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Ch 3: Shopping Days

(Date: May 7, 2012)

Clouds…how is it that they can be so…mesmerizing?

This was the very question that came into Naruto's mind as he stared blankly into the sky. It was lunch time, and he had opted to stick to the rooftops this time around. Reason being? So that he could have some peace of mind.

It had been a few days since the…home invaders had sprung that surprise party for him. And while the two idiotic fathers were still having the aftereffects of a thing called hangovers, there were certain women that were becoming a source of frustration. Not in a bad way…in a manner of speaking.

True, he had been catching up with both Sia and Rina as much as he could. And they were really good company to have. However, some things could be adjusted.

For one, both the girls were becoming a bit more enthusiastic in trying to warm up to him. This had been done in several ways. One of which being the two of them bringing bento lunches to share with him. Sia's bento meals were great to eat, while Rina's were…well, she could use improvements. He'll just have to settle with huge amounts of egg-based dishes, mostly omelets.

And then there were other methods, such as them having a group study sessions, and short outings after school. And then there were the more…odd methods.

Like yesterday for one…

(Flashback: May 6, 2012)

"U-um, Naruto-sama, I-I-I would like to-to ask y-you something…," a blushing Rina had asked.

Naruto had been doing some minor cleaning around the apartment complex with his employees at the time. He had designated himself with some lifting and setting the plants at various new locations. Given the fact that it was still early in the day, he hadn't broken that much of a sweat.

That, however, didn't stop some passerby girls, and Rina currently, from ogling him either at the pool or outside the perimeter of the complex.

"Sure, Rina-chan. Lemme just set this down," Naruto answered. He then set a fern he had been carrying next to a room with a short huff.

He then turned back to Rina, wiping sweat off his brow. "So, what do you need?"

The devil princess steeled herself before the budding question burst out. "C-can you teach me how to cook?! Please?!"

Naruto blinked at the odd question. His confusion was more out of how loud it was, other than the actual question. He didn't notice, however, the reaction that the current onlookers were having. They shall be ignored for obvious reasons.

"Eh?" Naruto asked, tilting his head. "You want me to…what?"

"Ah-ah-sorry," Rina apologized softly. "I…I was…wondering if…if you'll…teach me how to cook…"

"But weren't you learning from Asa-baka, Kareha, and Kaede? And your father too?" he questioned.

"Oh…yes, yes I am," Rina answered. The shuffling she was doing added to the moe factor Rina had, making Naruto feel very uncomfortable. "But…but they, Asa-chan and Kaede-chan, told me that…that you would…be happy to teach me."

"Uh…huh. Is that so?"

Rina shuffled some more. "Were…were they wrong?"

Naruto shook his head. "Nu-uh, no. I'm just…surprised is all. Usually, those two are quite indignant about my cooking abilities. Never knew why for that matter. But, yeah, I can teach ya some."

"R-really?!" Rina was positively glowing so brightly that Naruto had to shield his eyes. It was a good thing that the sun was sort of behind her, so it could be used as a good excuse

"Y-yeah, sure." Naruto ran a hand through his hair. "However, I'm kinda busy now. How about-"

"That won't be necessary!" an annoying voice announced.

A dubious Naruto and a surprised Rina both turned to the source of the voice. Wearing her patented wife-beater and short-shorts, there was a woman who looked way younger than she should be. Not that that hadn't stopped her from not acting her actual age in any matter. She was hefting one of the bigger ferns like it was child's play however.

"…um, who is this?" Rina asked with trepidation.

Naruto sighed. "Rina-chan, this is our resident freeloader, moocher, delinquent, and by far the laziest person I ever had the unfortunate chance of knowing, Ageha-baka."

"D'aw. You're making me blush!" the diminutive woman boasted.

"None of those qualities I listed are ones that you should be proud of!" Truly, whenever this woman was involved, the tsukkomi in Naruto raged.

"Ku-hihi," Ageha snickered, before dropping the fern and propping her elbow against the wall. "Now, I couldn't help but overhear this young lady ask for your assistance. After she took all her effort to get here and ask her, ya can't just turn her down now!"

Naruto rubbed his face with his hand. "Listen, not much effort can be placed on Rina-chan when she lived right across the damn street! And further more-!"

"Hey, girl, your name's Nerine, aye?" Ageha asked, deciding to ignore the blonde.

"U-um," Rina stuttered, "y-yes. I-I prefer to be called Rina though. It-it's nice to meet you, Ageha-sama."

"Now, now, no need for formalities. I'm just too awesome for that kind of attention!" Ageha waved off.

"Oi, don't ignore me!"

"However," Ageha continued, once again ignoring Naruto, "I feel that since you came all the way to ask such a task, I must feel the need to give my aid. I'll take over from here, while you can have Naruto teach ya."

Rina looked pleased at this development; Naruto on the other hand looked suspicious.

"…you just want to get some samples of both our cooking," Naruto accused.

Ageha shrugged nonchalantly. "Meh, why else would I bother?"

"Have you any sense of decency?!"

"Nope!" Truly, Ageha was a woman who had no shame over her vices.

She then bustled over and gave Rina a push. "Now, off with the two of ya!"

"Kya!/Oi!" both teens screamed as Rina crashed into Naruto.

And now Naruto was in a precarious predicament that he had never been in before. While he knew the female anatomy quite well due to the creation of his infamous Orioke no jutsu, he had never known what it actually felt like. In truth, while in that transformation, the 'breasts' that he had were merely him sacks of air being cushioned by a thin layer of skin. They held no substance, firmness, or resistance if one would take it.

And given the fact that he had seen what would happen to those who would try to cop a feel around those areas, and among others, he had resolved to not even go near them unless it would be during intimate events.

