might have been fear, but soon realized that it was from suppressed excitement. It seemed that she finally couldn't hold it anymore and exploded out, "You guys are strong! Number 88 Musubi has decided to fight you since you're Sekirei!"

With that Musubi flew from her starting position at Urahara and threw a straight punch at the man. However, before she could get there Ichigo had appeared in front of her and blocked the attack with Zangetsu. Using his centrifugal force, Ichigo spun around Musubi and aimed a palm strike to the back of her neck where there was a cluster of nerves. As if sensing the danger Musubi ducked quickly and threw a back kick at Ichigo. Ichigo dodge easily around Musubi's kick, leaving her off balance and countered with a vicious front kick of his own. It seemed to hit pay dirt as Musubi went flying back, but after the dust from the attack cleared she revealed that she had blocked it with her arms in a defensive stance similar to a boxer's.

Minato had been worried when the strange man in black hakama had kicked Musubi, but was relieved to find that she was mostly unscathed. However, it seemed that might not have been the case as when Musubi straightened her arms were hanging limply at her sides. "Ahhhh… that really, really hurt! Musubi thinks her arms are broken!"

Everyone in the clearing was now gaping at the two newcomers in disbelief. Not only had the man in the black hakama matched Musubi blow for blow, with one kick he had managed to take her out of the fight. The only one unaffected was Urahara, who drew attention back to himself by commenting, "My oh my! That sure was scary, thanks for the assist Kurosaki-san!"

Ichigo's scowl deepened at the insane shopkeeper. "Shut the hell up Geta-boshi! Next time defend your own damn self, I'm not your lapdog!"

Urahara simply laughed unaffected by Ichigo's harsh words, when a timid voice caught his attention. "What are you?"

Minato had been too stunned by Musubi's defeat, but seeing his Sekirei without the use of her arms filled him with both fear and anger. He had managed his question just above a whisper, but somehow the guy with the stupid hat had heard him and his rage increased with the man's bored sounding, "Hmmm?"


Minato punctuated his displeasure by pointing emphatically at his injured Sekirei. Ichigo's scowl deepened, he didn't like hurting girls after all, even if they did attack out of nowhere. Urahara seemed to have just taken in the state of Musubi, and plastered on a rather fake look of shock. "Oh my Kurosaki-san! Such violence, I think you may have broken her arms!"

Ichigo sighed, now he felt like an ass, although the girl was putting on a brave face that had to hurt like hell. "Shut up Geta-boshi. They're broken because she blocked, my kick was slowing down because I was gonna get her in the stomach, but with her arms blocking I couldn't slow down enough."

Homura who had been listening to the conversation rather demurely came to life at that comment. "You mean to tell me you didn't mean to hurt her? Sahashi-san is right, what are you?"

Urahara grinned as he took it upon himself to do the introductions. "My name is Urahara Kisuke, a humble shopkeeper from Karakura Town, and this is my associate, Kurosaki Ichigo. Dozo yoroshiku."

Seo had been calmly analyzing Musubi's fight with the orange haired punk the entire time, and after the introductions had come to a decision. "Well, shit. I don't wanna fight anyone who can do that to a fist type Sekirei. Hikari! Hibiki! We're done for today, let Minato get to little number 108; she's not worth the trouble of fighting those two."

The Dominatrix Duo seemed annoyed by Seo's announcement, and Hikari huffed in annoyance. "Just like this loser to turn tail and run when the going gets tough. Whatever. Hey, Strawberry!"

Ichigo developed a rather irritating twitch at trying to suppress his anger at the nickname. "What do you want?"

"The coward behind us is Seo Kaoru! I'm Hikari and behind me is my sister Hibiki, don't forget it!" She then switched her attention to Number 88. "And the next time we meet we're gonna beat you in no time flat. Until then see ya!"

And with those pronouncements the three made their swift departure, leaving behind Homura and Minato to deal with the two mysterious men, since Musubi's arms were currently busted.

