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Ch 1: Kami or Yami?

(Date: April 23, 2012)

*Beep!* *Beep!* *Beep!* *Beep!*

Ugh, damn it, why'd it have to turn into morning now? I want more sleep.

*Beep!* *Beep!* *Beep!* *Beep!*


*Beep!* *Beep!* *Beep!* *Beep!*

*Beep!* *Beep!* *Beep!* *Beep!*

*Beep!* *Beep!* *Beep!* *Beep!*


*Beep!* *Bee-SMASH!*

A hand had smashed the annoying, cursed machine sent by the lower bowels of hell itself. He really didn't want to get up, but he knew that he had no choice in doing so. He didn't want to go through any more laps at school than he needed after all, but it wasn't anything that he couldn't handle. He just wanted to be lazy today.

The hand that had all but destroyed the cursed abomination had then been joined in by another, using their functions to push their owner from his slightly awkward sleeping position. Through the covers being moved by body movement, a mop of messy blonde hair was revealed to the world.

The owner of the hair had his eyes squinted, blinking away any sleepiness that would have tried to come back with a vengeance. And he was losing. But he had to keep it strong.

Kami, I hate Mondays.

Ditto on that. With all his strength, he was able to push himself out of his bed, while coming into a few stretches. He had to get those kinks out of his muscles less he would be hurting quite a lot later on.

He then trudged forward, while muttering, "Kage Bunshin no jutsu."

Several exact copies of the young man had then formed into existence before walking off to do their respective jobs. This was a routine thing for the blonde male as he was special in that way. Hey, if he had his own private force to do the grunt work, why wouldn't he use it? But that's beside the point. While the clones had gone off to do their thing, the real male had walked into the bathroom adjacent to his room.

He flicked the light switch on, and had to blink a good number of times again to get used to the added brightness. Curse the light, but it was damn useful when needed. He turned the handles, opening the valve of the faucet, and therefore letting water flow from the mouth. He took a handful of the water, cupped into his hands, before splashing it onto his face.

He repeated that process a good number of times, as a good measure of waking him up when he didn't feel lie exercising. He had already done a good workout the previous night, and had felt little need to do so again this early in the morning. Plus, he had school unfortunately.

After feeling himself awake enough, he rubbed out the rest of the eye crusts that had formed during the previous night, before allowing his cerulean blues to view themselves via the mirror. He observed his eyes, them being filled with a glow that should not really be seen in one as young as he is. He looked at his unruly hair before running his hands through it. Somehow, with his hands being wet, it was enough to set his hair into their normal spikiness while it was flowed down his head, down to the upper part of his neck.

He then placed his hands on his cheeks, rubbing them against the faint, yet somehow apparent and slightly rough whisper marks that adorned them. Had it been a female doing this, he would have been purring much like a cat, or a kitsune to be more specific. Thank Kami that no one had been able to do so yet, as that would have been very embarrassing.

His hands then slowly traced down his toned torso, passing by the fading, yet still apparent scar mark that was just a shy close to his heart. While over the years the mark had faded due to actual healing and his abilities, it was still left a mark to his foolishness in letting a persona take over; something that he had regretted in so many ways. But, while it was a mark of shame, it was also one that resembled freedom: the freedom from the chains of hell that had bonded him to nigh eternal servitude.

While there were other smaller, either noticeable or not scars that had covered his body, this one had the most meaning, on both the bright and dark side of the moon. He was sure that should enough time pass, the actual marking on his skin would eventually disappear, but it would always remain there in his mind.

It's been that long, hasn't it? Our hero asked himself as he thought on the scar once more. A normal person should be sad about this, but yet, I still am happy about it. Yet, there is a sense of apathy there too, like even though I don't care for it, I do in a weird way.

Heh he, that's probably just me talking.

Our hero, Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, age 17, just shook his head while he chuckled in mirth at the thoughts in his head. He would sometimes have these entertaining thoughts come into his head without warning, making him remember the times before he had found happiness in his life, which by the way he had once thought to be impossible. But that was his old persona talking. This was now, his real, unadulterated human, bad ass shinobi self; that was unfortunately going to school soon.

With that though, he left to go get changed into the Verbana Academy uniform. He didn't care for it, as he had some freedom in how he dressed. It was simple, white slacks, combined with a white button up shirt that he would leave open because he could. But since he had left the shirt open, he would usually wear another shirt, or undershirt if you will, for various reasons. One of which was that it IS part of the school rules, but that one was unimportant. The real reason why was that he could hide the tone body that he had spent years crafting. Were he to show it to the roaming eyes of hormonal girls, he might as well kiss his virginity goodbye.

While a good way to lose it, he would rather lose it out of his own volition, and not through the process of being raped. That was just wrong.

A little bit later on, Naruto enters the living area and heads for the table, which was already set with a small, yet filling and good breakfast. He threw a glance at the TV ahead of him before he decided to take it a little bit slow today, and enjoy the food. He had the time.

While he done so, he watched the local news program which featured one normal looking middle-aged man and one woman with somewhat pointed ears. Ah, yeah, that's another thing.

Sometime after he had arrived in Japan, some weird shit happened, and a portal to two, not one, but two alternate worlds had opened. Naruto, being about 13 at the time, had then prepped himself for an all-out war against whoever was coming in to earth. It wouldn't be the first time he had waged war, were he to remember the short one he fought against Oto long ago, along with the war against the very people he had fought to protect.

But, later on, somehow the world as he knew it didn't freak out like he thought they would. Even his tenant was shocked over how they all reacted. In fact, pretty much all of the governments across the world, on this side mind you, had accepted whatever negotiations went down, and had let a crap load of Kami denizens, along with Yami denizens to immigrate over and make a living here on earth.

Back then, Naruto had commented that were something like this happen back there, there would have been a mass war or something like it waged by them, in hopes of either 'cleansing the world of demons' and all that bullshit. Or to try to use them for any type of warfare, BEFORE killing them off, whichever came first.

That incident, about 5 years ago, is now known as the Gate Opening. And from then on, there would be a constant movement between his world, and the worlds of Kami and Yami. It was weird, but he wasn't one to hold any bigotry or any of that kind of thing…unlike them. He had found pretty much all of them to be much like humans themselves, though he was surprised that there was next to none of them that know of his specific area. But hey, who was he to preach on about this unknown land and what not. It was better that they would be ignorant about it.

Anyway, the gods and devils had immigrated on over to their plane of existence, and had pretty much done their own thing with the humans. Hell, he even knew a good portion of them as they were his classmates at his school. Go figure on that.