However, that didn't meant that certain events would occur that would give him a sneak peek of what's to come, should things make a turn in that direction.

"Heh, figured that you'd make a move on one of those girls. I didn't think that you would do so in the open though. Never took you for an exhibitionist."

"Fuck you Kurama. Fuck. You."

"I'm a sentient being made purely out of leftover malevolent chakra, with no discerning of gender. How would you do that?"


Naruto tried to bleep out the laughing inside his head, but he was too busy being in what he would call one of the most embarrassing positions to be in public.

"A-ahn~!" The fact that Rina was moaning to him groping her breasts did not help whatsoever.

"Woo-hoo!" Ageha cheered on. "Yeah! Get it on Rina-tan!"

"You are not helping! And you're the one that caused this!"

"K-kya~!" Rina moaned again. "Na-naruto-sama~! Your hands~!"

"Gah! Sorry!"

Meanwhile, the onlookers (note: perverts, stalkers, and such) were all conspiring about the current event.

"That bitch!" Stalker #1 cursed. "How dare she use her udders to seduce Naruto-sama!"

Stalker #3 fondled her rather small breasts in despondence. "Geez. My breasts have nothing compared to hers."

"The hell are we standing here for?!" Stalker #2 cried out as she jumped out of her own spot by the bushes. "We need to save Naruto-sama before that cow uses those-those things and suffocates him!"

"…you're right. You are absolutely right!" Stalker #1 affirmed as she stood.

Stalker #3 stood as well, with her hands clenched. "Yes! To save Naruto-sama from the witch and her cow-titties!"

"And those other bitches too!" Stalker #1 added in.

At the other end of the lot, three perverts were observing (note: being voyeurs), and were currently frothing at the mouths.

"ru…ru…Rina-chan," Pervert #3 muttered in horror. "Your…your purity…"

"That demon…that devil…!" Pervert #1 cursed. The camera he had been holding had been destroyed, but really, that should be considered a good thing. "How dare…how dare he…?!"

"Rina-sama! I will not let this stand!" Stalker #2 cried, now standing with a crazed look in his eyes. "Rest assured, that heathen will not live this day any longer!"

"Oh, is that so? Well, I'm afraid that just can't happen," a calm, yet foreboding voice commented.

"You're right! We should go and…and…hey, what are you saying?!" Pervert #2 stated as he turned around. "Rina-sama is being molested by that-that…that…that…boy…"

Before him stood Kenichi, who had already knocked out the other two perverts. And judging from the menacing look in his eyes, he was about to lay down quite the smackdown upon the last pervert.

"…uh…have mercy?" the pervert squeaked.

Kenichi chuckled in merriment, which did nothing to offset the fear the pervert was permeating. "I'm sorry, but since you've threatened Naruto-dono and Rina-dono, I'm afraid that such things cannot be allowed."

The pervert could only do one-er-two things actually. They were both not of his own volition too. The first was that he had lost control of his bowels, which should lead to the obvious conclusions. The second act was him fainting.

Kenichi only shook his head. "Sometimes, I wonder why they would even bother."

"Now that would most certainly be the question of the century," Lizbeth commented as she walked up to her fellow tenant, dragging three bound and unconscious stalkers in tow.

The older woman then sighed dreamily. "To tell you the truth, Kenichi-san, I can't help but envy those two girls. To have such a loving, caring, and strong man to have adoration to and to have their feelings returned, even in unique ways."

Kenichi couldn't help but chuckle again, and even more so when they heard Naruto scream, "Shut up, Ageha-baka! Come on, Rina-chan! I'll make ya the best damn cook yet!"

The older god felt a bead of sweat roll down his head as he saw Ageha brush it off, and even cheered them on to do…certain acts. What with Lizbeth was doing didn't really help set his judgment into a better lighting, he will concede to one fact: whenever it involved his friend and employer, things will always be entertaining.

(Flashback end)

It had been quite difficult for the both of them to actually be able to converse, let alone have Naruto teach the soft-spoken devil princess how to cook. He even somehow had the feeling of Rina's…breasts ingrained into his memory, something that Kurama was taking advantage to its fullest.

After things had calm down, Naruto had to admit that he had found teaching Rina how to cook. Granted, the girl still had a long way to go before she could make anything that wasn't omelet related edible.

Even Primula seemed to have had some enjoyment over having Rina over. Granted, it would be nigh impossible to tell given the fact that she showed practically no emotion. Naruto just knew because of two things. One was that he could see it Primula's eyes, as they had brightened up quite a bit whenever Rina talked with her.

The second was that Naruto just had more experience in dealing with emotionally crippled people. Well, not that many really. One person was all that he could count, but what do numbers matter? It's the heart of it that counted.

He would have continued this kind of musing, but instincts had taken hold. A hand was raised, which soon clasped onto an apple. He then took a bite out of it.

"Geez, that was supposed to hit you!" a girl complained from below.

A sly smile formed Naruto's sleepy visage before he took another bite. "You'll have to do better than that, Kaede."

The aforementioned Kaede pouted at the blonde; she then recomposed herself to ask, "Hey, do you think that you can have Rimu-chan stop by my house?"

Naruto was startled slightly by the sudden request, but answered anyway, "Uh, sure? What do you need her for?"

Kaede's hands clasped together as a brilliant expression adorned her face. "Well, I think that Rimu-chan could use some better clothes other than my hand-me-downs. So, we're going shopping."

"…and by 'we', you mean you, Primula-chan, and the other girls, right?" Naruto asked slowly.

"Nu-uh! No way José!" a green haired menace exclaimed. "You're coming with us too!"

Naruto leaned over the ledge of the roof to stare blankly at the two girls. "…yeah, no. Nope. Nu-uh. Sorry. I'll just take Primula-chan to Kaede's house and then be on my way."