Ichigo sighed as he took in the protective stance that Minato was trying to take against him and the defensive stance Homura unconsciously took. Finally he decided to try to reason with the three, "Look, I honestly didn't come here looking for a fight. I was just following Geta-boshi here. I'm sorry I injured you so bad, it wasn't my intention."

Homura and Minato seemed to relax a little bit at that statement, but Minato was suddenly assaulted by a spike of fear that wasn't his own, and his eyes widened as he realized Kusano was in danger. Involuntarily he yelled, "Kuu-chan!"

Panicking he realized he didn't have time for this Homura character or these two crazy men, but with Musubi currently out of the picture, he didn't know if he could save Kuu-chan. Therefore he did the only thing that made sense to him, he begged. "Please, can you help me get to Sekirei 108 Kusano, she's currently in danger, I can feel her fear spiking."

Homura was going to answer that of course he would help, but the blonde guy beat him to it. "Of course! It should be interesting to fight with more of these Sekireis. Kurosaki-san if you don't mind I want to have the next one."

Ichigo just hefted the cleaver like sword back on his shoulders. "Whatever, I didn't wanna fight that Musubi chick in the first place."

Homura was about to stop the two men when Urahara simply said, "Excellent! Now I think time is of the essence?"

His question was directed at Minato, who could only nod dumbly, surprised at how easy the two had accepted his proposal. However, Homura had had enough of being ignored tried to speak up. "Now wait a minute! I'm the one-"

Unfortunately he was cut off as the two men simply vanished from sight. No that wasn't right he thought he had seen a blur before they were gone. Had those two been able to disappear through the use of pure speed? That was nuts, but Homura couldn't think of anything else. Glancing over at Minato, he noticed that the human had a slightly bewildered look on his face, as if he couldn't understand what had just happened. Homura decided to break him from his trance. "Perhaps it would be prudent to follow those two? I don't want one of them to try to wing 108."

Minato snapped out of his stupor and nodded, before glancing at Musubi. "Do you think you're up for traveling Musubi?"

The slightly ditzy Sekirei merely smiled and nodded before proclaiming, "Musubi is okay Minato, I can travel, just not fight."

After saying that she looked a little down trodden and looked down at her useless arms, trying valiantly to move them only to whimper cutely with unshed tears glistening in her eyes, "I can't fight right now Minato-kun!"

Minato tried to assure his Sekirei it was okay, when he realized that Homura had already gotten a head start and was probably closing in on Kusano. Sighing, he beckoned Musubi to follow him and the two began running in the direction that Minato though Kusano was in, with Musubi being careful not to jostle her arms too much.

Kusano was terrified at the moment, especially since she had no idea that help was on the way. She had gotten separated from her tuner and had almost been forced to become someone's Sekirei against her will. The new forest in the botanical gardens could testify to how thoroughly shaken she was. She had tried to call for her Onii-chan, but she wasn't sure he would be able to get to her in time, particularly since she sensed that Sekirei that had been with the Ashikabi that had forcibly tried to wing her was in the forest. However, she felt secure in her hiding spot in the forest, that is until she heard a voice she had been dreading the entire time she had been hiding, "Finally found you 108, now why don't you come with me to my Ashikabi?"

Kusano felt her fear spike, and she desperately called out for her Onii-chan with her psychic voice, hoping he would come. Defiantly she tried to catch her tormentor in vines so that she couldn't come closer, but it was all for naught as the older Sekirei merely sliced the trap away. "Damn it brat, stop resisting and just come with me, then Master will praise me!"

As she said that, number 43 Yomi felt a light blush grow on her cheeks. Finally getting fed up with the vine traps, Yomi sent a vacuum blade just above the head of Kusano, who let out a terrified shriek and ducked down instinctively.

Yomi wasted no time and was right on top of the number 108 in an instant. Kusano gasped as tears began to fall down her cheeks. Her Onii-chan hadn't been fast enough, it was over.

Yomi smirked as she felt the 108 slump in defeat, just as she was about to contact her master a voice called out. "Oh my! I seem to be stumbling upon rather unsavory things today! May I ask what you're doing with that little girl?"