The actual gods and devils though were much like humans, as previously mentioned. The only physical difference is that the Kami denizens had more of an affinity to nature and some to magic, and had somewhat pointy ears, much like the news anchorwoman on screen there. The denizens of Yami though were more elf-like, like those in fairy tales, manga, and video games, with magic to boot. Though there were few of them that can actually do magic well, he had seen what some of them can do, and had pretty much chalked it up to them being much more dangerous versions of jutsu.

The people back there would probably stand next to no chance against these beings.

But back to the devils and gods. With all of this happening, he had questioned his furry companion, Kurama about the chance of him being attacked by any of them. You see, there is a BIG difference between devils, gods, and demons. While the former two were more or less human, the demons were the ones you had to watch out for since they could come out as anything, like say a super natural ten-tailed demon of mass destruction for one.

And with Kurama being a big part of that beast, he had been slightly worried about being attacked by any of them were they to figure out what he was harboring. The fox had then merely placated Naruto's worried, saying that they would only act were he to harm any of their kind, or humans. And since Naruto was not like that in any manner, he was all but safe.

That didn't stop him from training in using the fox's youki, just for safety measures. As of now, due to that and with his long cooperation with Kurama, he might as well declare himself a Kage. But, for all of that power and jutsu under his belt, he lacked the experience. He doubted he would really be able to fight the more head honcho of the Kami and Yami, since they would have probably live MUCH longer than he did, by a long shot, and would more than likely be more developed on the physical part too.

So, with that in mind, both human and kitsune had pretty much agreed on to treat the new people on earth like they would normally, with kindness if given, or mercilessly if the need were to be needed. But, since pretty much all of them had been kind to him, he dealt with it.

Going back to the story, Naruto had had enough of watching the news for now, and since he was already done with his breakfast, bonus. He pressed the button on the remote, turning the TV off before he set the dishes into the sink. He'll deal with that later on in the day. He looks to the side of the sink, seeing the bento that one of his clones had made. Next to it was a thermos filled with some ramen, so Naruto knew that he was good in the lunch department.

He picked them up, and then moved on back to the table. Unlike most of the other students at school, Naruto had gone American in the way he carried his school stuff. It was just a simple one strapped backpack that he had seen college students use, and had thought it to be more convenient that using that other carrier bag. Plus, with how he had modified it, he could practically fit in an arsenal of stuff with all of the seals on there.

With his stuff ready and being dressed, he now felt himself ready for the day.

"Well, might as well go with it," Naruto told himself as he exited his flat.

Upon exiting the flat and locking the door, he jumped off of his perch, landing right in front of the front desk to the complex. Why that? You see, as a way to keep himself funded in the financial department, Naruto had done several things. One of which was fix up and open an abandoned hotel into what is known as one of the places to be when living the city of Kyoto. With the high quality apartments, service if need be, and other stuff, Naruto had made a killing in profits and then some. Along with the other business ventures he had made, you can say that Naruto was pretty loaded.

Hell, even the flat he had made himself was highly coveted for being an actual home, while being in an apartment complex. It had two floors, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, one sauna, a game room, a living area, a kitchen area that would make some of his friends green with envy, an office for his business stuff, and a dojo. Yeah, Naruto had been busy making all of that into the top floors of the apartment complex, but it was worth every second in making it happen.

Anyway, after he had made a good landing, he spotted one of his workers. She was one of the first people he had hired after the completion of the apartment complex. Smart, cute, around the age of 24, she was very reliable in her work, and can cook a mean Irish breakfast. He gazed at his phone, and had figured why not go and say hi.

"Ohayo Lisbeth-san. How are you this morning?" Naruto asked as he walked up to the young blonde woman.

The said woman, identified as Lisbeth, just smiled daintily as she bowed. "I am fine, arigaotu for asking Naruto-san. Are you off to school perhaps?"

"Hai," Naruto nodded. "You know the drill, ne? Need me for anything?"

"No thank you, I can handle it," Lisbeth shook her head no. "You go on ahead and get going. I'll make sure that the others do their job."

"Hai~, hai~, I'mma going," Naruto sighed as he walked off. "And make sure that Ageha-san gets off her ass and does work for once, or I'm benching her. Be sure to tell her that."

"I will," Lisbeth giggled. "Have a good day!"


Rin Tsuchimi had always wondered what manner of higher being in existence he had pissed off. In fact, he had asked that question almost every single day for quite a while. Why you may ask? Well, if you were to know about him and his childhood friend, Kaede Fuyou, then you would know what he had to deal with in a constant daily basis.

Due to the said girl, the very shy, pretty-no, gorgeous, deadly loyal girl, Rin had been the subject of the constant torturous and annoying fanboy group that would just would not get a clue. This group is known as the KKK, or the Kitto Kitto Kaede, or in another way of saying it, the Kaede Fuyou Personal Guard. It was a fanboy group solely devoted to his childhood friend, and one that he had plagued him for Kami knows how long.

Due to his closeness, and the fact that they live together with her doing everything for him, literally, they all had got together with the sole purpose of 'protecting Kaede'. Which, in their terms meant for him to die, painfully. This was one of those situations.

He had been walking to school with Kaede, making casual conversation with her like always. This time though, once again, they had to stop once they had reached the park. The man that had stopped them was indeed one of the KKK members. He didn't bother learning the name of the man, and had already questioned on why he was dressed like one of the baseball jocks when the man was clearly too old enough to be in it.

And he had just asked that very question too, to which the man-pedo replied, "Shaddup, Rin Tsuchimi!"

The man-pedo had then pointed his fat, stubby finger as he called out, "Fight me for Kaede-san! Right here, right now!"

Rin couldn't help but feel the bead of sweat roll down his head. "So you say….eto, Kaede, what are your feelings on about being turned into a prize…again?"

"Sona…eto…," Kaede stuttered, not sure on what to say. She was having such a good time talking with her long held crush/master, but then one of those idiots had to come in again and ruin it. Oh, how she wished that they would all just drop dead. Too bad she had no such ability.

But the man was already in an attack position. "Enough talk, we fight…to the DEATH!"

He had made it to charge and kill the boy with his nailed in bat, but then, something had come right in to stop such an act. That something just so happened to be a rock, a good sized one to boot, landing right on his face. And he was sure that his face was probably going to be broken for a while now.

The force of the blow was still powerful enough for the pervert to be launched right into the nearby light pole, and had soundly knocked him out.

Rin and Kaede remained still for a bit before Rin sighed out, "Thank Kami for that. And I think I know what kind of Kami to thank too."