"But-but, Sia-chan and Rina-chan are going too! And…well, they were wondering to have your opinion on some outfits," Kaede explained.

Now, having the opportunity to have two princesses posing in different clothing sounded very appealing to Naruto. And he had a feeling that Kaede and Asa were going to be doing the same, so that Primula wouldn't feel uncomfortable. However, he was smart and perceptive; he knew very well that volunteering to go on a shopping trip would only spell disaster for all men alike, including himself.

And there was no way he was going to put himself through such kind of torture.

"Tempting offer," Naruto led on slowly, "but, I'm afraid that I'll have to pass."

"But-but, Rin-kun is coming along too!"

"Well, it sucks to be him then," Naruto remarked. "In fact, why don't you all just use this as a sort of Girl's Day Out kind of thing?"

Naruto thought on something before saying, "And you know, considering his disposition, you could let Itsuki come. God knows he needs the training."

"OI!" the aforementioned teen cried out from the confines of their classroom, having the feeling that he was being insulted. "I am not a woman, or a dog!"

Back at the rooftop, Asa was not having it and had decided to use a different method. "Well, if you really don't want to go, I guess then we will just have to find a way to fend off the, you know, KKK, RRR, and SSS."

She then walked to the door. "Come on, Kaede-chan. Naruto doesn't want to be there, so we'll let him be."

"…um, sure, I guess," Kaede affirmed before following in suit.

A few minutes would pass before a grunt escaped from Naruto's throat. Try as he might, the images that were plaguing his head were causing him to have second thoughts on coming along with the torture session. Rational thought tried to overcome emotional thought.

However, such things are an unfair battle.

Another few minutes later, and Naruto had opened the door back into the school. His eyes bored into the green haired menace's own. She wore a smug expression.

"…I'm not even gonna say it," Naruto grumbled as he walked pass the two young women. "Just…just be ready, 'kay?"

"Alright!" Asa cheered.

"Ah, okay then. We'll see you and Rimu-chan at my house then," a cheerful Kaede stated.

As much as Naruto wanted to curse at them, he figured that it would be a futile effort. Even then, with the possible future of Sia and Rina posing in all sorts of clothing, he had a sense of foreboding that emitted from his wallet.

"…better make sure I make them budget themselves," Naruto grumbled. "I'm not made of money."

Or so he would hope to be.


"Naruto…where are we going?" Primula asked in patented dead tone.

It was shortly after school, the sun was bright and shiny, and Naruto felt irked by this development. True, he was all for spending some more time with the girls and stuff. He just felt cheated at being forced to come via guilt trip.

In his mind, it was perfect justification for some revenge.

He looked to his charge to say, "Well, don't you want to spend some time with Rina-chan, Sia-chan, and the others?"

Primula thought on this for a few minutes. "…I do not mind. I don't…dislike it."

"Well good, cuz I can guarantee you that there will be days like this!" Naruto stated as he clapped his hands together.

"…but what are we doing?" Primula asked again.

Naruto chuckled nervously. "Eh, well, you remember Kaede, right? The one who gave you some of your clothes…including the one you're wearing?"

Indeed, she was wearing an outfit given by Kaede. It was a cute sundress with matching sandals; simple yet effective. Or well, perhaps too effective, given the stares she was getting. It was only because Primula was there that Naruto hadn't kicked the hell out of the sources of the wondering eyes.

A blank look was his answer. "…right. So, I'll guess you were probably lost then. Well, you'll get to know them here. Anyway, she, Rina-chan, Sia-chan, and some others were going to do some shopping. They thought that this would be a great opportunity for you to get some more outfits and stuff."

He scratched his head as he continued on. "And well, I guess that it'll be a good opportunity as any for you to meet the others."

"…I…I…I'm not sure," Primula stated as her hands scrunched up her dress. "What if…they don't like me…?"

Oh the memories, Naruto commented in his mind. Alas, he knew just how to humor the girl. And it was through a simple gesture.

"Mmmm," Primula mewed as her head was patted by Naruto's head. "…feel's good."

Naruto chuckled. "I can imagine."

He then lifted the girl's chin up, so that her eyes will meet his honest cerulean eyes. "Now, don't you worry. Trust me when I say this that none of them mean you any harm. Even more, Rina-chan and Sia-chan are gonna be there, as well as me. So if you feel that anything is wrong, you can come to us."

"He's right, Rimu-chan," a soft familiar voice chimed.

"…Nerine," Primula stated, turning around to see both the aforementioned Devil Princess, along with the God Princess, walking up to the two.

"Yoo-hoo! Rimu-chan, Naruto-kun~!" Sia called.

She then latched onto Naruto's arm instantaneously. "I'm so glad to see you!"

"Urk! S-Sia-chan!" Naruto choked.

Rina blushed when her eyes met Naruto's. "Um, h-hello, Naruto-sama."

"You and Rimu-chan coming along with us to shop?" Sia then asked. After getting nods from the two, she cheered quite loudly. "Alright! I've seen some cute outfits earlier, and I'd love to get your thoughts on them!"

"And besides," she added before giving a very cute pout to Naruto. "You still owe me for getting a date with Rina-chan."

"I told you already that it wasn't like that!" Naruto retorted. "And why the hell do I even owe you for anything like that? If you want to, you could just come to my flat and help make dinner with me. I'd appreciate the company, and Primula would think so too. Right?"

Primula was silent on the matter for a moment or two before a soft nod was given. This led to Naruto pointing to her with his free hand.

"See? She agrees!"

Sia hummed in thought, before her arms tightened around. "I'll hold you to it!"

Naruto sighed in relief, but apparently the exuberant girl wasn't through; this was proven by her saying, "You're still gonna buy me some clothes!"

"Oh come on!"