Yomi growled as she looked up at the man who had dared interrupted her mission's success and found herself staring at one of the oddest men she had ever seen since she was released into the city standing on a tree branch. "Who the hell are you!?"

The man was dressed in dark pants, and dark forest green shirt and was sporting a black haori over his shoulders resting comfortable. The most eccentric parts of his outfit were most likely his striped green and white bucket hat and old fashioned geta sandals that he was wearing bare footed. All in all he looked like a crazy hobo that had stumbled into the forest. That is if it wasn't for the blade he held in his hand that drew Yomi's attention.

Next to him sporting a scowl was a huge guy with a huge cleaver like sword, wearing a black hakama and had fiery orange hair. Yomi was trying to puzzle out what the two of them were doing here when the hobo decided to speak up again. "It's a little rude to not answer someone when they ask you a question, now let's try this again, what are you doing with that little girl?"

Yomi scowled at the hobo, dismissing him as a non-threat even if he did have a blade, especially considering his intimidating companion. "What do you care, you probably just got lost in this forest, word of advice, don't get in my way."

Hobo guy sighed at this proclamation, and smiled down at the young 108. "We were sent here by a Minato-san! He asked us to help, I'm Urahara Kisuke and this is my accomplice Kurosaki Ichigo, we're here to make sure no one, what's the term? Ah yes, wings you."

Kusano's eyes widened in hope, but Yomi just scoffed at the two men raising her scythe. "Hah, as if you'll have the chance! I'll just beat you down right here."

Urahara sighed as he raised his head a little so that the two Sekirei's could see his eyes, even if they were still shadowed. "I suppose I have no choice then."

After that pronouncement Yomi tensed ready for battle, but the only thing the guy did was raise two finger s and pointed them at her. He then intoned, "Bakudou #1, Sai."

The effect was immediate. Yomi relinquished her hold on Kusano, but was able to hold onto her scythe, somehow, as her arms were locked behind her by some invisible force. Kusano ran away as soon as she was free from the crazy number 43. Yomi grit her teeth and forced her arms back into position, and sighed in relief when she felt the restraints snap. Urahara seemed slightly surprised by this development, but made no mention of it as he simply dropped down from his branch.

Yomi held her stance as the guy began to slowly walk towards her blade held loosely in a relaxed position, his sandals still somehow making a clack sound even with the forest floor as he stalked closer. Suddenly, he disappeared from her vision. Eyes widening it was only instinct that saved her as she spun around and blocked a vicious slash that jarred her arms all the way to her shoulders.

Urahara was now giving off a vague sense of intrigue, enough that he decided to talk to his opponent. "Oh, I surprised you were able to block that. I thought for sure that strength would at the very least dislocate your shoulders even if you did block. It seems I will have to up my ante. Kurosaki-san!"

Yomi was annoyed that the guy was somehow ignoring her and holding her in place with his sword when she heard his partner shout back an annoyed, "What?"

Urahara smiled beatifically as he explained, "Take that little sprite we found to Minato-san, I'm afraid that if she stays here I'm only going to scare her."

Yomi was feeling a bit incredulous, but she forced that emotion down because she couldn't get free from the bastard. Another sigh was heard in the area of the guy's partner, and she saw out the corner of her eye him murmuring to the number 108 hand placed reassuringly on her head. Straining her ears, she heard, "…I won't let her hurt you, I'm gonna take you to some good guys, okay?"

The little forest sprite nodded and then the two were suddenly gone on a flash, Yomi thought she had detected a blur at the beginning, but she wasn't sure. "Now then…"

Yomi turned her full attention back to the man in front of her, and promptly died.

She felt the cold steel of his blade protruding from her chest, felt her lungs constrict as she struggled for air, felt the blood dribbling down her front. And then it was over.

She had backed away from him unconsciously, and was amazed to find that she could breathe again. Only one though was running through her mind at the moment. What the hell was that!? WHAT IN THE FUCKING HELL WAS THAT!?