"Arigatou for the compliment Rin, but I'm just a simple ninja," Naruto quipped as he appeared at the top of the stairs.

He then looked at the broken man with a look of disgust before asking, "Are the racist bastards trying to kill you again?"

"Unfortunately," Rin sighed as he and his friend walked up the stairs. "Sometimes I wonder why the bother. You usually put most of them in the hospitals. I thought that they would have given up by now."

"We can only hope for that soon Rin," Naruto stated solemnly. "We can only hope."

"Ano," Kaede interrupted, "Arigatou for saving us Naruto-kun…again."

"It's no problem at all Kaede," Naruto grinned. "Anything for friends of mine."

The blonde then looked at his phone before saying, "But enough about this. We better hurry, or we'll be late. I'd rather not deal with Nadeshiko-sensei's antics today thank you very much."

"Er, yeah. Come on Kaede!" Rin agreed as he grabbed the young woman's hand, much to the said woman's shock, pleasure, and happiness, and ran off. Naruto on the other hand, had already used his father's jutsu to teleport to the school. Yeah, it's good to be a ninja.


By the time Naruto had changed his shoes and exchanged some school stuff from his locker, Rin and Kaede had just arrived. The former just glared at the ginning blonde while he panted.

"*pant* How do *pant* how do you keep doing that?!"

"Trick of the trade Rin," Naruto joked, before his grin grew. "And you seem pretty comfortable there to Rin, Kaede. Why didn't you tell me that you two finally got together?"

Both the young adults blushed at the teasing before Rin had figured out why that was said. Damn, why was he such a pervert when it came to things like this!

He quickly pulled his hand away as he stuttered, "Er-ano-gomen."

Kaede thought no ill thought of it, and had actually blushed. "No. It's nothing at all. In fact, I…kinda liked it."

Naruto would have chosen that moment to further tease the two, but then he saw another friend of his made her entrance. And by doing that, was by her landing a good smack on Rin's back, making the poor boy stumble onto the ground.

"Hello~!" the green haired young woman greeted with a wink and an abundance of energy.

"A…Asa-senpai," Rin groaned in pain.

"Ohayo, Rin-chan," the newly named Asa quipped.

"Ah, Asa-senpai, ohayo," Kaede greeted, causing the other girl to turn to her.

"Oh, heya Kaede," Asa greeted. "Did you two walk to school together again? Oh~, you two are as close as always~!"

"So…*grunt* was that attack you did an act of jealousy?" Rin asked as he moved to get up, still in pain mind you.

"Ah, man up Rin. You should be used to this by now," Naruto joked before he turned to his friend. "'Sup Asa-chan. How's it hanging?"

"Not much Naruto-kun, and morning to you too," Asa grinned. "How's business?"

"Same old, same old Asa-chan, you know that," Naruto grinned as he shook his head. "Hopefully, Ageha will finally get her ass into gear. But, I am worried about something else too."

"Really? What is it?" Kaede asked.

"Well," Naruto began as he scratched his head, "I don't know what's been going on, but the entire neighborhood across from my main place has been emptied, literally, of any life. The people working there said that some people bought the land there and had made it to move at that spot. It was weird."

"So you're going to be getting new neighbors. What's the big deal?" Asa asked.

"That's the thing. My neighbors were all in my apartment complex and around the area. The street across from it thought was just some old houses and another complex I had planned on buying, until now that is."

"Well, nothing you could do there Naruto," Rin said as swapped his shoes. "You could always ask your neighbors once they moved in."

"Yeah, I'll get to that when the time comes I suppose," Naruto agreed with a nod.

"Well, enough of that then!" Asa stated as eh popped next to Rin, and had pressed her breasts against the boy's arm. The reaction should be obvious. "And there~, is my feminine attack made just for you Rin-chan! See you later~!"

The girl had then left while Rin muttered despondently, "Damn it! Toy with a guy's feelings why don't ya?!"

Kaede just chuckled. "Asa-senpai s as energetic as ever, isn't she Rin-kun. I happen to like it."

"Speak for yourself. That girl's going to be the death of me!" Rin grumbled while Naruto snickered. It was always fun to see the boy get all flustered about some flirting.

A little bit later, the trio had arrived at their designated classroom, with Kaede about to enter said room. Bu before she could open the door, Naruto had placed a hand on her shoulder, gaining her attention. The blonde shook his head no and just gestured for her to move to the side.

Once she done so, he looked at his friend, silently asking which one should do the deed today. Rin shrugged in response, earning him a nod from his friend. Rin then moved to the door, with Naruto just on the other side of it. They nodded to each other in acknowledgement to the improvised plan.

The brunette first grabbed the handle to the door, ready to pull it. Naruto had just stuck his right arm out, putting it just above his upper chest level. He grinned at the boy, with an evil glint glimmering in his eyes.

With another nod, Rin pulled the door opened and moved himself and Kaede out of the way, while a boy called out, "Kaede-chan, welcome to my-GAGH!"

That was the sound of Itsuki, a very perverted friend of the trio's, being clotheslined by our hero. The boy had ended roughly on the floor in mere seconds, before Naruto shook his head at the boy.

He just won't learn, will he? Naruto asked himself before he moved on.

"Come on you two. It's best we leave him there. Maybe Nadeshiko-sensei will knock some sense into him for 'sleeping in the hallways' and what not."

A little bit later, Itsuki had somehow managed to wake himself up, and was now crying waterfall tears at the two young men. "Rin…Naruto…why must you be so cruel to me?! I was only professing my-"

"Finish that sentence, and I'll put you in the women's locker room…again," Naruto warned, effectively shutting up the boy. It was a well-known fact through the school, let alone the city that the boy can make bad things happen to those who pissed him off. And yet, no one has ever been able to prove it.

"You know," Rin stated, "why not just go with someone else, besides Kaede. I mean, Mayumi is a good person."

Itsuki just scoffed at Rin. "Me, with her?! Not a chance. She's got nothing going on up there! And with the fact that-""

"Well, ex-cuu~se me for being me!" the said girl crowed as she walked in, her heterochromiac eyes glaring at the boy.

"Ohaoyo Mayumi-chan," Kaede greeted calmly, which Mayumi returned.

She then went into rant mode. "Don't mock us pettanko women! There are a lot of people out today who prefer them!"

"But…citing such a small opinions doesn't really matter to…,"

"The era of worshipping F and G-cups is over people!" Mayumi interrupted before she leaned forward, fondling her near non-existent breasts, "from now on, it's all about a size that fits in the palm of your hand!"