"Um," Rina butted in, "I-I would like, um, Naruto-sama to buy some clothes too. I-I have seen some, and-and would like your opinion on them too."

"Sure, Rina-chan! Naruto-kun would love to buy you some clothes!"

"The hell am I, your personal bank?!" Naruto cried out.

"…does that apply to me?" Primula just had to know.

Now having gotten free of Sia's warm and oddly arousing embrace, Naruto leaned his arm against the wall. A hypothetical raincloud permeated his person, which was exemplifying his depression. The waterfall tears that were flowing was only the topping of the proverbial cake.

"…my wallet," he sobbed pitifully. "I hardly knew ye."

"Yeah, yeah, Rimu-chan, Naruto-kun will buy clothes for all of us!" Sia, ever the pushy one, was surely taking advantage of this.

"Um, Sia-chan," Rina called out. "Maybe we should limit ourselves. We can't have Naruto-sama's finances suffer."

Just as soon as she had said that, she had found herself wrapped into a tight embrace by the still crying Naruto. She was both surprised and welcoming of the gesture of course.

"Rina-chwan~! You understand~!" Naruto cried out in a childish manner.

Sia huffed. "Geez. I was only teasing."

"I know. That makes it all the more fun to tease you back," Naruto sniped back, just as he tussled Sia's hair.

"M-my hair! Come on, Naruto-kun~!"

"Hee hee~! Tryin' to fool me will only get you pranked Sia-chan!"

"I'll show you a prank!"

As the two were going into a friendly spat, Rina was busy trying to stay out of it. The bead of sweat rolled down her head just to showcase her feelings on the current event: whether it be exasperation, embarrassment, or both.

"…what are they doing?" Primula, the ever curious girl, was wondering about this as well.

"Ah, well," Rina tried to explain, "N-naruto-sama and Sia-chan are just having a…um, a play fight. Yes, a play fight."


"…I wish I could answer." Poor Rina, she could never understand the various reasons why Naruto and Sia would constantly argue over anything. It had started a few days after their arrival Kōyō-chō, when it was over some of the foods they had liked. And from there, it had ranged between various shows and plays, books, and so on.

"-and that's why certain cartoons should never be made into live action movies. It just spells disaster," Naruto finished off in a definitive tone.

Sia, looking like she had seen the light, could only pound her fist into her palm as she said, "Of course! I can see what you mean now, Naruto-kun."

"I'm glad you've seen things my way," Naruto stated before wrapping Sia in a huge hug; something that the excitable girl was more than happy to reciprocate. "Oh, look at us, learning and accepting our differences! We make such a great team!"

Sia sniffed in happiness. "Oh, we do, we do indeed! To think that the Americans would do such things to their own creations!"

"I know my dear. I know."

"…eh heh," Rina chuckled again. This was another thing about their spats. Whenever things would end, they would always end while being in a completely different topic than from what they were arguing about in the first place. Why they did this, she doubted she could figure out. That didn't mean that she would be jealous of her friend for being in such a tight, warm, endearing embrace after each spat.

"Now then," Naruto stated after releasing Sia from his hug, "I must warn you, Primula-chan, about something, alright?"

The girl could only nod to him, leading the blonde to continue on. "Now, when we meet up with the others, there will be some no, something that you must avoid any interaction at all costs. I cannot stress this enough."

Primula tilted her head, wondering just who he was talking about. Wanting to know too, Sia had asked the question.

"Why, the Ryokuhatsu Menasu of course!" Naruto answered simply before extending his arms out. He wiggled his fingers too, so to add onto the 'scary factor' he was trying to put on.

Being the impressionable girls that they are, Sia and Rina had obviously fallen for it.

"Who-what is it?" Rina asked shakedly.

"D-d-d-do we n-need to get our-our dads?" Sia added in.

"Oh, hell no. That's what I'm here for," Naruto answered with brimming confidence, before turning a careful eye towards Primula.

"The Ryokuhatsu Menasu is a mean, vile, wicked witch that speaks in horribly translated Engrish and has a tainted energy within her. She may seem bright and friendly, but don't take her lightly. She will put a spell on you that will take you away from us, and will stop at nothing in doing so."

Through all the emotionless barriers that Primula had put up, she had felt legitimately scared at this. It wasn't the Ryokuhatsu Menasu that scared her, oh no. Well, maybe a little. What really scared her was the fact that this thing was able to take her away from Naruto, Rina, and Sia.

"…you will protect me…will you?" she pleaded. Her eyes were even glistening in tears.

"Does that count for us too?" Sia chimed in with Rina nodding in agreement.

To answer this, Naruto planted a fist against his chest before thrusting it out. "I swear, on my life, that I will protect all of you. And if there is one thing that you need to know about Namikaze Naruto, is that I never go back on my word! That is a fact!"

Unless it were to involve certain factors and factions like them, but I'd rather not argue over the little stuff.

As soon as this was finished, a sudden gust of wind blew by, causing the aura he portrayed to be exemplified exponentially. Sia and Rina just ate it all up. Primula looked the same as she always did, but had seemed to relax quite a bit once hearing his words.

Before Naruto could go any further, Rin's voice called out to them. "Oi, Naruto! Rina, Sia!"

"Ah, Rin-san!" Sia greeted cheerfully, well, more so now that she had her love promised something grand.

Once he had walked up to them, he greeted the four of them. "Hey, sorry to keep you waiting. I had meant to be here earlier, but Kaede, Asa, and Mayumi were held up back at Kaede's house."

"…weren't we supposed to meet at Kade's house?" Naruto asked.

"No. We were actually meant to be meeting here," Rin answered before he gave the blonde a look. "Were they actually able to convince you to come?"

Naruto's face turned sour. "The Ryokuhatsu Menasu's trickery knows no bounds. That is all you need to know."