She had been dead, she knew she had been dead, so why was she alive? The answer, to her dawning horror was the man in front of her. That had been nothing more than killing intent. What kind of monster was she facing where his mere killing intent actually made her think she had died? She had heard stories that the Black Sekirei was capable of such feats, did that mean this man in front of her was as strong as that? Preposterous! No one was that strong in the Sekirei Plan! Even when she had met number 05 Mutsu it hadn't been as bad!

"Oh my, it seems I went a bit overboard, I didn't expect that amount of killing intent to rattle you. Apparently I misjudged your species, or maybe just you, if I had to put you on a level I'd say you were perhaps nothing more than a 15th seat. What a shame, I suppose I'll end this then."

When the man was done speaking his blade twitched and Yomi lost it. "Nooooooo!"

She started to swing wildly and fired vacuum blade after vacuum blade at the man. "No! No! No! No! No! No!"

Each "No" was punctuated with another vacuum blade, which Urahara was easily dodging. It seemed with this particular Sekirei he had confirmed a theory he had be forming since watching Kurosaki-san fight Musubi. These Sekirei were stronger than normal humans, but they weren't trained for combat, and they didn't know how to truly channel their dormant reiatsu within. Sighing he decided it was time to end this by putting the girl down. Dodging another wave of air, he shunpoed directly behind the girl and smashed her hard in the cluster of nerves that Ichigo would've have used to put down Musubi, only he had a bit more power in it using the hilt of Benihime. She shuddered and then collapsed on the ground. He heard another pathetic whimper of "No" before a crest lit up on the back of her neck and then faded. "Hmmm, that was different. Oh?"

After the crest was gone he felt another reiatsu approaching, this one much stronger than his previous opponent's. Shrugging Urahara disappeared in a shunpo just as a male Sekirei and young boy came onto the scene. Although, Urahara was sure the Sekirei could almost track him even at shunpo speeds, he sped off into the direction that he felt Kurosaki-san's reiatsu.

Minato was tired and a jumble of nerves when Ichigo made a sudden appearance, Kuu-chan held princess like in the large man's arms. "Kuu-chan!"

He couldn't hold in the exclamation that escaped from him the moment he saw the little Sekirei. Kusano stirred before tiredly opening her eyes to see Minato, before those eyes filled with unshed tears of joy. "Onii-chan!"

Saying that, she launched out of Ichigo's arms and into a vice like hug of her precious Onii-chan. Minato laughed in relief as he returned the hug, only to hear a sad whimper from his Sekirei. "Musubi wants a hug too! But Musubi's arms are too messed up to hug properly!"

Minato glanced over at his Sekirei and walked over with Kusano still firmly attached to him. He gently wrapped an arm around Musubi's neck and pulled her close. "Sorry about this crazy day Musubi, you even got hurt."

Musubi took a moment to enjoy a hug from her Ashikabi, before replying softly to Minato's gentleness, "It's okay because Minato is Musubi's Ashikabi. Forever and ever."

Ichigo was smiling at the scene before him when he sensed that Homura guy drop down from the trees. "So you got her then, that's good, I would've hated for her to be forcibly winged by that ass Mikogami."

"Hmm, I think it's about time we get some answers, we did help you out after all," was Ichigo's reply.

Both Ichigo and Homura were startled by Urahara suddenly pooping up behind them. "Indeed, it seems you have many things to explain, would you care to do it here, or perhaps somewhere that Musubi can receive some medical attention?"


"Damn it!"

Both Ichigo and Homura couldn't stop the exclamations that came from themselves at Urahara's sudden appearance. Urahara merely laughed jovially at their predicament can in hand and face once more hidden behind his fan now that the danger was for the most part over. Seeing Urahara with his sheathed blade, Ichigo sighed and let the cloth wrap around Zangetsu before attaching it to his back again. Homura merely shook his head at the two weird people he had just met, before explaining, "I can't help you here, and I think Musubi should get looked over. Here's an address where most things might be explained."

Thinking on his feet Homura grabbed a piece of bark and burned the address down, before handing it over to the two. "I can't promise you all the answers there, but you might find a few."

Urahara smiled as he stated, "We'll take what we can get Homura-san, until next time!"