Everyone felt the bead of sweat roll down their heads at the girl's actions and words while Naruto quipped, "Good to see you're as exuberant about that as usual Mayu-chan."

"I better be Naruto-kun," Mayumi stated proudly. "I AM the school's head news reporter! It is my sole duty to remain active and vigilant! CONSTANT VIGILANCE I SAY!"

Naruto chuckled at her before he asked, "So, what's the scoop for today then?"

"Oh! Yeah, we're getting a transfer student soon," Mayumi said. "And from my sources, the student is a-"

"Real pretty girl," Itsuki interrupted, with a perverted leer shown on his face. "I can just smell it. We're getting a real beauty soon."

"Anyway," Rin led on. "When do you think the transfer student is coming?"

"Tomorrow maybe," Mayumi answered. "I wasn't able to get much, but at least it's something."

"Well, if your source is as reliable as ever, then it's safe to say that it's true then," Naruto stated. "But what do you think she'll be like guys? Human, Kami, or Yami?"

"I would say the latter of the three, Naruto-kun," Kaede answered. "But we should just wait and see. We won't know until then."

"Meh, I don't care really," Rin shrugged nonchalantly.

"Well," Mayumi muttered in thought, "you got Kaede, so I guess you really wouldn't care. Say, have you two finally gotten together by the way?"

Rin's face met floor at that while Kaede's face flushed in embarrassment. Oh, how she wanted that to be true. She would then make sure that no one would dare take him from her, make sure he would stay at her home, and for them to have plenty of babies too. Any further advancement into the thoughts of Kaede would then be proclaimed beyond disturbing to the readers, and was therefore discarded.

"N-no! We are not!" Rin shouted. "We are just friends! Come on now!"

Naruto snickered at Rin while Itsuki yelled, "That is NOT good Rin! You're finished as a manly man if you lose your passion for girls!"

"I don't know about that…," Rin muttered to himself.

"I got enough on my plate for me to worry about, so I'm good," Naruto commented with a smirk.

"That's because YOU got girls tailing you! You have not right to say ANYTHING!" Itsuki yelled.

He then pointed at Rin. "You're just spoiled to begin with! I mean, you got Kaede-chan here, who is doing EVERYTHING FOR YOU! You've become incapable of noticing what true happiness is!"

"What are you talking about man?" Rin asked.

"See what I'm talking about here?!" Itsuki sighed in depression. "Rin, do you think from the bottom of your heart that every day is fulfilling?"

Everyone just stared at the boy, wondering where that came from. It even got Naruto thinking too.

Am…am I happy? He asked himself as he gazed at his friends, with Itsuki still lecturing and trying to turn Rin.

The smile that formed on his face had caused the majority of the girls that had seen it blush hard while he thought to himself, Yeah. I'm happy. Not that true happiness Itsuki-baka's blabbering about. I'm just…content is all. So long as none of them find me, I'm fine with it.

He was then brought out of his thoughts as Nadeshiko Benibara, his homeroom teacher came in, saying, "Alright people sit down! Homeroom's starting!"

The class had then went on about the Gate Opening incident, which Naruto already knew most about due to his scouting skills and what not. So in turn, he had just turned to doodling in his notebook while also writing in some new lines for his book. Let it be known now that one of his business ventures mentioned earlier was that he is an author. A popular, yet anonymous one, mind you. And NOTHING like Jiraiya's smut, thank Kami too.

He felt like he was on a roll with his writing, but shadow had formed from above. Were it back over there, his instincts would have told him to move and prepare for a fight. But, with how he had been living in the past years, along with recognizing the scent in front of him, he knew that he was in no danger.

He looked up and grinned as he asked, "Yo Nadeshiko-sensei. Is there something you need?"

A tick mark formed on the busty woman's head. "So, writing something else not related to my class, eh? Do you find my class that boring?"

Were he a lesser being, he would be sweating buckets now. But the presence that the woman was trying to give off held nothing compared to Kurama. That thought had earned him a nod from the biju itself, so that was good too.

"Sumimasen Nadeshiko-sensei," Naruto apologized, "but I kind of already read up on ahead on this stuff. So, it's nothing new for me or anything."

Nadeshiko did not believe the smooth words of the blonde one bit, and would have commented on it, but then, as the saying goes, he was saved by the bell.

The teacher could only sigh in disappointment. "You lucked out there Namikaze. Too bad."

He had then heard Rin and his other friends sigh in relief. Not that he was worried for his own being, but it felt good knowing that his friends were. It just showed how good friends they were.

But before he could make his move to leave, Nadeshiko called out, "But by the way Namikaze, I need to have a word with you. Please step outside."

He could feel his friends anxiety growing, but he placated their worried with one of his smiles. He wasn't worried one bit at all, as he had done nothing wrong.

After following her into the hallway, the teacher asked, "So, Naruto, have you ever been acquainted with girls from the other worlds by chance? Like say, when you were a younger?"

He was confused by the odd question, but answered, "Not that I can think of that far Nadeshiko-sensei. I could have easily just passed them as cosplayers, so you got me there."

If only she knew where I'm from, Naruto added grimly.

"Why do you ask though?"

Nadeshiko shrugged in response. "No reason, no real reason at all."

Naruto narrowed his eyes at her, searching her for anything that he can assault on. That was way too suspicious for him to pass off. The teacher even squirmed under his sharp gaze, not used to seeing the blonde looking so serious.

Somehow though, she was able to regain her composure a she said, "Well, all I can say is this then."

She placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder while saying, "Don't give up! And good luck, for I'll back you up as much as I can!"

She removed the hand and walked away; going off on some similar advices and what not that Naruto had learned way too long ago. But our hero just stared at his leaving teacher, narrowed eyes glaring at her form.

What is she talking about? Have I really met anyone from those other worlds? And what does she mean by those other words?

Naruto would have tried to go on and figure out the newest puzzle before him, but he had noticed that the bell was about to ring, signaling the start of 1st period. With a sigh, he walked back into the classroom, his mind full of thoughts on what just happened.


It was after school, and Naruto had already made his way out of there. His head was still on what Nadeshiko had said during homeroom. He was confident that none of the racist bastards would try and make another move on Rin and Kaede again for today, so he was confident in leaving them to their own business.

Maybe I'm thinking too hard on this, Naruto wondered to himself as he walked through the streets. I mean, I don't really think that I have met any Kami or Yami before the Gate Opening. And I don't think that there are any of them here. It would be impossible for them to travel that far.