Rin had an idea on where his friend was going with this, but had decided that he knew better than to comment on it. He would live a much safer life that way. He then took notice of the younger girl that was peeking around Naruto's person.

"And who might this be?" he asked.

"Ah, come on. No need to be shy," Rina gestured as she pulled Primula out from behind an amused Naruto. "Rimu-chan, this is Rin-san. He is a very nice person, and a very good friend. Rin-san, this is Primula."

"But we like to call her Rimu-chan 'cuz it's just cuter that way," Sia chimed in.

Rina then told Primula, "Go on, Rimu-chan. Say hello."

"…hello," Primula greeted softly.

Rin chuckled. "And hello to you too, Primula. It's nice to meet you."

The girl bowed before hugging Naruto's side. The blonde was still amused by this. This is where the other girls came in.

"Yo! What's up everybody?" Mayumi asked as she ran up to them, while taking hold of her camera. "I got my camera ready for any potential scoops, so don't expect me to stay idle for long."

"'Sup Mayu-tan!" Naruto chirped, before looking further behind. "And there's Kaede. Be careful Primula-chan; the Ryokuhatsu Menasu lurks nearby in sheep's clothing."

While Naruto had whispered that last part to her, the receiver of the warning still wasn't quite sure on the expression used. However, she was tense, ready to either run or fight. Probably the former, but more on the hiding side. After all, Naruto was here to protect her.

The promise he had just made earlier rang up in the girl's mind, which led to a warm fuzzy feeling to well up in her chest. It felt nice to her, for it had reminded her of someone long gone.

"Hello, Rimu-chan. Are you ready to go shopping?" Kaede asked Primula, bringing her out of her thoughts. She looked to see Naruto's still cheerful face before answering via a nod.

"This is Kaede, Primula," Naruto introduced. "She may seem a bit flaky, but she is very dependable, wise, and a mean cook. She was also the one that gave you that outfit you're wearing."

Kaede nodded in affirmation, deciding to let the jab go. "Indeed. And I got some more cute outfits that will look great on you if the shopping trip isn't successful here. Also, if you need anything, feel free to ask me if Naruto-kun isn't available. Alright?"

"…okay." She seemed alright to Primula, and had an aura similar to Rina. However, there was something else in there that made her cautious of her. While it most certainly didn't put her on edge, it was enough for her to keep an eye on her just in case.

Primula then looked and tensed at the final two persons. Well, more the latter of the two.

"Ah, so you decided to come with us this time, Sakura?" Naruto asked in a jesting manner.

Sakura was an old friend of everyone's, sans Sia, Rina, and Primula. She was quite brainy, and had quite the decent look about her. The only problem about her was her sort-of-narcolepsy problem. It wasn't extreme in the slightest; only that when it mattered the most, she would be out of commission for who knows how long.

The aforementioned girl waved off the blonde's remark easily, while pulling a lock of her black hair behind her ear. "I had no club activities, Naruto-kun, so I had time to spare."

"Though really, she just wanted to sleep," Asa teased, earning her an elbow jab from Sakura. "I kid, I kid!"

"We'll see who gets the last laugh then," Sakura huffed, before her eyes turned towards the girl behind Naruto.

Before she could ask, Asa saw the girl too and exclaimed, "AW~! It's Rimu-tan~! I finally get to meet you~!"

"Ah, Asa-san, maybe you should-," Rina tried to sway, but the girl didn't listen, or care for such words. She was already making headway towards Primula. However, the said girl had reacted in a way that nearly shattered her.

Just as Asa was about to wrap Primula into a big hug, she jumped out of the way, having Naruto as her shield.

"Aw~, I was only tryin' to hug you~! Lemme hug you~!"

"…no," Primula retorted.

"EH?! Wh-wh-w-w-wh-why?!"

"It's cause she knows the truth, Asa, or should I say… Ryokuhatsu Menasu!" Naruto stated in a pose that reminded Rin of an attorney he had seen on some of his games sometimes.

Rina and Sia looked stricken at this revelation, with the latter asking, "A-a-a-Asa-chan, y-you're the Ryokuhatsu Menasu?"



"LIES!" Asa then looked pleadingly at Primula. "N-now, now, N-Naruto is just being funny. H-he doesn't really mean to call me that. Now, c-can I at least sh-shake your hand?"

Primula pressed harder against Naruto's back, which gave a clear enough of an answer to send Asa into despair.

"NO~!" she shouted in agony. "Rimu-tan doesn't like me!"

"I'd like to say that this is sweet karma baby," Naruto commented mockingly before he laughed even more at Asa's death glare.

Meanwhile, after explaining what was going on to some confused foreigners, the others were having a good laugh at Asa's expense.

"I think I can agree with Naruto on this one. Sweet karma," Rin chuckled; the reason he was not laughing were for more personal reasons.

Sakura and Sia, however, were actually laughing. Mayumi was as well, though hers had turned into snickers as she wrote down the story on a notepad. She had the full mind to hold this over the girl's head for quite a while.

"…eh heh," Kaede chuckled nervously. "Perhaps we ought to start soon?"

"But what about Naruto-sama's…prank?" Rina asked in a concerned tone.

"It's best to just let things settle down on their own accord. And really, Asa-senpai won't be too down." Kaede paused to think on what she had said. "…maybe."

"Don't sound so unconvinced Kaede! My heart just broke because of this bastard!"

"I still say that its karma bitch!"

"Screw you!"

Ah, the joys of youth.

A few hours later, the group was at their final stop of the shopping trip. It was also, in actuality, the third place they went to. And it was now the source of the continuous moans of boredom and such, right from the minds and mouths of Naruto and Rin.

The place they were at was a mere department store. However, what made this more unbearable than normal all came down to a single word: discounts.