After that the two disappeared again, although Homura thought he could see them a bit better this time around. Sighing Homura took one last look at Minato and began making his way back to the Maison Izumo.

Ichigo sighed as he stretched his body out after being out of it for the afternoon. Currently he was following Urahara to the place that Homura had given them to get answers. Yoruichi had opted to do a little more recon of the city in her cat form, to see if she could discern exactly how many of these "Sekirei" were in the area. In the meantime he had called Orihime to come and help with Musubi's injuries as well as calling his family to let him know he was working a job for Urahara and he didn't know when he would be back. Unfortunately after that he had to deal with Urahara and his idiotic tendencies as they approached the address. Finally they reached their destination. Urahara politely rang the doorbell and waited for someone to come and answer. After a moment the door opened to reveal a fairly young housewife dressed in miko clothes, with long purple hair. She smiled at the two visitors to her house and gave a bow in greeting, "Ah, you must be Kurosaki-san and Urahara-san, please come in."

For a second the two could nothing but stare at the woman before them, it wasn't because they were stunned by her beauty, though wasn't to say she did not have any it was more of one simple fact.

This person before them had monstrous reiatsu, on par with a Captain at least.

"Welcome to Maison Izumo, my name is Asama Miya."

Finally finished this monster. Been awhile since I been in the fanfic game as an author, but this little fic called to me. Honestly it started out with Urahara or Ichigo coming into Shin Tokyo, but I think I liked them both together. The other qualifier I had to have was that they all had to have Shinigami powers, which I will attempt to explain later. When this was first spring forth from my mind in the idea phases I didn't have Yoruichi in there either, but I think she fits well, she'll probably get more screen time further down the line as well. And boy do I have plans for Orihime when she arrives, but that will have to wait. Now onto a few questions I know I'll be asked.

First off this is after the defeat of Aizen, but I'm gonna ignore the Xcution and Holy War arcs. Also Ichigo defeated Aizen a bit differently than in cannon, which is going by the manga not the anime. I suppose I could some obligatory flashback thing if you guys really want… you know what screw that I hate that crap in fics and hell if I'm gonna do it in mine, it's one little change and it's from my understanding of what I read when I read the manga. This explanation came about as I was trying to figure out how Ichigo could still have his powers after he used the final Getsuga. The answer I came up with, he didn't use it. While reading the manga I think he didn't use that damn attack until he got all long haired and bandaged, well when I was re-reading that the other day I realized there was no reason for him to use that attack. He was pwning Aizen without the damn thing, why couldn't he have ended it without using the final Getsuga? So yeah, no Final Getsuga, and not gonna lie that means Ichigo is hella strong, when he's in his Bankai. I figure I'll have his Shikai stay the same strength it was before going to into the training for final Getsuga, but if he goes Bankai whoever he is fighting is fucked, end of story.

I rated this story M because I want a bit more freedom in my fics, I want the ability to curse when I want if I want. It probably won't be anything too excessive, but because Sekirei is a Harem manga/anime, this will be a Harem story. Having said that there will probably be citrus down the line, though I've never written that before, let's see how that goes, but damn it you know it's coming with a media like Sekirei.

I guess one more thing I'd like to clear up before I finish this little author's note is that I'm mostly drawing my inspiration of the Sekirei side from various other fics throughout our little kingdom, most notably gabriel blessing. I'm not gonna steal their plots or anything I've merely re-acquainted myself to Sekirei through them as I had no real interest in the anime until I read his fic In Flight. Bleach on the other hand I own that shit. Well not really Tite Kubo does, but you get the idea.

Now then, there might be one or two grammar or spelling or typo errors, but at the moment I'm too damn lazy to proofread this thing by myself and I have no beta at the moment. So if anyone is interested in betaing for me hit me up with a PM! If you have any questions about my convoluted explanation above PM me! Now then with that A/N done I suppose I'll finish with the disclaimer, cause fuck putting it at the top when I'm already down here.

Disclaimer: I do not own Sekirei or Bleach! They belong to Sakurako Gokurakuin and Tite Kubo respectively, please support the official release!