After trying to think on it, Naruto just sighed in reluctance. "Guess I'll just sift through my memories again. Kami, haven't done that in a while."

He would have continued on his way back to his place, but then he felt a vibration in his pants pocket. He fished through it, pulled out his phone, and pressed the button. "Moshi, moshi, talk to me."

"Hello Naruto-san, how was your day?" a male's voice asked through the receiver.

"It's been good Kenichi-san. How has the complex been handled on your end? Ageha finally did her end?"

This was another one of his employees under him, a devil by the name of Kenichi. He was mostly the head of security and anything relating to heavy physical stuff. A bit slow on the intelligent side, but he if you were to ask him to do help out in in anything, the big softie wouldn't hesitate to do all he could to help.

Kenichi, on the other line, just sighed. "Yes, thought it took some effort on my, Lisbeth's, and Tomoyo's parts to get her up. But, the bad thing is…"

"Ageha-baka ate through your kitchen again, did she?" Naruto asked dryly.

"Er, hai Naruto-san. This time though, she was somehow able to enter into your flat and ate through your kitchen too, though it's not as bad ours is," was Kenichi's sheepish reply.

Face met palm. "*sigh* Damn it all. I have GOT to apply those new locks on my door. How that girl gets in, I'll never know. So, what's the damage this time?"

"I can tell you now since I and Kurato-san here have been cleaning up the mess Ageha-san made. Do you have a pen and paper at hand?"

"Hold that thought," Naruto said before he fished through his bag. "Ah, got it. Need me to pick up anything for you guys as well?"

"No, arigatou though. Lisbeth is on her way with Ageha-san to do that."

"Alright then. Lay it on me."

A little bit later, Naruto was in the Inariya grocery store, picking up all of the stuff he needed for his flat. He had already gotten a good majority of it, and was now sifting through the milk brands. He would not want to risk getting food poisoning or indigestion again.

"Ah, let's see…nah, not that one. That brand is too thick for me. No, not that one either, too late on the date. Wait-AHA! Here we go!" Naruto commented after he picked out a good milk carton. "Just the right date and brand too."

He placed the milk into his crate before pushing it off to the deli section.

"Let's see here," Naruto muttered to himself as he looked at his list, "I got the dairy, bread, chips, cereal, some ramen, pasta with sauces, and some pastries. All I need now is some meat and some veggies. Wonder if they got some new apples in today?"

He looked through the various meats, thinking on what he should buy for today and for the week. Beef, chicken, or pork? Decisions, decisions, decisions. But, he was brought out of his musings when he spotted a young woman, by his age staring intently at two packages of beef.

Wait, those are slightly pointed ears. Must be a Kami, but why is she looking at the meat so intently? She wants to burn it or something? Naruto thought to himself wryly. He did make a note that the girl was beautiful too, with her long red hair, brown eyes, and her casual white and red combo dress.

A flash went through his head, before he narrowed his eyes in concentration. Where I have I met her? She…she seems WAY too familiar for me to pass off as a thought.

He would have gone further, but then the said girl had noticed him and walked over to him. He did take note though that the girl looked like she was being given a birthday or Christmas gift early. That, and there was also that particular blush adorning her cheeks. "Oh, ne, ne, excuse me, can you help me with this?"

Seeing nothing wrong in helping the girl, Naruto shrugged in compliance. "Sure, I can help. What do you need?"

The girl held out the two meats as she asked, "Which of these two should I buy?"

"…nani?" was Naruto's intelligent question.

"I've managed to narrow it down to these two," the girl explained as she went back to staring at the beef. "I have someone at home who eats a LOT, so, should I buy two medium packs of beef or one of the big ones?"

The girl then had burst into anime tears. "I'm so confused on what to do! Please help me!"

Naruto thought that it was very cute of her to be this troubled. "Ma~, ma~, no need to cry. I got ya."

He tilts his head in thought, wondering on the best possible solutions.

"Well," he began, "since you said that our relative eats a lot, the logical way for you to go would be for you to buy two of the medium beef packages. BUT, what you CAN do to help save some money is something I can help you with, is that fine?"

"*gasp* Huh, really?!" the girl asked excitedly.

"Hai, it's a recipe I made a while back. I used to have some friends who had the same problem, and I have some that do now too. It's a Kami sent thing for my wallet and my food stuffs."

He then tore off an unwritten part of his shopping list and began to write the instructions. "Get these ingredients, follow the directions here, and put them on your dishes. Whenever eaten, it fills your stomach much faster. That way, you won't need to make so much, which in turn leads to you not buying so much food, therefore saving you a LOT of money in the long run."

"Really? It'll do all that?" the girl asked in amazement.

"Hai. Here ya go," Naruto answered as he gave the girl the recipe. "With this, all you need to buy is that large package there, and you'd be set for a good few days, and that doesn't include for any other dishes you make."

The girl slowly took the piece of paper, looking like she was about to burst into tears of joy. And there was the fact that her blush had increased tenfold, which made Naruto compare her to a certain stalker that could never get a clue. But the difference there was that he actually liked the girl here.

Before he said his farewell, the girl had hugged him tightly while saying, "Oh~, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! This means SO~ MUCH to me~! I don't know HOW I could ever repay you!"

"Er, its fine and all. Nothing to it," Naruto managed to say while he tried to keep a certain part of his anatomy under control.

So…so soft and…warm, Naruto thought to himself. It shouldn't take a genius to know what he was referring to.

The girl had then let him go, much to our hero's hidden disappointment, as she bowed and said, "It's been nice to see you again, after so long! I would love to talk with you more, but I got to get a few more things before heading home. I'm sorry!"

"Eh heh, its fine. Don't worry," Naruto chuckled sheepishly.

The words had then fully processed into his mind, leading him to asking, "Wait, what do you mean by-"

"I'll see you later Naruto-kun!" the girl called as she ran off, still blushing hard.

Naruto just remained still, wondering what was going on. I didn't give her my name…did I?

He looked back at the direction the girl had run off to. She still felt familiar…damn it. Why can't I remember?! This is going to bug the living hell out of me all night now!

"*sigh* Well, now I got more of an incentive to look through my mind then," Naruto sighed confusedly, wondering just what the hell was going on.


"Ah, fuinjutsu, the gift and blessing of ninja everywhere," Naruto told himself as he tossed a scroll up and down. "Kami knows how much more trouble I'd have if I have to carry all that crap to my place."

With his mind full of what to make for supper, he subconsciously started to whistle to a tune. He didn't know which tune though; he just did it out of boredom. Kami, he needed something good to happen.