Naruto now wanted to kill the person who had created such a concept for clothing stores.

However, things were not all that bad. From all the time that Naruto had spent doing nothing, there were some good moments. Like when he had kicked the asses of the girls' stalkers. Doing something like that had always brought a smile to his face. The poor bastards.

And then there was the sight before him.

"You sure that you don't want to…you know…" a certain biju asserted.


"Just trying to help you."


"Oh, did you not like those? I can always replace them with something else."

Silence was the reply.

"Glad you thought otherwise. I'll be sure to put some more effort into this night's batch, heh he."

Naruto breathed in through his nose and then out through his mouth. He was not going to let the damn fox win this one. No he wasn't. But damn, those girls were making it even harder on him.

"Naruto-kun, how's this?" Sia asked as she presented a pink blouse paired with some tight jeans. They certainly did their job in accenting her legs and her buttox.

"…lovely, Sia-chan," Naruto replied in a strained tone.

Sia didn't seem to notice it, but beamed nonetheless. "Great! I think I'm done for now. How about you, Rina-chan?"

Some shuffling was heard from the cubicle next to Sia. "…I-I-I'm not sure. Th-this is…kind of embarrassing."

"Oh, come on, Rina-chan, I'm sure you'll cute in that outfit!"

To accentuate her point, Naruto said, "I second this, Rina-chan. As I said to the both of you: the two of you look…well, awesome and…cute…in whatever you wear."

"…r-really?" Rina asked tentatively.

"Of course! Now, let's see it! Come on!" Sia goaded.

"Well, alright. If you insist."

A push of the curtains later and Naruto found himself saying, "Sweet…merciful…"

Rina was now wearing a purple dress that complimented her hair and eyes quite nicely. It wasn't too big, fluffy, or extravagant in any way. It was overall a nice dress. But, the way it had fitted Rina's figured, with just enough cleavage showing was something to behold. And he didn't even want to get started on that air of innocence that permeated the area.


"Yeah, good luck with that kid."

I do not need your commentary now.

Rina shuffled around, her face blushing a crimson red. "Don't…don't stare. It's embarrassing."

"Oh my…that is so CUTE!" Sia gushed.

"…r-really? It isn't too…you know…"

"It's not! But really, you look really good in that. Isn't that right, Naruto-kun? …eh? Hello~, Naruto-kun?"

Sia was waving her head around the catatonic blonde's face. Sia grew worried at the lack of response, and so was Rina.

"…Naruto?" Primula, who had approached the changing rooms with some clothes in hand, asked softly.

"…maybe I should get changed?"

"NO!" Naruto shouted. After realizing what he had just said, Naruto looked for something that wasn't the girls. "Ah, er, s-sorry. It's just that…well, you look…agh, dammit. You look beautiful, Rina-chan."

Rina's blush increased tenfold. "R-r-really? You-you really think so?"

"…without a doubt," Naruto replied softly, his own blush increasing.

Sia for some reasons seemed to have accepted the exchange, though was at least somewhat jealous. "Geez, and here I thought that I'd win this one."

"…Rina looks…pretty," Primula commented.

"Ah-ah, th-thank you." Rina did a quick glance at Naruto. "You sure, that, um, you know, it is a little pricey, and-"

"Screw the price, you look hot," Naruto blurted out.

After getting some looks, he coughed into his hand. "I mean, yeah. I'll buy it for you; it's no problem. Same goes for you too, Sia-chan."

Sia jumped up in excitement, allowing certain movements to be seen. "Yahoo! Alright, now, let's see how you look in that outfit, Rimu-chan."

"H-hold on, Sia-chan. I want to see it too," Rina called out as she stepped out of the changing room. The two girls then dragged the ever confused Primula into a larger changing room, leaving Naruto in their wake.

He chuckled at them sheepishly, feeling a bead of sweat roll down his head.

"My, my, my~! How delightful it is to see such an endearing sight!" a mystified voice exclaimed.

"…Kareha, when the hell did you get here?"

The blonde girl however wasn't listening. "And to see, oh~, to see love spark at a momentous pace! Ah~, how divine~!"

"…yeah, she's gone," Naruto muttered; he wondered why he even bothered questioning when, how, and why she was here. "Ditsy blonde. You'd wonder why people make blonde jokes all the damn time."

He then noticed Sakura at another changing room, waiting patiently. She was wearing the clothes she wore, which gave him the assumption that she wasn't really there for shopping. He did take note that she looked aggravated about something.

"Oi, Sakura," Naruto called as he walked on over. "What's bugging you?"

After a few seconds, the girl sighed. "Nothing really. Just Rin being an idiot."

"…what did he do this time?" Naruto somehow felt that the boy was just helpless when it came to certain things, and he had an idea on what this was about.

"Well," Sakura began, "Kaede had put on this really cute outfit to show off to Rin. However, the twit didn't even rally take note of it, just saying that 'it was nice'."

"A-ah, don't worry about it, Sakura-chan. Maybe this outfit really doesn't look good on me," Kaede commented from within the changing room in a placating tone. She really did sound down about it though.

Wanting to give his own opinion on it, Naruto said, "Well, maybe I can give my own two cents on this."

If he could see it, Naruto had pictured a flustered Kaede. "A-are you sure? I mean, it-it may not match me really. I-I don't want to bother you and-and-"

"Oi, Kaede, you know better than that. And plus, he knows a good bit about fashion, and will be completely honest about it," Sakura stated.

"Let's not talk about that, please," Naruto grimaced, not wanting to remember certain events.

"…well, al-alright."

After a slow push of the curtains, Kaede was now showing off the outfit. Her blouse was a florescent yellow, with a light blue short sweater topping it. The skirt she wore was white and complemented real nice with the blouse.

"…God damn it Rin," Naruto cursed.

