Hi! I posted this story earlier under the name, Fallen Desire, but I decided to delete it and change it. So now the name is Lock and Key. I hope you like it.

Chapter 1: Heartbroken

"Katniss, wait! It's not what it looks like!" Peeta, my fiancé yelled after me. I didn't stop running. I ran as quickly as I could to my car. I turned the engine on, and drove away, crying as I went. I parked my car in the free parking next to the drug store in town. I cried, remembering what I had just seen.


The wind had been too cold for May. I had gone to Peeta Mellark, my fiancé's house to pick up my work folder, which I left there the day before. It was important, since I was a lawyer in Odair and Co., one of the most famous law firms in the world. I had gone inside his house, and I heard the distinct pop as a champagne bottle was opened, and poured. I followed the noise upstairs and found my fiancé with a blonde girl in bed. They were kissing intimately, and I tried not to make unhealthy choking noises. My cheeks were beginning to turn wet, and I was seeing red. Peeta broke the kiss, and looked at the girl, who looked back.

"I love you, Ivy" he said, and the girl smiled back and kissed him.

"I love you too, Peeta. I want to be with you, but you're marrying Katniss," Ivy said, sadly. I breathed gently, and slowly opened the door.

"Yeah, he was," I said, and they both turned to me, wearing masks of complete and utter shock.

"Yeah, I still exist. Don't worry about me, I just came to get my stuff," I walked closer, "Oh, and by the way, here," I said, and threw my engagement ring across the room. I walked out, and as soon as I hit the stairs, I went on a full scale run, not once daring to look back.

End of Flashback

I cried more, and after, I drove to my apartment. I grabbed all of my clothes, and my laptop. I then proceeded to typewrite a letter in my old typewriter. I grabbed my keys, locked the door, and got out to my car. There was only one person I could go to.

Gale's POV (Three days later)

The water constantly dripped down through the holes of the roof. I stared at it hopelessly. I …..

I sighed, and deleted all the words I typed in the computer screen. The typing just wasn't working. Maybe it was lack of inspiration, or maybe it was her. 'Her' was my best friend and unforgettable ex-girlfriend, Katniss Everdeen. I had fallen in love with her, and she had fallen in love with me. I shook away the memories. I was a writer now and also, a doctor. I had been thinking about her lately and I didn't know why. I have never spoken to her in six years, but yet, I still loved her. That was why, even though my mom continued to bug me about getting married, I never did. I guess some small, twisted part of me hoped that someday, she'd turn up at my doorstep. Of course, I lived through that long enough to know it was never going to happen. I sighed, and went to my fridge. I lived in an apartment in New York. I hated settling in one house, so I just bought an apartment and stayed there. The door bell rung once, then twice, sounding urgent. I went to the door, and got the shock of my life. It was Katniss. I could smell alcohol on her… and cigars. Her clothes were rumpled, like she'd slept in them, but even in her bedraggled appearance, she still looked like the Katniss I once knew a long time ago.

"Katniss," I squeaked, and she turned to me, "How did you find me?" I asked.

"Didn't take long," she slurred. I looked at her, shocked. What did she mean?

"Can I stay here, please?" she said, and before I could answer, she fainted, and I caught her in my arms.

"As you wish," I said to her, though she would never be able to hear me.

So continue?