His mind had then gone back to earlier, about that red head Kami. He was sure that she was familiar, since she somehow knew his name without him giving it. Well, it should be given since he had his face plastered on some posters, pictures and what not, advertising his complex for rent. But normally, that would only lead to someone calling him by the formal suffix, not 'kun'.

With that in mind, Naruto had figured that he had met the girl sometime before in his past. He wracked through his mind as best as he could, trying to see if he could get any memories to pop up

But then, he stopped suddenly, hearing a soft, melodic tune going through his ears. He had heard the tune before from an anime he had seen, so it was easily recognizable to him. There was also the fact that not only was the person singing it good, it also sounded familiar.

He didn't know what possessed him to go, but he had gone that direction, following the source of the singing.

(Insert music: Departures - EGOSIT)

" ~Mou anata kara aisareru koto mo. Hitsuyou to sareru koto no mai. Soshite watashi wa koushite hitoribocchi de.~"

Yep, he recognized the song alright, and damn can the girl sing it well too. He had followed the voice to a park, which if he remembered right, was close to where Rin and Kaede lived. Huh, convenient.

And when he looked on, he could see a beautiful, somewhat angelic girl sitting on the swing set. She had her eyes close, with her dark blue, borderline purple hair swaying to the wind, slightly covering her trademark elf-like ears, marking her as a devil. He dress was good on her; a yellow/orange long dress that stopped at her knees that had black stripes at the skirt part. She wore high heels, which was typical for a girl her age.

He walked forward a bit before finding a tree to lean on. He had the spare time to listen a bit. It wasn't often that he got to hear someone with actual talent singing, unlike what he had been hearing from the USA.

After what seemed, for like an eternity of a blissful tune, the girl had ended the song. She took in a breath and released it, like she had always done so. A thought had entered her mind, and a certain boy had plagued them once again. She had thought on what he would say about her singing. Would he like it? Dislike it? She wasn't sure.

But, much to her shock, the sound of clapping had entered her ears. She jumped a bit before looking around for the source. She looked to her left, and had immediately blushed at who was clapping for her. But that embarrassment was overtaken by pure joy, which she of course showed on her face and crimson eyes.

Naruto just continued clapping while he commented, "That was great! Very good!"

"Ano…arigatou," the girl stuttered before she rose from her seat. "Were…were you listening this whole time?"

"Yep," Naruto answered, still grinning widely as he walked toward her. "You're a great singer. Better than most of what I've been hearing lately by a LONG shot."

"But…I'm not that…that good," the girl muttered while she looked away, still blushing. "I mean, there are probably a lot of others who are better than me."

"I'm calling BS on that, 'cuz what you're spouting is INSANE!" Naruto retorted. "I swear, your voice was like an ANGEL or something, granted even though you're a devil and all, but yet you have that quality and all going for you, and there is…"

He trailed off lamely while seeing that the girl just couldn't handle the onslaught of compliments. "Eh heh…well, you get the point."

The girl just giggled after a few moments of silence. "Arigatou, Naruto-sama. That means a lot to me."

She then tilted her head cutely while she said, "And who knows, if you keep your ears open, you might hear more of my singing."

"I'll be looking forward to it then," Naruto grinned. He would have said something else, but then an alarm sounded from the clocks around the park.

The girl had realized what it meant and had hastily said, "Oh, sumimasen, Naruto-sama, but I must be going. If I'm late in getting home, Tou-sama will punish me."

"Don't worry about it," Naruto waved off. "Go on, get."

The girl bowed before walking off. She was about to exit the park, but then she turned as she called out, "It was nice to talk to you again, even for a little bit. I will look forward in seeing you again."

She then ran off, now wearing a blush that would have made a certain stalker foaming in the mouth. Naruto wore a similar, yet lesser blush before he grinned, happy at seeing another beautiful female. He turned to make his way home, but he now let what the girl had said. She knew his name, yet he didn't. And yet again, there was that déjà vu sense going through, just like from before, but he just couldn't get the proper memories.


Inside the mind of our frustrated hero, the kitsune sealed inside him just raised an eyebrow at his container's behavior. He then shrugged, not really giving a fuck about it. It was his problem; let the gaki deal with it.

But still, things are going to be getting interesting, the biju commented inwardly as he laid his head on his paws. I'm getting the feeling that things might not stay as normal as he wanted it to be.


(Date: April 24, 2012)

"Alright gakis, sit down and shut up! It is getting REALLY irritating seeing you all like this!" a miffed Nadeshiko ordered.

Wanna know why their class, along with the entirety of Verbena Academy was bouncing up and down? Well, it turned out that the transfer students, yes, in plural folks, were going to be coming today. It was confirmed, along with the fact that they were supposed to be girls. That had gotten the perverted population moving alright.

"Itsuki-baka, can't you sit still? It's not like the world is going to be ending any time soon!" Mayumi asked in exasperation.

"No can do there. First impressions are important today, and I'm just too anxious my first dibs," Itsuki answered, with a determined, yet perverted gleam had formed in his eyes.

He then stood up and shouted,"Oi, you lot, you guys ready for this?"


There was of course a loud cheer brewing up, but Naruto, who is widely known, and appreciated by the female population, as an anti-pervert hunter had already put a stop to that. The first step was whacking Itsuki hard by a harisen. The lump was still smoking. He then turned a harsh glare at the other boys, daring them to do anything else.

Not one muscle was moved, leaving a satisfied Naruto putting up his harisen in a special storage seal in his left hand. Yeah, seals, they can be a beast.

"Thanks for that Naru-kun. I was actually gonna do that, but you took the fun out of it," Mayumi thanked, be still pouted a little bit.

"Tell you what Mayu-chan, next time Itsuki-baka gets like this, you can use the harisen on him. And the same goes for you too Nadeshiko-sensei," Naruto called out.

The said teacher had somehow gained a demonic gleam in her eye as she said, "Why thank you Namikaze for you contribution. I'll be sure to use it to its full potential."

Let it be known then that all of the male populous inside the room were about to drop dead from the fear of their teacher using THE harisen. The females though had brightened up while giving Naruto some thankful looks, coupled with the ones who were already looking at him with lust.

A shiver ran down his spine, causing him to be tense up his muscles. My rape sense is tingling. I better watch my back.

Nadeshiko just shook her head before looking at the door to the classroom. "Alright, come on in you two."

The door opened, and two grown adult men entered. One man had gray, ear length hair, brown eyes, and short pointy ears. He wore a Japanese style Gi outfit. The other had waist length gray hair, but in a lighter tone than his companion, red eyes, and long pointy ears. He dressed in a long sleeve turtleneck shirt with gray pants.