"Huh?" Kaede was shocked by the curse.

"Hey-hey, what's up?" Sakura asked with caution in her tone.

Naruto stared at Kaede, his eyes brimming with something that Sakura was sure she hadn't seen before. And after giving Kaede a significant look too, she could see the same in her eyes. A grin formed.

"Kaede," Naruto began, "Rin would have to be completely blind to not see just how gorgeous you look."

He had said that with complete honesty, and an odd amount of affection that he wasn't aware of. Kaede, while not unaccustomed to such compliments, blushed. She had noticed just how much he had meant in his words, and for some reason, it made her heart flutter.

"R-r-really?" she asked shakily.

Naruto nodded resolutely. "Yes. I do indeed."

He then went on elaborating just how the clothes complimented certain aspects of Kaede. The poor girl couldn't contain the blush that that intensified. Meanwhile, one Sakura was grinning much like how a cat would be when it ate a canary.

Oh yeah. I can work with this, she thought to herself.

Maybe Rin being a dense moron was a good thing. She would have to work her magic in order to find out anything more can be cultivated.

Sometime later, the group had had enough of shopping, and was now having dinner at a local restaurant. The theme of it was Italian, so they had some choices. Naruto had attempted to explain to Primula just what the menu items were, with the unnecessary help from Asa coming in.

After much grief from having the idiot Ryokuhatsu Menasu interfere, he had decided to just order a classic pasta dish he was fond of and went from there.

"Hey, Rina-chan~," the every ditsy Kareha called.

"U-um, yes?" Rina answered.

"I was wondering about something," Kareha began, drumming her fingers on the table in thought. "The same goes for you, Sia-chan."

"Eh? What is it?" Sia asked.

"Well," Kareha led on before taking a sip of her drink, "how did you two meet Naruto-kun? Better yet, what made you fall for him?"

Naruto spitted out his drink after hearing Kareha. "Wh-wh-what do you mean by that?!"

"Yeah, call me curious on this too," Sakura commented. "I mean, it has to have been something incredible for you two to been away for so long and yet still, well you know."

Both Sia and Rina, who were blushing, looked at each other. The former asked, "Hey, you want to go first, Rina-chan?"

"Ar-are you sure, Sia-chan?" Rina asked.

"W-well, you did meet him first before me, s-so it only makes sense if you go first," Sia explained.

Rina had to concede to that. "If you insist then."

The princess of the devils turned to Naruto, who was also trying to avoid contact with a staring Primula and a glaring Asa. It would appear that the latter was still sore about the whole prank thing.

"Naruto-sama, do you remember that day?"

After coughing into his hand to regain composure, Naruto leaned back in thought. "…it was five years ago. Kind of on a day like this. In fact…"

Here he leaned forward, with a finger sticking up in the air. "We met in this shopping center, didn't we?"

Rina nodded at this, smiling. "Yes. My father and mother had come here so that he could see the difference in the cultures between Devils and humans. However…"

Here Rina looked down, her face red out of embarrassment. "I-I wandered away from my parents and the attending guards. There was just something that had caught my eye, and-and I just lost track of time."

"What was it?" Rin asked.

Blood rushed to Rina's face as the memory came into mind. She really didn't want to tell them what had distracted her, for a select number of reasons of course. Above all, it was just embarrassing. Luckily for her, Naruto came in to help her save face.

"It was a doll if I remember right. Was one of those promotional ones that you would see in the front window of a shop. You know, that one a few doors down from that yogurt place?"

"Oh! Mm-hm, I have seen those dolls myself," Kaede added in. "I had tried getting my parents to buy me one when I was younger. Unfortunately, it was too expensive."

Mayumi nodded to that. "Yeah, those dolls are pretty pricey. But I think that every girl here has at least stopped by it once in their life."

"Y-yes. It was dressed in this really cute kimono." Rina looked down at her drink. "I was too caught up looking at it that I never noticed I had wondered off."

"You were looking frightened over everything," Naruto commented. "Well, I was just looking around the area, as I had just moved in. I noticed her, and, well, just couldn't stop myself from wanting to help her."

Here Rina was smiling fondly at the memory. "Yes. I remember when you walked up to me and asked for my help. I-I wasn't sure of it, but I…I'm glad I said yes."

"Well, I may have come out a bit strong there," Naruto admitted sheepishly.

"Wait, hold on. This guy here not being Mr. Smooth? This is news to me," Asa interrupted.

Naruto shrugged at this. "I was a bit of a brat back then. I got better." Here he grinned. "I think that the females at our school or at least around our ages can agree to my magnificence."

"Oh, just shut it, braggart."

"You mad, Ryokuhatsu Menasu?"

The table that they were sitting at was going to need some repairs after Asa was done with her side of it.

"Geez, come on, I wanna here Rina-chan's story!" Sia moaned.

"…I would like to hear it too." Of course, once the soft-spoken loli had said it, it must be done.

"So," Naruto began, "once I had convinced you to come with me, I took you to a few of the shops right?"

"Yes. You even bought me some candy." And then Rina blushed again. "And then…well…you bought me some other stuff too."

"And you were so persistent in denying it," Naruto laughed. "Seriously, I meant what I said back then. A pretty girl wasn't going to leave there without some stuff to remember it by."

"…yes. But…." Rina shuffled the hems of her dress. "I…I was just glad that…well…that you spent time with me. Talked with me. It felt…um…well…"

"Alright, I think that's good enough already," Rin said as he pointed to the servers coming their way. "The food's here."

"Nu-uh! We didn't hear Rina's complete answer~!" Apparently, there may be something more to Kareha. But then again, when it came to romance stuff, she was on the ball.

"C-c-can we please not talk about it?" Rina asked. "It-it's really embarrassing, and-and-!"

"How's about we eat our food?" Naruto asked.

"…I'm hungry." The grumbling from within Primula's stomach accented her point. It was then echoed by others.

The listeners were put out by this, but were at least compliant to the demand for sustenance. Rina was of course very much appreciative, as was Sia.

It would be sometime later where Naruto, Primula, and the two princesses were at their respective houses. They were each carrying their own bags filled with the clothing and stuff that Naruto had purchased for them.

"Thank you for the clothes, Naruto-kun!" Sia thanked while getting a good hug.

"Y-yeah, no problem, Sia-chan." Naruto nodded to Rina. "The same goes for you, Rina-chan. Though really, I'm surprised that we got good prices for these."

"Well, maybe we can do this again?" Rina questioned softly.

"Well of course! Primula-chan would like it to, ne?"

Primula seem to think about the question before saying, "I don't…dislike it. I…would like to spend time…with you."

Both the elder girls beamed at this, with Sia gushing. "Oh~! That makes me so happy~! Yeah, we should totally do this again!"

She then thought of something and said, "And you know, we should do it for Naruto-kun! I wanna see what looks good on him."

"Is that necessary?" Naruto asked nervously. "I got plenty of clothes already."

However, he was ignored as Rina was saying, "B-but, I-I don't think that we can handle such things. I mean, wh-what if Naruto-sama were to put on…well you know…certain things?"

"How about we just forget that and not tempt the fangirls?" Naruto suggested.

"…he looks good in red," Primula added.

"Hm-hm. Yeah, I can see some red done on him." Sia was really concentrating on this. "But, I don't think that the other department stores are offering discounts on men's clothes, especially those of some darker colors. We'll have to get crafty with this one."

Rina nodded in agreement. "Yes. We'll have to plan it out before then."

Naruto just stared at the three girls in a deadpan expression. The exasperation he was feeling because of those three was a given. There was also an ominous feeling permeating from his wallet, so he had those fears of that too.

Before he could make a call to break things up, the last person he wanted to see now had suddenly appeared.

"Was'sup peeps! And Naruto!" Ageha greeted in her patented boasting manner.

"Oi," Naruto complained dully.

"Ageha-san!" Sia greeted excitedly. "Good evening!"

"Ah, good evening, Ageha-sama," Rina greeted in turn.

Primula just tried to hide herself from the odd lady. Naruto was of course appreciative of that, in some odd way.

Ageha looked at the bags and said, "So, the lot of you had gone shopping. You made Naruto here work for it, eh?"

"Please. They were conservative," Naruto retorted. "…for the most part."

Rina nodded in agreement. "Yes, Naruto-sama had bought us the clothes that he, um, preferred us wearing."

"And they are very nice and cute," Sia added in.

Primula remained silent throughout the exchange, taking refuge behind the familiar protectorate that is Naruto.

"Hm-hm. I see." Ageha then gave the blonde a thumbs-up. "Nice work Naruto! My lessons have proved fruit for you!"

"The hell are you talking about woman?! You taught me jack shit!" Naruto pointed aggressively at the loli.

"That's the thing though!" Ageha threw back. "I'm not teaching you anything on a physical standpoint; no, I got more important things to do. You just absorbed my awesomeness and applied it from there."

Naruto slapped his face. "I'm not even going to try and process that."

"So~, the next one should be the individual dates. You, Cia," Ageha called.

"U-um, it's Sia, Ageha-san," Sia replied.

"Details, details. Now, little Naru here-"


"-has already had his time with the Bina-"

"Rina, Ageha-sama."

"-so, it's only natural that he takes you out as well! I'm thinking something nice too~!"

Sia seemed to like that proposition. "Well, I think there is this one place I've wanted to eat at…"

"Give me a few days so that my money can be replenished," Naruto retorted, before grumbling lowly, "you girls will drain me dry if I don't apply some restraint."

"…and me?" Primula asked.

"You could spend some time with me, if you would like," Rina suggested.

Primula thought on this for a few minutes. She looked at Naruto. Seeing the unasked question, he answered without hesitation.

"I don't mind at all; go for it."

Primula then nodded to Rina. The said girl smiled brightly at this. "We'll have a great time, Rimu-chan!"


"SIA-CHAN~! You coming in?" Eustoma called from their house.

"Coming!" She then snuck in a chaste kiss on Naruto's cheek before taking a few steps back. "Thank you Naruto-kun; today was really fun! And I can't wait for our date! See you tomorrow!"

Not to be outdone, Rina gave her own kiss to Naruto's opposite cheek. Her eyes were trying very hard to not meet his own after that.

"I-I-I really en-enjoyed our time to-together, Naruto-sama. And-and…and I hope that w-we will do so again."

"…yeah," Naruto replied blankly, before blurting out, "and if you want more lessons, give a shout."

Rina smiled demurely at this. "I will; thank you again…and for during dinner too. And I will see you too, Rimu-chan."

"…goodnight, Nerine," Primula stated with a short bow.

Just as Rina left, Naruto caught the eye of Forbesii, who in turn gave him the sign for 'okay' or 'good job' before following his daughter into their home. Eustoma had also given a thumbs-up before following his daughter. There was soon a crash from within that particular house.

Sia must have hit him again.

You'd think that the man would at least learn some tact, Kurama quipped.

Meanwhile, Ageha was sniffling. "D'aw~! Such a lovely scene~! I could just cry!"

Naruto just stared at Ageha. "…know what, I'm not even gonna start this. I'm tired, and would like a bath. Come on Primula."

The girl just let the young man take her hand as they walked on to the complex.

But then, Ageha called up from behind, "Oi, if ya got some leftovers-"


"Come on! You gotta pay your Onee-san your tribute for helping you!"



And so began another normal night at the Namikaze Complex.

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