"Ah, so this is a human school. Quite a marvelous place if I do say so myself," the buffer man stated in a loud, boisterous tone.

"Indeed so," the leaner man commented. "There are so many pretty girls here that I am beginning to think that I am in my younger years."

"Ha! In your dreams" the buffer man laughed, before he looked around. "By the way, they said that he would be in this class. Which one is it?"

The leaner man looked around, before looking directly at Naruto for a few seconds before saying, "Ah, there. Found him, over there."

"Who, the dull kid over there?" the buffer man pointed out, leading Rin's eyes to twitch a bit in annoyance. He was NOT dull.

"No, not him. The one behind him. The blonde male," the leaner man pointed out as he made his move to Naruto.

"Oh-ho, yes, I see him. He's got the looks alright," the buffer man commented as he looked Naruto up and down. "And he looks like he's got the muscles too. So, I can say that he'll protect Sia-chan quite so."

Naruto just raised an eyebrow at the two men, wondering what the hell they were talking about. But then, the name that the buffer man had mentioned had ringed a bell inside Naruto's mind. He knew it from somewhere.

But then, the leaner man admonished his companion. "No sneaking a head start now Shin-chan. After all, Naruto-kun here IS Rina-chan's bridegroom."

"Hey, no fair!" the now identified 'Shin-chan' whined before turning back to Naruto. "Naruto-dono, please take good care of Sia-chan for me!"

"…what?" Naruto asked blankly, having no idea who or what they were talking about.

'Shin-chan' then leaned a bit closer to say, "Hey, listen here, Sia-chan has a very CUTE body, so you better have the energy to-"

Whatever the man was going to say was abruptly interrupted by a familiar face slamming a chair onto the man.

"Otou-san, that is SO embarrassing and disgusting! Don't say things like that!" the girl screamed, righteous female fury burning in her eyes.

"Er…Sia-chan…don't I always…ugh, tell you that you go…too far?" the beaten man managed to ask.

"Eto…," another familiar face started, "you are going a bit far this time Sia."

The girl, now identified as 'Sia' just huffed in indignation. "Honestly, he deserved it! Embarrassing me in front of Naruto-kun. I have my own right of retribution to give out here Rina anyway!"

While the girl went on and on about her father, Naruto was processing the names in his mind. He was sure that he had recognized the names from somewhere before. He knew them, he just really knew them.

Before he knew it, Kurama had decided to give the gaki a helping paw, by roughly shoving the memories into Naruto's subconscious. His eyes dilated and shrunk a bit as the images and events came to pass, allowing him to remember the small events he had experienced shortly after he had arrived in Japan.

A few minutes in reality had passed, with Sia still ranting, but Naruto was now looking at the two girls in a new light per se. He had finally remembered them. Though they weren't really all that close since he had only spent a few days together with them, he still considered them his precious people. He would have burst into tears due to the fact that he was so happy at seeing them, but he had a reputation to uphold.

Eventually, everything calmed down and the four newcomers lined up in front of the class.

"So, why don't you introduce yourselves?" Nadeshiko stated, giving the two girls permission to say hi.

"My name is Lisianthus, and I'm from the world of the gods. Since my name is long, you can just call me Sia," Sia told the class with a smile.

"My name is Nerine, and I'm from the world of the demons. I would love it if everyone would call me Rina," Rina spoke shyly.

"I'm Eustoma; I'm Sia's Otou-san and the king of the gods," Eustoma proclaimed proudly.

"And I'm Forbesii. I'm the king of the demons and Nerine-chan's Otou-san," Forbesii introduced himself calmly, unlike his companion.

"I didn't mean you two," Nadeshiko muttered to herself, while her eyebrow twitched in annoyance.

"Um… Sensei, did I hear them right? Did they say they were the kings of the gods and demons?" Mayumi asked for the whole class.

"Yes, you heard right. Bear with me, I know it may be hard to believe, but these two are the kings of the gods and demons," Nadeshiko informed the class.

Wait, so wouldn't that technically make them Kami and Yami? Naruto asked to himself.

"Yes and no gaki. The Kami and Yami we know are different deities, but they are lesser ones compared to these two bakas. They may act like complete incompetent fools, but they know their shit, and can very well overpower us easily," Kurama answered.

Ah, well, alright then, Naruto nodded. And when did you decide to wake your lazy ass up?

"This event intrigued me gaki. I wanted to see what forces came into Earth."

And yet, you saw it fit to shove those memories that I searched ALL FUCKING NIGHT into my head at the last moment?

"Maybe, maybe not. I do what I can do for entertainment."

Fuck you Kurama.

"No thank you. And you're welcome."

Naruto snorted mentally at the biju before turning back to the introduction. Nadeshiko had just explained the story before saying, "Alright, that's it. Namikaze, I leave it in your capable hands."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at that while Kaede asked, "Ano, what do you mean by that Nadeshiko-sensei? Is there something special that has to do with Naruto-kun?"

"I can explain that," Forbesii stated as he stepped forward. "To be small with words Naruto-kun, you have been chosen as a potential husband-to-be for Nerine-chan and Sia-chan."

"NANI?!" everyone screamed out while Naruto's eyebrows had shot upwards into the sky, with his eyes bugged out. He was NOT expecting that at all.

Kurama on the other hand found it hilarious.

"Gah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Dear Sennin, this has GOT to be the MOST unfathomable thing in my entire creation! You have no idea what luck you have run into! To think, YOU, being Kami or Yami! This is just too rich!"

What…what….da fuck?! Naruto screamed inwardly.

"To put it simply," Eustoma continued, "you're a potential king of either the world of Gods or Devils. Should you choose my Sia, you'll get all the divine power you want."

"Naturally, if you become Nerine's bridegroom," Forbesii led on, "you'll have the authority of the devil world at your disposal."

Naruto just stared at the two supreme deities blankly before turning his eyes to the two girls in question. They in turn giggled, blushed, and waved at him. He was also sure that by doing that, all of the female populous, excluding his friends, were all wishing for the two of them to die.

And then, face met desk.

Kami, what have I gotten myself into this time? Naruto asked himself. He was sure that this event had brought an end to his somewhat normal days. Well, at least it was good while it lasted.


After the chaotic school day, and him beating up all of the enraged perverts that tried to kill him over the new transfer students, or should he say fiancés, he was all set to go home. Fast. He had even contemplated on just using Hirashin to get it over with, but he thought better of it and had decided to walk his ire off.

But then, he had found that he was being followed. That was something he hadn't felt happened to him in a LONG while, but this wasn't a sneaky, but epically failing following like that stalker. No, they were just going down the same path as he was. And guess who was following him exactly?

"Naruto-kun, wait up!" Sia called as she and Rina ran up to him.

Naruto had been very much tempted to use his father's jutsu, but had again, thought better of it. After all, he hadn't seen the two young women in years. Years!

He turned, sporting a grin as he said, "Hey Sia-chan, Rina-chan."

Before he could ask what they wanted with him Sia hugged him tightly again as she said, "Oh, it's so good to be back in your arms!"

Naruto couldn't really form a respond to the sudden act of affection, but Nerine was able to dissuade her friend by saying, "Ano, Sia-chan, you're making Naruto-sama uncomfortable."

"But I missed him SO~ much, I just couldn't control myself," Sia gushed. She rubbed her head against his muscular chest while continuing on, "I want to spend as much time as I can to catch p what I missed. I have to!"

"But…but I wanted to hug Naruto-sama," Nerine pouted cutely, which made Naruto have a hard time not cuddling the devil. "I wanted to…to…'catch up' with him as well."

"You'll get your turn Rina-chan," Sia replied back.

"Oi…mind letting me go…please?" Naruto stammered. He was having a hard time controlling his manly urges on his body, again. "It's kind of hard to talk to you if you're…doing this to me."

Sia looked at him for a little bit before saying, "Okay, but I WILL get my cuddle time."

"Ok…kay then…," Naruto said slowly as the red head goddess let go of him.

He then shook his head clear before saying, "By the way…I've been meaning to ask you two…"

"Hai? What is it, Naruto-sama?" they both asked.

"Where were you two?!" Naruto shouted, shocking them. "I've looked EVERYWHERE for you two, but I couldn't find anything about you two! I…I…"

Naruto's voice had then lowered to a soft, sad, and desperate tone as tears threatened to show. "I thought that…that it was all a dream back then and I…I…I was alone. You had NO idea how much it terrified me that…I might never see you again."

Right there, he was unable to keep the tears from flowing. It was true, he had really thought that they were just some mere illusions that he had somehow made up to curb his loneliness. He had tried for weeks upon weeks upon months upon years searching for them, but even after the Gate Opening, he was never able to know where they were.

He had almost given it up on it and put it into the back of his mind, but then today came of all things. While overjoyed, yes, at seeing them again, he was also angry, no, infuriated. He had been alone for a LONG time due to them making sure of it. And when he had finally gotten the opportunity to gain new connections, precious people, and possibly family, the first chance he had gotten had backfired drastically.

It was only by chance that he hadn't become a shut-in due to him meeting Rin, Kaede, Mayumi, Itsuki, and his fellow housemates over the years.

Suddenly, the tearful Naruto was engulfed into a warming hug given by the two princesses, who were crying as well.

"I'm so *sniff* so sorry for worrying you Naruto-kun!" Sia cried out. ""I tried to let Otou-san let me see you, but *sniff* but *sniff* he wouldn't let me!"

"Please forgive me Naruto-sama! Had I known how troubled you were, I would have made it clear to Tou-sama that I wanted to see you! I'm *sniff* I don't think that *sniff* that *sniff*," Rina blubbered.

The two girl shad then went on, giving out apologies, asking for forgiveness, all that stuff. While listening to the girls, while being hugged too, he just had to let a smile form on his face. He didn't know what love was, or how to give it properly. In fact, that was the very reason why he had refused any advances on him by any female his age, or around it.

But now, after getting to know people who he knew cared for him, he could at least understand what it meant somewhat. Right now, that feeling, the warm butterflies that fluttered in his stomach, this was new, and yet, he liked it.

After letting the two girls cry it out, Naruto pushes them away, smiling at them while he said, "Well, at least you're here. For good this time…right?"

"Hai!/Hai, Naruto-sama!" the both nodded brightly.

A bush then formed on Naruto's face as he tried to say, "Well then…ano, I don't know about love all that much. So, I'm new to this relationship stuff. Plus, even though we both know each other, we don't KNOW each other. I mean, yeah, I can probably fall in love with both of you for all I care for, but this whole marriage thing, let's just take it slow, ne?"

"Okay!" Sia agreed as she jumped to Naruto's side, hugging his arm. "I'll be sure that we send lots of time to catch up on what we missed!"

"Yes, we will do that!" Rina nodded in agreement as she ran to Naruto's other side, grabbing his arm in the process. "And we will show you that you do deserve love, Naruto-sama, from both of us!"

What the three of them didn't know was that they had more or less agreed to go with a polygamy relationship. But they didn't care. The princess of Kami and princess of Yami were now hell bent on showing Naruto love, with the happy Naruto ready to receive it. In all of its chaotic forms mind you, but hey, that's where the fun is.

AN: And that is that. Well, I could say this is a good start to it. With this one, I more or less took off from the first episode of the anime adaptation, and that will probably be the only one from that one. The rest I will try to be as original as I can. And as for the other anime that is included in this, you will have to be patient.

Now, as you all have seen, I have changed things in accordance to canon in both verses. With Naruto, you all don't know what his status as far as Konoha and the Elemental Nations are concerned. That will be kept under subjection on your part until I reveal it.

Also, with the Shuffle verse, I have changed how things started out. With when the gods and devils entered Earth, when Naruto met Sia and Rina, Naruto's state of living, and other stuff. They are all for a reason, just know that. Also, with how I am calling Nerine, Rina. The reason is that it just it really fucking confused me trying to figure out from Rin-chan and Rin-san. Plus, it'd have been a bitch for me to write it up like that in the long run, so, I just went an easy route.

Also, concerning Rin, the actual hero of Shuffle, that is pending on what I decide to do with him. While I want him to be with Kaede, I think that it just wouldn't be fair to Asa as well. Meh, I'll figure it out eventually, or if any of you somehow managed to convince me otherwise.

Now, as you all can see, this is a harem pairing, with Sia and Rina being the first two goers. Primula is…well, I'm not sure on what to do with her. I don't know her real age in accordance to the VN or anime, so I'm stuck on that part, and I don't know about Kikyou yet as well. Plus, with the other anime that is coming on later, I would rather save up some spaces for some of them when the time comes. BUT, if the reason is valid and VERY well within reason, I MAY put in some suggestions from your part. But again, give me a VALID reason why, not just saying Girl A has big knockers and is a tsundere. Come on, convince me.

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